Guild Wars - Chapter 434

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:10:49 PM

Chapter 434: 434
Time elapsed: 12:00:02 

Enemies killed: 81 

Team Deaths: 0 

Team Members: 4/20 

Assessment: SS+ 


5 Epic Treasure Chest 

30,000 Platinum」 

As Eva held the Epic Treasure Chests in hand, a part of her wanted to rage and toss them to the ground forcefully, then stomp them into debris. However, that was Riveting Night's remnants speaking. 

The current Eva took a deep breath and calmed her emotions forcefully before she stacked them on top of the other Epic Treasure Chests in her inventory Hikari, Zaine and Roma sat down on the ground, uncaring about their unblemished skin being dirtied or their nice clothes being ruined by mud and muck. 

That was how tired they were. None of them had low stamina, yet the hell mode was truly deserving of its name, especially the last boss fight. Even Zaine who had almost as much mental stamina as Eva was on the floor panting. 

It wasn't purely about mental stamina either, but more about concentration and alertness. The difference was similar to the level of fatigue one would have after running 1km laps 20 times compared to the fatigue of staying up for two days straight. 

Mental stamina, for the purpose of Boundless, referred to the tangible and exertion-oriented version. This was why despite having unlimited mental stamina, Draco could not endlessly fire off basic spells for months on end without any breaks. 

Eva allowed them to rest for a while longer before taking them out of the dungeon. After calling Luxia out, she took the ladies to the Rank 7 Castle, where they entered the master bedroom's super mini small world bath. 

Eva smiled as she undressed Hikari, Roma, and Zaine who were too tired to do it themselves, then led them into the hot springs. Once the three ladies entered the hot but soothing water, they all moaned with pleasure and sunk in. 

Hikari went all the way down to just above her nose, swimming around resembling a cute Loch Ness Monster, while Zaine lay her elbows on the bank of the hot spring and plopped her megaton bum up in the air as she floated. 

Eva and Roma naturally slapped one of her butt cheeks each, as they couldn't resist. The duo shared a knowing look and snickered, much to Zaine's irritation. 

"Why does everyone seem to be so fixated on my butt? It's just a bunch of fat, and it's big for nothing." Zaine complained in a mutter. 

Roma and Eva gave Zaine disdainful looks. A succubus like you pretending not to know each and every dark secret of a man's preference, who did you think you're fooling? 

Hikari though, missed the cue and rose from her lazy swim with vehemence. "Yeah! And why do they like boobs too?! They are meant for breastfeeding babies! Babies!" 

"Nothing more annoying than someone born with a silver spoon yet pretending to be a hustler." Eva said with a sniff. 

"Hmph, such people are truly insensitive, not understand the sufferings of others." Roma added with a harrumph. 

"Eh? Ehhhh??" Hikari, totally lost as to why such hostility was directed at her, jumped back in confusion. 

Zaine smiled in a similar manner to Draco and placed her arms around Roma's and Eva's shoulders, cupping one of their breasts each as she squeezed them playfully. 

"Oh please you two, don't act like you're flat. B-cups are the middle ground, and are often regarded as perfection compared to cowtits like me or Hikari. Besides, Draco is a booty lover, so why do you care about your cup size?" 

Eva and Roma were left speechless by this. They had just reacted on instinct, forgetting that it didn't matter anyway. For Eva, whatever body shape she had, Draco would still love it regardless. 

For Roma, she may not have a huge butt like Zaine, but hers was the most perfectly shaped out of all four of them. It was Hikari, who they were bullying, that they should feel pity for. 

In terms of facial beauty, Eva came first and Hikari came second. In terms of proportions, Zaine came first and Hikari came second again. In terms of shapeliness and appeal, Roma came first and Hikari came second! 

Damn, she was the legendary 'Eternal 2nd place'! How could they have the face to criticize her knowing this?! 

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Feeling ashamed, Eva and Roma apologized to a clueless Hikari, who had no clue about such things since she had only had sex twice and didn't really understand human sex appeal. 

The ladies spent the rest of the day fooling around in the hot springs, sauna, and then the waterfall before coming out refreshed. After spending a night in the Rank 7 Castle, they went out to pick up their children from the Aether Hall. Vitae was especially glad that Young Master Loki was now under supervision again. 

Eva informed them that they would be traveling around for long periods of time soon, so they had hired artisans to build a small luxury mansion and hired many servants who would maintain it. Once it was done, Eva used an Advanced Spatial Creation Device to capture it into a super mini small world so that they had somewhere to rest at all times. 

It had taken about 2 weeks even with the fastest builders on the job, and the ladies had spent that time chilling out at home while Vita City-State continued to grow crazily in their absence. 

The last time Eva had bothered to check, Sublime Notion had informed her about the elite army the loli was building up together with Deployed Solider for the City-State in preparations for the upgrade to a fledgling kingdom which was around the corner. 

When Luxia screeched and set out for the nearby Shinoka Continent, Eva was deep in thought. Shinoka Continent was a place she mistakenly discovered in the previous timeline during the battle with Draco. 

Specifically, in one of their top 5 most notable showdowns, Draco had tried to kill her with a scroll that could have sold for 500,000 platinum, a space splitter scroll. His hatred had been so high to the point where he did something so foolish. 

