Guild Wars - Chapter 416

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:11:09 PM

Chapter 416: 416
Eva felt like thunderous lightning had struck her brain . She had wondered how Roma's Necrotic Hands had become Dark Hands and Evil Curse had become Silence, but it seemed like Roma didn't use the energy to unlock new skills .  

Instead, she had used it to break down useless skills as well as the overpowered ones that would come at Rank 3 and fed them to her already useful skills while also merging some skills that had similarities together to make them stronger .  


"Roma, with your Pinnacle Insight skill, it's time for you to learn some Tradeskills to increase your productivity . " Eva suggested . "As a Mystic Arts master, you are more inclined to Divinatory, and dark Tradeskills like Puppeteering, Organ Harvesting and Soul Extraction . What do you think?" 

Roma smiled . "I will do whatever Eldest Sis believes is right . " 

Eva was touched by Roma's trust and hugged her lightly . "Don't worry, I will never lead you astray . "

She released Roma and turned to Zaine who was still showing off her marvelous breasts with an arrogant expression . Eva smirked and noted: "It seems like our resident MILF is feeling big, eh?" 

Zaine coughed awkwardly and dropped the act, but also laughed . "As long as the Celestial Maiden acknowledges me, how can I fail?" 

Eva's lips twitched . She decided it was better to not overly tease someone who was good with words like Zaine, otherwise she might be led into a trap . She quickly checked Zaine's status .  

「Name: Zaine - Rank 3 Royal Devil 

Level: 100 

Exp: 0% 

NPC Str: 10 

NPC Dex: 10 

NPC End: 25 

NPC Int: 300 

NPC Spr: 10 

NPC Cha: 100 

NPC Lck: 10 

Active Skills: Psi-Blade, Psi-Barrier, Psi-Restoration, Indenture .  

Passive Skills: Seduction, Ultra Telekinesis, Ultra Psychometry, Ultra Telesthesia, Ultra Apportation, Ultra Transvection, Lightning Control, Mirage . 」 

「Psi-Blade – Active Skill 

Effect: Slash out with purified mental energy condensed into the form of a blade that severs all thoughts and sentience . This deals 150% mental damage and incapacitates a single target .  

Duration: 4 minutes 

Cooldown: 7 minutes」 

「Psi-Barrier – Active Skill 

Effect: Create a protective shield of purified mental energy around the caster that negates 100% of all mental damage while reflecting 50% of the damage back, as well as negating 70% of all physical damage .  

Duration: 3 minutes 

Cooldown: 5 minutes」 

「Psi-Restoration – Active Skill 

Effect: Concentrate purified mental energy to restore stamina, mana, and health of the user in a pinch . Regains 40% of all of these attributes .  

Cooldown: 1 minute」 

「Indenture – Active Skill 

Effect: Force any target(s) to obey your commands unconditionally and willingly .  

Duration: none .  

Cooldown: 1 hour」 

「Seduction – Passive skill 

Effect: Those of the opposite sex, as well as those who are sexually oriented towards you, will display intense lust towards you . 」 

「Ultra Telekinesis – Passive skill 

Effect: With your mental energy, you can control external objects of various sizes at will . 」 

「Ultra Psychometry – Passive skill 

Effect: With your mental energy, you can perceive the emotions and raw feelings of those around you and can absorb it for nourishment . 」 

「Ultra Telesthesia – Passive skill 

Effect: With your mental energy, create a permanent void around your body which your mind fully controls . This domain is always maintained and can assist your other psychic skills in interesting ways . 」 

「Ultra Apportation – Passive skill 

Effect: With your mental energy, you are able to move your body through folds of space at the speed of thought, appearing wherever you need to be . 」 

「Ultra Transvection – Passive skill 

Effect: With your mental energy, you are able to move your body through the atmosphere, achieving levitation and flight at will . 」 

「Lightning Control – Passive skill 

Effect: You can freely and willfully control all forms of lightning energy to attack, defend or imbue . 」 

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「Mirage – Passive skill 

Effect: Enemies will be placed into a mirage that mirrors reality . This ability is unblockable, but the level of immersion an enemy would fall under is depended on circumstance and will . Cannot be broken or dispelled . 」 

Eva raised an eyebrow at Zaine too, who chuckled .  

