Guild Wars - Chapter 446

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:10:38 PM

Chapter 446: 446
Since there were no Angel Kiss potions in the real world, they would have wait for the energy to refill . This would only take about a minute or two, enough for a short break .  

Since Draco's body had a rebuilt brain, as well as immense mental capacity due to his own psychic abilities, he had been able to instantly receive, sort, and parse through all Eva's memories .  

In other words, Eva had only tapped Draco's temples for a second and then pulled back in the eyes of onlookers . The gesture was that of a young pregnant wife massaging her husband's temples, which exacerbated the onlookers' love for this beautiful couple .  

Draco though, was gazing at Eva with hearts in his eyes . Eva blushed deeply, as she heard his thoughts that were directed at her . Obviously, Draco could close his mind off from her, but the Evil Duo were so obsessed with each other, that they would happily share their thoughts every second if they could .  

Eva wouldn't read his mind without permission, but she also wanted them to be in perfect sync 24/7 because it was just so pleasant to be connected to her Handsome Devil in such a manner .  

Besides, in this situation, he actually directed the thoughts at her for her to read . While his Telepathy was weak, it was still there . Eva just had a harder time understanding what he meant .  

Similarly, Eva could also use The Force-*cough* use Telekinesis and the like, but not as firmly as Draco, or even Zaine . It would cost more and be harder to accomplish, so they hardly bothered .  

Eva understood from Draco's correspondence that he was greatly impressed by the depth of her shamelessness and immorality . He was proud of her for swindling her other half who was so naive and trusting, when she could have just asked honestly and still gotten the items .  

He also praised her endless greed . Instead of humbly asking for just one of the three items, which would be more than enough, she had tried to claim them all and succeeded! She took two away and even laid dibs on the third one that was yet to come .  

But above all, he was intrigued by the position Amaterasu tried with Lucifer . He had been unable to see that part clearly, nor the positions Eva tried in the game since his Celestial Beauty was keeping it a secret for now, but Draco was burning with lust and anticipation at trying them out with Eva .  

Eva hid her face in her hands as she became red to her ears, a cute reaction hardly seen from this ex-madwoman . Actually, she was technically still mentally infirm with three different personalities, just like Draco, but overall, it had made her more hospitable .  

Draco rubbed his chin and spoke . "Although your adventure was worthy to become an epic if told to others, you ultimately only spent like two weeks at most on Shinoka . What happened for the rest of the three months until now?" 

Eva nodded . "Most of it was me getting used to the items . I spent a month going around with Hikari, Zaine, and Roma, clearing out various Rank 3 dungeons we could find . " 

"We even tried a Rank 4, but Zaine almost lost her life despite all the power we had . The boss was truly monstrous, and it had the 'Dirge' ability . " Eva recounted with a troubled smile .  

Draco groaned . "My Lord, of all the luck, you encountered that type of boss, huh? I was kinda skeptical on how your almighty combo could falter against Rank 4 enemies, but yeah, that stupidly overpowered Dirge ability would do . " 

"Hm, so you guys didn't try any new Rank 4 dungeons after that?" 

Eva confirmed this quietly . "No, unfortunately, the three were quite shaken by the intense battle and near-death encounter . I decided to keep things within their skill range until you return to Cario Continent . " 

Draco rubbed his chin and nodded . "We'll work together to break their mental blocks and bring out their true potential in due time . What else happened in the last two months till now?" 

Eva breathed out deeply . "A lot . 60 days before now, we received a notification that the Abyss Event would be launching in 60 days, which was today . " 

Draco's eyes widened . "Dammit, I can't believe I'm going to miss such a big event! The loot! The exp! The swag!" 

Eva smiled bitterly at her loot obsessed soulmate . "It's not that simple, Draco . Something… happened . " 

Draco's playful smile turned sharp as he gazed at Eva seriously . "What happened, Eva? There's no way that event could one-up you . " 

Eva nodded in agreement . "A mere batch of Rank 1 Abyssal Monsters against me, a Rank 2 Celestial Prime? What a joke . I almost… well, I think it'd be better to show you than to speak of it . " 

Once again, Eva placed her fingers to Draco's temples . As more than a minute had passed, her bloodline energy had recharged and was ready to display much more .  

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. . . . . . . . . … .  

Eva floated above the Ruined Plains of Deriam with the three beauties beside her . Her arms were folded and her eyes narrowed . She had transformed into her Goddess Form a day before the event to use Supreme Precognition, and what she was able to glean from the future was only bad omens and a horrible death .  

As such, she no longer regarded this event as a mere joke for her to raise Umbra's reputation even further, while increasing her own level and that of her sister-wives, but as something explosive that would become chaotic extremely quickly .  

Below her, Eva could see a veritable mass of people on all sides, starting from somewhere close to the barrier to all the way into the horizon . Almost every player had come here, including the new additions .  

They were waiting for the first-ever World Quest to activate so that they could bask in its glory . Only those who fought against void monsters in the Emergency Quest were shaking as they knew how overpowered and vile these monsters were, but the newbies just looked at them with disdain .  