Riveting Night had tried to counter with her Abyssal Eye Inheritance, which protected her somewhat as she was dragged to a random location instead of being split in half with her Immortal Spirit displaced. 

As such, she had landed in the Shinoka Continent and had to struggle her way back to Cario Continent from there. It was a saga of her life that she barely remembered because it was filled with suffering, so she repressed it. 

But now that she had evolved past her former mentality and insecurities, she remembered everything from there. 

As one could guess from the name alone, Shinoka Continent was derived from an Asiatic template, specifically feudal Japan. It featured many unique classes like; 

The Samurai: a class of swordsmen who used mantras and endless buff skills to increase their balanced damage and defense. According to her estimations, it should be a Semi-Epic class. 

The Ninja: another class that was most likely Semi-Epic with a focus on enhanced stealth and ninjutsu that could effectively dispose of targets. 

The Exorcist: a powerful ranged/melee class with abilities catered towards vanquishing evil. If Eva wasn't a Celestial Prime, this would be the best class for her given her new personality. 

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The Shrine Maiden: Although Holymancers were undoubtedly the God-tier of healers, this class came in as a very class second place. Unlike the Holymancer class which had the limitation of no attacking capability, the Shrine Maiden did have some means to attack, only that the class was gender-locked to females only. Such females also had to remain virgins, so it wasn't desirable by modern standards. 

These were among some of the ones Eva remembered deeply due to their power and prowess when she had come here during the previous timeline. As the Guildmaster of Darkrow, she had been focused on leaving the continent as soon as possible so most of its secrets had remained a mystery, however she had time to unveil them in this life. 

Also, Eva hoped there would be something linked to Amaterasu on the continent. Since Merlin, Lucifer, and co existed in their own forms in Boundless, it stood to reason that Amaterasu would as well. 

In fact, Eva was sure of this, because Shinoka was not found anywhere on the known map! 

Well, this was kinda obvious though. Boundless World would have to allow itself to be sued out of existence if they took such a name for the game yet had a fixed map. 

Eva pointed to an area 'outside' the limit of the World Map and Luxia flew over. The fact that it took the speedy Light Phoenix ten flaps to reach their destination told of how far it was. 

It also made one wonder just how the fuck Eva managed to get back to Cario Continent from there, but some things were best left unremembered. 

They appeared above a large empire that spanned as far as the eye could see. This capital city was so large that even Vita City-State was a joke in terms of size, infrastructure, and population. 

Yet when Eva appeared above them, the activity in many parts of the city stopped as citizens raised their heads to gaze as the blazing white phoenix that flapped its wings lightly above them. 

Truth be told, Luxia was a magnificent beast, and no one who saw her for the first time would ever be able to act unmoved. However, what happened next shocked the entire city, and soon the continent. 

A woman of peerless beauty floated up beside the Light Phoenix, her attire a goddess' raiment that glowed burnished gold with a divine halo behind her that glowed with white light, matagama swirling within. 

(Author's Note: the halo is something like this: 

Upon seeing her form and her aura, every citizen bowed sub-consciously as their minds shook greatly. Eva didn't even have a chance to speak and announce her presence or name when the people began screaming and shouting with excitement. 

"It's her! Goddess Amaterasu!" 

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"I can't believe the Goddess would appear in our darkest hour after abandoning us for so long…" 

"Fool, she never abandoned us, but left us with free will to make of ourselves what we will! Is it her fault that we failed miserably?!" 

"She is as beautiful as in the legends… my soul feels purified of evil just looking at her…" 

"Someone inform the Shogunate! The Shogun has long besought Amaterasu to appear, and she has come!" 

Eva was left speechless. Her elaborate plan to suppress everyone by force and command the empire as she wished fell to scraps. No, this was slightly better, since true to her suspicions, a version of Amaterasu existed and was worshiped by this lot. 

Since she was the reincarnation of Amaterasu, this fit her perfectly. The only problem was that her Goddess Form only lasted one minute, so if she suddenly returned to being human before them, they might take it the wrong way. 

Eva's mind spun rapidly as she hatched a feasible plan. With a light sigh, she opened her mouth to speak, and all activity paused below. 

"On my Light Phoenix are three women I've chosen to assist the empire in its darkest hour. I myself would love to assist, but I can only- blergh!" 

Eva coughed blood at the end, timing it just right as her transformation came to an end. She also pretended to faint and began falling from the air to the ground. 

The citizens screamed in horror and fear, and many watched helplessly as Eva plummeted to the ground. However, Luxia screeched and saved her before she hit the ground. The scene looked like the climax scene worthy of any A-list action movie, before Luxia bolted off towards where the Shogunate was located. 

Witnessing the masterful save, the people screamed cheers and waved, crying out in joy. Their love and respect for Amaterasu were unparalleled, and the Shrine Maiden class was useless without her. 

As for Luxia, she appeared above the palace of the Shogun after two flaps, looking down on it with superiority befitting a Light Phoenix. While the various government officials scrambled to respond, Zaine, Hikari, and Roma stared at Eva silently. 

Zaine sighed. "There's a reason why they are soulmates after all." 

Roma and Hikari nodded in agreement, while Eva's face became a deep shade of red, but she continued to feign unconsciousness.