Guild Wars - Chapter 305

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:10 PM

Chapter 305: 305

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There was a long spell of silence in the room. The four fellows who inspected the details of this Divine weapon were frozen in their seats as their brains tried to comprehend what they were seeing. 

Each of them had seen a Legendary item's effects before, so they were slightly hardened to such things, but seeing those of a Divine weapon made them lose faith in their strong wills. 

Flamesear was bad enough as a Legendary item, but as a Divine one, it was beyond unreasonable. The two passive skills were extremely concise but brutal. 

The first passive allowed Rina to use any and all forms of fire magic regardless of whatever limitations. So now, she could directly head to the Rank 7 Shop and use her plentiful UPs to buy all the Pyromancer skillbooks in existence. 

Not only that, but she could buy fire-based magic from other classes. For example, if Roma's Mystic Art Black Flame had a skillbook out there somewhere, Rina could use and learn it. 

This was the equivalent of giving a child the control rights to an interstellar warship. Assuming the child was to become a commander of this ship in the future, this presented a pro and a con. 

The con was that the child would not have any training or expertise in how to manage an interstellar warship, ending up doing more harm than good in the long run. They had skipped the slow but steady rise in their profession that would have come in the future, giving them the skills to master their current power. 

The pro was that the child now skipped all those years it would have to waste climbing up the ladder, gaining ultimate power and versatility at a young age. This would allow them to feel out these ultimate powers and slowly learn to incorporate each of them into their style, as opposed to learning it bit by bit. 

Rina was in this exact situation. She could learn any fire spell, even those she had no chance of ever using at this stage. For example, Armageddon had been learned by past Rina at Rank 4, but she could learn it now. 

She wouldn't have the expertise and training in fire magic that past Rina did, so her utility of such a spell would be really hazardous. This including spellcasting speed, mana efficiency, and most importantly, timing. 

But with continuous use from now, she could learn how to use it before she even reached Rank 2, giving her a plethora of means to attack her foes compared to what she would have traditionally. 

The second passive allowed Rina to control any form of fire and… this was just insane. Previously, she could only control fire within her Rank, but now every form of fire would bend to her will. 

In essence, monsters that lived in fiery areas, were beings of fire, or used primarily fire magic, were now toys to Rina regardless of their Rank. Their own attacks could be stopped and used as a party trick for Rina to entertain her comrades at any time. 

This was what had these four fellows rendered dumb more than anything else this Divine staff possessed. The implications of this passive skill were too great for them to fathom, and probably even Rina didn't fully grasp what she was holding. 

This passive also made her immune to all forms of fire damage and the damage that should have been dealt to her would be absorbed as HP, while it would also be reflected to the attacker. 

So, if Rina wanted to kill an enemy who wasn't made of fire but used fire magic, all she had to do was stand there. Any fireballs or whatnot they tossed over would replenish her and kill them. 

Of course, if that enemy decided to stop using fire and decided to go melee or use water magic, she would be forced to stop her antics and fight for her life. 

The active skill of the staff also shocked them, but many found it to be normal. True Gods were incomparable to every species in the main plane, so of course their basic attacks should be able to affect a whole Continent at once. 

In fact, these four fellows mused that the reason why the active skill had a cooldown of one year was because Rina was too weak to cast it quickly. In the hands of the Fire God Flashflame, this skill could probably be spammed like an auto-attack. 

Then again, Flashflame left it behind when receding into heaven, meaning it wasn't even that crucial to him. The staff was just a weapon that allowed him to utilize his powers well. 

At the end of the day, the source of the power was from him himself, so as long as he existed, many staffs like this could be made at his whim. 

Still, it was undeniable that this skill in the hand of a player was a great boon. If Rina gathered every member or Umbra and used this skill, she could power-level them all through the multitude of kills she would get. 

10,000% fire damage from Rina would roughly be 2,000,000 damage, not counting the various resistances and defenses of her targets across the Continent. 

With this, every single Rank 1 monster would be killed. With the Rank and Level Suppression of Rank 2 monsters and above, she would only remove about 30% of their HP after calculation. 

It was unlikely that she could kill even one at Rank 1. Her class was a Common Pyromancer class, so her stats were average. With the stat reduction from level suppression, even the weakest Rank 2 monster could tank her attack. 

With a 1-year cooldown, they would be able to recover long before Rina could even think about casting it once again. 

However, there was one big issue. Rina had a special title that she always kept equipped due to the fact that it was the only one she had, which gave her some pretty interesting abilities. 

