Guild Wars - Chapter 311

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:13:04 PM

Chapter 311: 311
Draco simply snickered and dodged Qiong Qi's assault . To add insult to injury, Draco stuck out a leg and tripped Qiong Qi, causing him to crash into the ground face first .  

Qiong Qi pulled his head from the earth and spat out stones, coughing vehemently as he did . Sheera sat on her paunch and seemed to be giggling .  

She really found this handsome lion to be funny and attractive, but her expression changed as she remembered Draco's warning . She decisively cut off those positive feelings lest she get her 'special place' poisoned .  

Seeing Sheera's reaction made Qiong Qi feel even angrier . Fuck, he had been so close to getting this beauty as his life's mate, but Draco ruined everything .  

It was the equivalent of a guy seeing a sexy babe on the level of Zaine . However, before he pounced on her, he discovered that she had HIV . At that point, no matter how hot she was, all sexual interest would evaporate .  

Of course, it didn't change the fact that the sexy lady in this theoretical scenario was still extremely attractive and pleasant to look at . This was the situation between Sheera and Qiong Qi .  

He would definitely be able to smoothly conquer her if he could clear his name, but how the fuck was he supposed to go about doing so? They didn't have blood tests in the game and she definitely would not take his word for it .  

Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! 

Qiong Qi felt anger, then endless regret . Why had he let his urges control him to betray his boys? If he had communicated with them about this matter, they would have supported him .  

With an expert fuckboy like Draco as his wingman, how could Qiong Qi fail? Probably only the Heavenly Empress could resist the fellow .  

Ah, wait a minute… 

Looking at it deeply… 

Wouldn't the current Heavenly Empress be Eva? 


Anyway, Qiong Qi eventually gave up his assault as Draco sat on Sheera's back . If he tried to attack Draco, he would be attacking Sheera .  

What a joke, to attack his future wife, was Qiong Qi that stupid? Well, usually he was, but his IQ was temporarily boosted thanks to the beauty nearby .  

Could this be a hidden buff of the system? Or just random luck? 

Whatever the case, the party of four rushed to the next Area Zone . In between each Area Zone was an endless grassland with a gentle breeze and lovely sunlight .  

It was something you'd expect to see in concept art from the best modern artists, but it was rendered in the game by the system with ease . If Draco hadn't seen sights like this or even better in the previous timeline, he would have been captivated .  

This was just one part of the allure of Boundless as a game, despite all its other flaws and problems that were causing the 'studio' trouble in reality .  

Naturally, Qiong Qi was easily able to follow her speed and even seemed to be bored . Clarent just flew along lazily, being the fastest of the lot .  

Like that, they blurred across the grassland at an amazing pace . Draco was comfortably placed on Sheera's back, the motions of her body not disturbing him in the least .  

While Luxia had the ability to maintain the stability and peacefulness of the riders on her back even though she moved at the speed of light, Sheera did not have this .  

It was Draco's past experience in riding various mounts that made it easy for him . He had naturally fallen many times and struggled to learn how to ride in the previous timeline, and all that became his benefit in this one .  

Interestingly enough, his mount back then was also a lion type, and he had named it Richie . Looking at Qiong Qi, it was almost like Draco could see the aura of Richie on the fellow, although that would be impossible .  

Eventually, they arrived at the animal farm . Draco observed it closely with his eyes of Caelo and noticed that it was very similar in format to the previous zones .  

Rather, what was interesting here was that there was a clear separation between monsters and animals . In essence, each zone within the animal farm had a pen, coop, or pasture within the center where the animals lived in peace .  

Around the pen were various monsters that patrolled the area seriously . They were like sentries that made sure nothing would intrude upon this farm no matter the cost .  

As always, every monster was at Rank 2, with their monster Ranks ranging from Specialist to Captain . It was rather the farm animals that had Rank 3, Rank 4, and Rank 5 beasts among them .  

Seeing as they were harmless for the most part, it was clear that their produce would be top-tier stuff . After all, Draco had never heard of a Rank 5 chicken in the entirety of Boundless .  

Since it was in the core area with some other Rank 5 animals, its produce would certainly be of the Divine Rank .  

Still, his lips couldn't help but twitch when he saw this . A single chicken in this area could wipe our Sturgehaven Kingdom on its own… in that case, was taking them outside really a good idea? 

This would probably require a high-Rank farmer to handle, and Draco planned to train a few when he got back . Umbra would definitely have a few talented ones among their group .  

If not, Draco would certainly capture all the fellows on the top 100 of the Tradeskill list from his past life who were farmers . Such talents would be able to grow like weeds if he 'watered' them enough .  

Thinking like this, he first unsummoned Sheera . Now that they were here, he didn't want her intruding on this fight as it was way above her level .  

Clarent could participate because he was a Dragon and this race was basically OP while Qiong Qi was unkillable . Sheera though, could deal little damage and easily die, forcing Draco to pay a high cost to revive her .  

Besides, he wanted to try out a few things this time . Even though his Devil Form had 8 hours to go until the cooldown elapsed, Draco figured that he could try his other forms .  

The reason he didn't do so before was because he was scared of hurting or destroying the trees/herbs of the previous resources areas .  

However, even the weakest farm animal here was Rank 3 . For Draco to kill a Rank 3 entity was impossible at this stage . Even if he used all three forms to fight and a Rank 3 entity just stood there, he would theoretically only be able to shave off 15% HP at Rank 1 .  

