Guild Wars - Chapter 423

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:11:02 PM

Chapter 423: 423

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Instead of strutting like a proud peacock - which was what Amaterasu would have done - hiding her face or killing anyone who had dared to look at her - which was what Riveting Night would have done - Eva just ignored them all and moved back to the Aether Hall. 

Whether it was her lack of interest or her former reputation, no one dared to accost or approach her. Putting aside the risk of getting on the bad side of Riveting Night, who would dare to become the enemy of Draco for no reason? 

Eva wasn't like Zaine. 

There were many fellows who might decide to risk it all once their blood was flowing into the wrong head in the face of that swaying Z-grade booty. However, Eva radiated a majestic beauty that made one want to worship and adore her as a Goddess. 

Not as a Goddess of Light or the Sun, but a Goddess of Beauty. Yes, this meant that Eva could technically become a Goddess of two aspects, the Sun and Beauty. When one thought about the 'true' Goddesses' reactions, both the Goddess of the Sun and the Goddess of Beauty, there was a stark contrast. 

One had felt threatened and humiliated, having lashed out accordingly, while the other had yet to make a move. However, as the announcement stated, they both had their eyes on Eva at all times, just waiting for her to slip up. 

By the time Eva reached the Aether Hall, she noticed that Zaine was waiting outside. This in itself would have been normal, yet the succubus did not have Loki in her arms. Zaine waved and walked over with a lewd smile. 

No, it wasn't that Zaine was trying to tempt Eva, this was just her default smile as a succubus. 

"What's the matter?" Eva questioned Zaine. 

Zaine smacked her lips. "I have some good news. I just received a notification that an interested party has come to trade with us. They have a skill belonging to a category that your class can use, specifically a Divine one." 

Eva's eyes widened. "Really? An actual Divine skill in the hands of a person from the main plane?" 

Eva couldn't be blamed for her shock. This was the equivalent of a normal NEET on earth who read web novels being told that there was an actually legit Cultivation Manual in a high-end bookstore. 

'Even if such a thing existed, it should not appear somewhere like here' was generally how Eva felt. Zaine nodded with a strange expression as she continued. 

"I also found it skeptical, until our people there appraised it to be legit." 

Eva frowned deeply and pondered for a bit before inquiring: "Can you tell me a bit about the person who answered the trade request and what exactly they are trading?" 

Eva became pensive for a short while before nodding her head. "Well, it wouldn't kill us to see what this is all about. Would you like to come along or would you prefer to stay behind?" 

Zaine smiled naughtily. "Why wait, when I can help you with negotiation and manipulation? I don't know about Hikari or Roma though, maybe they'd like to stay here." 

Eva nodded and entered the Aether Hall. She reached the master bedroom where Roma and Hikari were playing with Rosella and Loki and informed her of her intentions. It seemed that after Ranking up, they were both restless as they quickly jumped up at this offer. 

Their mothers decided to bring Loki and Rosella along, while Eva asked Vitae to keep an eye on Rila before all of them left on the back of Luxia. In the span of one flap, Eva and co reached Cario City, hovering right above the Rank 7 Shop. 

Eva was startled by the human presence here. It was normal for it to be crowded, but there was a large crowd outside spectating some bigshots entering the Rank 7 Shop one by one. 

She recalled seeing a similar scene during the First Player Auction. Before he left, Draco had made the decision that the interval for the auctions should be every three months - in order to reduce competition with the Divine Auction - and since roughly 6 months had passed since the first one, this should be their third auction. 

Eva rubbed her chin with curiosity. "An auction huh? I'm surprised that even the War Maniac Pavilion, Church of Light, and Merchant Guild are still bothering to attend." 

Zaine snickered. "Unless they wish to risk falling behind the others, they don't dare miss out." 

When Eva turned to her for an explanation, Zaine smirked. "As the manager of the auction has become busy for some reason, I've decided to take over for the most part. I really enjoyed swindling all the top powers during the first one~" 

Eva's lips twitched. Only a freak like Zaine would be sick enough to enjoy dancing on the edge of oblivion like that. Just one wrong move during the First Player Auction and she would have been turned into ash. 

Zaine continued. "Well, I agonized over items to sell. Not because there weren't enough but rather that we, as Umbra, have too many." 

"Top-grade Aether Crystals from Hikari, the creations of the Pinnacle Master Ranks from Draco's Castle as well as those from Grandmasters who recently broke through, rare items discovered by the members of Umbra that they donated in exchange for Umbra Points, plots of commercial land in Vita City-State, some remaining Advanced Spatial Creation Devices that Draco left us, among others." 

Zaine spread her arms wide. "The line-up is truly great and we have a good backlog. Also, compared to the last time, I've added the rule that apart from the final items our auction shall accept either resources or money, allowing more powers to participate. As you know, due to the Great War, what humanity lacks is funds, but not resources of good value." 