"Since I showed Roma and Hikari how to do so, it's natural I'd do the same for myself . " Zaine explained with a smile .  

Eva nodded, as that should have been obvious . "It is merely surprising to see that unlike us Immortal Adventurers who have to slave away for the chance of getting stronger skills, you not only get stronger ones for free, but are also able to strengthen them while Ranking up . So, many of your skills are missing, yet also new ones have appeared . Which combinations did you make?" 

Zaine answered straightforwardly: "Firstly, I removed most of my active skills . I favor techniques in the form of passive skills more than active skills with troublesome cooldowns . I have a LOT of mental stamina, so this isn't a problem for me . " 

Everyone nodded . Apart from Draco and maybe Eva, Zaine was the only other person they knew who had such huge mental stamina . This was largely due to her stat allocation and her bloodline .  

"The skills I removed are Energy Drain, Omega Blast, and Rapid Blink . I also attempted to remove the Seduction passive skill, but I couldn't since it was a succubus racial skill . " 

Eva, Roma, and Hikari began to sweat . How daring! A succubus wanting to remove the one skill that defined their existence? Zaine must be the only succubus in existence who would try something like that! 

Zaine saw their looks and was able to read their thoughts . "Not my fault . Our man, Draco, is far too exemplary . I do not need the Energy Drain skill since I will never touch another man and take his seed for sustenance, nor do I need to make every male within eyesight have a hard-on just but looking at my butt for a second . It could lead to trouble later on . " 

Eva's lips twitched . The reasoning was definitely sensible and solid, but also seemed weird for reasons she couldn't put her finger on .  

"As for Omega Blast, it was useless to me due to the restrictions and it is far easier to destroy an Immortal Spirit with Draco's Destruction Energy than my Omega Blast . As for Rapid Blink, it is useless in the face of Ultra Apportation which I can freely control . " 

"I combined Thunderstrike, Thunderwave, and Lightning Aura to form Lightning Control . The rest was me using the energy of the destroyed skills plus what I had absorbed to strengthen the rest . " 

Zaine licked her lips at this point . "But I have to say, I had no idea the Omega Blast skill was so overpowered . It alone gave me enough energy to evolve all my psychic skills from the base stage to the Ultra stage, jumping over advanced, superior, and elite to just one level below Supreme . " 

Eva was not surprised by this . After all, Omega Blast was a derivative skill of Caelo's Omega . Only Mephisto might know how the Royal Devils managed to acquire this bootleg version of it, but of course it would be powerful! 

Zaine smiled wickedly and gazed at Hikari . "But enough about me, I want to see how our darling sister Hikari has developed this time . Hee hee, I wonder if she can make us spit blood today?" 

Roma and Eva also honed in on Hikari with dark and possessive gazes, making the White Dragoness worry . However, she gathered her bravery and puffed out her marvelous chest which would not lose out to Zaine before stating proudly .  

"This Dragon Queen has nothing to fear! You can check!" 

"Oh? It seems like Draco's thick skin has been rubbing off on her . " Zaine noted with a smarmy grin .  

"I think we've all been infected with that in some way…" Roma pointed out lightly .  

Whatever the case, Eva inspected Hikari's growth first .  

「Name: Hikari - Rank 3 Adult Dragon 

Level: 100 

Exp: 0% 

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NPC Str: 100 

NPC Dex: 100 

NPC End: 100 

NPC Int: 100 

NPC Spr: 495 

NPC Cha: 100 

NPC Lck: 100 

Active Skills: White Light Healing, White Barrier, White Light Blessing, White Light Resurrection .  

