Guild Wars - Chapter 309

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:06 PM

Chapter 309: 309

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However, Draco could only smile bitterly when he saw that Viney was so close to death. After being hit with Mind Blast, it had 1.95 million HP remaining, and Draco's Mind Sunder did a flat 1.1 million damage. 

This meant that Viney currently had less than 15% of its HP remaining, and 1% was being lost per second due to the battle of the split minds. Draco didn't have to do anything other than stand there and channel his Supreme Psychometry. 

After about 15 seconds, Viney collapsed in death, not even having a chance to show the true power of a Captain Rank monster at Rank 2. Draco had only gotten enough energy to generate 0.0002% of 1 stat point for Intelligence and Charisma. 

(Author's Note: Sorry about my mistake earlier, his Psychometry boosts Intelligence and Charisma, not Intelligence and Spirit.) 

Draco licked his lips and gathered Viney's loot into a Bag of Holding with Supreme Telekinesis. Just as his transformation was about to expire, the Archetypes of Devilkin brought and presented the remaining loot to Draco. 

He quickly pocketed them while assessing each of them simultaneously with his enhanced mind. Most of it was Uncommon materials, equipment, and lots of silver. 

After all, loot drops had nothing to do with Rank-crossing. That reward came in the form of increased experience and maybe a system accolade. For the most part, the raw drops remained as they should. 

Viney dropped 3 gold and 40 Rare materials as well as 1 Rare helmet for a special set belonging to the Mage Guard class. 

Draco smiled and used the dredges of his transformation to scan all his Bags of Holding to count his overall loot so far. 

Right now, he had 23,000 Common materials, 5,000 Common equipment, and items, 2,000 Uncommon materials, 390 Uncommon equipment as well as items, 100 Rare materials, and 12 Rare equipment as well as items. 

This was a grand haul. Normally to raid a place like the orchard alone would require a guild on the tier of Kamisuo were every player was at least, Rank 2 and the leaders were all Rank 3. 

On top of that, they would need around 2,000-5,000 of such members. As such, the experience gain would be pretty good (in terms of a common player's scale) and these drops would be also very good, aside from the contents of the garden. 

If even 2,000 members were supposed to share these spoils, it would not be enough for them to enjoy. Not to mention that all the materials would have to be used by the other million or more members of Kamisuo out there. 

Of course, this is referring to the previous timeline. Currently, no guild could claim to have a million members. From 400,000-900,000 was possible, but a million or more was not yet functional. 

Something special would occur once a guild crossed that number of members, but it had nothing to do with the current situation. Right now, Draco was assessing the garden. 

「Horus Grass – Material 

Rank: Epic 

Use: Alchemy, Cooking.」 

「Sheva Stem – Material 

Rank: Epic 

Use: Alchemy, Scribing, Scrivening, Cartography etc」 

「Kilua Leaf – Material 

Rank: Epic 

Use: Cooking, Brewing」 

「Lothr – Material 

Rank: Legendary 

Use: Alchemy, Cooking, Brewing」 

「Hush Dew – Material 

Rank: Legendary 

Use: Divination」 

「Porta Flower – Material 

Rank: Legendary 

Use: Alchemy, Brewing」 

「Tasty Lettuce – Material 

Rank: Divine 

Use: Cooking」 

Truly a wide variety of materials. As for the Legendary and Divine ones, they had no utility yet and Draco was certainly not going to let his guild members practice with them. 

He didn't mind pampering the members of Umbra often, but this would just be wasteful. Rather, the Epic materials - which made up 80% of the contents - were the perfect tool to train core members of the various Tradeskills. 

Draco and Riveting Night had initially decided to recruit more combat players than Tradeskill players because back in the past, they didn't have much in the way of resources to train such folks.

In the current wave, they prioritized Tradeskill players because they would be the backbone of the world and player progression at the late stage. Not to mention that Umbra was now rich and owned a Rank 7 shop, so resources were not a problem anymore. 

Now though, Draco would open a 3rd wave recruitment solely for Tradeskill members. He would take at least, 30,000 of them. After all, the more of them a guild had, the more powerful they were. 

30,000 Rank 1 Tradeskill players who were at the Amateur or Elite Rank was nothing much, but what about if more than 70% of this number were Master Rank in their various Tradeskills? 

That would be enough to even make the Diad family sweat coal tar. However, what if across the various Tradeskills, Umbra could raise a Tradeskill player to occupy one Grandmaster slot? 

On paper, that would be impossible. The resource drain, the time needed and the level of talent required was steep. 

However, how dare you compare Umbra to some cheap faction? This was the number 1 guild in the eyes of players and the guild that represented all Immortal Adventurers to NPCs. 

If Umbra wanted talent, talent would flock to them, and this was already currently happening. As for the issue of time? Hehe. 

In the previous timeline, by the 12th year, most talented Tradeskill players had reached Master Rank and were struggling to become Grandmasters. 

Since they were stuck, they spent their time researching and honing their Tradeskills to perfection. As such, even though they had plateaued, their foundations were far too solid to be joked with. 

Among Master Ranks, they were so strong that some could make Semi-Legendary and Pseudo-Legendary items, like Draco himself. 

One should not forget; the theme of the previous timeline was ignorance and wasted potential. Because Boundless left players on their own with barely any guidance, so many mistakes were made, ruining their foundations and wasting their time. 

