Guild Wars - Chapter 335

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:12:38 PM

Chapter 335: 335

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Draco saw the items and knew that the RNG Gods had shown him their favor already. He should have inquired this from Hoover, but it appeared that the rewards the Altar of Crafting drew up when generating the wheel were aimed towards the Tradeskills of the one gambling. 

Each of them had to do with one of the Tradeskills he chose to keep, instead of some arbitrary random ones that would have no meaning to him. 

Draco had been surprised that premium rewards translated to Legendary Rank stuff. He had naturally assumed that Premium would be equal to Rare or Epic Rank, Exemplary might be equal to Legendary Rank whereas Supreme could hopefully equal the Divine Rank. 

Clearly, he had underestimated the wealth and means of a Semi-Origin God of Tradeskills from the old era. Epic? Legendary? Those might as well be toilet paper. If he slept, many such items fell from his pockets as his Tradeskills ran automatically. 

Only Divine items were around his standard, and even then, he was one level higher. As such, it could be said that anything below Semi-Origin Rank was the same as asking Draco to make Epic Rank stuff in terms of value and difficulty to the Refinement God. 

Interestingly, Draco was allowed to closely inspect the rewards that were presented on the Wheel of Tradeskills before he spun it. Probably to give the gambler a clear idea of what they might be getting? Was that done deliberately so someone would come back often to get what they might have missed the first time? 

The Advanced Magical Circuit Design was something Draco had never seen before, but its name gave him a clue. He had an inkling of an idea of what it could do, but hesitated to reach a conclusion until he double-checked. 

As he read through the design details, including the method of creation and the ingredients, Draco's breathing became rough. It was exactly what he had speculated, and its existence made the value of Magical Engineering soar in his heart! 

What was Runemaking as a Tradeskill? It was basically the art of creating specialized combinations of runes and planting them in buildings or locations to create certain effects. 

Or, as the terminology went in most eastern media, the Art of Formations! Although Runemakers were unable to create defensive or attacking formations as one needed the Epic equivalent of the Tradeskill to do so, they were responsible for many supporting formations, like changing the temperature or maintaining cleanliness, etc. 

If that was the case, then one could take the Advanced Magical Circuit to be design for the fabled formation plate! Basically, the template of a disc that could be inscribed with a formation by a formation master and used instantaneously! 

Of course, since this was Western Fantasy, the terminology and practical functionality was slightly different from the oriental version, but the fundamentals remained the same. 

The Encyclopedia of Enchanting was totally useless to Draco personally, but it would be a cheat-tool for raising Enchanters. With it, Draco could mass produce Grandmaster - or at least, Master Rank - Enchanters like they were bottles of water on a conveyor belt in a factory. 

With his knowledge of runes and his unparalleled willpower, Legendary Enchantments were not a problem for him. If anything, he would be looking to start on Semi-Divine Enchantments soon. 

As for the Pilot Tradeskill, it was definitely something impossible to find in the current era unless one gathered the previous 10 generations of their ancestors' luck and stole that of their future 10 generations. 

This Tradeskill was a must have for any faction that wanted an air force. It would allow one to become a professional pilot who could drive any magical airship or vehicle in the old era, as such things were much more common back then. 

However, there was an Advanced version of this Tradeskill called Rider and that was what many powers used. Even the Merchant's Guild that came with their airship during the First Player Auction only had a Rider at the helm. 

Then there was the Oracle Tradeskill which greatly interested Draco. Most predictive skills or abilities were useless on players because the AI couldn't fully grasp their actions or personalities as of yet, but by the time all of them entered the pods, even their deepest secrets would be pilfered by the AI. 

They would become no different from the NPCs in that aspect, and skills like the Divination one Draco got from Roma would become extremely useful. The less powerful Advanced Tradeskill had already appeared during the Divine Auction. 

It was called the Divination Tradeskill, and it was also about predicting the future of events or people for a fee, buts its cost effectiveness and accuracy could not be conquered to the Legendary Rank Oracle Tradeskill. 

The final Tradeskill was the Divine Gatherer. If he had to choose among the three, Draco would not hesitate to pick this one. Gatherers were the backbone of any force, as they had the skill and means to acquire resources faster and in larger quantity than anyone else. 

Draco hadn't bothered to learn it because he wasn't a resource gatherer, but a looter. It hadn't been his style to slowly and carefully comb dungeons or Field Zones for resources when he could just slaughter everything within range and forcibly take their rightful possessions! 

Still, he wouldn't mind having something as useful nowadays. Especially as he intended to go on more Unique Quests like this one. Such a Tradeskill would prove immensely useful when acquiring materials. He would have definitely have learned it before entering the Treasury if not for the cheat-like Advanced Spatial Creation Devices. 

Though the Tradeskill was looked down on because it was the lifeblood of serf players, its utility was unmatchable. 

Draco's lips twitched when he saw that one of the rewards for materials was True Dragon Blood for Alchemy. The altar didn't care about his physique, only his current Tradeskills. 

Among Legendary materials for Alchemy, True Dragon Blood would definitely be in the top 3. This was a reward any other Alchemist would sacrifice their arm for, but to him, it was useless. 

