Guild Wars - Chapter 351

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Chapter 351: 351

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Akainu continued with his explanation. "Well, as the companies, governments, and various organizations took notice of the benefits of Boundless World, there have been many new players coming in day by day. The world isn't privy to the statistics, but we are thanks to the connection between our group and Glorygore Labs." 

As he said this, he waved to Sanji, who nodded and began enlightening them on the details. "As of the First Guild War, the total player count was 53,976,024. As of the First Player Auction, the total player count was 96,521,608." 

Draco and Eva were not surprised, but Jada almost jumped. "Holy shit! That's like 42 million new players in like 3 months!" 

Draco shook his head. "3 in-game months. That's only 3 weeks in real-time." 

Jada was left speechless, a rare disposition for her. However, she could not be blamed, as many in the previous timeline had also been left astounded by the pull of Boundless when the studio published the statistics worldwide. 

Sanji coughed and resumed his revelation. "The number of players who have had their accounts deleted by in-game factors are 387,723 people. Exactly 387,710 have gotten new accounts and restarted, while the remaining 13 are not able to join the game ever again for joining the Cancel Boundless World campaign." 

"However, that's just a tangential matter, I can share more in-depth stats about the game's user base later. For now, let me share how many new players we've had since the First Player Auction." 

Sanji paused here and took a deep breath. This made Jada's heart sink as she realized that she was about to her a shocking number. 

"Since the First Player auction which happened 3 and a half weeks ago in-game time and just about a week ago in real-time, the player base had shot up by just about 40 million, making the new player count 139,219,909." 

Akainu closed his eyes and sighed while taking a pull of his cigar, while Sanji fetched a cigarette from his pack and lit it. Jada just sat there with her expression continually changing while Jade had a solemn expression. 

The only ones who were calm were - as usual - the Evil Duo, as they had expected something like this. Only people who came from the future could understand the kind of horrific attraction Boundless had on the modern human. Any prognoses made in regards to it would be vastly exceeded in a matter of months. 

Akainu took over from here. "As you might guess from what I shared earlier as well as what Sanji just shared, most - if not all - of these new 40 million players are from AAA companies, elite hidden organizations or military personnel from governments as well as their various agents." 

"They want to quickly gain a foothold in the game world to push the agenda of their companies, organizations, and governments. As such, there is currently a mad rush for resources and equipment going on." 

"We in Umbra naturally have no such worries, but many of the gamer guilds are being unduly pressured. As you might know, the AI of Boundless doesn't hide information of players, and changing one's looks is only possible with special items, all of which are costly and not something the average player can afford." 

"As such, it is a simple matter to take a photo using the photo mode, export it, and run it through a facial scan." 

Akainu sighed at this point. "Since the gamer guilds are far too strong level-wise and faction-wise, these new players have started exerting external pressure on those gamer guilds without a strong backing in the real world." 

"Of course, they are not resorting to force as that would be too obvious. As I said earlier, the whole world has got their eyes on Boundless due to the ongoing drama. Doing something so brutish in the open would be extremely foolish for any company or organization." 

"However, they have implemented the use of external benefits. Many gamers who joined Boundless were like you in the past, Brother Draco. They entered the game to make money for themselves and they have acquired a fair amount of that over time." 

"Compared to the huge sums these organizations are dropping in exchange for the various resources and hotspots these guilds have control of, what they've earned before was nothing." 

Akainu seemed irritated and flicked his almost finished cigar away. "As such, many of those players have sold away their items and power for real-world cash." 

Eva sneered. "Do not be indignant on their behalf, why should you feel pity for idiots? They worked hard for someone else's benefit, making them the biggest losers of the century. It is already too late for them and soon enough they will regret acting so short-sighted." 

Draco nodded in agreement. This was not anything shocking, the same thing had happened in the previous timeline. After all, players did not have someone like Draco and Eva who could outline the benefits Boundless would bring them as well as the impact it would have on the future. 

That was why all the members of Umbra, as well as affiliate guilds like Meiren, Kamisuo, and Desecrators had dedicated their all to the game. Regardless of whether they were janitors or international CEOs, they had resigned from their work to focus on the game, a choice which stunned their friends and family. 

Of course, they weren't going to explain. Even if they did, who would take them seriously? Some FIVR game being the center point of humanity and society in the next 3 years? They must be on drugs. 

All of this, whether the acquisition of the resources belonging to early-stage gamers or the disdain of the game by average people/groups, was the first official stage leading to the Great Rape of Update 5. 

In the previous timeline, many analysts had put together the major events and activities that led to that horrible period of human history that overshadowed all previous World Wars and even the horrid Rape of Nanking. 