There are so many of us and a limited amount of them? What could possibly go wrong? 

Eva had initially thought the same, especially since Umbra, Meiren, Kamisuo and Desecrators had Aether-Imbued items all around . Currently, they stood closest to the barrier and many other top guilds or groups paid them a visit to see how to go forward .  

Of course, there were some who didn't understand what Umbra stood for, especially those affiliated with government groups . To these highly trained soldiers, these 'civvies' were basically a bunch of kids playing at things they could not understand .  

One such group approached Sublime Notion, who was chatting with the Five Generals as well as a representative from a coalition of about 60 small guilds . Upon hearing that their forces could be attached to Deployed Soldier's command, the representative stood up with excitement and bowed deeply .  

"Thank you very much, Big Mistress Sublime Notion!" 

Sublime Notion laughed happily at this form of address and gave Kiran a meaningful glare before she shooed the fellow away . The representative was excited to report to his people that Umbra appeared to be far more magnanimous than the rumors claimed and to show them where to meet Deployed Soldier so they could receive their orders immediately .  

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On the side, a representative of a coalition of guilds belonging to a country's armed forces sneered with disdain at the leaving rep for being so excited about something so meager .  

Then again, civvies were clueless about the ways of the world . That was why he was here, to show them how a real battle should be handled, especially with professionals around . Leaving everyone to be led by these kids would be disastrous and lead to more casualties than confirmed kills .  

As such, when he approached Sublime he didn't bother to greet or bow, he only stood at attention with his arms crossed behind his back . He also didn't look at her directly, but focused on the area around her as if she wasn't worth looking at .  

Sublime Notion saw this and tittered . The Five Generals also saw this and shook their heads . This wasn't the first unruly fellow to appear that day, and he certainly wouldn't be the last .  

Many other armed forces, private militia, and even mercenary organizations from the real world had come to pose before them, but all of them left in regret .  

Sublime Notion also didn't bother looking at the fellow as she focused on another representative nearby who also gazed at the arrogant rep like he was an idiot .  

"State your business . " She asked the next rep .  

Not even bothering to look at the other fellow still standing coldly at attention, he bowed and said: "Greetings, Lady Sublime . I represent the Gears Group, a coalition of merchant and crafting guilds . We would like to negotiate with Umbra on some prices and quantities of harvested materials during the event . " 

Sublime smiled and nodded, gesturing to another seat beside her . In that seat was the ever-bored Money Lover who was furiously moving his abacus about, probably calculating something or the other .  

Seeing the veritable Merchant King, the rep was honored and also fearful, for he had heard about the other guy's reputation . Yet he could only grit his teeth and walk over to Money Lover, knowing that he was about to get financially raped but would probably enjoy it too .  

The soldier then spoke in a menacing tone . "Impressive display for a bunch of kids playing at being overlords . I'm not here to enlighten you on your childish fantasies, but to inform you that all operations henceforth shall be handled by the Central Country Army . " 

Sublime Notion shared a look with the Five Generals before they all burst into laughter . The soldier did not seem bothered by this, only watching them as one would watch a clown .  

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"Damn, this fella really thinks he's the savior of mankind! Watch out, we got a badass over here!" Uno commented with a chuckle .  

"Badass? More like dumbass . This dude thinks his shit smells like butter or something . Probably a side effect of his impotency . " Boyd added with a snicker .  

"He has a body count of less than three . Probably a bunch of innocent little girls from the enemy nation after he had his way with them, and now believes he's some tough guy… funny . " Cobra commented while checking out his serrated dagger .  

"One finger is all it would take to have him beg like the bitch he is deep down . " Kiran stated coldly .  

"I smell the air of fool on him . This is the type of man mother always warned me about . Being near them automatically lowers your femininity since they steal yours to make up for their lack of testosterone . Gotta have something to fill that void of manliness you know?" Rina added caustically while giggling .  

Their insults managed to break the soldier's calm as he became infuriated . "You have ten seconds to comply, or you will be forced to . Don't think just because you may be strong in this game, you can do whatever you want . Out there, you are nothing but a hapless chicken that can be butchered at will, and insubordination will see you face that end . " 

None of those arrayed here even reacted to those words and continued to look at him like he was a clown . Sublime just waved to some representatives in the line .  

"The five guilds who exterminate the most members of that fool's group shall receive 50% extra benefits in negotiations with Umbra . Hurry up, the event will start soon~" 

Upon hearing this, the soldier looked at Sublime like he had seen an idiot for the first time . She expected these civvies to attack a military force just because of some meager benefits? 

He continued to wear that expression, even as his head was cleaved off and sent flying . Behind him stood a berserker with a golden axe that looked to be Rare Rank, meaning that this was a high-tier guild leader of some force .  

He turned to his nearby guild members . "Bastards of the Axe Guild, let's go slaughter some retards to warm up!" 

The members roared, lifting their axes up high as they chased after their guild leader . The other forces paired with Umbra quickly rushed over like madmen to take part in this extermination, for the rewards would be too good for them .