Guild Wars - Chapter 353

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:12:19 PM

Chapter 353: 353

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"Well, I leave the plan to create the 3 companies to you Akainu. As for you Sanji, I'll need you to start researching how to create the international intelligence agency Eva wants." 

"Jada and Jade, you're coming with us. Your abilities might have some use during the job. Not to mention that I want to take you out to broaden your horizons." 

Draco gave some quick commands before rising to his feet with Eva in tow. Jada and Jade shared uncertain looks but followed along. They understood that 'broadening their horizons' just meant that Draco wanted to desensitize them to slaughter. 

They had certainly seen their fair share of killings, but nothing on a mass scale. Well, it seemed like today their will and tenacity would be tested, because it was clear that Draco and Eva wanted to… 'play'… a bit. 

At the gates of the Castle, the usual black sedan was parked. It was big enough for four passengers at the back, but it would be quite compact nonetheless. 

Still, Draco and Eva sat inside. Followed by Jada and Jade. The Driver also sat in his seat and sparked the vehicle, moving out of the estate slowly. 

From the windows of the Castle, Keith D'our watched the car leave, his sister June standing beside him while his mother, Cherry, stood behind him. The family of three were three lambs trapped in a slaughterhouse. 

Though, Keith was in a better position. He had submitted to Draco in body and mind, so his gaze, as he watched the car leave, was filled with reverence and respect. 

June was no longer as animated and playful as she used to be. After being trained for more than a month, her demeanor had changed. Her eyes were filled with dullness and listlessness usually, but when she saw Jada enter the car, there was a flash of untamed and wild desire. 

However, this was suppressed once again. After spending this much time in the castle, June was aware that her life was not her own. 

As for Cherry, she was the one who was the most normal of the trio. While her daughter had become closeted and her son had become subservient, she remained sharp. Even though she had also been 'trained', she had been able to 'ace' all her tests. 

Cherry initially had plans to drag Draco down through a slow and methodical process that would cause him pain, but she had long since abandoned that. Now, she just wanted to live her life with her children in relative peace. 

There was a knock on the door, and Cherry went to receive it. She was surprised when it opened to see Akainu standing there. The leader of the Sanguigno Brothers was extremely masculine with his tailored suit and the cigar in his mouth. 

"Hello, Big Brother Akainu." Cherry greeted demurely. 

"Oh, if it isn't Beauty Cherry. How are you today?" Akainu asked with a kind smile. 

However, Akainu… Cherry didn't like how he made her feel vulnerable and needy. She was used to be strong and solid in her mind and body, able to execute her will at all costs and forgo emotions. 

Whenever this fellow came around though, all of that became clouds and fart. As such, Cherry blushed visibly but still responded. 

"I'm doing okay, thanks to your kindness, Big Brother Akainu." 

Akainu nodded towards her gently. "That's good. No matter what happens, you can always come to me. I will take care of you." 

"Y-Yes…" Cherry replied with a hitched throat. 

June watched her mother's antics and felt a pang of jealousy. Why was it that her mother got to experience the feeling of spring coming while she was trapped within her own mind to prevent the despair from taking over. 

Keith also saw this and sighed with relief. If his mother and Akainu could become a couple, she would be able to finally experience some happiness for the remainder of her life. 

Akainu chatted with Cherry a little bit more. After the small talk, Akainu turned to Keith and forked his finger. "Get over here, boy. Since Brother Draco wants to go all-out, you finally have some use. Make sure to show your qualities if you want a place in the future empire." 

Keith was startled, but took a deep breath and bowed. "Thank you for your care, Sir Akainu." 

Akainu waved his hands and started walking out of the room. "Don't mention it. Hurry up and let's go, we have a lot of bureaucratic shit to swim through today." 

Keith followed along with a gratified smile. Cherry also watched them go with an unwilling expression, whether it was due to Akainu's departure or Keith's. June just watched all this with a bland expression. 

Cherry went to sit down in a sofa seat and sighed deeply. She had to spend a few minutes calming her beating heart, an activity that irritated her logical and cold side to no end. 

She rationalized that she should just avoid Akainu from now on lest she be corrupted by him, but she suffered to do so. Just like how a smoker knew that they needed to stop smoking if they wanted to avoid dying from lung cancer, yet they always kept a pack in their pocket. 

June, as she had been doing recently, stood inconspicuously in the corner, a variety of thoughts passing through her mind as she remembered that succulent form of Jada, her lush fiery red hair, he modest bust, and her cute hips. 

June began to drool as she thought this, and for a short period of time ever since she had been captured, she felt some happiness, artificial as it may be. 


The black sedan moved along through the streets, heading towards their destination. As one could expect, the base of Supernatural was a public laboratory which was set up by CERN to gather and assist young geniuses in the growth of their abilities. 