This was judged to be the first step. Re-living this period was surreal for Draco, as he had still been rising in Darkrow by this time. Eva also felt melancholic because at that time, Local Lord had joined the game and forced himself into Darkrow. 

The competition between him and Draco had sparked at that point, and she obviously chose Draco. Well, the rest was just painful memories, so no need to remember it all. 

Akainu continued. "Back to the point, since these groups have joined and are throwing about huge sums of money to grow as quickly as possible, it is natural that our items would sell at prohibitive prices and at a shocking speed, since we provide the best quality in the game as well as the highest quantity." 

Akainu sneered at this point. "In fact, this is to the extent that many organizations have already contacted us for the same purpose as they contacted others. We give up some or all of our ground and benefits, and they give us money and a backing." 

Draco was intrigued. "How did you answer them?" 

Akainu gazed at Jade. The ever cool and composed twin spoke in a neutral tone: "We first rejected them. If they tried to push their agenda, we sent some bounties out for their members and crushed their guilds or factions in the game." 

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"If they still tried to cause trouble, I contacted the AI and requested a doxx, who was happy to oblige. As long as the group in question were within the Central Country, some of the Sanguigno Brothers would head out and kill their head, warning the rest." 

"This is, of course, for those that work in the shadows. For companies and groups that work in the light, I hacked into their servers and published their shady deals or any incriminating information about their higher-ups to the public domain." 

"After that, they had very little to pressure us or focus on expanding in Boundless." Jada finished with a formal smile. 

However, everyone - including Eva - was left speechless by Jade's casual recount of her ruthlessness. Doxxing players from shadow organizations and killing their leaders? Stealing debilitating information from companies and spreading it out to the world without even trying to blackmail them first… 

Since when was Jade such an agent of chaos? Putting aside the drama that was happening with Boundless World, the business and legal part of the world must be in great upheaval these past few days. 

Jada's eyes watered and she hugged her blue-haired twin. "Jadeeeeee! I always knew you were like meeeee! I love youuuu!!" 

Jada kissed her adorable sister on the cheek repeatedly, causing Jade to blush and frown slightly. The scene of these two cute twins being so intimate was truly heartwarming. 

(Author's Note: Just in case you have forgotten, Jada and Jade are lolis, but not as short as Sublime. Here's a nice image I found that looks like the twins: 

While Jade dealt with her overly enthusiastic twin, Draco nodded to Akainu. "So to sum it up, everything we put up has been sold out?" 

Akainu smiled bitterly. "Even up to the Rare Rank. You told us not to put any Epics up there, but I'm, sure they'd be snatched away as well. The things we put up per hour are heavily contested in the Intermediary Trade Center, and we've been given an accolade by the system, as a top vendor." 

"All it does is highlight our products and alert many people with the 'top bidder' accolade about our products. So as we all sit here, our funds continue to grow, both your personal funds and the group funds." 

Akainu scratched his head and wiped his suit jacket from the ash that fell from his cigar. "The rate at which we are earning money has even alerted the Foljeslagare Bank, and they're complaining that any more of this and it would be hard to keep our earnings hidden from information agencies." 

Draco smiled awkwardly while Eva snorted. "Then spend faster than we can earn, it's that simple!" 

Draco agreed. "Eva is right. Akainu, it's time to make our group official. We will continue to maintain our connections in the shadow, but we also need to have a front for the light." 

"Open up three companies, one gaming group for our members of Umbra to work in. We'll hire them overtly as employees and ship them as well as their families to the Central Country and provide housing. Preferably somewhat near this Castle." 

"The second company should be a tech one, for R\u0026D. Contact the AI and Amber, telling them that our tech company will be a partial front for them. I know they have difficulties shipping around goods because all their companies and affiliates are under intense scrutiny." 

"This should streamline things for when they introduce the pods. Our company can be used as the main distributor for them, allowing the sales and manufacturing of the pods to speed up greatly." 

Of course, Draco decided to do this for many reasons, most of which required an in-depth explanation due to events that occur in the future as well as changes in the present. 

"As for the third company, make it a private security force. Contact Supernatural and let them know that we are opening such a company, and that they should send over some of their most talented youths to join it for training. I plan to build up a strong military force in the real world." 

Eva tapped her lip and added: "Use the money we earn freely. Don't cut costs or even negotiate, just spend, spend, spend! Obtain the highest quality of everything possible as quickly as possible!" 

"Also, put some money aside to help me build an international intelligence agency in the real world, as that will be a grand endeavor requiring a lot of money."