Guild Wars - Chapter 450

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:10:37 PM

Chapter 450: 450
When Uno landed in the midst of the monsters, many were flattened beneath his weight and sheer force, while others were blown away by the sharp shockwave that erupted .  

Hard Landing was an Epic skill that made the user jump into the air and angle down to smash the ground with extreme force, converting the character's weight and Strength stat into the raw damage values with an x10 modifier .  

So the heavier your character and the higher the Strength stat, the more powerful this skill . Uno had decent Strength, but his current weight was ungodly . When both were multiplied together then modified by the skill's base modifier of x10, the damage dealt was over -500,000! 

Uno and co were fully Aether-Imbued so they were able to ignore the various resistances . After Uno opened up the battlefield, the other core members smiled and entered the fight .  

Sublime Notion was one of the first to begin, as she didn't need to directly head into the battle . Unfortunately, the Seneschal class was built for political administration of a state, so all her passive and active class skills were geared towards that end .  

However, the class yielded a shocking boon .  

「Seneschal - Legendary Class 

Class weapons: Any non-physical 

Class skills: Any non-physical」 

As such, Sublime Notion held a Legendary staff in hand that boosted her magical prowess, and she had learned literally every spellbook she could get her hands on . Her skill list was so long that it would cause anyone but this evil loli who was extremely blessed with the ability to make order out of chaos .  

Sublime was still crazy . With gleeful laughter that showed that this absolutely cute girl who every man would slaughter a whole nation for her to whisper 'big brother' once was not mental firm, she equipped ANOTHER staff in her off-hand .  

And as one expected, she was double-casting two different spells with two different weapons! This was obviously impossible - as why wouldn't literally everyone else do this? - but her class's loose restrictions had created a monster .  

From one staff emerged a super large fireball and from the other, a crackle of scary lightning . Still screeching with laughter, Sublime cast these two spells into a mass of void monsters, watching as they dealt over 300,000 damage both as splash and focused targeting .  

Right after, her left staff spawned a shot of acidic water and her right staff grew a large ice lance, both of which were fired out the next second . Not satisfied with this, Sublime spawned a ray of gravity that tore through all her targets from, one staff, and a beam of light that edified all targets, incinerating parts of them with ease .  

Both higher tier Epic spells deal almost 900,000 each .  

Deployed Soldier sighed and unsheathed his ornate sword . He largely stayed out of battle ever since he got his new class, as she had been through enough fighting in the pocket world he was sent to during the class change quest .  

His passives were already active, both Commander's Aura and Commanders Wisdom . The former buffed his troops and the latter made all tactics useless against him . That was how the allied army under his banner had largely survived the battle, though it was not enough .  

You could buff trash all you want, it just made them slightly less disgusting, but not a useful item . Since he was directly fighting now, he turned off all his Commander buffs . It would not work on the core members of Umbra anyway, as they could not be made into troops under his banner .  

His class skills didn't state that 'all allies would benefit from X', it specifically said that 'all troops under his command would benefit from X' .  

「Great Commander - Legendary Class 

Class weapons: Any non-magical 

Class skills: Any non-magical」 

He also used his class's crazy freedoms to learn a bunch of physical skills of all types . Spear, bow, sword, and more . Of course, Deployed Soldier, preferred the blade due to his own character and due to his skill with it .  

He had been of average skill, but years spent in that class change quest fighting on battle non-stop without the ability to use skills as he wanted made him become a swordmaster slightly lesser than Draco .  

As such, the moment his Legendary Rank ornate sword came out, he disappeared from where he stood as the eye of onlookers traced him to a spot in the middle of the battlefront .  

Deployed Soldier was calmly staring into the glowing red eyes of a humanoid void monster, his blade impaled in its neck . It received over 1,500,000 damage due to the severity, but it was Deployed Soldier's sudden appearance that spooked the monster .  

Well, it was the work of an Epic skill called Seek and Destroy . It was basically a sword thrust + blink skill with high accuracy . A definite sure-kill skill in any fight, but here, only shaved off 10% of this monster's HP .  

