Guild Wars - Chapter 366

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:12:05 PM

Chapter 366: 366
The slaves quickly arranged themselves before Eva when she arrived . Their postures were unlike the respectful form of the concubines . Theirs was naturally a step further than that, being utterly subservient and submissive .  

After all, while the concubines were relatively new, these slaves had been here since Vita City-State had been merely Vita Settlement . Draco had glossed over them back then because he wasn't interested in seeding them yet .  

As such, they had been relaxing all this time, waiting for the day their wombs would be filled with his seed to birth his children . And from the way Eva had made things seem when she purchased them, it would not be a one-time thing, as they were likely to be turned into baby factories .  

Of course, whether they were willing or not was irrelevant due to their standing . One could spill a tirade about how their living conditions made them far better than others and how Draco's power and handsomeness made him a perfect mate for these women - making them more than willing - but it didn't change the fact of the situation .  

They had been purchased from a seller like commodities and held against their will for the most part . The difference between them and the concubines was not subtle .  

If any of the concubines inexplicably wanted to leave the Morningstar Clan, they would be free to . Of course, the child would stay behind .  

If they went out, they had official statuses and would be treated with respect by kingdoms and empires alike .  

However, these breeding slaves might live the good life, but there was no chance of them leaving . They were (unfortunately) property in this case, and they had no real rights towards that end .  

If they went out, they would not have official statuses, but many might still give them some basic respect unofficially as Draco's breeding slaves, assuming they bore his kids .  

Another interesting thing was Eva's change in demeanor as she arrived here . When she was with the concubines, she had been gentle and caring, making them revere and love her for her magnanimity .  

However, as soon as she entered the room she had returned to her cold and menacing self in front of these breeding slaves as they knelt obediently before her . She slowly surveyed them with her Slave Trading Tradeskill .  

This was something she did on a weekly basis, to inspect these girls and make sure they understood their place in this genealogy as well as the world in general .  

After all, living in luxury for an extended period of time would make anyone forget their place in the world . So far, Eva had not seen anything like that, as these slaves she handpicked for Draco's taste were quite astute and clever enough to acknowledge their reality .  

She stopped before a slightly cutesy looking girl with huge breasts and a big butt - a trait all these girls obviously shared to the point where no lines were drawn - and two long rabbit ears from her scalp .  

She also had fluff on her shoulders, hands, and feet, little bits of soft rabbit-like fur that grew organically . She was truly sexy, and any otaku would literally kill another human being to lay claim to her, as she was sculpted with the kind of style that was present in anime .  

Eva paused on her and leaned forward, grasping the rabbit girl's chin with her palm and making eye contact . This made the girl begin to sweat as her heart palpitated .  

To be forced to stare directly into Eva's own pitch-black orbs that seemed to open a portal to the abyss of ever darkness… it was something that words could not easily describe, and the bunny girl was on the verge of fainting .  

However, Eva soon smiled . This was like a ray of sunshine to the bunny girl as she finally felt free from the curse of death that Eva's eyes seemed to promise .  

The bunny girl began to wonder how their master, Draco, could even stare into those eyes for so long . Of course, she didn't know that even Draco suffered under the pull of Eva's eyes until he unlocked his bloodline, then it became more of a thrill to look into them instead of avoiding them .  

Before she could rise to her feet though, Eva gripped her head tightly and flung the bunny girl towards the wall . This poor rabbit girl smashed against the wall with prohibitive force since Eva had channeled her Body of Godliness to the max .  

Her back bent significantly and she spat out blood . She coiled on the floor in agony as she tried to scream out in pain, but her lungs had been winded when she crashed against the wall .  

She almost couldn't feel the connection to her lower body anymore, so horrible had the collision injured her spine . The sheer pain from having a bent spine was something few in this world had experienced, and anyone who had in the past could attest to the sheer agony of it .  

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The sudden change shocked the other slaves as they froze in place from fear . To suddenly harm one of them like this, what had the bunny girl done? 

Eva watched the bunny girl writhe in agony for a few seconds, waiting until she regained some of her air to make some sounds . With a callous expression, she walked up to the thrashing slave and pressed her foot against her head, pressing it into the ground .  

"So, after months of being pampered and treated well, you seem to have forgotten your place in the world . Even my repeated checks on you lot were not enough to stop the dam from breaking, huh?" Eva spoke slowly .  

The bunny girl began to heave as she tried to take in air . She barely managed to speak some words in spite of her immense pain and suffering . "M-Mistress… Eva… Please… Please have… mercy…" 

Eva paid no mind to her pleas and turned to face the other breeding slaves . She cast a sweeping glance over them . All of them felt like the eyes of death were gazing upon them .  

