Guild Wars - Chapter 355

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:12:17 PM

Chapter 355: 355

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There was a short spell of silence as the leaders of Superhuman digested Draco's words. They mused that at the end of the day Draco was still just a youth. Trying to swallow up more benefits with such an excuse was quite average. 

Of course, that didn't mean it was illogical. It was perfectly fine to make such a demand, and the other Control masters Superhuman had poached from Supernatural had also done the same thing. 

It was only that with a young Control master, they expected him to be… magnanimous? Transient? Something like that. Basically, someone who had seen past materialistic wants and stood at the apex of humankind. 

But with how he was acting, he was basically just another human, one possessing a supreme talent. Not something to look down on him for, but still something worth musing over. 

The director smiled formally. "Then is there something specific you would like us to compensate you with, Mr. Draco?" 

Draco leaned into his seat and gave a light smirk. "Nothing much. I just want 10 grams of Dark Matter per month for the next 10 years. In exchange, I shall join your organization with my wife by the end of today." 

The leaders on the other side became speechless. They suddenly had their horizons broaden on the depths of human greed, and this fellow had certainly shown them the way. 

The director frowned deeply, and her voice was no longer as neutral as one moment before. "Mr. Draco, unfortunately, I have to inform you that such a thing is not possible. We only produce 1.67 nanograms per year. Even if by some stroke of luck, one of our researchers will have a breakthrough in their research on how to increase this yield, I fear it will not be by an amount that would be necessary to meet your demand." 

"Let us take a step back and say we provide you with the full amount we make every year. One billion nanograms make a single gram, so ten grams requires ten billion nanograms." 

"It would take more years that the human calendar has to reach that number." 

Towards the end, the director slowed her speech and spoke gently, like an impoverished parent speaking to a child who was demanding the latest and most expensive toys without understanding the reality of the situation at all. 

Draco's smirk disappeared as his expression became cold. "If that is the case, then we have nothing to discuss. All I want from you is your dark matter and the means to power up my own abilities in exchange for whatever help I can provide you, which I know is not something small at all." 

"If you cannot satisfy what I want, then why should I join you? Supernatural might not have tailored methods for Control masters, but I have enough talent and skill to climb up myself." 

Draco smiled derisively at the stunned leaders of Superhuman who were listening to his tirade. "However, there are way more realms to Control than you can ever imagine. For example, I and my wife now sit at what I would describe as Tier 4 of Control, while everyone else should still be stuck at Tier 1." 

"I can see the light of skepticism and doubt in your eyes, so let me show you what I can do at Tier 4 of Control." Draco said with a cold smile. 

He simply waved his hand, and the guns that were in the arms of the security guards were yanked from them and brought to hover before Draco. He then tilted them to face himself at point-blank range, unleashing a hailstorm of bullets. 

Jada and Jade were still in his arms, but they didn't flinch at this sight. They just smiled and watched the bullets tear towards their delicate forms. 

However, as one could expect, nothing happened. The bullets all stopped inches away from Draco and the girls in his arms, just like that scene from that crazy fighting movie about being plugged into a system by robots from the early 2000s. 

After the guns had unleashed their load, they were sent back into the arms of their stunned users. As for the bullets, Draco waved his hand and they were tossed aside. 

None of this was done using his Dark Angel Inheritance's psychic skills - not that he could use them in the real world yet anyway - and was truly an act that utilized only his Control. 

Control only seemed like an auxiliary thing when Draco was in Boundless because he had so many means and powers that Control was never utilized fully. Not only that, but Control was suppressed by the nature of the game world, as it had various energies and whatnot within. 

If Control was around 60% of its full functionality in the game world, then it was at 100% in the real world. As such, being at Tier 4 made the Void of Perfection and the Body of Godliness become overpowered. 

With just Control and his Bloodline, Draco was arrogant enough to challenge anyone. This was one of the reasons he had decided to come into the light. He had enough power to challenge Superhuman or Supernatural, and enough to defend against the Pangu Alliance or the World Council. 

When the director and the other leaders saw his capabilities, their breathing became rough as their eyes became red. Only the director was strong enough to maintain some semblance of composure, but the others were lost in their greed. 

If they could research Control with Draco as a specimen, they might be able to make huge breakthroughs in this field! Not, not maybe, they definitely would! If they could analyze his body, they could understand what special characteristic one needed to possess Control from a young age. 

If they could have him share his knowledge, they would discover the fundamentals of Control, its limitations, and how to take it a step further! This was too tempting for them. 

Before the director could speak though, Draco's eyes narrowed. "Judging by your reactions, it seems my assumptions were correct and you really do not have a single Control master who has broken through yet. In that case, my knowledge is more valuable than I thought." 

