Guild Wars - Chapter 357

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:12:14 PM

Chapter 357: 357
Draco reached the townhall, noticing that Vishad was waiting for him outside it with some other stately looking fellows around him . There were more than a few of them, 98 to be precise .  

After all, the total count of these villages in the inner section came up to 99 . Since every other lord of a village here wanted a piece of the treasure called Draco, they would naturally come and represent lest their people lose out .  

When they saw him come up with Natasha behind him, these lords became excited . After all, the walking enlightenment that was Draco could bring their people new ideas and level up their creativity, bringing them to a new realm in their techniques! 

Vishad quickly took the lead by greeting Draco . "Good day, Draco . I hope you're satisfied with the hospitality my Evergreen Village has provided you . " 

His eyes focused on the reticent Natasha standing behind him, and her body trembled as she stood up straight and cast away her unwillingness . However, Vishad and every other lord here had seen her true face, so who was she trying to fool? 

Vishad sighed internally and shook his head . You could lead the horse to the water, but you could not force it to drink . If this birdwoman who was hailed as the number 1 beauty of their village could not grasp this chance to soar above the clouds, it would be too late to jump on the train when the success hits .  

In that sense, Ophie was a grand success . Though the halfling really did not know much about Draco's potential or what it meant to be a woman in the Morningstar Clan, she had successfully joined a family that women in the outside world would kill to join .  

Even the slaves Riveting Night bought from the bazaar to be Draco's breeding incubators had a higher status and quality of life than princesses and noblewomen of many kingdoms .  

The 28 human concubines were a tier higher, with statuses equivalent to the queen of a prominent kingdom . No matter where they went in the world, they would be treated with the highest respect with many entities fawning over them .  

As for the almighty Four beauties, their statuses were supreme in the game world and in the real world . In the game world, even True Gods had acknowledged them, and all other species admitted their superiority .  

In the real world, more than 900 million men worldwide would mobilize on their whims, with the rest contemplating whether or not they should risk it all . This was not something easily calculable .  

Even though Vishad himself was not aware of these details, he could see from Draco's supreme talent in Tradeskills that he was likely extraordinary outside . And that was even more mindboggling when one realized his specification was as a combatant .  

However, Vishad was too lazy to enlighten her . If she had no genuine interest, what was the use of forcing it? She would only experience unhappiness if she entered his life just for benefits when she truly wanted affection .  

"These are the lords of the various villages of the inner section . They visited me to ask you for your wisdom in all matters pertaining to Tradeskills, hoping that you could enlighten their people as well . " 

As Vishad said this, the other lords bowed and introduced themselves one by one . Draco made sure to remember their names and that of their villages, as he would require their services to integrate the natives into Vita City-State .  

"Well, I do not see a problem with that, but I have my own pursuits to follow . I shall visit each village in my own leisure and impart what I can, this is the most I can promise you . " Draco replied calmly .  

While the lords were slightly disappointed, they still made sure to thank Draco . After all, he was practically giving them something priceless for free, so how could they dare to be greedy about it? 

Draco did this because he couldn't just giver handouts . The people of Evergreen got to enjoy this benefit because they had housed him and provided him with resources - that he stole - and two beauties for his consumption .  

The others had only shown their dog faces and wanted the same benefits? How could such a deal work? Such a thing would be the worst trade deal, in the history of trade deals, maybe ever .  

Draco might not have overtly stated this, but these fellows possessed the Politician class, so how could they miss the undertones? Even if they didn't have the class, as seasoned lords, they could see this much .  

Quickly, a lord of a nearby village called the Oak Village bowed to Draco and sycophantically said: "If Lord Draco visits, we'll be sure to allocate you two of our village's greatest beauties as your maids, just let us know your taste . " 

Natasha gazed at this geezer with disdain . Selling away those poor girls for the benefit of the village as a whole? Despicable! 

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Of course, the exact circumstances made it more of a grey area, because there was a 100% chance they'd be willing if Draco released his aura, but he didn't like to rely on it . Not only that, but the enlightenment of their family and friend - shit, even themselves - might move them enough to do what they needed to do .  

Of course, that was just adding perfume on shit . At the core of it all was a practice that Natasha found disgusting since she herself had been subjected to it, but what could she do? 

She was lucky that Draco wasn't forceful already, otherwise she would have ended up like Doris .  

As for Draco, he chuckled and didn't reject their advance . "Use her as a template . " 

He gestured to Natasha, making the birdwoman blush . She finally understood why he singled her out and wanted her near him all the time while he was very lax towards Ophie .  

