Guild Wars - Chapter 407

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:11:19 PM

Chapter 407: 407

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「System to Player Announcement 

You have achieved all the requirements to become the Grandmaster of the Blacksmiths Tradeskill and as such, you have been promoted to Grandmaster of that field. For every Tradeskill, there are 10 Grandmasters, 5 Gods, and 1 Primogenitor. 

The system cannot verify the number of worldwide Grandmaster Blacksmiths at this time. Congratulations!」 

「System to Player Announcement 

Warning! You have attracted the attention of a Primogenitor, and they have decided to bestow you with a boon! The smallest and thinnest wisp of Origin Energy was infused into your Heart of the Woods, granting it the fusion-specific Evolvable status! 


Draco's raised an eyebrow. When the Primogenitor of Blacksmithing gave him a wisp of Origin Energy for his Heart of the Woods, he had been truly excited. After all, his Heart of the Woods and the Etz Chaim seedling were fusion items that remained at the Epic Rank. 

That wasn't the fault of the items, as they were Hidden Quest rewards from the Legendary Rank Flora and Fauna Unique Quest. Just like with Legendary or Divine Dungeons, the rewards of a Unique Quest were always one Rank below the quest itself. 

Unfortunately, Draco had failed to discover any Hidden Quest for this Treasury so far, but he wasn't bothered. 

Tee hee, if he succeeded, he would carry the whole damn thing away like a thief! At that time, who cared if he might have missed out on some Legendary Rank rewards from Hidden Quests? 

As such, he didn't think too much about it. Instead, Draco inspected the Heart of the Woods to see if there were any important changes. 

「Heart of the Woods – Fusion item 

Rank: Epic (Evolvable) 


Passive 1 – Nature's Resonance: All attributes are boosted by 50% when in a forested area. Health regeneration is allowed during combat, and is boosted by 150%. 

Active 1 – Nature's Call: Activating this skill allows the user to summon an army of Wood-type monsters that are of the same Rank as the user for 6 hours. Cooldown: 14 days.」 

Draco smacked his lips with annoyance. Nothing had changed in the utility of the Heart of the Woods except for the fact that it was now evolvable. In other words, that wisp of Origin Energy paved the way for the item, instead of directly benefiting it. 

With his excitement killed off solidly, he checked the Grandmaster menu for Blacksmithing. It was basically the same as the Alchemy one, indicating that the Grandmaster menus were pretty uniform through all Tradeskills. 

As such, Draco opened the Aesthetic Editor and started tweaking the look of the Celestial Coronet. He made the gems a uniform red and black color in certain rows while the central Cat's Eye Jewel were changed to a pure white color. 

Draco admired it for a bit before putting Mjolnir aside. He then chose to set-up an Auto-Craft and Batch-Craft for the Semi-Epic Dragorugio set. He wanted to equip a special regiment of his people with it, creating the Destruction Dragon Corps. 

The key ingredient back then had been Clarent's Source Origin, but only a little of it was needed for the Semi-Epic ones while the majority had entered the one he wore, which became ungraded. 

As such, he naturally provided almost the entirety of his own Source Origin at the moment, which left him pale and sickly. Draco would have never done this if he wasn't sure he could recover his Source Origin. 

Normally, a species would need to rest for years to recover so much Source Origin, but he only needed to activate his Serpent God Inheritance's Ability Bond Technique. 

After burning all his bloodline energy at the moment, he could restore about 10% of his Source Origin. Since his bloodline energy would restore itself over time and he was not pressed for it either, he decided to wait for it to naturally re-fill. 

「System to Player Announcement 

Set up a crafting queue for the 'Dragorugio' set? 

1. Auto-craft (Success rate 65%) - Amount: 100 (ETA: 10 hours) 

2. Batch-craft (Success rate 32.5%) - Amount: 500 (ETA: 50 hours) 


He selected yes and decided to wait and see if he would succeed or fail. He wanted to properly field test the benefits of Auto-Craft vs Batch-Craft so he would stick to one of the two permanently in the future. 

After getting this done, it was time to finally enchant the Celestial Coronet. Draco had spent some time during the crafting of the crown to think about what kind of Enchantments he should put on the coronet. 

Since he wanted something that was - at minimum - Legendary and hopefully mindboggling enough for it to be either evolvable or upgradeable, he would need to really go wild. 

As such, Draco drew three sets of runes for the coronet. 

The first set had the rune for crowns - Ou, the effect he wanted, which was psychic - Mentis, and the execution of the runes, which was Supreme Control - Supra Vento. 

The second set was Ou, Mentis, and Felici Forto (Divine Fortitude). 

The third set was Ou, Mentis, and Reva Amoro (Eternal Blessing). 

Draco did not hesitate to pull out many top-grade Aether Crystals, for he knew what he had done. As had been shown earlier, using the Reva (Eternal) rune was taboo because it was too general. 

The broader and less specific your runes for Enchantment were, the more powerful the final Enchantment would be. This was why Draco's runes were always so short and so vague. 

