Guild Wars - Chapter 328

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:12:45 PM

Chapter 328: 328
As could be expected, the three women gazed at Hikari with red eyes . Steam came out of their nostrils as they stared at her greedily, as if they wanted to capture her and lock her in a basement .  

Hikari saw this reaction and her neck shrank in fear . She tossed the dagger aside and tried to flee, but the three didn't let her off, immediately apprehending her with ease .  

With tears threatening to spill from her eyes, Hikari begged for her life . "Big Sister Eva, Sister Roma, Sister Zaine… please let me off, okay? I promise to give you some benefits in the future . " 

Hearing this, the three women shared a look and laughed . Eva then rubbed Hikari's back gently . "We were just playing around, there's no point in coveting you . You do not belong to us, but to Draco, and we belong to him as well . We are one family, so what is the use of such things?" 

Hearing this, Hikari nodded with a smile . Of course she knew they were playing . Even if she could create whole planets, these three were not weak either, and they definitely would not harm her in any way with how tight their bonds were .  

Zaine rubbed her chin thoughtfully . "Truly, White Dragons are a magnificent species . Being able to harness the purest Creation Energy and mold the very essence of the world to form authentic items… too powerful . " 

Roma nodded . "Even if you can only make small items, don't underestimate the value of it . It only took you 3 seconds to make this dagger, so in a day you can make around 28,800 of such daggers provided you have enough energy . " 

Eva finished their explanation: "So even if the daggers are common steel, this is not something that anyone else can emulate . Even Draco wouldn't be able to pump out so many of such items as cost-effectively as you can . " 

Hikari agreed . Unlike most White Dragons who were sheltered during their training, she had a lot more worldly experience . She had been brought around by Eva and Draco, as well as had the two of them teach her many things .  

Around 30,000 normal daggers per day sounded mediocre compared to the fancy and overpowered items Draco could make, but it should not be underestimated .  

Even on earth, it was hard to equip almost 30,000 people with simple yet extremely high-quality weapons for no cost whatsoever . Then, there was the fact that Boundless' world had trillions of species, so no matter how much Hikari could output, it still wouldn't be enough .  

And this was assuming that all she could make was common attributeless daggers . Clearly, that was not her limit, as she said she could make any small item .  

In this game world, were the only small items daggers? No! Many items fell into that category, especially consumables and ornamental ones . So now, it was up to them to discover Hikari's limit .  

One could hear the hearts of Eva, Roma, and Zaine pounding rapidly as they inspected it .  

「Angel's Kiss – Consumable 

Rank: Epic (100% effectiveness) 

Effect: Restore 100% Health, Mana, Stamina, and Focus . Increase Health, Mana, Stamina and Focus regeneration by 50% for 1 hour . 」 

When they saw this, they all had different reactions . Zaine's eyes simply became red as tears threatened to leak from her eyes . She kept mumbling under her breath, saying: "Treasure, what a treasure… Treasure, what a treasure" as she gazed at Hikari .  

Roma's hair rose up and began swaying about chaotically . Her expression kept changing, ranging from excitement to shock, to happiness and then to pride . She was proud to have such an outstanding sister and happy that their Morningstar clan would become unparalleled under heaven .  

Eva though, had her lips twitch imperceptibly as she gazed at the potion . Her breathing was relatively stable, but her mind was not so . She too was having chaotic thoughts, but she was able to suppress it .  

Eva suddenly understood why in every generation, there were so few Black Dragons and White Dragons, the number of each never passing 5 in total across the whole universe .  

If too many were allowed to exist, forget about balance, the very fabric of the world would not be able to hold up . This was Hikari at just Rank 2, so what kind of stuff could she do/create at Rank 7? 

However, the three calmed down when they noticed how haggard Hikari looked after creating this . They naturally understood that no matter the ability, it would always have a price .  

The more powerful the ability, the higher the toll . An ability like this that threatened the very fabric of reality would not be so easy to play around with .  

"Hikari, how many of these can you make a day?" Eva asked solemnly .  

Hikari took a deep breath and spoke extremely tiredly: "Not a day… maybe once a week . I don't think I can move even a wisp of Worldly Energy until I rest for that long . " 

Eva, Zaine, and Roma had bitter expressions . Naturally, things could not be so easy and straight forward . However, having Hikari became practically incapacitated for 1 whole week was a bit heavy .  

Eva understood that this was directly related to her Spirit stat . She had consistently drawn in swathes of Worldly Energy for a whole 10 minutes, so she had burned herself out .  

Even with 345 points in the stat, she could not yet summon wind and rain . In fact, Eva surmised that a normal White Dragon would not be able to even produce an Epic item like this at Rank 2 with how the AI haphazardly allocated stats .  

Hikari had the best allocation for a White Dragon, so she could do so, but it came at a steep cost . Thinking like this, Eva spoke: "Well, let's head to the master bedroom to rest . We'll continue our adventure after you recover . " 

Hikari lowered her head and agreed . She felt that her enthusiasm to show her limits had directly ruined Eva's plans, so she did feel very bad about it .  

Eva though, wasn't bothered and continually comforted Hikari gently, raising the spirits of the White Dragoness . It wasn't that big a deal, and Eva needed to spend some time checking up on the guild during this downtime anyway .  

As for using the Angel's Kiss potion to restore Hikari… heh . If she could think about it, could the AI miss such a thing? If this issue could be resolve by a mere potion, then what would be the point of creating this limitation in the first place? 

