Guild Wars - Chapter 369

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:12:02 PM

Chapter 369: 369
Draco touched Ophie's left breast gently, caressing it lightly . The halfling began to shake from his touch and she moaned slightly . This was the first time her chest had been groped, so she was extremely sensitive .  

Draco smiled and grabbed her other breast while gently kneading it . To do this, he had to lean downwards a bit, which made him adopt a funny posture .  

As such, he decided to move back to the bed and sat on the edge, while Ophie remained standing before him . Even as he sat, her head only reached his chest at best .  

Now in a much better position, Draco began groping her breasts once again . He made sure to imbue an aura of Ice and Lightning in his fingertips with his subjective magic, which further stimulated Ophie .  

Of course, this aura was slight enough that it did not harm her in the least, just added more fuel to the flames . Now, the halfling was almost in a delirious state, her whole body shivering while her eyes became glazed .  

Her chest heaved as she panted deeply, with a hot mist escaping her mouth . Her face up to her shoulders was as red as blood, and her legs were tightly clamped as she tried to hold back the fluid dripping out of her canal .  

Draco was truly shocked by her level of sensitivity . It was truly unreal, even with his enhancements . He wondered if it was a physiological feature that halflings had, or Ophie was just unique in that regard .  

Draco's love for breasts was leagues behind his fascination with butts, but goddamn there was nothing like folding a pair of big and soft breasts . It soothed his soul and made him feel like he was returning to the origin .  

Girls often commented that guys who played with tits or sucked on them were like little boys, and this was true . A man's inner boy would be roused once he laid his hands on a pair of breasts, and his childish curiosity would spike .  

As such, Draco continued to play with them for a bit before he eventually brought his lips to Ophie's right nipple . He slowly licked them, relishing the yelp that came from Ophie's mouth .  

He then began to devour her nipple, licking it in circles, strokes, and zig-zags before sucking on it lightly . This made Ophie moan deeply as she grabbed Draco's head and held on for dear life .  

His other hand continued to manhandle her other nipple, as he gently pinched and rolled it around in circles, tuning it like it was the dial of an old radio . His mouth continued to suck on her nipple and increased the intensity .  

Draco could've sworn that milk was about to pour into his mouth, but nothing came out . It might have just been his imagination, but he felt a slight sense of disappointment that nothing came out .  

As such, he switched his technique to mixing the licking and rolling with intermittent sucking, leaving Ophie in a well of euphoria as she felt like her chest was about to fall off .  

Ophie continued to whimper and moan in confusion, not understanding why this felt so good when Draco hadn't even put it in yet . The truth was, Draco himself wasn't sure .  

He figured it was either that Ophie's desire had simmered for so long that her sensitivity had been raised or that this was a special feature of her race . Then again it might just be her own body as it was getting ready to take in something that was the size of her arm .  

However, it mattered little to the halfling as she wore a slightly foolish smile from the pleasure . Eventually, she cried out to Draco .  

"D-Draco… I feel… like I'm… about to… pee…" 

Draco smiled and increased the intensity rather than lower it . This made Ophie's cried grew in volume and her body began to try to fight out of Draco's embrace to escape the pleasure, but he gripped her tightly .  

At the end of it all, she just screamed out her euphoria as her clamped legs opened up and a small golden shower poured from her genitals, all the while her body shook a twitched like someone who had been tazed .  

She panted weakly and her eyes remained dull as if she was deep in a trance . Draco cast a stamina restoration spell on Ophie, which made her heavy breathing come to an end, allowing her to rise from Draco's shoulder and stare at him .  

Draco caressed her face and asked: "Did it feel good?" 

Ophie smiled happily and hugged Draco's neck . "It did . It felt so good, Draco . I-I really like it!" 

Draco laughed and gently rubbed Ophie's head . "There's still more to come . " 

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"Now, stand back . " Draco commanded .  

Ophie obeyed and took a step backward as she watched Draco rise to his feet . Her eyes were on his handsome face, but inadvertently went down to his toned upper body, then to his towel .  

Her breathing hiked slightly when she saw a tent in the center of the towel, as if something wanted to rip through it to get at her . Draco smiled at her reaction and instructed her once again: "Remove my towel . " 

Ophie reached out with trembling hands to loosen the bond on Draco's towel, pulling it away from his waist and rendering him completely naked . She gasped when she saw his rod in its full power for the first time .  

She had only groped and felt it up before, giving her an approximate idea of its size and texture, which was the source of her endless lust in recent days . However, it was like feeling breasts through clothes and freeing them for the first time .  

It was a sight of magnificence that either of the sexes could appreciate from their partners . Just as Draco had marveled at Ophie's huge and marvelous breasts, she also marveled at Draco's girthy and reasonably long dick .  

