Guild Wars - Chapter 325

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:12:48 PM

Chapter 325: 325
Draco lazily relaxed in a bath that had been drawn for him by Doris . After inspecting the entire manor with Hoover, Draco had to admit that it was exemplary .  

Everything a dedicated crafter wanted was here, and the average quality of the items was slightly better than the Rank 7 Castle . Well, that was obvious, as the Rank 7 Castle was made by mortals while this manor was made by the Refinement God .  

It was likely that all this was even done in a rush, as death was closing in on the Refinement God . As such, they likely decided to do whatever could be done within that time .  

Draco could only sigh in lament . If the rushed job of the Refinement God was above Rank 7 standard, then what would their true work have been like? Draco now understood that a Semi-Origin Tradeskill God was a whole different ballgame .  

Interestingly, as Draco lay in the bath, his back was being scrubbed by the very same maid who drew it for him . Doris carefully cleaned Draco's body in the bath, her dainty hands rubbing a soft sponge over his torso slowly .  

The sponge was quite thin, so Doris could feel his body through it almost as if she was touching him directly . Doris wasn't exactly a young maiden, as she was at least in her mid-20's .  

However, this compromising situation made her blush deeply as she hated herself . The reason was simple; she couldn't stop touching Draco's body and feeling him up under the excuse of washing him .  

He was extremely attractive to her and fit her tastes perfectly . Doris was even lucky, as Draco had restrained his Dark Angel aura, otherwise, Doris wouldn't even have the state of mind to debate her own desires .  

So in essence, Doris was just moved by his physical makeup only . This was a more orthodox and normal form of creating lust and desire, which Draco preferred .  

He understood that his Dark Angel aura was a part of him and should not be shunned, but he felt that using it was basically like dumping any woman into a vat of aphrodisiac .  

There was no woman who could resist the aura he emitted, just like no man who could resist Eva's own . If there was no way to resist, then those desires would be artificial, and that left a bad taste in his mouth .  

Situations like this though, where a female willingly came onto him out of her own genuine desire, Draco preferred . In this situation, he just closed his eyes and pretended not to notice her actions .  

How could Doris not see that Draco was giving her silent consent? Emboldened by this, she became a lot more forward as her hands roved from his chest down to his crotch area .  

The water was filled with soap bubbles and some slight mist due to the steam, so Doris was unable to see what was down there, much to her regret .  

After confirming that it was actually true, her breathing became rough and rampant desire began to emerge within her, starting from her abdomen then creeping down to her own crotch .  

It was a strangely hot and tingling feeling that made her ability to reason diminish slightly as she simply sought an outlet for these growing wants . As Draco was the source and the only outlet available, Doris naturally honed in on him .  

Her hands began stroking his shaft unscrupulously as she suddenly had a thought emerge in her mind . This thought was her desire to feel more of Draco's rod, she wanted to feel its heat and its firmness .  

Not just in her hands, but in her vagina as well . However, she still had some level of rationality in her mind . Even though she wanted that, she knew better to try and press herself onto her current master .  

The only way it could happen was if he rather initiated it, then it would be conventional and fitting . But seeing that Draco was still unresponsive and closing his eyes while savoring the hot bath, Doris almost became discouraged .  

Could it be that he wasn't interested? That was unlikely . If he wasn't interested, he would have long smacked her hand away . It was likely that she had to get him properly ready first .  

Doris had some training in this aspect, along with her own experiences . It was a bit unrealistic to expect every girl under heaven to be a perfect virgin whose vagina had the label 'do not remove the seal until Draco appears' .  

Naturally, they had their own lives and experiences that influenced their decisions, so it was more than likely to encounter non-virgins in the wild, unless they were specifically cultivated for him .  

Doris slowly rose and removed her attire slowly . Her maid outfit was more formal, one that was meant for work and not for leering like the modern versions . As such, her figure had been suppressed by it, making Draco think she was average .  

However, Draco pleasantly found that her shape was similar to Eva, with a slim and lithe body that was well toned . Even though her breasts were not humongous, they were not non-existent either .  

Her butt was also not flat, being rather perky and upturned . It was slightly suppressed by her modest hips, but as an assman, Draco understood that when it came to butts, the shape was more important than the size .  

Her skin was also relatively well-maintained, shining with a light sheen . Coupled with her own beauty that was on the level of Slim Fatty, Doris was certainly a woman that anyone would not hesitate to take as a wife .  

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After removing her own clothes, her face became a deeper shade of red, yet her actions did not stop . She returned to her post and reached for Draco's shaft in the water, this time without even bothering to use the sponge as a cover .  

Draco also opened his eyes and gazed at Doris with a slight smile . He had been observing her with his Control all this while, so she assumed he was unmindful of what was going on .  

When Doris met eyes with him, she panicked a little and her grip on his shaft tightened greatly . Draco grimaced slightly, making Doris let go and pull her hand back rapidly as she hurried to apologize .  

However, Draco simply smiled gently and shook his head . "Don't panic, just calm down . Take a deep breath and regain your composure . " 

Doris heard the strange lilt in Draco's tone and found her turbulent emotions calming down significantly, as her worry and fear subsided . Her mind became clearer and her breathing became stable .  