Eva understood that trying to be a smartass might not often end up with useful results, but negative ones . If the solution was obvious, it was usually not the right solution, especially when it came to very complex and heavily monitored scenarios like this .  

Pushing this out of her mind, Eva decided to check the stat sheets of the three beauties to get a handle on their new skills .  

「Name: Roma - Rank 2 Mystic Channeler 

Level: 50 

Exp: 0% 

NPC Str: 10 

NPC Dex: 10 

NPC End: 10 

NPC Int: 200 

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NPC Spr: 65 

NPC Cha: 10 

NPC Lck: 10 

Active Skills: Necrotic Hands, Malevolent Spirit, Cruel Beast Summoning, Evil Curse, Life Steal, Divination, Sinister Shot, Dark Resurrection .  

Passive Skills: Charm, Insight, Foresight, Flexibility, Illusion, Confusion . 」 

Roma had gone from a Mystic Servant to a Mystic Channeler . Her stats hadn't increased - obviously - but as she said, she had gained some new skills . These were abilities Roma had actually used before but had to manually cast .

Not only that, but all her current skills had been strengthened, with longer durations, shorter cooldowns, and stronger effects . Eva checked them all out one by one to see the changes .  

「Necrotic Hands – Active skill 

Effect: Summon a plethora of arms from the earth that trap an enemy and apply damage over time on the target .  

Duration: 1 minute 

Cooldown: 1 . 5 minutes . 」 

「Malevolent Spirit – Active skill 

Effect: Summon an intangible soul that infiltrates the minds and bodies of others, dealing 20% mental damage per second .  

Duration: 10 seconds 

Cooldown: 30 minutes」 

「Cruel Beast Summoning – Active skill 

Effect: Call forth the apparition of a Cruel Beast, which can attack and defend for the duration of its existence .  

Duration: 30 seconds 

Cooldown: 10 minutes」 

「Evil Curse – Active skill 

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Effect: Place a painful curse on an enemy which applies a random negative status effect .  

Duration: 1 minute 

Cooldown: 4 minutes」 

「Life Steal – Active skill 

Effect: Place a life steal status effect on an enemy, which is unblockable . Life Steal restores 60% of damage dealt to the caster and any designated beneficiaries .  

Duration: 6 minutes 

Cooldown: 9 minutes」 

「Divination – Active skill 

Effect: Attempt to pry into the heavens to achieve foresight into certain events . NPCs face penalties for using this skill, but Immortal Adventurers are absolved from this, but at the same time, are immune to this .  

Note 1: Can only be used outside of combat 

Cooldown: 6 days」 

「Sinister Shot – Active skill 

Effect: Fire a concentrated beam of Mystic Energy that deals 500% Mystic Damage to a single target .  

Cooldown: 1 day」 

「Dark Resurrection – Active skill 

Effect: Bring back any dead ally at full health with invulnerability .  

Note 1: Ally must be within 150 meters of you 

Note 2: Invulnerability lasts for 5 seconds . After that, ally goes into a weakened state for 6 days .  

Note 3: No rank or species cap . As long as the target is assessed to be an ally, they can be revived .  

Cooldown: 28 days」 

「Charm – Passive skill 

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Effect: Those of the opposite sex, as well as those who are sexually oriented towards you, will be extremely enthralled by you . 」 

「Insight – Passive skill 

Effect: You are able to acquire new knowledge and techniques four times faster when learning from someone else, and thrice as fast when creating it yourself . 」 

「Foresight – Passive skill 

Effect: You are able to perceive danger in combat 1 second before it occurs . 」 

「Flexibility – Passive skill 

Effect: Your body is malleable to the extreme . 」 

「Illusion – Passive skill 

Effect: Weak-minded enemies will be drawn into an illusion when looking at you . You are consciously able to create illusions, but they are effective based on circumstance . 」 

「Confusion – Passive skill 

Effect: Through the power of your native dances, enemies are pulled into a trance by the movement of your body . Can also be used to speed up the restoration of mental stamina for allies . 」 

Necrotic Hands had gone from a duration of 30 seconds to 1 minute and the cooldown had reduced from 2 minutes to 1 . 5 minutes .  

Evil Curse had its duration stay the same, but the cooldown had reduced from 5 minutes to 4 . Also, the description changed, now stating that not just any curse would be cast, but a painful one . In essence, no more \u003cStarved\u003e or \u003cThirsty\u003e statuses anymore .  

Life Steal had an increased duration of 6 minutes from the former 5, and the cooldown had reduced from 10 minutes to 9 . Also, the healed amount per hit had increased from 50% to 60% .  

Divination's cooldown had reduced by 1 day, going from 1 week to 6 days . Since Roma didn't even bother to use it due to the penalties, it was pretty much her most useless skill .  

Dark Resurrection's range had increased from 100 meters to 150, the weakened state penalty had been reduced from 1 week to 6 days but the cooldown remained the same .  

Charm, Illusion, and Flexibility manifested no visible changes . Maybe they had been strengthened, but there was no direct way to display this except through action .  

Insight's learning speeds had increased . When learning from someone else had gone from 3 times speed to 4 times speed . When learning by oneself had gone from 2 times speed to 3 times speed .  

Foresight's precognition time had gone from 0 . 5 seconds to 1 second now . Even though it was still very little, as long as Roma kept growing, it would grow as well .  

And then, there were the three new active skills and 1 passive skill that made Eva realize that Roma's Rank up could no longer be described as simple .