Guild Wars - Chapter 319

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:12:55 PM

Chapter 319: 319
The first to appear was Kiran . He maintained a stoic expression, not even showing a hint of whether he passed or failed . He folded his arms and left his private room, seating himself in the waiting area patiently .  

Soon, another person came out of their room, this one being Sublime Notion . It was strange for the leader of them all to be one of the first to finish, but her wide smile told that she succeeded .  

Well, that was obvious . Her difficulty was only 50%, and even the previous timeline version of her was able to reach Rank 6 . Comparing that timeline's Sublime Notion to this one - at this specific point in both timelines - this one was vastly superior in every way .  

When she saw Kiran seated there, her eyes lit up and she skipped over . "Handsome protagonist, you already failed your mission?" 

Kiran grimaced . He had no idea why Sublime Notion called him a handsome protagonist, but he found it irksome . Not only that, why did she straightaway assume he failed?! 

"Hmph, don't disturb me . Just wait silently over there . " 

Shockingly, Kiran didn't speak slowly or very detachedly when he replied Sublime . Even towards Draco and the other generals, his words were few and his manner was aloof .  

Sublime's eyes flashed with evil and she sat down beside Kiran . "Why are you trying to get rid of me so quickly, Little Kiran? Are you scared that Big Sis will learn about your incompetence? Don't worry, I don't judge!" 

Kiran's face became black . He wanted to fight with Sublime, but she wore an honest and cute smile that would melt the heart of any onlooker . However, Kiran knew that this lovely and delicate exterior hid the world's greatest evil within .  

Kiran had been suppressed by Sublime in every discussion they had, so he knew his best response was to be silent, but Sublime was a master at provoking him in particular .  

"I did not fail! I passed my test with ease, and I'm waiting for the others . Now wait patiently or scram!" 

Sublime lazily relaxed into her seat and waved her hand . "I never asked you whether you passed or not . Who cares about that? Why must you tell me? You think it's impressive? Hehe, you are truly quite forward . " 

Kiran's face alternated from blue to green and then to purple . He looked so stifled, like he was about to explode the next second . What made things worse was the uproarious laughter from Juno .  

Unhappy, Kiran called out in his mind . "Mother!!" 

Juno stifled her laughter and tried to wear a stern look . "Yes, dear?" 

"Why are you laughing? She's simply bullying me!" Kiran whined like a little boy .  

Juno's eyes became soft as she saw her son's tantrum . In front of others, he was always cold and formal, but with her, he was no different from a little lad… her little lad .  

"En, mother was wrong . I won't laugh again . " Juno promised with a solemn face .  

Juno then became stern . "How could you doubt me?! Have I ever lied to you, my darling son?!" 

Kiran smiled and agreed . "Never . I trust my mother . " 

Juno nodded . "Good . By the way, you should focus on the outside . " 

Kiran was startled by her reminder, and when he focused on reality, he saw that Sublime Notion's face was mere inches from his .  

In this instant, he could see right into her pretty hazel eyes that seemed to display a scene of purity and wholesomeness to all onlookers . His eyes also inviolably lowered down to Sublime's small lips that were puckered together cutely .  

Kiran froze . He had been caught off-guard this time, not expecting Sublime to be so forward . After all, even when this evil loli played others to death, she never relied on her assets or seduction, only her cuteness .  

After all, Sublime was incredibly arrogant deep down and disdained using her body as a tool . Hence, she never wore any clothes that showed off her chest . Most of her clothes were modest, so you could only see the shape but not the skin .  

Kiran himself had never tangled with a woman . Despite his handsomeness and his coolness, he was a true-blue virgin . He was trying to awaken his mother's sarira all this while, since when did he had the time to play around? 

This was also one of the reasons Juno felt extremely guilty . Due to his obsession with reviving her, he had cast away most of the important things a young man like him should partake in .  

Kiran breathed slowly . In truth, he was extremely tempted . If it had been someone like Rina or any other woman, he would have pushed them aside immediately and resumed his cold facade .  

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After all, he had been courted by many women, many times over his life, some far more overbearing and forward than Sublime could ever hope to be . None of them had been able to take advantage of him, but Sublime… 

Seeing his reaction, Sublime's lips curled and the flash of evil returned . In truth, she had also been tempted in that instant, but unlike Kiran who was more normal, this demonic loli was not easy to subdue .  

Sublime pulled back and sat down . "It seems you have mental issues . Zoning out beside a beauty? How can you be a man like that? Or has Cobra finally managed to capture you, hehe?" 

Kiran clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, roaring in anger . "COURTING DEATH!!" 

Before Sublime could continue to provoke Kiran, another person appeared . This time, it was Deployed Soldier who had arrived and his expression was calm .  

When he saw Sublime and Kiran together, his eyes flashed in a strange light as he made an interesting observation . Both Sublime and Kiran had blond hair, while Kiran's eyes were aqua blue and Sublime's were hazel .  

Sitting together like this, they looked like an older brother and his little sister, but knowing that was impossible, Deployed Soldier shook his head .  