In this timeline, they had two reincarnators who knew every bit about what hardship would appear on the road going forward, and Riveting Night had been drilling them on this so many times. 

How could they fail? If it took their previous selves 12 years to reach Master Rank, it might take around 3 years to do so in this one! 

As such, time was not a factor that bothered Draco! 

And as for the last bit, resource drain… well, wasn't that obvious? He was currently in the arguably most precious resource vault in the world. 

Poseidon's Vault of the Deep was used to store weapons, equipment, and powerful items, not resources. The Refinement God was naturally the opposite, who chose to store endless precious resources instead of weapons or whatnot. 

Thinking like this, Draco removed an Advanced Spatial Creation Device and placed it down. He then activated it, watching as the familiar purple miasma drifted out and encroached upon the entire garden steadily. 

In this time, Draco chose to check out his experience gain from the garden. He had gained around 53,829% experience from killing all the monsters across the entire garden. 

Compared to the 84,012% gross total he gained from the orchard, this was far less. Then again, in the orchard, he had cleared a good amount of it before he reached the Rank cap. 

Now that he had reached the Rank cap, his experience gain had dropped for the same quality of monsters. Draco previously had 81,553% experience stockpiled. 

After all, around 2,000% of the 84,012% had been used to boost up Pair Dadeni to an even number, while the dredges had been used to level himself up to the Rank cap. 

When the 53,829% was added, it became a final 135,382% experience. This was a crazy amount for sure, enough to send Draco to the late stages of Rank 2 in one shot. 

But was this experience for his own consumption? Certainly not. It was for his darling babies, those dreadful pieces of equipment that acted like experience sinks. 

Draco did a check of the experience he needed to stockpile for them. Currently, Pair Dadeni had 30,000% of 50,000%, Mjolnir had 28,000% of 50,000%, Fragarach had 2,381% of 100,000% and the Dragonlance had 0% of 100,000%. 

Pair Dadeni and Mjolnir he understood, but where did that little bit on Fragarach appear from? Draco thought back to the previous battles and remembered that it was during the Emergency Quest. 

It was around that time he first acquired and displayed Fragarach in battle too. He then tossed this little bit on the sword because he didn't want Pair Dadeni and Mjolnir to progress too much. 

He also let Eva pour her remaining experience on the sword to lower her level, as her only growth item (back then) was the Eye of Heaven, which had already been upgraded to Legendary Rank. 

In fact, the AI even planned to patch out that loophole in the next update thanks to them, so he had forgotten about it. 

Smiling, Draco did the maths. He would need a total of 239,619% experience to perfectly upgrade all of these items at once. Deducting his current stockpiled experience, Draco needed to earn about 104,237% more to reach his goal. 

Draco smiled bitterly. Despite all the huge numbers he had earned, he was still so far away? Even if he cleared out the last Area Zone he had been able to spot within this sector, which was the animal farm, he doubted he would reach his goal. 

This would certainly dent his plans. He originally wanted to quickly clear all of these zones, seize the resources and then upgrade all his equipment. After doing so, he would Rank up and head to the next sector to see what lay in store for him. 

After all, this was only the outermost sector of the Treasury. If one assumed that after this area was the core zone, then how could this quest have a time limit of 1 year? 

Draco knew there would be more sectors to cross, but not exactly how many more. Once he could discover this, he would be able to draw up a certain battle plan. 

Right now, he was just moving forwards as best as he could. As for how Draco planned to Rank up while in the Treasury, that method was something he discovered recently. 

As for the process, it would certainly be seen soon, so he was in no rush in that aspect. Right now, he was watching the Advanced Spatial Creation Device perform the finishing touches on the garden. 

Draco then grabbed the world orb and inspected it. 

��World Name: Unnamed 

Owner: None 

Tier: 0 

Worldly energy: 100% 

Aetheric energy: 85% 

Divine Energy: 2% 

Origin Energy: 0.0001% 

Indigenes: 0 

Plants: 1,986 



「System to Player Announcement 

Take ownership of this super mini small world permanently. Accept? 

Y/N 」 

Draco claimed it and named it The Divine Garden. Sure, it was a pretty average name when better ones like 'the Garden of Eden' existed, but every time Draco tried to name something the RNG Gods would display their might. 

One could only pray for a good roll. 

Draco nodded and departed the area with his two allies. They decided to walk on the way there, but Draco was bored. When he tried to ride Qiong Qi, the fellow almost beat him to death, provoking an intense argument between the three. 

'The three' is used here because despite not having anything to do with this argument, Clarent managed to squeeze himself in and was hurling insults freely. 

With a harrumph, Draco took something from his bag. "Since my own sworn buddy Qiong Qi cannot even do me a small favor, I will have to rely on someone else!" 

Qiong Qi immediately became unhappy and sat upright while folding his arms too. "Hmph, you cannot find anyone better than me!" 

Clearly, the fellow was jealous, selectively forgetting that he hadn't done anything relating to his actual task even once. Yet he had the audacity to be jealous… it was only Qiong Qi in this world who could do this. 

Draco unfurled a scroll that had been gathering dust in his inventory and activated it. 

「Manticore Contract – Consumable 

Rank: Epic (50% effectiveness) 

Effect: Allows one to gain a Manticore mount with offensive capabilities.」