Guild Wars - Chapter 302

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:13 PM

Chapter 302: 302
Eva appeared in the Rank 7 Castle with Hikari, Zaine, and Roma, as well as the kids . The posse of beauties were welcomed by Darnia and some maids, who quickly settled them in .  

Eva spent some time making sure everything about the Castle's operations was running smoothly before walking through the hallways on her own .  

Her destination was the single most valuable location in this Rank 7 Castle, which was undoubtedly Shuro's Shop . More than 3 months had passed since Draco came here to clear out his wares .  

The fellow stated that he would return after 90 days, which Eva obviously understood as the shop having a 90-day cooldown . Now, it was time to see what goodies the fellow had managed to acquire this time .  

She stopped by a small stall set into the wall of the hallway . In a fancy castle like this, a shop this small looked no better than some roadside kiosk, yet it was the most valuable part of this castle .  

At the counter stood a tall Asiatic man who wore a wide samurai hat, with a black mask that covered every part of his face except his light red eyes . He had a tight black Japanese hakama on, with a long katana at his hip .  

Quite frankly, Shuro looked like some final boss from an anime, and his demeanor certainly fit the bill . Eva did have to admit that he looked cool, but that was about it .  

Eva only came here because she knew Draco, he was so busy with his progress that he probably forgot to clear out Shuro before going . Since she was here, she would do the same in his stead, otherwise Draco would feel regret .  

"Greetings, Lady Eva . " Shuro greeted with a sharp flash of his eyes . Since Eva was currently moving about with her hood down, Shuro got to see what she looked like . He had to admit, she was on the level of a goddess .  

… Except for that frown on her face that made it seem like the world itself irritated her . It made her unapproachable, not that Shuro considered approaching her . Still, no one would pretend to ignore beauty or not be moved by it .  

What simply separated quality from chaff was how those who gazed upon beauty reacted to it . Some would lose their minds and resort to any means to acquire such a beauty, while some would just enjoy looking, but not touch .  

"Open your shop . " Eva said casually . She was unlike Draco, who might waste time chatting . Eva's words were few and far between, which made her seem even more mystical .  

If Draco were here, he would probably pat her shoulder and shout 'everyone, look! It's a jade beauty!' which would naturally break Eva's composure .  

Shuro acknowledged her words and displayed his item list, but not before giving his traditional archaic NPC vendor lines .  

"Looking to protect yourself? Or deal some damage?" 

「Portable Portal – Consumable 

Rank: Legendary (100% effectiveness) 

Price: 50,000 platinum」 

「Star Storm – Large-scale active spell 

Rank: Legendary 

Effect: Open the heavens and let them rain down their wrath upon the world . Deals 5,000% Gravity damage to an Area Zone .  

Note: Class locked to Gravimancer .  

Note: Full Gravity Mastery required .  

Duration: 10 seconds 

Cooldown: 1 month .  

Price: 500,000」 

「Floating Carriage Blueprint – Design 

Rank: Legendary (100% effectiveness) 

Effect: Allows one to learn how to craft the floating carriage transportation device .  

Price: 90,000 platinum」 

「Divine Architect – Legendary Tradeskill 

Effect: Learn how to craft buildings of pinnacle greatness and design .  

Price: 400,000 platinum」 

「Divine Farmer – Legendary Tradeskill 

Effect: Learn how to raise exotic and powerful crops .  

Price: 300,000 platinum」 

「Sage – Legendary Quest Scroll 

Effect: Provide one with the "Sage" class change quest .  

Price: 30,000 platinum」 

「Trainer – Legendary Quest Scroll 

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Effect: Provide one with the "Trainer" class change quest .  

Price: 30,000 platinum」 

「Hassassin – Legendary Quest Scroll 

Effect: Provide one with the "Hassassin" class change quest .  

Price: 30,000 platinum」 

「Seed of Yggdrasil – Consumable 

Rank: Legendary 

Effects: This is the World Tree, able to connect multiple worlds together when planted in one realm .  

Price: 1,000,000 platinum」 

「Pandora's Box – Unique Item 

Rank: Legendary 


Passive 1 – Metronome: Depending on the user's luck, their auto-attack will manifest random effects .  

Passive 2 – A Little Hope: Depending on the user's luck, destiny might grant them a second way out in fatal situations .  

Active 1 – Lucky Draw: Depending on the user's luck, one random active skill of any type would be used . Cooldown: 1 minute .  

Description: This is a box that was never meant to be opened, but was yet unsealed by little Pandora . After releasing its contents, it now manifests random abilities depending on the luck of the wielder .  

Price: 750,000 platinum」 

Eva pursed her lips . She had no real reaction to any of these items, as she was not a lootwhore like Draco, Loving Aunt, or Rina . Still, she had to admit that this line-up was potent .  

The Portable Portal was the best device for army mobilization . Just gather your troops in your rally and then open the portal after connecting two locations .  

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Literal fast travel . In a Western Fantasy world were army mobilization involved logistical nightmares, this was certainly enough to make any commander go crazy .  

Eva planned to give that to Deployed Solider . Vita City State was planning some military expeditions to clear the Paradise Lands . Relying on those adventurers and mercenaries would take too long .  

Besides, it would be good training for them . Aside from that, the army would have to clear out some neighboring Field Zones that were unclaimed in order to expand their overall territory .  