He just nodded to them and sat down, waiting for the rest . For that matter, Sublime decided to let off Kiran for now . She would continue to domesticate him later, when they were alone .  

After Deployed Soldier, there was a long spell of inactivity as everyone waited patiently . In fact, Deployed Soldier even started practicing some sword forms he learned from his class change quest .  

Kiran took this example as a good one and began performing a unique, intense variation of Tai Chi . As for Sublime, she just summoned a serf player to deliver some documents from the Aether Hall to the Guild Hall .  

After that, she resumed her work that she had put off, though one could notice that her speed was far faster and her look was more relaxed .  

Soon, another person came out . It was Cobra, and he made no attempts to hide his success . He smiled and walked up to Kiran, then the two began to spar casually .  

Next to emerge was Uno, and the Godless Paladin smirked . Taking Cobra and Kiran's example, he began to spar with Deployed Soldier to while away the time .  

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After that, three people came out at once, which were Silent Walker, Dreary Traveler, and Warm Spring . All of them manifested noticeable changes, unlike Kiran, Cobra, Deployed Soldier, and Uno .  

Silent Walker still wore his trademark black suit with that perpetual slight smirk . However, his skin had become pale like a vampire, and his eyes had changed . His white cornea became black, while his black pupils were now white .  

Along with that, his body seemed to be emitting some black smoke in low quantities . He now looked less like some handsome Hollywood celebrity/young CEO, and more like a lord of darkness .  

Dreary Traveler was an average looking fellow with a V-shaped face . His former brown hair was now black and his brown eyes had changed to a blood-red color . It was similar to Silent Walker actually, in that his cornea was black while his pupils were blood red .  

His neck had the tattoo of a skull on it, while his aura radiated necrosis and rot . It felt like looking at him for too long would make one acquire the \u003cDecaying\u003e status effect .  

As for Warm Spring, she hadn't changed much . Her eyes were still a light blue color, but her freckles had disappeared and her auburn hair had become white in color .  

She radiated an aura of holiness and warmth, making one feel comfortable . If NPCs were here, they would exclaim in shock, because a single Warm Spring's aura had the same healing effects as Vita City-State .  

That was in terms of doubling life-span and preventing all illnesses . Her baggy white robe also became more regal, though her body was still barren on all sides .  

She also removed her glasses, as it seemed she no longer needed them .  

After they appeared, many more also came out . Slim Fatty was one, and she also manifested no real changes on the outside . Next was Rambunctious Buttlover, and he also seemed the same as always .  

Noticing that Rina had yet to come out, he went to sit somewhere and began strumming his lute idly . He had seemingly mellowed out greatly, but if Draco were here, he would pale greatly .  

He knew that it wasn't that Rambunctious was more mature now . He was simply a bow being nocked into the arrow, or an orbital missile that was prepped to fire, waiting for coordinates .  

If a target that broke through his facade appeared, the world would tremble in fear . Right now, one could only pray that Draco could return before such a scenario occurred .  

Next to emerge were Boyd and Loving Aunt . Boyd looked unchanged, but Loving Aunt manifested some slight changes . Her body became even more seductive and her modest robes became the medieval equivalent of bikini armor .  

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Her black hair was now a sickly green color while her green eyes adopted a pale grey hue . Many vines curled around her limbs, and there was a slightly greenish-black mist surrounding her .  

This mist seemed to corrode the very air itself, so Loving Aunt quickly took it back into her body . She smiled and moved to sit with Warm Spring, gently conversing with the young girl .  

For that matter, Warm Spring seemed happy and opened up to Loving Aunt wholeheartedly .  

After them came the lovely twins, Jada and Jade . The two cute girls held hands, as they had entered the same room together . They also manifested some changes .  

Their hair and eyes remained the same, Jada being a fiery red color and Jade's being a pale blue . However, Jada's body carried an aura of fire while Jade radiated an aura of ice .  

Around Jada, a Fire Phoenix coiled in the form of an emanation while around Jada was an Ice Phoenix . Both phoenixes looked exactly the same and also frolicked with each other harmoniously .  

After them came Sanji and Akainu . Sanji looked the same, and so did Akainu . It was unknown whether they passed or failed .  

Last but not the least were Noble Writer and Happy Saint . The two of them didn't bother to hide their excited expressions, showing that they had probably succeeded in their endeavors .  

Happy Saint looked the same, but his hands were covered in metal, like the skin from his elbow to his digits had been coated with chrome paint which was used for cars .  

As for Noble Writer, one could see various words manifesting themselves around him occasionally . He even began writing in the air as he stood there, the ambient Worldly Energy rushing to be his ink and the world was his parchment .  

As everyone settled down, they became tense . Even though Rina had entered last, they were very clear that she would likely challenge a Divine Class thanks to the information Eva fed them about the Class Up itself .  

Possessing a Divine Item would theoretically allow one to challenge a Divine Class, and after Sublime checked the guild account, she affirmed as such .  

After what seemed to be 3 hours, Rina appeared from her private room, and the core members of Umbra rushed to check whether she had failed or succeeded .