"Most of you are beast races, with some other exotic races I purchased like elves and hobgoblins, as well as some mixed races . In regards to the mixed, elf, and hobgoblin populace, I know you have no problems, but you beast race girls…" 

Eva's eyes narrowed . "I see that your bestial affiliation comes with notable detriments, huh? For one, you suffer what most female beasts suffer from in nature, which is imposed breeding seasons . " 

"Basically, every now and then, some of you go into heat . In such a situation, you must be impregnated at all costs, lest you lose your mind or die . The urge is hard to resist, just about as hard for a humanoid to stop eating or drinking water when hungry or thirsty . " 

"This is a law of nature, something inherited from your part-beast ancestry . However, I have noticed that some of you have already entered heat and been able to wisely control your urges . To all of you who have been able to endure the suffering it imposed on you, well done!" 

Eva turned to gaze with disdain at the bunny girl crying and struggling to straight her bent back, where one could see her vertebrae poking out a bit . "Unfortunately, some of you failed to resist the urge and decided to quell it in order to have some peace of mind . That is unforgivable . " 

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Eva turned to face the whole crowd once more . "I don't care if you're in pain, or your instincts are telling you to do it! Your body is no longer your property and your life is no longer for you to decide!" 

"You are simply property belonging to Draco, the Abyssal Prime! You eat when he tells you to, you sleep when he dictates it and you breathe when he allows you to! The day he wishes for you to no longer do any of these, you will adhere post-haste!" 

"You are allowed to live well due to the fact that he is generally benevolent to beautiful women with pronounced backsides . However, I am not as kind nor as forgiving as Draco, and betrayal towards him is a sin worthy of death!" 

Eva stated this coldly and smirked at the end . Not because she wanted to scare them or that she enjoyed this, but because she had paid a far worse price herself for her own attempted betrayal compared to the mere physical pain this bunny girl was going through, and she had also paid with her life at the end .  

"M-Mistress… I didn't get pregnant… I-I am still a virgin…" The bunny girl cried out weakly .  

Eva turned to her . "I know you are . The moment I looked into your eyes, I could glean a general idea of what happened . " 

"You are of the rabbit species, so your heat cycle is essentially in perpetuity . You are driven to mate at all times, and sometimes it spikes and sometimes it cools . Recently, when it spiked, it went to such a high degree that it was likely that you would die without satisfaction . " 

"In your delirious state, you snuck out of the Aether Hall and probably pounced upon the first male you encountered at that time . You still had enough sense not to perform coitus, but you still needed to be satisfied, so you used your other hole . " 

"After having your fill, you came out of your madness and regretted what you'd done, so you quickly ran back to the Aether Hall and cleaned yourself up, hoping no one would notice since your hymen is intact . " 

Eva pressed her foot down on the bunny girl's head even harder . "However, nothing can be hidden from my eyes . They see everything in this world, including your little tryst . " 

"P-Please… I couldn't… resist… I didn't want… I was… dying…" At this point, the rabbit girl was on the verge of passing out from the pain as her tolerance limit had been reached . She could no longer feel the muscles in her lower body, meaning that she was likely paralyzed for life .  

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It was unknown whether she was shouting this to herself or to the bunny girl . Maybe both? 

However, the rabbit girl had already passed out, with tears still flowing from her eyes . Her body occasionally twitched due to the pain, but she could no longer rouse herself .  

The other slaves were silent all this while, their bodies shaking with terror as their eyes were unable to leave the body of their fellow sister, especially those of the beast races who also suffered from this genetic plight .  

Eva calmed herself down and pushed her rising madness back into the abyss . It was easier for her to do so in Draco's presence or that of the Three NPC Beauties since they meant a lot to her, but on her own, it was tough .  

Eva gazed at the bunny girl one more time and kicked her away . "Vitae, take her to Hikari for healing . I planned to have her executed, but I'd rather wait for Draco to return to decide what to do with her . " 

After all, Eva gained her chance for forgiveness, which brought her eternal happiness in this timeline . If Draco was benevolent enough to forgive this bunny girl, then she would live .  

"Right away, Empress . What about the one she soiled herself with?" Vitae asked while transporting the fainted bunny girl away .  

"Bring him to me . I shall teach him what the punishment is like to have a taste of what belongs to Draco . " Eva replied coldly, the black swirl in her eyes pulsing .  

After that, she left the rest of the breeding slaves behind, but they no longer had the mood to enjoy their luxurious living . Each of them now spent their time trying to concentrate and improve their bloodlines or their mental fortitude, since it was the most important requirement for them to have .  

As for Eva? Well, one could hear the tormented screams of a man from the dungeon in the Rank 7 Castle in Cario City, a room which had gone unused up until now .