As such, the destructive Dragon Form or the chaotic Demon Form could be used unscrupulously . This time, Draco wanted to see what his true Demon Form would bring him . After all, he already had a good idea of what his Dragon Form could do because he had extensive training with it .  

Demon Form! 

His skin became a deep red color, and two horns slowly grew from his forehead . His eyes switched from crimson to scarlet, with his formerly white cornea becoming black . His white hair became dark once again, growing out till it reached his waist area, almost like his Devil Form .  

Unlike that form though his size grew very slightly, but stayed compact . He now emulated the optimal male form for combat .  

His scales only covered his lower region like they were greaves morphed into an ancient Greek warrior's belt .

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Unlike the Devil Form that displayed the optimal male form for seduction, this one was for battle . Of course, it still looked great to any female who was into this sort of slim beefcake .  

(Author's Note: Picture his body as something like Vegeta's base form . ) 

When he stretched his muscles, booming sounds could be heard, like cannons were being fired . Draco was scared by this, as he knew it meant that his strength had soared .  

This became even more obvious when he checked the system announcements as well as his stat sheet .  

「System to Player Announcement 

You have transformed into your True Demon form . This is a fundamental change, so your attributes as well as your skills have been swapped for racial ones only . Please check your status page for the changes . 」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Your class has been detected to be Divine . Attributes will not be re-allocated, but additional attributes will be applied for the duration of the transformation . Your equipment and class skills are blocked, but Demon racial skills can be used in your True Form . 」 

「 Name: Draco - Rank 1 Demon Supreme 

Str: 500 

Dex: 100 

End: 200 

Int: 100 

Spr: 100 

Cha: 100 

Lck: 100 

Combat Skills: Magnitude, Pulverize, Decimate, Superb Regeneration, Demon Minions, Disintegrate .

Non-Combat Skills: Demonic Might (Rank 1), Supreme Strength, Supreme Speed, Fires of Hell, Supreme Defense, Ruler of the Nine Hells . 」 

「Magnitude – Active Skill 

Effect: Stomp the ground with all your power, creating a terrible earthquake and creating a small canyon that leads into a pool of lava . This either deals tremor damage or disintegration damage, or both, depending on how it is executed .  

Duration: Same as transformation 

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Cooldown: None . 」 

「Pulverise – Active Skill 

Effect: Punch a single target with all your strength . This deals 1,000% blunt damage .  

Cooldown: None . 」 

「Decimate – Active Skill 

Effect: Repeatedly punch a single enemy rapidly . This deals 150% blunt damage per strike .  

Duration: Same as transformation .  

Cooldown: None」 

「Superb Regeneration – Active Skill 

Effect: Stimulate your cells to increase your regeneration . Gain 25% HP per second .  

Duration: Same as transformation .  

Cooldown: None . 」 

「Demon Minions – Active Skill 

Effect: Summon the aspects of Demonkind to slaughter your enemies .  

Duration: Same as transformation .  

Cooldown: None . 」 

「Disintegrate – Active skill 

Effect: Bathe an Area Zone in the purest hellfire . This deals 1,000% disintegration damage .  

Duration: Same as transformation .  

Cooldown: none . 」 

「Supreme Strength – Passive skill 

Effect: Suppress the world with your power . 」 

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「Supreme Speed – Passive skill 

Effect: Move through the world with your power . 」 

「Fires of Hell – Passive skill 

Effect: Your aura scorches all enemies who dare to challenge you . 」 

「Supreme Defense – Passive skill 

Effect: Defend against the world with your power . 」 

「Ruler of Nine Hells – Passive skill 

Passive 1 - Hell's Call: Drag the souls of defeated opponents within your Rank into your Hell for eternal torture .  

Note 1: This only affects sapient beings (NPCs) at Rank 1 

Note 2: Immortal Spirits can only be placed in Hell for 1 day at Rank 1 (players will be forcibly logged out for the whole duration) 

Passive 2 - Hell's Toll: Gain 0 . 01% permanent increase in stats for every soul captured .  

Note 1: Maximum number of souls allowed is 1000 at Rank 1」 

Draco once again saw the might of his bloodline in its optimal state . The Demon Form was very simple, it was all about strength, strength, strength! 

What Sword Skills? What Bow Skills? Under the might of his fists and body, he could even flatten an entire Area Zone if his transformation would last longer .  

Most of his active skills were straightforward . You see enemy? You smash enemy .  

Enemy not dead? Smash them again .  

With 500 points in Strength, Draco knew that he had become the incarnation of the Hulk . This, when added on to the Supreme Strength passive skill - which, as was typical, did not give a clear indicator on how much power it gave - and Demonic Might that boosted all physical activities by 100%, made his physical strength soar to scary limits .  

Draco was confident that one he caught any Rank 2 enemy, he could beat them to death . In fact, he could even damage a weak Rank 3 entity by about 10-15% before his transformation elapsed . And this was for one transformation alone! 

Considering all this, was there a need to waste time standing around like an idiot while the clock was ticking? No! 

Draco jumped into the sky, using the strength of his body to propel him to a height that made his form visible to every monster in the animal farm . They all stood up in alarm from the sight of Draco floating in the air for a split second before gravity pulled him back down .  

Draco laughed wildly as he hurtled down, extending his right arm in the form of a punch, a strange yet terrible energy brewing within it .