Guild Wars - Chapter 330

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:12:43 PM

Chapter 330: 330
As for Hikari's changes, they were not that much in terms of quantity, but the quality of her Rank 2 far surpassed Rom and Zaine to the point where Eva almost shouted out when she read the details .  

White Light Healing was her default skill, one which pretty much every White Dragon started out with . It was a broken skill for healing, one that allowed Hikari to use Worldly Energy to instantly heal any target back to full health, removing all illness, disabilities or sequela .  

Now though, the skill allowed Hikari to not just heal lost health and damage, but to restore all stamina (physical and mental) as well as mana . Yes, that was right, Hikari could basically turn a player into an eternal fighter .  

If a mage was running out of mana? Just one beam from Hikari and they were back in the fight, ready to fire off their spells like they had drank an expensive mana potion… without actually having drank one .  

For a berserker who had abused all their stamina to swing their heavy mace/greatsword? Just one swoosh from Hikari and it would be like they had just woken up from a lovely nap, raring to go .  

Of course, Eva understood that since the power of the spell had increased, the costs would too . If the previous version drained… say, 0 . 1% of the ambient Worldly Energy concentration per cast, it would now drain 0 . 5% .  

It didn't sound like much, but one should remember that the highest concentration in the world was usually in Divine Empires at 70% . Places like Via City-State with 100% were like the digits on a finger, not passing 5 .  

In any random Field Zone, Hikari would be lucky to get a concentration of 5% in total . With such a limitation, she would only be able to drain Worldly Energy about 10 times for this skill alone .  

That was not considering the fact that Roma also used raw Worldly Energy for her casts . Zaine didn't use mana or Worldly Energy, but only mental stamina, so she wasn't as much of a problem .  

Eva realized that she would have to find something that allowed Hikari to either store Worldly Energy for her use later, or convert the top-grade crystals Hikari produced down to Worldly Energy .  

If the latter option could be achieved, Hikari would become overpowered beyond belief, an existence that even Draco and Eva together with Divine Classes would struggle to defeat .  

For now though, the only option was to increase Hikari's Spirit stat so she could reach out further and grab more Worldly Energy . With so many points right now, she should be able to reach to 3-4 Field Zones around her .  

Even when she had been low-level, Hikari could drain an entire super mini small world . So this wasn't even that much by comparison .  

Her White Barrier skill was the only one that had a cooldown . It was and excellent skill, one that was engineered by White Dragons in the past to protect their Black Dragons while they fought together .  

Now at Rank 2, it blocked 60% of all damage and restored 30% of the damage as HP . If that was the case, it meant that only 10% of the incoming damage would realistically be felt after calculation .  

What was even crazier was that if Hikari reached Rank 3, it might increase to 70% blocked and 40% healed . At Rank 4, it would become 80% blocked and 50% healed .  

By the time Hikari reached Rank 6, all damage would be blocked and around 70% of it would become HP . So if one attacked the person being protected, they would actually be healing them .  

Its duration had increased from 5 seconds to 10, and the cooldown had reduced from 30 seconds to 25 .  

But was that the limit of this skill? Not even close! At Rank 2, Hikari could now give three people this same barrier, meaning that they would have 60% of all damage blocked and 30% of it as HP .  

If she used this at critical times, then it would become impossible for even Rank 4 enemies to kill The Four Beauties squadron .  

White Light Blessing was the craziest of these upgrades though . From doubling all stats, damage and defense, it now tripled them! Tripled!! 

So if Roma was hit with this, her intelligence which was now at 200 would function like it was at 600 points! Her already high damage would be multiplied by 3 and her average defense would be tripled too! 

However, Hikari hardly used this skill because it swallowed up oceans of Worldly Energy and strained her to the limit . She could only use it wantonly in the Plains of the Colossus because that natural small world was rich in resources and energy .  

On the main plane? Not so much . Now that it had been increased too, it was likely that she would only be able to cast it on herself once and use her increased stats to manage White Light Healing and White Barrier .  

If they were in a good area, she could maybe cast it on Roma, Zaine and Eva, but definitely not on each Witch Slaves like she had done during the Plains of the Colossus .  

Well, this skill was meant to be used on only a single Black Dragon, so there was that . It all depended on if Eva could get an item that could work for Hikari like a converter, and her best bet was waiting for Draco to make one .  

Eva planned to let Draco know about this in the real world so that he could work on it during his quest .  

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Aether Production and Dragobond were unchanged . Apart from the new Item Creation skill Hikari had already shown, this was the end of her upgrades .  

Of course, just this small bit had already surpassed anything Eva could hope for or understand . In her heart, she felt excitement as she drew up plans to even challenge some Rank 3 foes in the future .  

