Guild Wars - Chapter 439

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:10:45 PM

Chapter 439: 439

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Effect: Infuse a passed soul with new life, bringing them back from the dead in perfect condition and in their prime, regardless of distance from the caster. 

Cooldown: None 

Autocast: Off」 

Hikari mass-cast the skill and consumed a great amount of Worldly Energy, but not enough to even make an impure low-grade crystal. After all, the bodies here were largely intact, the deaths had been mere hours ago and Hikari was so close to them. 

If it weren't for the high number of casualties, she might not even have used that much Worldly Energy at all. Well, it also had to do with the fact that Hikari was now Rank 3 and her Spirit stat had almost hit the 10th threshold at 500 points. 

As such, the majority of the Worldly Energy she brought as well as the Aetheric Energic went to waste... 

The soldiers who had breathed their last in this world, as well as having seen their entire lives flash past them at the last moment of their lives, opened their eyes once again and groggily rose to their feet. 

They looked around themselves with confusion. The last thing they remembered was being cut down by their mortal enemies, so how were they fine? Could it be that their deities had descended to take their souls to heaven? 

When they looked up though, that fantasy got shattered the moment they saw the utterly mortified and shocked expression of their still alive comrades as well as enemies on either side. Once they saw this, even the stupidest of them understood that they had been the targets of a miracle. 

Since Hikari's White Light Energy still coursed through them, they instinctively felt a connection to the one who brought them back from the vile clutches of death. Almost as one, the entire crowd turned to stare at the beautiful woman with a blue horn on her forehead. 

Truthfully, in terms of behavior and dressing, as well as looks, Hikari really did give off the vibe of a Goddess. She looked more Goddess than Eva or even Amaterasu, and her beauty - as well as her gentle aura - only buttressed this feel. 

All eyes landed on the White Dragoness, who still had her eyes closed as she relished in the feeling of bringing back the wailing souls who did not deserve to lose their life. 

This was its own kind of high for a White Dragon, and many of them loved casting this skill to experience this exact feeling, though their Black Dragon mates - who were usually cruel and ruthless - would not allow it. 

Draco was really just an anomaly among Black Dragons. Also, Black Dragons exclusively used Destruction Energy, which wiped out everything without a single trace. 

Even Origin Gods could not bring back something hit by that. It was like deleting a file, ripping out your hard drive, and throwing it into a volcano. There was just no way to retrieve it. 

It was something even someone who was washed up on the beach suffering from amnesia would be unable to forget. Zaine, Roma, and Eva were all greatly moved by this sight, each of them thinking the same thing. 

'Hikari is so OP. Hehe, time to give her 10x work for being too dazzling.' 

Hikari, unaware that her beloved sister-wives were plotting the downfall of her free time, opened her eyes and saw all the people gazing at her. Still in the zone, Hikari's voice resounded over the battlefield. 

"Please do not fight and kill each other. Wait and listen to what my Big Sister has to say first." She implored before she sat down beside Eva. 

As such, all eyes shifted to the Celestial Maiden who sat with her legs crossed imperially, and her arms folded as she looked down upon them like they were mere cockroaches. 

Demeaning as it was, it fit given her beauty and that aura of divinity that was emitting from her. As such, Eva's next words didn't come as too much of a bombshell. 

"From what I can see, the Moon Empire are supposed to take the day due to the interference of Susanoo and the Storm Empire. Even among the troops of the Moon Empire, I can see many fighters from the Storm Empire, only that you've hidden yourselves quite well." 

Everyone looked at each other at this shocking revelation. Yes, we knew the Storm Empire has been helping the Moon Empire under wraps, but to directly provide and hide troops? Dishonorable! 

Hideyoshi frowned at this. He didn't care about the stupid notions of 'Bushido' and honor among their culture, but his men did. The way they looked at him questioningly, disbelieving that their emperor could be so… despicable… annoyed him. 

He had long since tried to change these notions in the Moon Empire��s people, but not only had his people behaved more stubborn than mules, it had nearly led to him being beheaded at one point. He had stopped trying after that point. As such, he had done everything he needed to do in the shadows, and thankfully, the Ninjas and Yokai also despised the Bushido. 

Now, it was biting him in the ass here. Obviously, that Goddess' avatar spoke the truth, but he did not expect her to point it out. That wasn't something a goddess like Amaterasu would do when she was losing, but rather… a more human thing. 

Hideyoshi's eyes narrowed. "Good madam, I once again ask who you are. Without a satisfactory answer, I shall continue my conquest regardless, so I ask for your understanding." 

Eva rubbed her chin. "I could spend hours explaining my circumstances to you as I did Nobunaga here, but I think a demonstration would work far better." 

Goddess Form! 

Eva's attire shifted from her hoodless leather armor to a beautiful gold kimono. Her hair became long and black, reaching her back. Behind her was a powerful halo that was made up of stationary magatama. 

Once all eyes saw this form, they all understood, even Hideyoshi. No matter the deity they worshiped, they dared not act out in front of the Sun Goddess, so all of them fell to their knees. 