Draco naturally used his Dark Angel Inheritance's abilities to calm her down . He was surprised by her behavior despite not being a virgin . Even some first-timers were more composed about this stuff .  

Then again, it probably meant that Doris had only done this once or twice at best . So her experience was barely different from a true virgin . Another aspect was the fact that she subconsciously felt Draco was out of her league .  

When a person was sexually or romantically involved with a person they felt was better than themselves, there would always be heavy pressure on the individual .  

They'd want to do their absolute best in order to impress the "better" person, so that they wouldn't look down on them or abandon them for better options - which as a "better" person, they would have plenty of - which was quite sad .  

Draco had once been in her position . In this life and the past one, his life between age 5-21 was just like this, but worse . It was only after meeting Eva in the past timeline that things began to change .  

Even then, whenever he 'skirmished' with Eva in the previous timeline, he had been under the same pressure because he didn't know she was obsessed with him, and due to her aura, he felt she was way out of his league .  

Draco suddenly felt a slight kinship with Doris . She reminded him of his first time with Eva back then, only that both of them had been nervous wrecks who made many funny and silly mistakes when trying it out .  

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As such, Draco grabbed her and pulled her into the water, making Doris yelp with surprise . She was started by his actions, but when she felt his thing pressing against her butt, her emotions gave way to her desire .  

However, Draco no longer moved and just sat in the bath with Doris in his arms, a slight smile on his lips, and his eyes gazing directly into hers .  

Doris gave up when she realized that Draco would not make the first move but only create opportunities for her to do so . Steeling her will, she resolutely raised herself up and used her right hand to angle his dick properly .  

Then, she gently lowered herself, allowing Draco's girthy cock to push into her, which elicited a gasp from her . She even had to stop halfway to take a break, as she felt her internals convulsing around his dick, trying to squeeze it out .  

Instead of doing so, it just made her feel its shape and thickness intensely, making her moan slightly as her body began to heat up all the more . Doris bit her lip and continued lowering herself down, closing her eyes and moaning at every step of the way .  

Doris stopped when her butt slapped against his thighs, and she opened her eyes to gaze into his . He still had a look of calmness, but there was a possessive light in them that made her heart pound .  

Doris touched her stomach, gently commenting . "I can feel you… all the way up here . " 

Draco chuckled . "Continue to move, so that you can feel me more . " 

"Yes, my Lord . " Doris replied subserviently .  

As such, she began moving up and down his shaft, marveling at how far apart it could stretch her insides . It was big enough that every movement could be deeply felt, but just before the extent where it would cause pain instead of pleasure .  

As Doris began to ride his dick, she felt her movements became quicker and more fluid, and she felt deeply embarrassed when she realized that it meant that she was terribly wet .  

However, the smoothness now created a much more pleasurable sensation as the frication between their genitals sent sparks of electricity through her body from her canal up to her mind .  

Doris wasn't like Roma or Zaine who had extreme control of their vagina muscles and could stimulate Draco to death . She was very normal in this aspect, so all she could feel was her vagina clenching and releasing Draco's dick with each penetration he made into her depths .  

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This was an involuntary and biological reaction, but it only served to intensify her ecstasy . Doris felt her clitoris begin to tremble and twitch as she continued to ride on Draco, and this made her legs feel weak .  

Her tempo climbed to a peak as she moved up and down powerfully, her movements making the water in the bath splash about and pour onto the tiled floor .  

At this moment, Doris couldn't care about such things as she felt her body become light, like someone had stuffed her with clouds . Her head became stuffy and her mind became base, only chanting for more stimulation .  

As Draco's cock continued to push deeper into her through her own efforts, Doris felt her control of her body shift to her subconscious as it repeated the same motion, and all she could focus on was the feeling that electrified her mind from their copulation .  

In just five minutes of riding Draco so intensely, Doris couldn't take it anymore as she peaked, her clitoris twitched and her unfettered moan resounding in the bathroom .  

She climaxed happily, and foolish smile of contentment and satisfaction emerging on her face as she began to pant lightly . With shaky legs, she rose up from the Draco's member and gazed into his eyes to see if he shared the same ecstasy as she did .  

However, she was greatly disappointed and depressed when she noticed that he wore the same expression from start to end . He hadn't even moved once nor climaxed, making Doris feel immense shame and self-doubt .  

Could it be that her skills were sub-par compared to those he had lain with before? So only she enjoyed it, while he felt nothing? 

Whether male or female, such a realization was a huge and painful blow to one's self-esteem . Doris wanted to cry, but she currently prioritized appeasing Draco for failing her duties .  

However, her face changed when she saw a cruel light flash in Draco's eyes as he grabbed her and pressed her onto the edge of the bathtub roughly .  

He brought his face close to hers, his red eyes conveying intense possessiveness and dominance as he pressed down on her dainty figure .  

"Now that you've had your fill, its time for me to have mine as well . " 

With those heavy and menacing words, Doris began to experience what it was like to be ravaged by a monster, as her moans and cries resounded through the manor throughout the whole night .