Guild Wars - Chapter 409

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:11:17 PM

Chapter 409: 409

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Draco casually inspected the girls lined up before him. In terms of sexuality, they all greatly differed, but the one trait they conspicuously shared were shapely and round bums, with some having large chests while others were closer to being flat. 

Draco nodded to the 12 girls. "Introduce yourselves." 

The first girl to the left, who was tall and had a large chest with light green skin, spoke. "I am Sesa, a half-human, half-orc Master Rank Carpenter. It is a pleasure to meet you Clan Master." 

The second girl was quite short and svelte, with her hips ballooning out like they were filled with helium. "I am Kio, a half-human, half-mermaid Master Rank Herbalist. It is our pleasure to meet you Clan Master." 

The third girl was also heavily endowed upstairs, but she wore a frigid expression and had silvery eyes. "I am Potera, a half-human, half-naga Master Rank Fisher. It is my pleasure to meet you Clan Master." 

The fourth was a tall girl with rocky bits on her body. Draco felt like he had seen her before. "I am Noel, a half-human, half-golem Master Rank Architect. A pleasure to meet you Clan Master." 

The fifth was a short girl with a flat chest and dark green-skin. "I am Goma, a half-human, half-goblin Master Rank Engineer. It's a pleasure to meet you Clan Master." 

The sixth was a cute girl with cat ears above her head. "I am Lithe, a half-human, half-catkin Master Rank Performer! It is a pleasure to meet you Clan Master-nya!" 

The seventh was a girl the same height as Draco with arguably the sexiest body of them all. "I am Vix, a half-human, half-foxkin Master Rank Musician. I feel honored to finally meet you, dear Clan Master." 

The eighth was a slightly timid girl with long pointy ears and strange markings on her abdomen. "I am Eishatherinomaker'oimnusthevor, but everyone calls me Eisha. I am a half-human, half-wood elf Master Rank Alchemist. It is a pleasure to meet you… Clan Master." 

The ninth was a woman with a sharp gaze, a killer body, and dark brown skin. "I am Asha, a half-human, half-succubus Master Rank Courtesan. It is a pleasure to meet you Clan Master. I have to say your scent is intoxicating." 

The tenth was a young lady that was refined, with blue scales on the edge of her eyes, her cheeks, and her arms. "I am Moira, a half-human, half-serpentkin Master Rank Teacher. It is a pleasure to meet you Clan Master. I feel a certain connection between us." 

The eleventh was a cheery girl with pink hair and a small stature. "Hiya! I'm Chisa, a half-human, half-fae Master Rank Gardener! It's super nice to meet you, Clan Master!" 

The twelfth was another dark-skinned girl who had twintails and a flat chest. Did it need to be pointed out that she gazed at Draco haughtily? "This beautiful miss is named Lovelia, and I am pure human! I am a Grandmaster of Interior Design! Bask in my glory, fledgling Clan Master!" 

Heck, there was even one tsundere Grandmaster. She had raised her nose so high up that she probably couldn't even see her feet, so why would she choose to become a concubine in his 'measly' clan? 

Draco did not care. No matter what hidden intentions she came here with, after feeling his rod destroying her innards, her loyalties would change. After all, even Zaine, a Royal Succubus, was tamed by this dick, much less some shorty. 

Draco moved past them and lay on the bed lazily. He folded his arms behind his head which rested on the pillow and crossed his legs idly. His armor receded into his skin, leaving him bare and naked for the world to see. 

Immediately, all eyes zoned in on his crotch area. It wasn't that these ladies were nymphos who worshiped cocks, but this was the natural reaction to seeing someone become naked in front of you. 

Draco was flaccid at the moment, but that wasn't enough to stop these ladies from feeling all sorts of hormones rushing through their brains and bodies. Some were more resistant to it, able to keep calm, while others were susceptible. 

Draco looked at the 12 casually and hooked a finger at Eisha, the timid half-elf. She was red to her neck as her eyes were tightly locked on Draco's crotch. It was clear that she wanted to look away, but that intense stimulus of seeing a man naked with her kind of personality yielded this kind of result. 

"You, get over here." Draco commanded boredly. 

Hearing his demand, Eisha was able to shake off her daze and hesitated for a few seconds before climbing onto the bed and nearing Draco. She crawled on all fours slowly as she got closer to him, and moved to sit beside him when she finally got there. 

She was lightly panting like she had jogged a little and she was trying her hardest to keep her eyes on his upper body. "Y-Yes, Clan Master… I'm here…" 

Draco's eyes flashed with barely concealed evil, making Eisha want to scream and run away, but her body felt locked in place. Draco's eyes became a darker shade of red and had a strange pulling power that locked her body and magnified her desires. 

"Bring your smooth butt to my face and let me taste you while you enjoy the delicacy that is my manhood. Move into position." Draco stated with a wave. 

Eisha lowered her head and struggled a little internally before acquiescing. She slowly moved her body into a 69 position, with her thick butt right atop Draco's face while her own was hovering just before his manhood. 