Eva nodded. "You've worked hard, Zaine. Thank you." 

Zaine's face brightened at the praise and she smiled purely. "Thank you, Eva." 

Roma slapped Zaine's thick butt and squeezed. "Hehe, a bashful Zaine is so cute." 

Zaine rolled her eyes. "I'm not bashful, just demure." 

Hikari giggled and grabbed Zaine's shoulders with an 'are you sureeee?' expression. "Hmm, my Dragon senses tell me you are lying~" 

Zaine sputtered in defeat at being teased by her sister wives like this. Eva enjoyed their banter before lightly guiding Luxia to lower her altitude. 

All eyes immediately landed on them. No matter where they went in the modern world, the Four Beauties were known by all players and most NPCs due to their fame and looks. 

Well, previously it had been 'the three beauties and one scary witch', but Eva's photos had begun circulating the internet like rapid-fire after she revealed herself. There was a horrible storm occurring outside the game surrounding her transcendent looks, but the woman herself was thinking about how to jump Ranks to assault Rank 4 enemies. 

If Zaine, Roma, and Hikari made such people wank furiously, then Eva made them place her picture in an altar so that they'd pay respects. 

Eva and her gang climbed to the 6th floor without stopping. On the first five floors, there were various shoppers going about their daily business without involving themselves in the auction on the 7th. 

After all, after the first time, many became aware that an auction of this scale was not something they could participate in. Of course, their shopping was greatly disrupted by the passing of the Four Beauties, but what else was gonna happen wherever they went? 

Eva reached the 6th floor, which was a small lounge that was extremely conditioned thanks to runes. The air was cool and there were many waiters and waitresses moving about who served guests that patronized this floor. 

One could have drinks, food, or entertainment, with the latter coming in the form of slaves. Eva was unsure if they were sourced from The Bazaar, but she did not dig deep into it. 

Skimpily dressed males and females sat with guests while either serving or massaging them. This was not a room for debauchery, so it wasn't possible for guests to press slaves down and ravage them. 

The most they were allowed to do was fondle them gently. For example, a young man in glasses who looked noble was currently getting a nice feel of the breasts of a Sky Elf wearing a loose bikini beside him. 

He also made sure to slip some gold in her thong as his hand moved down there. As if electrified, the Sky Elf became much more excited and open to the play. 

On another side, a mature woman in a mage robe with lovely black hair and peachy lips currently had her hand below the table. A young man of the catman race, who looked delicate and slightly effeminate, was lost in euphoria as the woman's hands moved up and down below the table. 

The woman looked enraptured by her actions and seemed enamored with the guy. Possibly gentle and cute young men were exactly her taste? However, she still exercised moderation. 

Roma, Zaine, and Hikari were new to this and looked around with interest. As they did, those guests also paused to gaze back at them with interest, faces going blank from shock and awe. 

Eva ignored them and headed to the counter, where a serf player of Umbra was in charge. That serf player was also utterly flabbergasted at the presence of these four, especially the beautiful yet feared Riveting Night. 

"I want to make a trade with the person who responded to our clan's request." Eva stated calmly. 

The serf player had become used to dealing with bigshot NPCs - since not a single player could afford to be here at the current moment - so she was able to regain her wits quickly. She checked the trade requests and nodded. 

"The person is still here and waiting for you, Vice-Guildmaster. We've put them in VIP room 1, which has been reserved for all transactions in regards to the upper echelon of the Guild. Please allow me to lead the way?" The serf player responded demurely. 

(Author's Note: Obviously, VIP room 1 here is not the same one as in the auctions on floor 7.) 

Eva followed the serf player behind the counter and through a door to the side, which led to a well-furnished hallway that was also conditioned. There were many doors on either side spread equidistantly, with numbered letters embossed on them. 

From VIP room 120 at the beginning to VIP room 1 at the end. The closer they got to VIP Room 1, the greater the space between the rooms. 

They weren't different from the size of hotel rooms - with similar equivalent spacing – whereas they now seemed to be the size of large conference/meeting rooms. 

The room they were going to was at the end of the hallway, not on the left or right, but straight ahead. The door was slightly ajar and a certain fragrance leaked from it presenting Eva with a lot of information. 

As an ex-Assassin and semi-information broker, she was quick to pick up on those small details. From this smell alone, she could guess that the party they were meeting had to be female, and that they were rather highborn at that. 

Intrigued, Eva entered with Hikari, Roma, and Zaine in tow, to see a well-furnished room that was like a miniature lounge of its own. A small bar, couches, and settees, as well as a kitchen that was unmanned currently, since the negotiating party had made no request for food. 

It was over the top extravagant, seeing as the main lobby was not far away at all, but then again, this was the best of the VIP rooms, so needless opulence should be expected at all times. 

Laying on her side in a very alluring position, was a veiled woman with a very revealing dress that showed of her thick thighs, flat stomach, and almost senselessly large breasts.