However, everything required balance. By doing this, the cost to fuel to Enchantment would rise to horrifying levels and the difficulty of placement would also rise accordingly. 

If just a single set with the Eternal rune cost 15 medium-grade crystals back then, how much would it cost in Soul Stones which was what normal Enchanters of all Ranks used? 

Apart from the Eternal rune, there were 9 other runes that were listed as taboo, making for a total of 10 taboo runes. Supreme and Divine were part of these taboo runes, and it didn't need to be explained why, given the system that Enchantments used. 

Draco used to struggle with Legendary Enchantments with just one Eternal rune back then until he got a slight hang of it thanks to his State of Being and the Cause and Effect Theory, but now the madman used an Eternal, a Supreme, and a Divine rune on one Legendary Enchantment! 

It could be said that Draco was truly going for gold. If it managed to stick, this coronet would become an item of so much value that it would be worth killing a whole room of younglings for the crime of calling you 'master' during your edgelord phase. 

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But the cost and the difficulty… hehe. 

Well, as they say, a king must take care of and pamper his queen, right? Eva had been sacrificing so much for him - even her own sanity - for so long, and now it was his turn to reciprocate the love she had given him. 

That was why Draco did not even care if he spent over 20 top-grade Aether Crystals to fill the Enchantment. After all, the gap between 15 medium-grade crystals and 20 top-grade was a chasm that was too terrifying to consider, yet he did it. 

What was even more uncharacteristic of him was that he was smiling happily. It wasn't because he enjoyed splurging like this, but because he pictured the look on Eva's face when she saw what he got for her. 

In truth, even if he got Eva a random stick from the side of the road, she would put it in a glass case and store it in the safest location because it was something he got for her, much less an OP crown that would even make a pampered princess from a Divine Empire go weak to offer her chastity. 

When he finished, he took a short break to prep himself for the herculean task coming next. After doing so, Draco gently placed the crown on a worktable, then grabbed the Enchantment. 

It was light and fluffy, even bubbly and cute like a little girl in the arms of her papa. Draco gently and slowly brought it down upon the crown hovering on the anvil. 

Slowly, slowly, and carefully. His movement showed extreme care and caution. It was like he wanted to carefully lay his own beloved child to rest without waking them up. 

Normally, there would be resistance when an Enchantment got closer to the item and the Enchanter would have to use their will to force it on. But maybe because Draco had filled it with so much Aetheric Energy, there was no resistance. 

Or it could be that Draco was special, and only he could make such high-tier Enchantments work? 

Haha, you wish. 

The moment it came into contact with the crown, there was an explosive shockwave that almost tore the whole workroom apart. If Pair Dadeni and Mjolnir weren't being controlled by the system to handle the crafting, they would have been blown away. 

Draco armor almost shattered on the spot, and his body cracked like it was a piece of damaged glass. His eyes became bloodshot and blood leaked from his orifices in a serious manner, no longer as comedic as before. 

「System to Player Announcement 

You have entered an invincible state for 1 minute.」 

Draco was stunned. Just attempting to place this Enchantment had almost killed him, and had one-shot him before he even had the chance to muster any more of his overpowered defenses, forcing him into his invincible state? Damn! 

Since he had only 1 minute of this for now, he decided to clench his teeth and continue the merger. It put a strain on his will, but he suffered no damage for obvious reasons, so there was no pain, only strain. 

Still, without the pain there to influence and weaken him, he was eventually able to place the Enchantment after 45 seconds. He fell to his butt and panted with exhaustion due to the mental stress, but he also felt glad. 

Had Kopernico not enhanced the Seal of Camelot, he would have likely exhausted his four free revives and 6 seconds of Invincibility in futility, but thankfully now he only had to spend one of his ten 'extra lives'. 

After that was done, a phenomenon occurred. The Aetheric Energy of this room became turbulent, and even the small bits of Divine Energy were shaken lightly. 

The form of a woman wearing a crown emerged above the actual crown. She was made up of white light and had a red third eye in the center of her forehead, right in the middle of her crown. 

She gazed at Draco coldly and the light of her third eye flashed. Draco felt a sharp pain in his head that was unwholesomely painful at first, but was soon suppressed by his own mental abilities that lay dormant. 

The manifestation, seeing that its attack failed, tried again. However, before it could do so, it was dragged into the crown unwillingly, staring at Draco with hate throughout. 

For that matter, the fellow was gloomy deep down. Every time he created these things, they would look at him as if he had killed their mother. This one was so powerful it had even outright tried to attack him! 

What the hell! 

Draco shook his head and decided to investigate this issue with Vitae after the quest came to an end/ he remembered that the lifeforms that manifested had been fearful of the Aether Avatar, so he might have some way to control them. 

Since that was a matter for later, it was time to deal with matters of the now. He had suffered to create this Enchantment and place it, so what kind of benefits would it bring to the table? 

Draco quickly inspected the Celestial Coronet to find out.