"Do you understand now, Hideyoshi?" Eva asked calmly. 

Hideyoshi, trembling greatly inwardly, spoke in a stutter. "Y-Yes… f-forgive me, I… I had no idea you would descend yourself…!" 

Eva nodded. "If you truly understand, then think about it before you appear before my Empire again." 

Suddenly, a giant avatar of Amaterasu's upper body sprung up behind Eva and gazed down upon the world. It looked exactly like Amaterasu in Eva's bloodline, not like Eva herself. 

「Supreme Projection – Passive skill 

Effect: Create a supreme avatar of yourself with your mind.」 

The avatar had the same skills and abilities as Eva, only that it cost nothing to use them as it used Worldly Energy and not Eva's mental energy. Overpowered as hell, yeah, but then that's why it was called 'Supreme'. 

The Avatar waved her hand, and a gust of wind blew the entire Moon Empire army away into the sunset. It was not comical, as they were more or less ferried along at prohibitive speeds rather than just flung away. 

Element Regulation! 

The skill that allowed Eva to command the four basic elements in exchange for mana was a joke to her avatar that could use Worldly Energy. As such, sending more than 700,000 men and women back to whence they came was a simple thing. 

This was the power of the forms. This was why the AI, despite being able to allow them to experience the forms permanently since their bodies and minds could handle the stress easily, only limited it to 1 minute. 

It might be trying to help Draco and Eva out, sure, but dammit it still had a training sim- *cough* game to run! If it allowed them free rein to all their powers, the game would not last even 3 days. 

Eva smiled at the looks of utter shock, awe, and fear directed to her. If Hikari's act of bringing the dead back to life had been soul-stirring, then Eva's act of divine power was an eye-opener. 

Never would they dare to think they could be on the same level as their Goddess, nor would they dare to assume they automatically deserved her care. After all, if they were so useful to her, would she need to descend herself? 

Feeling a mixture of endless shame and regret, the fighters all fell to their knees and shouted. 

"We apologize to the Supreme Goddess and ask for her forgiveness!" 

Eva simply waved her hand as her Goddess Form expired. She and her family had watched this battle go on for so many hours that she was too fatigued to continue looking at them. 

"Send a message of truce and harmony to the Moon Empire in my name." Eva commanded calmly. 

Nobunaga nodded, not daring to complain about this in any way. "What about the Storm Empire?"

Eva's eyes flashed with malice. "I'll deal with them, don't worry about it. I'll be taking my leave now, if you wish to contact me, use this." 

She threw over a communication scroll from the Rank 7 Shop that allowed two parties to communicate as long as both of them were not in message-locked regions like Unique Quests and whatnot. 

Nobunaga was shocked by the existence of such a useful item, but took it in stride. This was the Goddess after all, how could a mere item shock him compared to what he had seen so far? 

What made him purse his lips was her saying that she would deal with the Storm Empire. He couldn't help but lament at the fate of the country as they had provoked someone they should not have. 

In fact, Nobunaga himself didn't understand why Eva wanted to deal with them, but of course he wouldn't question her actions. 

Eva might be her own person, but she had recently accepted Amaterasu as herself and herself as Amaterasu, just like Draco did for Lucifer. As such, she became complete mentally, spiritually, and in terms of her bloodline. 

It was why her Supreme Projection was of Amaterasu anyway. 

So, when she thought of that retard Susanoo shitting so hard that a stray lump that blasted Amaterasu away, how could the image not infuriate and disgust Eva to no end? 

Not only that, the dog-like Storm Empire had the guts to act wronged when Susanoo had been rightfully punished, trying to bring down the Sun Empire covertly. The Moon Empire had every right to this war, as their conflict had been going on for centuries. 

The Storm Empire had been a neutral third party with no reasonable claim to the war. 

As such, Eva would remove them herself. As for how she would do it, didn't she come here with her beloved sister-wives? Zaine and Roma rose to their feet, expectant expressions on their faces as they thought of the upcoming slaughter. 

Hikari only smiled and created a small squirrel with no soul that she let roam free. She had already been given a great gift to revive so many people, and Draco's emotional manipulation- *cough* gentle training had turned Hikari from a naive and kind woman to a circumstantially benevolent woman. 

If you were her or her family's enemy, she would look on boredly as you died. In any other case, she was usually soft and kind, but she had learned when to exhibit her kindness and who to exhibit it to. 

Eva collected them all into the super mini small world with the mansion, where they all took a bath in the nice hot spring installed outside the mansion, at the back. Since there were no male servants, they didn't have to worry about being seen. 

After freshening themselves and their children up, the ladies retired to the bedroom where they chatted for a bit before having a good night's sleep. Eva had set the super mini small world's time to mimic that of the outside, so it was dark in the world. 

The next day, after a sumptuous breakfast, a nice wash-up, and some careful grooming that they hadn't been able to do in a while, the ladies exited the super mini small world and hopped on Luxia's back. 

It was time to wipe an empire off the face of the world.