As the void monsters sought vengeance by clawing at Deployed Soldier, he simply withdrew his blade and stepped back . Then, with shocking speed, he brought his sword and parried the claw strike of the void monster with disgusting ease .  

Unlike Draco, Deployed Soldier did not dual wield . Dual-wielding was for ambidextrous swordsmen with extremely high Dexterity and Strength . Deployed Soldier preferred to have stable control over a fight, not too fast, not too slow .  

Powerful, steady, deliberate . Methodical, sharp, and to the point . No need for flashy acrobatics or overly exaggerated somersaults . With one hand folded behind his back, he continually controlled the void monster before him with ease and shaved away its HP over time .  

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He would block, parry, or distract, then slash, pierce or bisect the enemy during the lapse in the response . It was a beautiful thing to watch for actually skilled combatants compared to jumping about with two swords like a monkey then shouting names of sword techniques like they meant something .  

Deployed Soldier was always in control .  

Happy Saint was quite overwhelmed by the fervor of battle . He was an old man and quite refined at that . He was actually one of the few remaining French nobility in modern France, so he had grown up cultured and well-groomed .  

This was also why he preferred crafting, specifically Blacksmithing and Alchemy, because combat wasn't really his thing . However, his new Legendary Class afforded him the power to be a crafter or fighter at will, with a flick of the finger .  

「Combat Form – Active skill 

Effect: Switch to the Combat mode of this class, which increases the defensive and offensive power of manipulated metals by 30% .  

Duration: continuous .  

Cooldown: none . 」 

「Metalmancy – Passive skill 

Effect: The user can manipulate any metal at will . This can be used as an offensive or defensive method for combat, or to assist in crafting for Tradeskills . 」 

「Metallurgy – Passive skill 

Effect: The User is able to sense the presence of metals within a range of 2 miles . The User gains knowledge about all the properties, characteristics, and possible transformations/combinations of all metals . 」 

With these two passives and his Combat Form skill, Happy Saint was Magneto on crack . He opened his inventory and tossed out hundreds of swords, daggers, spears, arrows, etc at the Common or Trash-tier Rank .  

Immediately, he extracted the purified metallic content in these weapons, leaving only debris and waste behind . A veritable sea of pure metallic essence floated around Happy Saint . He then split this giant sea into smaller orbs that floated around .  

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With a wave of his hand, they zoomed into the battlefront and swarmed enemies . Immediately, they changed into different weapons based on the situation . One would become a spear or sword and handle frontal attacks, one would become a bow or crossbow to fire ranged attacks while one became a shield that protected other weapons from retaliation .  

Their tag team was so perfect, especially on the poor void monsters, that they were draining away the HP of these beasts in the hundreds of thousands per second .  

Happy Saint looked strained because he was at the limit of his control, but some of the void monsters tried to target him . As such, he used one of his new skills from his Rank up to cover his defense .  

「Summon Metal Golem – Active skill 

Effect: Channel pure metallic essence from the land to form sturdy metal golems that obey your will .  

Note: Can only be used in areas with minerals .  

Duration: 10 minutes 

Cooldown: 1 day . 」 

Beside him, a large metal golem spawned and remained steady . It made a silent roar as it stretched out its arms and received the incoming void monsters, tossing many of them back with sheer force while engaging the ones remaining .  

The earth shook with the tremors of the sheer physical battle . The metal golem was a monster of great strength and defense, and its speed was shockingly above what one would expect for its size .  

Jada and Jade surveyed the battlefield together . They both held their now Legendary Fire and Ice Wands which boasted far greater power and utility after being rebalanced .  

「Wand of Eternal Fire – Wand 

Rank: Legendary 


Passive 1 – Eternal Flame: All fire-based magic, skills, techniques, and whatnot channeled through this weapon gain the 'Eternal' trait, becoming unblockable and inextinguishable by anyone but the caster .  

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Passive 2 – Eternal Strike: The user's auto-attack magic can be fired at a rate of 100 attacks per second . The auto-attack does fixed damage of 1,000 and ignores magic defense .  

Active 1 – Flame Explosion: Send out a fireball ball that deals 1,000% flame damage over an Area Zone . