Guild Wars - Chapter 412

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:11:14 PM

Chapter 412: 412

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Eva put the matter with this petty True Goddess aside. Instead, her eyes honed in on something that had caught her attention earlier because it had been just too out of this world. 

That was her learnable class skills. The system stated that she could learn any Light, Divine, Abyssal, and Creation skills. This struck Eva greatly after she had discovered exactly why her Goddess of Light Inheritance had been so strange. 

When she was partaking in the Ascension Ceremony, she had seen a Dragon statue behind her Sun effigy that represented the entire Inheritance, but she had assumed it was a Light Dragon, and as a matter of fact, it was. 

However, it made little sense. 

Lucifer and Amaterasu were supposedly equivalent in all aspects, right? The Celestial Maiden and Dark Angel Inheritance were both equally powerful, no one would doubt that. Both also enhanced their respective beauty in the eyes of any onlooker. 

The Horned Demon and Abyssal Eye were technically equivalent, but the Abyssal Eye had been slightly deficient for reasons she had recently identified. 

So, what about the Goddess of Light and the Serpent God Inheritance? Draco and Lucifer's affiliation were with the Black Dragons, not the Dark Dragons, but Eva and Draco had missed one key point. 

Darkness was a subset of Destruction just as Light was a subset of Creation. Draco was the Abyssal Prime, not the Destruction Prime. His specific Black Dragon was likely to be mostly Dark Dragon with a focus on Destruction. 

Draco was likely a hybrid! 

Just like she herself. Eva understood that her Light Dragon was likely a Creation/Light hybrid! 

No wonder… no wonder Eva had always been so kind and partial to Hikari compared to Roma and Zaine. She had always attributed this to Hikari's bloodline being so great, but that was not it. 

Roma as a half Ultima Sunt had even more growth potential than Hikari, while Zaine - even though her Royal Devil bloodline might not be as OP when compared to the other two - had a mental acuity that defied reason. 

There was no logical reason to favor Hikari above the rest… unless she and Hikari shared a bond that ran deeper than mere benefits. 

What did this mean for Draco and Eva though? 

Nothing much actually. It only broadened the scope of their power, but… was that surprising? Lucifer and Amaterasu themselves had stated that the number of genes running through their bodies was so chaotic and diverse that they had only grasped a paltry amount of it at best. 

It was not outside the realm of possibility for Pangu to gain some Draconic abilities if he searched for it, just like Lucifer could potentially have access to multi-elemental abilities. Until the full potential of the bloodlines was dug out, their growth was limitless. 

She was a Light Dragon, first and foremost. However, she also possessed the healing arts and supreme defense of White Dragons, coupled with her piercing and extremely offensive damage as a Light Dragon. 

She was just like the Dark Knight, possessing extreme offense and defense in one, a perfect package. Draco did not have this luxury though, because he was a Darkness and Destruction hybrid most likely. 

This meant that whatever offensive power Eva or the Dark Knight had, Draco could emulate that twice over. Eva made a mental note to share her findings with Draco so that he could unlock the Darkness aspect of his Draconic heritage and further increase his power. 

Heh, if only Eva knew that such a thing was a waste. With Draco's current offensive power, adding more would be pouring a bucket of water into an ocean. He had already broken through the limit of reasonable and balanced, soaring to the moon of OPness. 

All that was left was to check out how powerful he was exactly through a field test, but that was not something that would happen any time soon. As for Eva, she was struck with a headache. 

She found herself faced with the same issues as Draco. The skills she could learn were great and all, but dammit where was she supposed to find such things? Light and Creation weren't too hard as there were many healing and support spells around. 

That was also why Eva had kept her Instant Healing skill. However, Divine and Abyssal… impossible. Divine-tier skills definitely existed and were on the level of Ultimate Supernova, Lugh's Might, or Unstoppable Thrust. 

However, Eva had never seen these in the form of a skillbook, only on Divine items. Where she should even begin to look for a Divine skillbook was up in the air. The only chance was to redeem a bunch of Divine Treasure Chests from the Church of Light and hope she lucked out. 

Alas, it was no longer possible for her after the Goddess of the Sun had made Eva lose 10,000 reputation with all entities, so whatever little she had to redeem a Divine Chest was now gone. 

Another reason to punish that pretentious bitch. 

As for the Abyssal skills, it was a given that none were produced or sold. They had to be racial skills. Unless Eva could find a void monster of a high Rank and convince it to teach her the necessary skills, she would be stumped. 

As such, Eva decided to get what she could lay her hands on and be free. After exiting the Training Hall, she took the elevator down to the lobby and moved to exit the building. 

Once she stepped out, the clamoring crowd that always existed outside the skyscraper suddenly quietened down like someone had turned the volume button down. 

Eva summoned Luxia and smiled when the Light Phoenix appeared. Luxia also detected something different about Eva, as if she had become more… complete. 

Luxia screeched with joy and swooped to pick up Eva, who laughed gently at the Light Phoenix's playfulness. When Eva boarded its back and shot off into the distance as a ray of light, the crowd recovered from their stupor. 

Men and women who had been dazed into stupidity shared looks of awe and shock, and the clamor suddenly rose to a fever pitch. 

"Oh my God, did you see that?? Did you see her?? Oh my God, oh my God." 

"What the fuck? How can a woman be so beautiful? Someone pinch me to make sure I'm not dreaming!" 

"Shit, who was that? I felt like I was looking at some Goddess from a 3D render, not a real human being." 

"Yo, that had to be Riveting Night! She came out of Umbra's building and she wore the same leather armor that the Vice-Guildmaster of Umbra does, only with her hood down!" 

"Oh my lord, you're right! I can't believe she was hiding such beauty under that black hood for so long!" 

"Of course she would retard, look at her! If she strutted around the world with such beauty, she would never have any peace in life!" 

"Wait… if that's the case… what exactly changed that made her confident that showing her face would bring no problems?" 

Once this question was harmlessly brought forth, a majority of the crowd became silent as they pondered over it. It was a valid question, just what had made Riveting Night think it was a good idea to show her transient beauty now? Did she not fear endless harassment from males and slander/insults from her fellow females? 

The chatter of the crowd was, as usual, hardly relevant to the one who was being gossiped about. For in their daze, they had forgotten to snap pictures of Eva, meaning that the description of her beauty could only be passed out and not seen outside the game… for the time being at least. 

As for the Celestial Maiden herself, she landed in front of the Aether Hall and patted Luxia on the neck. The Light Phoenix cooed happily and curled into Eva's touch. 

Eva spoke to the Light Pheonix: "Fly my love, and be free. I'll call you once I need you." 

Luxia licked Eva's face gently and screeched majestically as she took off like a bolt of light in the sky. Eva watched her partner leave and entered the Aether Hall calmly. 

Vitae came out to greet her and led her to the master bedroom where the three beauties were perched with their kids. Zaine was currently lying flat on her belly on the bed with Loki in front of her, placed on the pillow with his small hands grabbing his mom's face, while she was caught kissing her son and whispering to him, making the boy laugh with glee. 

Roma sat in a sofa with Rosella on her lap, a book placed in front of them. Roma gently read out the words within to her daughter, the intelligent little miss showed some slight understanding despite her tender age. 

As for Hikari, she lay sideways on a couch with both her eggs placed before her. She lazily caressed them both, as if she could feel the existence of her two children within. 

Eva's presence was noticed by them and they all rose to greet her. When they saw her up close though, they all marveled silently. As the ones closest to her after Draco, they easily perceived her change. 

"Eldest sis… you seem… different." Roma said uncertainly. 

Hikari nodded. "You look more beautiful and your aura is far more accommodating than before." 

Zaine rubbed her chin. "Did you reach atavism with your bloodline after classing up? You feel a lot more like a Goddess now, compared to before." 

"That's right, I gained my Divine Class which is called the Celestial Prime. Just like Draco, my bloodline has been strengthened and I've gained a deeper connection to it. This also made my personality change to adapt to the circumstances, so I hope you all won't be too bothered." Eva elaborated with a smile. 

"No, I like the current you. You seem far more approachable compared to before!" Hikari exclaimed excitedly. 

"I think it's fine. It does suit your bloodline and really contrasts with Draco a lot better now." Roma added. 

"But the question is, how will Draco receive this?" Zaine frowned as she became the voice of reason. 

Hikari and Roma looked troubled as they thought about it. True, they personally might prefer the more Goddess-like Eva, but Draco fell in love with the cruel and mad Riveting Night. Would he be angry about her changes or… even reject her? 

The thought alone scared them. 

Eva also sighed. "That remains to be seen. When he comes, I'll test his reaction, but until then, we have a lot of work to do." 

"We paused your progression because it would be more counter-intuitive for me to lead you around with my previous class, but now that I've changed it, it's time to resume our hunt." Eva stated with a clap. 

Roma seemed excited by this. "Finally! I've felt the urge to kill something for a long time, but couldn't vent it!" 

Zaine had a grimace. "Guess there's no more lazing about for me. Also, Roma, you're becoming more murderous by the day." 

Roma rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "Well, it's not my fault. The more I get in tune with the Mystic Arts, the more I feel like performing unspeakable cruelty on enemies." 

"… if you weren't so sweet and lovely, I would probably run away…" Zaine muttered. 

"Well, if you need someone to help with the healing, I'm here for you." Hikari offered with a smile. 

"Great, then let's rest up today. Tomorrow, we'll move out to tackle stronger foes than last time in order to expedite our growth greatly." Eva stated as she moved to sit on one of the couches. 

"Stronger enemies? Like of higher Ranks or of higher States of Being?" Zaine asked with confusion. 

"Both actually. We'll be hunting down Rank 3 foes and slaughtering them. I was hesitant to try this before, but with my Divine Class and the overpowered strength of you three, there is hope for us to battle Rank 3 enemies with ease." Eva answered calmly. 

Zaine, Roma, and Hikari shared a look. It seemed that their big sister was up for a challenge, even planning to hunt down Rank 3 monsters with a Rank 1 Divine Class and three Rank 2 talents by her side. 

Still, they couldn't help but feel some slight anticipation for tomorrow. Just how powerful had Eva become to be so confident?