After all, these babes could kill Rank 2 monsters easily at Rank 1 . Now that they were at Rank 2 and Rank/level suppression was no longer useful, all other Rank enemies were no different from ants trying to bite a colossus to death .  

Soon, the trio reached the master bedroom . In there, Eva settled the three other beauties in, and then headed over to Sublime's office .  

However, Eva was naturally startled to find out that Sublime wasn't in . Could she have run away to throw other innocents into the depths of despair? 

Eva harrumphed coldly . It seemed like the 'punishment' she dealt to that evil loli was not enough . It was clear that she would have to increase the intensity of it to truly buttress her point home .  

As such, Eva PMed Sublime, asking where she was . Fearing that Eva would misunderstand, Sublime hurriedly explained that they were at the Rank 7 Guild Hall's Training Hall .  

Eva was surprised by this, and naturally asked what she was doing there . Sublime replied that the core members were all Ranking up together, with some even attempting a Class Up .  

This pleasantly surprised Eva . What had those ruffians been up to that they all suddenly reached the level cap? Even she herself required some time to hit the level cap when adventuring with those overpowered NPC beauties, so with almost 19 core members working together, the exp split would be horrendous .  

When Eva naturally demanded an explanation, Sublime replied with a teehee, and that Eva should hurry over for a huge surprise . Snorting coldly, Eva closed her interface and decided to head over and see what the fuss was about .  

Its not like any of them would be receiving a Divine Class, so why was Sublime making such a fuss? 

Riveting Night exited the Aether Hall with her hood down . While she was okay removing it when she was with the other three, that was because they were fighting monsters .  

Around people, it was still expecting far too much for her to be willing to show her face to them . After summoning Luxia, Riveting Night climbed on her back and was whisked away to Cario City at light speed .  

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In what was pretty much the blink of an eye, Luxia was hovering over the Guild Hall . The Light Phoenix then glided down to the ground gently, a sight which stunned and amazed all onlookers who surrounded the Guild Hall .  

This wasn't surprising though . At any time of the day, there would always be a crowd around the Rank 7 Guild Hall, NPCs who treated this bizarre and out-of-the-world design as a tourist attraction and players who were hoping to apply for the test and enter the guild .  

As such, there was a totally silent crowd that watched Riveting Night descend onto the front of the Guild Hall . She dismounted and allowed Luxia to go her way as usual, not even acknowledging the existence of all these onlookers at all as she entered the lobby of the Guild Hall casually .  

Luxia screeched arrogantly at the onlookers before disappearing into the sky as a streak of light . This scene shook players, as many had their eyes go red .  

Even though some of the more fortunate ones had mounts, nothing they had could compare to the beauty that was Luxia, a genuine Light Phoenix! 

Players began to chatter among themselves .  

"Wow, the number 1 female player of Boundless is truly deserving of her reputation, such grandeur!" 

"Hmph, what's so good about her? Always hiding her face under that hood, maybe she's ugly!" 

"Ha, no one has come to find trouble with you for that horrible face, so you think you can talk? Do you think we are scared to tell you wear a trash bag over your head in public?" 


In another side, the NPCs were also discussing this .  

"I truly find this amazing . The number 4 race on the State of Being Rankings is willing to be a mount for a Rank 1 Immortal Adventurer… how disgraceful . " 

"Buddy, have you ever ridden a cow before?" 

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"No? Why the hell would I ride a cow?" 

"If you haven't even ridden a cow, who the fuck gave you the balls to comment on someone who can ride a phoenix? You think this is a circus where you can bark like a dog or what?" 


As for Riveting Night herself, she had already entered the elevator . Her current objective was naturally to check out the surprise Sublime Notion had for her . If it wasn't up to par, Sublime couldn't blame her for being ruthless! 

As such, when she entered the Training Hall, she was naturally surrounded by a baleful aura that could make Angel's hide and Demons cower .  

However, this was quickly dissipated by the shock Riveting Night felt when she saw the members here . As a reincarnator, Riveting Night could naturally tell when a player had Ranked up, mostly because she could feel a slight suppression on herself around them .  

What shocked her was that pretty much everyone here had such a suppressive effect on her… it was crazy! Since when did Ranking up become so easy to do? 

Not to mention that a large majority of them had classed up! After classing up, they even had enough stockpiled experience to climb straight to Rank 2 without having to go back out to level .  

Just what did they do that gave them each so much experience in stockpile? 

While Riveting Night was puzzled, she noticed that the auras of Uno, Boyd, Kiran and Cobra were the most potent of the group, even beyond Loving Aunt, Dreary Traveler and Sublime .  

The only person close to them was Warm Spring, Riveting Night's 'little sister' who was a Holymancer before, but had clearly become something even more special now .  

Eva then turned to Sublime Notion, walking over with a serious expression .  

"Tell me everything that happened . "