It turned out that she was his type! Everything made sense to Natasha all of a sudden, and a certain idea came to mind, but her stubbornness smashed it into bits . However, it was too late, as once an idea or suggestion took root in the mind of a sapient being, it would fester and grow like a tumor until it encompassed the entirety of their thoughts .  

However, the effects were instant . Her perpetual grimace relaxed slightly and her demeanor became less distant, though it was slight enough that Natasha herself didn't realize it .  

However, the various lords could, as they were good at reading the situation . Natasha, despite all her bluster, was an open book . As such, they could see her change .  

They mused that such a passing remark could change things at a fundamental level… this fellow was truly lucky .  

But then, was it luck? As the lords asked themselves this question, they cast a glance over to Draco and were left speechless by his slight smirk and narrowed gaze as he watched them .  

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Suddenly, the lords felt like sending their girls over to this fellow would be akin to throwing the noble princess in the house of the evil devil, where they would be soiled and defiled by his evil, eventually falling under his banner .  

However, even if they realized this, it was too late . They were now riding on the back of a tiger, and unless they wanted to forgo the benefits Draco could bring them, they could not afford to dismount .  

As such, they could only pray for providence, that Draco would at least be somewhat gentle towards the girls . However… gentle? Draco? It seemed more like some innocent maidens had been consigned to eternal life with the Fuckboy King .  

. . . . . .  

As it were, Clarent and Qiong Qi were currently roaming the area of the inner section . Otherwise, how could Draco have any peace of mind to play around with Doris and co, while learning Tradeskills .  

Of course, after learning that three beauties had been assigned to him . They had created a ruckus and made a fuss, forcing Draco to release Sheera for Qiong Qi and kicking the two away into the wild .  

Qiong Qi had already repeatedly devoured Sheera in this time, and the fellow looked to be in great spirits as the female manticore walked beside him demurely .  

As was typical in lion culture, the males had utter dominance, so whenever Qiong Qi was in the mood, Sheera had no choice but to lie down and receive it, which annoyed Clarent .  

After all, he was now the odd one out! The loser who couldn't get some! The nerd who wanted the beauty, but could not beat the bully! 

Besides, even if Luxia appeared right here and agreed to mate with him, he wouldn't be able to . He was still in the body of a Dragonling after all, which was the equivalent of a toddler in Dragon terms .  

He wouldn't gain some basic reproductive functions until he became Rank 2, which was dependent on when Draco also became Rank 2 . So not only was he 'impotent', but there wasn't even a babe around for him to enjoy some foreplay with .  

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Any fellow could imagine the level of depression Clarent was feeling . Sometimes, he would move into a forest clearing at midnight, allowing the light of the moon to reflect on his scales while an anime-tier sad theme played in the background .  

He would remember how his village got attacked and how his mortal enemy slew his family, which brought him on this journey . He would resolve himself to become stronger and achieve his revenge with the help of his nakama, and become the Hoka- *cough* Dragon King .  

What was even more debilitating was that Qiong Qi would come and watch him from afar, tears in his eyes as he was moved by this ephemeral scene . It was just a man, the moon, and some creative commons sad music, a scene that would move any fellow within viewing distance .  

After crying his heart out, Qiong Qi would always pay homage to Clarent's pain and resolve by summoning Sheera over and furiously mating with her within Clarent's eyesight .  

This created an eternal cycle, one that Clarent was suffering to break out of . At this point, the fellow had begun growing grey hair and a grey beard from stress . He looked ragged and tired, like the next bit of stimulus would be enough to off him .  

This was in great contrast to Qiong Qi who walked beside him with a healthy gait and vigorous energy . Even Sheera glowed with the light of womanhood, and one might even notice a slight bulge on her belly .  

The contrast was quite amusing to see .  

At this time, they passed by a resource zone for one of the villages called Willow Village . As they walked through it, Qiong Qi and Clarent would occasionally swallow some rare herbs and fruits like they were cabbage, and even Sheera did so at well, but she even consumed some Legendary and Divine materials .  

After all, Qiong Qi's bloodline was that of a Divine Lion, which meant it was easy for him to become a True God if he put in enough effort .  

Qiong Qi was in a similar position to Clarent in that matter, so the cub of Qiong Qi carrying Sheera's pure Cruel Manticore bloodline which was ranked in 33rd of the State of Being Rankings and Qiong Qi's Divine Lion which was ranked at the 12th place, would not be simple .  

If it wasn't for this, how could a noble female like Sheera lower herself to mate with a shameless cretin like Qiong Qi? His bloodline was the best of the Lion race, something that none else could enjoy .  

She had technically climbed up his ladder, which showed how clever this exotic manticore was .