Ophie gulped . It was already big enough for a normal woman to enjoy it for days, yet for someone half the size of a normal woman, it was no different from asking Ophie to fit a cannon inside her .  

Draco saw her trepidation and the cruelty of his Horned Demon inheritance spiked, but he forced it back . For Ophie's type, such cruelty would not make her feel good, but traumatize her deeply .  

One must use a gentle method for her . As such, Draco gently continued his instruction . "Use your breasts to envelop it and stroke it . " 

Ophie complied as best as she could, gripped her breasts and placing Draco's hard and hot rod in between . She felt a strange sensation as she did so, like the heat of his member would melt her chest into slag .  

"What should I do now…?" The cute halfling asked with uncertainty .  

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"Stroke and rub it with only your breasts . " Draco explained .  

Ophie nodded and began doing so . Her movements were rough and jerky, nothing like Zaine's immense expertise when she had done the same to Draco . However, Ophie was far larger than Zaine in the chest department .  

Ophie's strokes were rough and poorly timed at first, but they eventually became more refined over time . Most girls doing this for the first time would have to be dutifully guided, and even then, they would be quite inexperienced .  

However, the halfling was quickly able to maximize her efficiency in pleasuring Draco after a few minutes of fumbling about, increasing her technique from the level of a clueless person to a semi-pro .  

Draco looked down to see the huge breasted halfling furiously stroking his cock with her soft and elastic mounds, almost as if she was trying to use them to milk him like a cow .  

Draco was pleasantly surprised by her adaptability and just began to enjoy the sensation of Ophie giving him a titjob . Though he would prefer an assjob just for the magnificent visuals of it, Draco was still extremely stimulated by this .  

Soon, Draco was brought to his limit as he released his first load onto Ophie's breasts and face . The halfling was shocked by the sudden aggressive marking, but her face soon became cloudy as the strange smell of Draco's semen entered her nose .  

It made her feel lightheaded and weak, like she had received some sort of brand that she had no idea of . She slowly rose to her feet and touched the semen on her face and chest in a daze .  

Draco smiled and lifted Ophie up, gently placing her on the bed in a missionary position . The halfling felt her whole body throb with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation .  

The moment she had been waiting for was finally at hand . She had waited two whole weeks for this moment, and now that it had come, she found that she was more scared than excited .  

However, it was too late as Draco had already mounted her . His still hard cock was now pressing against her comparatively tiny hole, and the size discrepancy would instill worry in any onlooker .  

Would it really fit? 

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Even Ophie doubted that it would, and just as she was about to bail out, Draco pushed his way in, making her freeze and grip his harms that were holding her waist tightly .  

Her eyes continually widened as her voice came out as a strained gasp as Draco slowly but stoically pushed his way in . By the time half of his length had penetrated her depths, her hymen had long been ripped to shreds and her cervix was also about to be breached .  

Draco stopped here to let her take in the feeling of him inside her . Of course, he had negated the pain of her first time with healing magic . Some girls found such pain to be meaningful while others would be happy without it .  

In this case, Ophie was part of the latter group .  

If Draco had to comment on anything about Ophie's canal as he began to thrust inside her, it would be that it was the tightest fit in his entire life so far . He had certainly penetrated many females that had vaginas like clamps, but nothing could top a vagina that was half the size of a normal one .  

If Ophie hadn't been so wet, Draco would have never survived penetrating her . Even so, moving back and forth required more than just a herculean effort . It was like he was trying to pry his dick from dried cement and then push it back in .  

Not in terms of the texture of course - with her wetness and the sponginess of her vagina walls, it felt like normal sex - but in terms of the rough friction and the force needed to continually penetrate her .  

Of course, as time went on, her vagina began to adapt to the oversized intruder and molded to fit his shape, allowing penetration to be easier for both parties and more pleasurable .  

During all this, Draco simply grunted lightly as his tempo rose and his thrusts became more powerful . As for poor Ophie under him, she was like a boat in the middle of a storm, all feeling in her legs gone .  

Due to the same high sensitivity that had plagued her earlier, she felt the pleasures of being penetrated even more than the average woman, enough so that Ophie was continually squealing .  

Her cries were shrill and full of conflicting emotions, and any fellow on top of her would pause and wonder if he wasn't actually killing her slowly .  

Unfortunately, she ended up being under Draco . His Horned Demon Inheritance simply enjoyed her cries, relishing the sounds the halfling made as she crumbled under his intense onslaught and the ever-magnifying pleasure .  

Ophie felt her mind going blank, the only thing she could see and feel was her hand around Draco's neck, holding on for dear life, while her abdomen was pierced by a hot and large rode that was more than likely re-arranging the placement of her guts .