As for Star Storm, it was something no one could ever hope to use anytime soon . Maybe Richmond, the Mage God, could use a technique like this with subjective magic, but lord knew he would be weak for a whole week afterward .  

This skill was a destructive one that was bordering on Semi-Divine . Not to mention the fact that Eva had never heard of a Gravimancer, or a gravity-magic focused class .  

If a class like that existed, it would probably be on the level of an Epic Class . It was the final skill of that class, just like how Armageddon was for the Pyromancer class .  

The Floating Carriage was a Magical Engineering blueprint . It was something that could completely re-structure the world's hierarchy, especially in the transportation sector .  

It would have the same effect as introducing cars in the renaissance era or flying cars in the modern era . However, since it was Legendary, Draco would not be able to craft it any time soon .  

Divine Architect was a Tradeskill that Eva found interesting . She wasn't surprised by it, as it made sense . If normal architects could make Rank 7 buildings, then why would they be so rare? 

It was a good thing Draco sourced the Tradeskill Association for that matter . Apart from probably the Diad family, no other power but those two would be able to provide such services .  

Divine Farmer, she also found interesting . The farmer class was a crucial one, and with more updates that came, they would rise from being scorned to being VIPs .  

Eva wasn't sure what such a class could yield for them at this time, but when she thought about Draco's Etz Chaim seedling, she felt like it might be useful if they wanted to raise precious ingredients in there .  

The Sage class was a mage class with interesting abilities . Eva couldn't tell what they were, but reading the quest description did give a few hints . Until a player cleared it, she couldn't be sure about it though .  

The Trainer class was a Tradeskill one, where a player could teach any of their techniques to students, allowing them to slowly learn it as skills .  

This was vastly different from Scrivener . Scrivener was a cashcow that allowed one to mass-produce skills and sell them, allowing buyers to learn these skills instantly .  

Trainer though, allowed students to learn the technique bit by bit with system assisted guidance . Unfortunately, it had a fail rate and pass rate, meaning that not everyone could learn it in the end .  

However, once learned, a person could use it as a skill and - obviously - as a technique . Scrivener and Trainer had their pros and cons, which came in the form of their essence .  

Scrivener was a general Tradeskill while Trainer was a class Tradeskill . The way these two different categories functioned in terms of utility and outcome was vastly different .  

Hassassin though was an interesting class . It was the most powerful Assassin class in existence, the primogenitor of all assassin classes if you will .  

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This was kinda obvious, since the name of the first-ever assassin was Hassassin, and the current name for the activity was derived from that .  

If it weren't for Draco discovering the Class Up procedures of the Rank 7 Guild Hall, Eva probably would have activated this quest for herself . With a possible Divine Class waiting for her though, she was less enthused to switch up .  

The Seed of Yggdrasil was an interesting item . If planted in a world, it would sprout and connect that world to other chosen worlds, forming a perfect connection where each connected world would form a part of a whole .  

This would mesh perfectly with the Etz Chaim seedling, allowing Draco to attach multiple small worlds that they discovered and took control of to his inner super mini small world that would sprout .  

Eva took out the Orb of Worlds and gazed at it with a placid expression . After having her residual trauma cleared by Zaine, it was unable to provoke such feelings from her anymore .  

Eva felt that their plan to use the Orb of Worlds to invade and capture natural small worlds that were either hidden or locked would be perfect with this seed in hand .  

Eva put the Orb of Worlds away and focused on the last item, which was the reason why she pursed her lips like this . It was Pandora's Box, an unreliable item that required extreme luck .  

Items that required luck were the worst in the game . Apart from Luckmancers, no one else had the guts to use them, because they were simply too unpredictable .  

Even Luckmancers were hesitant to do so . After all, the way it was calculated was truly confusing . There was no metric provided, so it was like a dice roll .  

Even if one had 100 points of luck, they could still end up getting an ability that was harmful to the user . Of course, there was a chance they could randomly spawn something like Star Storm too .  

In a life and death battle, who was willing to bet their fate on this? If Fitter Cleric used this and activated an ability that debuffed all his allies like the corrupted Angel's Blessing, wouldn't he be beaten to death by his buddies? 

Still, the chance that it could manifest an OP ability was there . It could also manifest a useless ability or a harmful one, so it was literally up to chance, or more precisely, the RNG gods .  

Who knew, the user might even activate an ability like Dragon Form or something through chance, and that would certainly be a funny sight .  

Everything came to 3,180,000 platinum, which made Eva frown . After all, this would swallow all their remaining platinum, and she would even have to withdraw some money from the Guild's coffers to top up .  

Despite this, Eva still did so and purchased everything at once . Shuro nodded and spoke to Eva as she slowly left . "Thank you for your patronage . " 

Eva was too lazy to reply, and she eventually returned to the resting area for herself and the other women . After spending the night in the Rank 7 Castle and relaxing with the kids, the four mothers left the castle the next day .  

From the Portal Center in Cario City, Riveting Night appeared with her posse of beauties, capturing the attention of every person here .  

Truly, such a lineup was beyond the comprehension of a normal man . How could such women exist in this world, and even further, be together in one group? 

Before Riveting Night could head into the city, she heard a familiar voice call out to her .  

"Guild Leader, stop there please . "