Passive Skills: Item Creation, Life Creation, Aether Conversion, Special Dragobond . 」 

「White Light Healing – Active skill 

Effect: Infuse an injured target with the holy light of purity, alleviating their pains and bringing them back to full health while fully restoring mana and stamina, focus, and willpower .  

Cooldown: None 

Autocast: Off」 

「White Barrier – Active skill 

Effect: Create a defensive barrier that reduces all forms of damage by 70% and restores 40% of that damage as health to the target of this skill . Can cover up to 5 targets at Rank 3 .  

Duration: 15 seconds .  

Cooldown: 20 seconds」 

「White Light Blessing – Active skill 

Effect: Infuse a target with the holy light of purity, granting them strength and power . All their stats are quadrupled, and so is their defense and damage .  

Cooldown: None 

Autocast: Off」 

「White Light Resurrection – Active skill 

Effect: Infuse a passed soul with new life, bringing them back from the dead in perfection condition and in their prime, regardless of distance from the caster .  

Cooldown: None 

Autocast: Off」 

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「Item Creation – Passive skill 

Effect: You are able to create up to medium items with ambient Worldly Energy . 」 

「Life Creation – Passive skill 

Effect: You are able to create small living organisms with ambient Worldly Energy . 」 

「Aether Conversion – Passive skill 

Effect: You are able to convert Worldly Energy to Aetheric Energy at a rate of 1 crystal per quarter hour . Crystals vary in quality and are always above the low rank . 」 

「Special Dragobond – Passive skill 

Rank: ??? 


Passive 1 - Supreme Compatibility: Copulation between the two Dragons tied by this skill will always conceive a child .  

Passive 2 - Stats Link: Both Dragons tied by this skill are able to exchange stat points with each other freely if they are within the same Area Zone .  

Passive 3 - Perfect Synergy: The two Dragons are able to display 300% of their respective Draconic prowess in combat .  

Passive 4 - Link: The two Dragons are able to tell the location of each other and reach the side of one another at will . 」 

Eva was silent for a long time before she breathed out and raised her head to look at Hikari . The White Dragoness was rubbing the back of her head with a sheepish expression .  

"Well… The skill I gained at level 60 was the ability to resurrect the dead . I couldn't remove any of my active skills since they are White Dragon racial skills, and my passive skills are all useful so I kept them…" 

"Erm, let's see . I infused most of the energy into my Aether Production to make it the same as Draco's, and I put more than 60% of the rest into the Dragobond skill because I wanted it to be like Roma's Soul Bond a little…" 

The more she spoke, the quieter her voice became as she realized that her sister wives were not responding in the least . They were all looking at her as if they had just witnessed the birth of a monster, which depressed Hikari .  

Anything she did made people look at her that way . It wasn't her fault that none of them had ever met a White Dragon . This was just the way she, her mother, or any other White Dragon was supposed to be . Although admittedly, her choosing her stat allocation might have made her a bit stronger than others .  

Eva and co didn't mean to give Hikari such feelings, but they couldn't help the reactions in the face of her monstrous ability and potential . It was Eva who was the first to recover from her shock .  

"Hikari, your resurrection skill . What are the limitations?" Eva asked slowly .  

Hikari pondered for a bit and answered honestly . "I've already explained this to Draco before, so I'll repeat what I told him . " 

"The main limitation of the White Light Resurrection skill is that I can't revive myself . However, as long as the ones I'm reviving aren't Gods, I should be able to bring them back to life instantly . " 

"Provided there is enough Worldly Energy, the number shouldn't be a problem . A body of the deceased is preferred, but I can revive if there is none . " 

"However, I would need a little Aetheric Energy for that . Previously, I would have needed to use Divine Energy, but your careful grooming has lowered the difficulty greatly . " 

"The closer I am to the place where the person or people died, the easier it will be . I could theoretically revive someone from a great distance, but the cost for doing so would be immense . " 

"As for the date of death, I won't be able to revive anyone who had died more than 20 years ago . It used to be 10 years, but I feel that I can handle older deaths thanks to my current power . "