Her mind became chaotic once she was so close to the object of her desire, and she couldn't resist the urge to touch it. Once he felt how hot and soft it was, the urges within her grew stronger and more rampant. 

However, Eisha yelped when Draco smacked her right buttcheek and chuckled. "Such a thick booty, just slapping it makes it reverberate like waves on the sea. How do you live with such a beautiful butt like this?" 

Eisha blushed deeply, and the other girls looking on did as well, since their butts were roughly the same size and thickness as Eisha, meaning that the question was directed at them too. 

Eisha mumbled weakly: "We make do." 

Draco placed both of his hands on her ass and slowly caressed it, marveling at the softness and elasticity. "Well, you no longer have to make do. As my buddy RamButt always says, a woman with a powerful booty should live life like a queen. From now on, you shall live in such a manner as well." 

He then pulled her butt cheeks aside to reveal more of her privates, which made Eisha tremble in shame and delight. Draco moved the thin lingerie that covered her privates to the side and exposed her canal and butthole. 

"Now, use your mouth to make me ready while I also partake in my appetizer." Draco instructed with a smirk. 

He didn't wait for her to get her act together, straightaway plunging his face into the depths of her canal. His tongue snaked out and passed over her vulva slowly and carefully, noting the surge of slickness that manifested due to Eisha's arousal. 

Eisha cried out and tried to pull away, but her hips and butt were firmly held by Draco as his tongue became more rampant and vicious, even daring to pass over her clitoris. 

Draco smacked her butt again, harshly this time, and he spoke sharply. "Stop dazing and do what you're told! 

Eisha shook off her confusion and responded weakly. "Y-Yes… sorry…" 

She took Draco's semi-erect cock and began rubbing it gently, like she was scared of harming it. Yet the more her hands came into contact with it, the more she wanted to explore it. 

The curiosity in her took hold as she began to lick the red tip, wondering how it would taste. Finding that there was no particular taste to be spoken of slightly disappointed her, but then again that was normal. 

Skin itself had no taste in such a situation, but what startled Eisha was the feeling of licking it. 

The heat and the throbbing were intoxicating for her. She couldn't understand how a penis could be so thrilling to touch and lick, but there it was. Eisha began to explore Draco's penis more, but froze when Draco resumed eating her out. 

However, she only moaned lightly and continued trying to focus on Draco's rod. However, it was an uphill battle for her, as the stimulus from her own genitals kept distracting her, so she could barely concentrate on sucking his cock. 

Eventually, Eisha's whole body trembled as she let out a loud moan. Draco's expert tongue had bullied her inexperienced clitoris too intensely for her to hold on, making her reach climax. 

Draco sighed with disappointment and smacked her butt again. "Who told you to orgasm before me? You didn't even put my whole cock in your mouth…" 

Despite her euphoria, Eisha felt extremely ashamed and inadequate. She was given a task to please him while he pleased her, yet she had failed to do hers even half competently while he brought her to climax. 

"I'm sorry…" Eisha felt like she was going to cry, because the shame began to overwhelm her. After all, it wasn't like they were alone, no they were being watched by 11 other ladies. 

Failing to show any competence in bed before her fellow women was a feeling that could not be easily explained. It was similar to a man ejaculating after 10 seconds in bed with his wife after he finally managed to convince her to bring her best friend into a threesome. 

That kind of shame dug straight to the core and made one feel less than desirable as a mating partner. 

Draco though, was unmoved by this. He simply sighed and said: "I'm also sorry." 

Before Eisha could ask him why, she felt the world tumble around her and she was tossed from her position on top of Draco to under him so fast she could barely register what happened. 

When she saw Draco looming over her with a monstrous pole pressing onto the mouth of her canal, Eisha had only time for one thought before she was devastated. 

'Ah… I'm going to die… aren't I?' 

Draco pushed all the way into her at once, making Eisha scream in pain as her hymen got torn to shreds. Draco used subjective magic to dull her pain, and he absorbed her virgin blood into his body through his cock, which nourished him more than blood from slaughtered enemies. 

It seemed as if this whole 'virgin blood' mumbo jumbo really did have some truth to it, as the power contained within was far more than Draco could believe possible. 

Whatever the case, Draco did not give the poor elf girl time to adjust, as he began thrusting into her wet canal forcefully and powerfully. He didn't go as hard as he did with Doris, but the bed began to shake and tremble from the sheer force he used. 

Eisha had been put into a missionary position with her legs spread apart and held high, allowing Draco to pierce all the way into her without obstructions. Eisha trembled beneath him as she suffered from his large cock pushing through her vagina like a piston. 

The signals her genitals were giving her confused her, a mixture of pain, pleasure, and something else that she could not identify. After a few more seconds of Draco's dick pumping in and out, the signals greatly skewed towards a sensation she now identified as thrilling ecstasy. 

Now, Eisha was no longer trembling, but shaking with passion, and her cries shifted from agonized to needy, leaving the onlookers gulping with desire.