After all, his blood had the purest lineage of a Black Dragon. If one were to compare, his blood being used for Alchemy would be much better than this one, if not for the singular weakness which was the fact that potions made with his blood would be extremely toxic to non-destruction beings. 

In that sense, the True Dragon Blood was more versatile as it could serve a wide variety of purposes. Draco also knew that Draconic Source Origin was way more useful than just their blood, but which Dragon aside from that idiot Clarent would willingly give it up? 

As for the Elementium that was tied with Blacksmithing, that was much more useful to Draco. Elementium was the perfect metal to channel all sorts of magic, energy and powers through. 

With Elementium, there was no wastage of energy or loss of durability due to incomparability. Using this to make a magician's staff or the weapon of a fighter who needed to channel energy when they fought would raise their combat prowess by - at least - 50%. 

Draco had used a small bit of Elementium when making the Mana Sword, which was why it had ended up as Pseudo-Legendary. In fact, one could say that the materials were wasted on him, as what should have been Legendary got reduced to Pseudo-Legendary. 

As for Legendary materials, they were hard to get, but not necessarily impossible. Towards the end of their lives, Draco and Eva had managed to get a few dredges after many years of suffering. 

It was the Legendary items that were impossible to acquire with their means back then. 

Now came the final three items that made Draco feel like he was going to lose grip of reality. These three were items personally made by the Refinement God and were used by him during his younger days. Each one surpassed all items in his possession with the exception of his Eyes of Caelo in terms of Rarity. 

The Ultimate Bench would be the perfect tool for him to perform his Magical Engineering in and some bits of Blacksmithing as well as Alchemy. The Supreme Quill would be perfect for Scrivening and Privateering. 

Privateering was something Draco planned to learn after he was done here. He had long since acquired the skillbook for it, but with his limited space he didn't dare to learn it, rather planning to grab a person who would become a talent in the future to learn it. 

Now though, why should he trust in anyone but himself? Draco had long since wanted to explore the maritime aspects of the world of Boundless, but the skills of the players in the previous timeline had been too low. Even in this one, Umbra still fell short of the mark. 

When the time came for him to pay a visit to the Vault of the Deeps, was he supposed to swim there, while greeting the various sea monsters that were the size of whole cities with a smile? 

As for the Energy Converter, it was cool but not something Draco really wanted. He was confident that with time, he too could manually convert energies thanks to the Cause and Effect Theory. 

It was certainly Divine Rank with a great many uses, but none that Draco found pertinent to him. He would rather prefer the Supreme Quill or Ultimate Bench. 

Deciding to get things over and done with, Draco chose to have the wheel spin. At that moment he pressed the button, it began spinning so quickly that it was impossible to see what was on it to the normal eye. 

Putting aside the Eyes of Caelo, Draco's Control allowed him to follow the wheel with ease. Even then, his stats were high enough to not bother with such a method, as it wasn't like the Wheel of Tradeskills was spinning at the speed of light. 

As was normal, the wheel began to slow down after spinning rampantly for a minute or two. Now, even those with slow eyes could make out the various rewards on the wheel. 

Draco's heart spun whenever he saw the dial pass by the Supreme Quill or Ultimate Bench without stopping. He knew that it was irrational with his extreme luck stat, but something told him that he would end up suffering today. 

As such, he was on pins and needles as the wheel slowed down further, carefully shuffling between each reward like an old man flipping the pages of a newspaper with his coffee in hand. 

At this point, the turning of the wheel became extremely slow, and it almost looked like it would stop on the True Dragon Blood! Draco was about to bring out his swords and cut the altar to pieces when he saw that it had inched past the True Dragon Blood. 

After that, he became calmer as he watched it travel across the Elementium, and his heart rate increased when it passed it and entered the area of the Ultimate Bench. 

At this point, his face was ruddy and his smile was wide enough to scare the cheshire cat. Draco felt like his future would be unbelievably bright from now on, a Tradeskill master superior to all others under heaven! 

In fact, some of those useless 'True Gods' in heaven might not even match up to his greatness! 

Thinking like this, Draco laughed uproariously. However, his laughter came to a halt when the dial broke through the Ultimate Bench area and entered the Supreme Quill. 

He watched with sweat beading his forehead and hands when the dial continued to inch across the Supreme Quill's area. At this point, he knew he had to take a stand, otherwise he would end up suffering! 

"IMPUDENT ALTAR, STOP RIGHT THERE!!" Draco roared with red eyes, white mist emerging from his nose in rage. 

As if egged on by his threat, the dial jumped forward and was about to break through to the other side… Draco could almost feel like the altar was sneering at him for daring to speak to him in such a way. 

"Hahaha, Granddaddy Altar, why must you be so ruthless? I was just a bit worried and spoke out of turn, just ignore this young one. You can kindly stop now." Draco pleaded with a gentle expression. 

The wheel did stop for a bit, as if it had heeded Draco's words. Draco sighed with relief and was about to thank the altar when it suddenly jumped into the range of the Energy Converter and halted there. 

Suddenly, fanfare erupted and flashing lights were shown as a system prompt came up saying that Draco won the Energy Converter, but the fellow had no mind for that. 

No�� at this moment, Draco was screaming in pain.