「Queen of Death – Special Rank 

All damage +100% 

5% chance to reset all cooldowns when an enemy is killed 

500% damage during PVP」 

This title meant that Rina would actually do 4,000,000 damage not counting deductions, meaning she would put Rank 2 monsters at 30% HP remaining. Still not enough to kill them, and the cooldown would limit her. 

However, if she could just trigger that 5% chance to reset all cooldowns upon the death of an enemy, everything would change. It was a mere 5% chance, but it still existed. 

Once she recast the spell, she could kill every Rank 2 monster in the whole continent. Since her experience gain was 100% with a common class, the kind of experience she would receive would end up being a string of numbers that could crash an old PC. 

If she formed a party with every member of Umbra and set their exp gain to equal share, there would still be enough that each member of Umbra would have millions of experience. 

They could upgrade whatever weapons they had, as well as Rank up through at least 2 Ranks without doing anything at the very least. Of course, millions of experience should theoretically send them to Rank 7 and beyond but… hehe. 

If Tradeskill experience had ranks and conversion values, how could the AI let combat experience go? Rank 1 experience gained would go through some conversion when being changed to Rank 2 experience and the same for Rank 3. 

By the time they reached Rank 3, it would have been emptied, hence why only two Ranks could be climbed. If it wasn't so, then why wouldn't players from the past timeline who were trapped at Rank 6 take the risk to create new accounts and just stockpile experience at Rank 1? 

They could have their high-rank guild members power level them with the party set to equal share. With enough effort, they could surely save enough percentile experience to get them to Rank 7 in one-shot. 

Rina puffed out her impressive chest and arrogantly gazed upon the four fellows. "Bunch of losers, come and kowtow to This Queen. Then, I might allow you to hold my staff for two seconds." 

"Haha, Big Sis Rina, why so stingy? Let us play with it for a bit." 

"Hahaha, that's right! Why must there be so much thinking between fellow generals? Let us just hold it for a while." 

"Hmph, it's not like we can use it. What is there to fear?" 

"… Leave the staff and go." 

Boyd even reached his hand out to snatch it from her. This made Rina harrumph and jump back, putting her staff in her inventory quickly. If these fellows really took it from her, they would bully her for days until they gave it back. 

"Forget it, you louts. Anyway, update me on the goings-on of our guild. I heard there have been a lot of changes here since I was around?" Rina asked curiously. 

"That's right. Come and sit let us catch you up on the status of Umbra." Uno said as he gestured to a couch for her. 

Rina sat down and listened to each person's progress with the guild as well as Umbra as a whole, including the status of Vita City-State, the First Player Auction, Draco's new clan, each of their residences and budding lineages, among others. 

Rina also had her DNA collected a while back. She just never had a chance to create her own lineage with NPCs or other members of Umbra so far because she was leveling up her staff. 

Now that she was back, she had to consider this as well. Boyd had already begun a family with Shani alone, and due to the sped-up gestation period thanks to Vita City-State, she had already birthed their first child in the game. 

She was also pregnant in the real world, so Shani had little time to raise her level. Boyd was currently working on exploration with the basic and advanced members of the guild, while also handling the filtration of talented serf players. 

Uno had found some barbarian beauties to form his own harem. According to him, trying to copulate with them was no different from intense wrestling, so he was tied up with them often. 

They also had low fertility rates due to their tougher physiques and lower IQ, so he was still working on getting his family up and running. Currently, Uno was in charge of guild expansion. 

He frequently left with expert members of the guild to set up branches in other kingdoms and empires around the continent, but despite Umbra's resounding reputation, other player guilds were putting up a strong fight, so he was stuck in a stalemate. 

Cobra had no harem per se because his sister Bella lived with him. She directly chased out all of Cobra's boyfriends claiming that she enough was good for him. This naturally infuriated him and he began 'disciplining' his deranged sister. 

Unfortunately for Cobra, he had no idea that this was exactly what Bella wanted. Cobra was in charge of the orientation and training of all new members from the second recruitment phase. 

Kiran also did not have time for women, but he had been spending a curious amount of time with Sublime Notion recently. It was Juno who continually berated her son for not giving her a granddaughter to dote on, which caused the stoic Kiran to have a headache. 

In order to appease his mother, he put on a front by concentrating his attention on Sublime Notion, but he had no interest in her. This allowed him some peace, as well as the ability to carry out his duty. 

Kiran was in charge of leading the core members on their dungeoneering and expeditions. He was tasked with completing difficult Field Zones and dungeons to raise Umbra's reputation and farm accolades. 


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