Many schools in the city used it as a destination for field trips, and many tourists also visited that area. In essence, it was the perfect location because there was a huge amount of traffic. 

This deterred Supernatural from acting and was why this task had been on the task portal for so long without any Superior Lord attempting it. It was simply too risky, so Superhuman had been able to operate freely. 

One should remember, Superhuman was apparently the underdogs compared to Supernatural. Supernatural was like a colossus in the modern world, a huge giant that would be hard to feel unless one could generate an ultimate weapon capable of ruining whole planets. 

Superhuman though, was a quickly rising talent. However, just like in the stories, a young genius at the Golden Core realm could not survive a battle against an old monster at the Soul Formation realm. 

As such, the 'young genius' here had to rely on wits and some other deterrents in order to carve out some peace for them to grow, while the old monster absolutely did not wish for the young genius to grow to their level, for once they did, it would be game over. 

So, the simple question was, how did Draco and Eva plan to perform this operation. They needed to identify all operatives of Superhuman that mingled among the normal humans and eliminate them without being detected. 

Then, they needed to discover the location of their hidden base, which was likely to be underground, make their way in, kill all the rest of the operatives there, steal the data and destroy the base… all without the normal people discovering any of their actions. 

Even in an action movie, this would require the holy combo of Cruise, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Li, Chan, Willis, Smith, and Statham to even have a 10% chance of success. 

However, Draco and Eva were nonchalant. After all, they had managed to assassinate players on enemy sides when Boundless was worldwide and everyone had their eyes on it. 

Compared to killing a popular and world-renowned player when more than 6 billion people were watching, clearing out a base with only around 20,000 people or less watching paled in comparison. 

Soon enough, they reached their destination and disembarked the vehicle after it situated itself in the VIP parking lot. Draco walked out with the twins behind him, his destination towards where he suspected the base's entrance to be. 

On his way there, many eyes fell on him from the tourists and workers here, all of them marveling at how handsome and attractive he was. This was just a part and parcel of the Dark Angel Inheritance, not really a big deal. 

Many also cast interested glances towards the cute fire and ice twins. Jada's fiery red hair and crimson eyes contrasted with Jade's aqua blue hair and cyan eyes, giving onlookers a refreshed feeling, like they were seeing two different versions of the same lovely sight. 

As Draco went forward, he was intercepted by a relatively pretty young lady in a scientist's outfit. She greeted Draco and the twins, then asked to know if they needed any help. 

Draco saw the desire in her eyes, and knew that this wasn't actually her job. She just saw him walking around semi-aimlessly and decided to grasp this chance. After all, most onlookers assumed Jada and Jade were Draco's little sisters, not his women. 

"I would like to meet with the Chairman of the institute." Draco asked politely. 

The lady was startled by this, realizing that Draco might be a bigshot. However, this was not something she could decide, so she said: "I'm terribly sorry, but I don't know if he's in… why don't I take a message for you?" 

She brought out her phone, clearly using this rejection to get his number. It was clear that this woman was quite the smooth lady, and knew how to work her way around first-time meetings. 

"Oh, that's too bad. Are you sure you can't lead me to your Chairman?" Draco asked with a strange lilt to his tone. 

The young lady was about to politely rebuff him again, but her movements became dull and her eyes misted as she became dazed. 

"Yes… Yes, I can lead you to the Chairman. Please follow me." She said almost robotically. 

"Thank you." Draco said with a wide smile. 

Jada and Jade simply shared a knowing glance and felt bad for the girl. She came here to catch a hunk, but got captured instead. And whether she would even live to see tomorrow was up in the air. 

Draco and the two ladies went through most of the institute, and they eventually reached areas with no public presence. There were only eerily silent hallways that were well decorated and smelled like clean machinery. 

The girl used her keycard to allow them into an elevator, which descended to the basement… and a level below it. When the doors opened, Draco was met with an entourage of security who were led by a wizened old man with a genial smile. 

"Greetings, Sir Draco. We humbly apologize for the poor reception we have prepared for you. Please allow us to make amends by inviting you to our VIP lounge so that we may have a chat." 

The old man had a strong and clear voice as if he was still a young man in his thirties. He made no overt or forceful gestures, and he seemed totally respectful and submissive. 

Draco smiled. "No need for that. I hope to ask your forgiveness for having to mistreat one of your young talents." 

The old man gazed at the girl who was still in a daze and shook his head. "It is not your fault. Do not worry, we shall take care of her, as she has done no evil but bring you to our abode." 

Draco shrugged and followed behind the old man, while Jada and Jade couldn't help but glance at the pretty young lady who was coming out of her trance. Once she came to, she looked around with confusion, wondering how she appeared in the underground base. 

She had no time to do so, as she was quickly dragged away screaming by the security guards here, her fate henceforth unknown to all.