Guild Wars - Chapter 382

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:11:47 PM

Chapter 382: 382

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Draco felt a wave building in his chest, and suddenly a thick wad of blood came out. After spitting this mouthful of black blood, he felt like his arteries were less congested and his blood flow was now smoother. 

This was a rare heart affliction called the Shockinus Terriblus, where after suffering too many consecutive shocks, the rate of blood flow would stifle and choke the artery closest to the heart. 

A normal person would have died from surprise after this much, but Draco's strong body and great vitality allowed him to cough out the offensive blood instead, leading to the current scene. 

This was a legitimate medical disease, not something cooked up by a handsome, dashing, and manly fellow who is the greatest gift to this earth. Sigh, if only such a fellow could donate 0.0001% of his greatness to the world, the human race would jump to the interstellar age. (Editor's Note: The fellow in question seems to have lost his grasp on reality...) 

… but back to the Divine spear. 

Draco was shocked by the first passive which allowed him to use any type of damage he wanted against any foe. For instance, if he struck out with the tip of the spear and hit an enemy, he could choose to deal sword damage instead of piercing damage! 

What the fuck?! 

The mental image of this amused and left Draco speechless. The utility was extremely frightening for combat, even if not every enemy was weak to a certain type of damage/element. 

In comparison, the previous effect of this passive allowed Draco to deal extra fire damage as well as explosive effects upon every strike. On wood or forest type monsters, this was super powerful, but against earth or water types, unless he triggered one of the status effects it was less than savory. 

Now though, Draco could deal damage according to the foe he was against. A water monster? Lightning damage! A lightning monster? Earth damage! An earth monster? Either water damage or wood damage! 

The possibilities were endless. Even Draco wouldn't claim to know all the types of damage that existed in the game. Was there possibly something like decay damage, that chipped away at the fundamental life of an enemy with each strike? 

Heck, he could even deal Destruction damage with channeling his bloodline! Coupled with his passive from the Eyes of Caelo that negated the greatest flaw of Destruction Energy for combat, he could be unparalleled in battle! 

… not to say that he wasn't already. 

When Draco considered all the combat abilities and powers he already had, his lips twitched. Even he felt ashamed by how overpowered he was within his Rank and even 1 tier above his Rank. 

With these new additions, it was even possible to fight two tiers above his Rank, but killing the enemy was up in the air. If he got any stronger, could he perhaps kill True Gods at Rank 6? 

Draco moved onto the second passive and snorted. The passive had truly become magnificent, dealing 1,000% damage to all forms of Draconic species. While this was a great boon, it made him feel cold inside as he too fell under this category. 

Just looking at this effect alone told him of how Sigurd had managed to kill so many Dragons that were probably above his Rank at the time. With the ability to deal damage of any type from his first passive, he could use the damage type that was the weakness of any particular Dragon, as all True Dragons were tied to an element or energy of sorts. 

Then, that damage that was already boosted due to elemental superiority would then be multiplied by 1,000%, turning into a number so high that even True God Dragons took a hit. The only exception might be those like Hikari's father, but what were the chances he would meet a non-elemental Dragon anyway? 

However, Draco remembered that Hikari told him that the Dragonlance had absorbed the souls and energy of Dragons to feed Sigurd, increasing his own power as well as that of the spear. 

And yet he saw none of that, leaving him baffled. Could it be that items evolved differently depending on their ownership or was it just because he himself was counted as a Dragon? Perhaps it had taken some permanent damage that had removed that function forever? It would certainly explain why Sigurd might have abandoned it, leaving it as a nice reward for Draco to claim. 

Well, it didn't matter at this time. The first active of the spear had changed from the previous throwing skill to a thrust. Now, it was almost like the mythical spear Gae Bolg, in the sense that a concentrated strike could not miss its target. 

Not only that, but it dealt another 1,000% omni-damage! This coupled with the previous two passives, practically guaranteed an ultimate killing strike. Draco could almost visualize Sigurd using this overpowered skill to kill many a Divine Dragons that should have been far above his skill level and pay-grade at the time. 

Draco breathed out slowly, forcing these images back. It was clear that in order to test out this spear efficiently he needed a semi-Draconic foe at the least, but where would he find that? 

Not to mention, the last thing he wanted to do was slaughter the remnants of an almost extinct race which he was technically part of. Draco was still unsure as to which situation he would need such a… damned… weapon, but his intuition told him that it would be vital to his survival one day. 

As such, he considered the second active skill. This one in particular left him with a strange feeling, as it was hard to think that a weapon made solely for killing Dragons, one that drank their lifeblood and took away their souls, would have the ability to call them to battle. 

In fact, Draco was more than certain that the souls of the previously slain Dragons would be the ones summoned. The idea made him feel slightly disgusted, like he had swallowed a mouthful of goop. 

That might be another reason why the soul-snatching effect of the lance was gone, turned from soul-stealing to soul-summoning. Maybe due to his ownership, once again? 

Well, whatever the case, Draco sighed and collected the Dragonlance, placing it solidly into his inventory. It would come out again when he was ready to use and abuse it crazily. 

Draco was finally done with upgrading his items, and even though Pair Dadeni and Mjolnir demanded more like voracious piranhas determined to eat away at his experience, he wasn't too bothered by that. 

In fact, he felt great relief wash over him. It was the feeling of completing a huge task and reaping the rewards that came with the effort invested. Draco smiled when he thought about the effects of the various upgraded items, and looked forward to his days in crafting and combat becoming extremely more awe-inspiring than they had already been. 

He checked his character sheet for one last time before beginning the procedure to Rank up. 