"You are unable to provide the dark matter I want, nor are you able to help me further my realm in Control. Unless you have something that might actually interest me, I consider this meeting to be over." Draco stated languidly. 

The faces of all those on Superhuman's side changed. The director quickly tried to patch things up. "Mr… no, Sir Draco, while we might not have such methods as of yet, with your help, we should easily be able to develop them upon your experiences to extrapolate the path forward. This is a specialty of CERN and something that Supernatural could never provide you." 

Draco waved his hand dismissively. "That sounds too bothersome. There is no guarantee that you will succeed or how long it would take, years, maybe decades if not centuries while I get nothing out of it?" 

"All I want from you is a simple transaction, I give you what you want and you give me what I need. Now until you have what I want, do not contact me again. I am still a proud member of Supernatural after all." 

Before the director could continue the negotiations, Jade's eyes flashed and the screen switched off remotely. Jada also smiled and closed her eyes for a few seconds. 

When she opened them, she seemed relieved. "She's done." 

Draco nodded and stood up with the twins, carefully bringing them to their feet. Their earlier act of debauchery seemed to have evaporated into thin air as they once again resumed being a fellow and his two lovely little sisters in terms of demeanor. 

"I am sorry for taking advantage of you two. I'll be sure to make it up to you later, okay?" Draco promised them gently. 

Jada and Jade shared a look. Jade answered honestly. "We don't mind. Besides, it might not be you who has taken advantage of us, but the other way round." 

Jada blushed slightly and snorted. "Hmph, speak for yourself. I want some new clothes and a date at the least! Otherwise, I won't talk to you ever again!" 

Draco smiled and gently rubbed the head of the twins. "Whatever you two want, I shall give. You are my people, and one day, my women." 

Jade simply nodded in agreement while Jada whispered under her breath: "One day…? More like already, tsk…" 

Draco turned to the confused Horace and his disarmed guards. "Thanks for hosting us today. Make sure to enjoy the taste of freedom and enjoy every day as if it would be your last." 

Before Horace could question Draco upon his meaning, he suddenly fell to his knees as his face became pale. Not just him, but all the guards fell to the ground with pale faces, and they all began hacking and coughing. 

Their coughs were truly horrid, as they first spat out phlegm, then small clots of blood. Soon, small amounts of their innards came out, before they eventually fell into a heap on the ground, blood leaking from their seven orifices. 

This lasted for a period of 12 hours in total and was filled with excruciating pain throughout. In their last moments, they could only think about Draco's last words, and how bullshitty they were. 


Back in the present, Draco exited the underground base with Jada and Jade slowly. Before, there had been a lot of human presence up and about, but all that was left were corpses all over the place. 

Most of them had blood flowing from their necks, while some also had theirs from their chest, where their hearts would be located. There was no longer any dry ground as the dark red blood had formed a light pool over the entire floor area. 

The twins didn't want to look initially, but Draco gave them a sharp glare and they grimaced. They understood that they were supposed to become desensitized to this, because scenes like this would occur much more often in the future. 

As such, they could only honestly scan through the dead bodies, seeing the surprise, fear, and despair on their expressions. Many had been guards or the like, but there were more than a few normal people like janitors, students, and junior scientists. 

They had bright lives ahead of them, as well as a loving family at home that expected much from them, who hoped for their brilliance to shine. Now, they lay in a pool of their own blood, tears dripping from their eyes, mourning the futures that were stripped from them. 

Jada and Jade paled slightly as their hearts felt like they were being rocked by intense shivers. They might not have killed them directly, but they felt responsible for appearing here this day. 

Draco placed a hand on their heads and spoke in a strange voice: "I am the supreme of this world. All those who stand against me, whether innocent or not, will be dealt with. All those who side with me, whether evil or benevolent, will be blessed with success." 

"Always remember this." 

This calmed down the twins surprisingly. Draco always had a strange effect on them, which was why they were like magnets attracted to a piece of ferrous metal. One could only wonder if he used his Dark Angel Inheritance to influence them or whether it was his own charm, but the answer was up in the clouds. 

They exited the base and walked through the institute. The crowds were still here and still moving about normally, completely oblivious to the horrors that occurred just below where they were standing. 

Also, an interesting thing to note was that the presence of guards and scientists in the institute had surprisingly decreased slightly. It wasn't enough to cause a panic, but definitely warranted an investigation, which was what the 'survivors' were trying to find out. 

Draco ignored all this and headed to the car park, where the black sedan was still parked and waiting for them. He and the twins sat inside the back of the car, and the driver sparked the engine, rolling out of the area calmly. 

Draco lazily lay back into his seat, his arms coiling around the shoulder of Eva, who was seated beside him with her arms folded and her typical resting bitch face activated. 

Though, if one were to look closely, they might notice that there was a small red splotch on her black bikers' jacket… 

Ketchup maybe? Who knows?