「 Name: Draco 

Class: Abyssal Prime 

Race: Hybrid (Human/Ultima Sunt) 

Rank: Adventurer (1) 

Level: 50 

Exp: 39,443% 

Str: 100 

Dex: 100 

End: 100 

Int: 70 

Spr: 70 

Cha: 70 

Lck: 100 

Combat Skills: Dragon Form (Rank 1), Demon Form (Rank 1), Devil Form (Rank 1), Necrotic Hands, Evil Curse, Life Steal, Divination, Dark Resurrection, Beckon, Angel's Blessing (Corrupted), Mind Blast, Charm. 

Non-Combat Skills: Soul Bond, Charm, Insight, Foresight, Flexibility, Illusion, Evolution, Ultimate Stealth, Pinnacle Intelligence, Dragobond, Aether Conversion, Devil's Guile (Rank 1), Demonic Might (Rank 1), Draconic Superiority (Rank 1). 

Tradeskills: Smithing (level 80, 99%), Alchemy (level 80, 99%), Enchanting (level 100, 0%), Magical Engineering (level 14, 15%), Scrivener (level 5, 30%), Privateering (level 1, 0%)」 

He nodded his head. After all that, he was still left with quite a bit of experience after his crafting spree. Before his Divine Class could lay claim on it, thereby reducing it by 90%, he used it for his crafting items to alleviate some of his future pains when it came to upgrading them. 

He placed 20,000% into Pair Dadeni, bringing it from a solid 0 to this same amount, while placing 19,000% into Mjolnir, which led to a similar outcome mathematically. 

As for the remaining 443%, he simply kept it there. It would convert after Rank up, though it would be less than useless at the time. Still, the meat of a mosquito was still meat at the end of the day. 

Draco passed a glance at his upgradeable skills and titles and couldn't wait to see how they would become more potent after his Rank up. In fact, while he was doing so, he noticed something he had largely neglected all this time. 

It was his Dragon Form skill. So far, he had used the Devil Form twice and the Demon Form once, experiencing their skills and abilities for himself as well as get a feel for his 'sub-races'. 

However, he had yet to actually transform into a Black Dragon. Considering that this was his most fundamental form, this was quite a strange thing to realize. Draco decided to try it out for the sake of seeing what it was like, as well as gazing at its skills. 

That way, he could experience being a Dragon for a short time while also having a base for comparison after he Ranked up. After all, he wouldn't be able to tell how much greater his skills had grown when he Ranked up if he had never seen them before, could he? 

As such, he activated his Dragon Form, feeling his body start to shift as his face elongated into a snout, his spine into a tail and his limbs into powerful legs. Two long and sleek black wings spread out from his back. 

Draco was about the same size as the Metal Dragon had been, which was about 1.5x times the size of Hikari in her White Dragon form. He flexed his claws and muscles, marveling at his supreme majesty. 

「System to Player Announcement 

You have transformed into your True Dragon form. This is a fundamental change and your attributes, as well as your skills, have been swapped for racial ones only. Please check your status page for the changes.」 

This chapter is scrapped from

「System to Player Announcement 

Your class has been detected to be Divine. Attributes will not be re-allocated, but additional attributes will be applied for the duration of the transformation. Your equipment and class skills are blocked, but Dragon racial skills can be used in your True Form.」 

Damn, Black Dragons were truly deserving of their universal fear and reverence. The amount of raw power he could harness was slightly greater than his other two forms, not to mention that he felt more resonance with this form as it was the representation of his bloodline/soul. 

Draco flapped his wings and took to the sky easily, like a bird that had flown for years and in the most trying of weather, not like someone who had just flown as a Dragon for the first time. 

However, he only had 30 seconds to enjoy this, and such time was better spent doing what he actually came here to do, which was appraise his skills. 

「 Name: Draco - Rank 1 Black Dragon 

Str: 500 

Dex: 500 

End: 500 

Int: 500 

Spr: 500 

Cha: 100 

Lck: 100 

Combat Skills: Destruction Claw, Orb of Destruction, Destruction Wave. 

Non-Combat Skills: Dragobond, Aether Conversion, Draconic Superiority (Rank 1), Destruction Aura, Bloodline Control, Magical Perfection.」 

「Destruction Claw – Active Skill 

Effect: Strike with a claw coated with Destruction Energy, ripping apart the defense of any enemy and dealing 500% Destruction damage to a single target. 

Cooldown: None.」 

「Orb of Destruction – Active Skill 

Effect: Send out a ball of concentrated Destruction Energy that razes any target laid before it into nothingness. This deals 1,000% Destruction damage to a single target. 

Cooldown: None.」 

「Destruction Wave – Active Skill 

Effect: Send out a wave of purified and deadly Destruction Energy that strikes all targets within an Area Zone, dealing 700% Destruction damage. 

Cooldown: None」 

「Aether Conversion – Passive skill 

Effect: You are able to convert Worldly Energy to Aetheric Energy at will.」 

「Dragobond – Passive skill 

Rank: Legendary 


Passive 1 - Ultimate Compatibility: Copulation between the two Dragons tied by this skill has a 500% extra chance to conceive a child. 

Passive 2 - Lifelink: Damage is spread between the two Dragons as long as they are within the same Continent Zone. 

Passive 3 - Synergy: The two Dragons are able to display 500% of their respective Draconic prowess in combat.」 

「Destruction Aura – Passive skill 

Effect: Control all forms of Destruction Energy with ease, also possessing a total immunity to it.」 

「Bloodline Control – Passive skill 

Effect: Subdue and command all serpentine species in the world below your State of Being.」 

「Magical Perfection – Passive skill 

Effect: All spells and magical casts deal 100% more damage and all magical spells cast towards the user are weakened by 90%.」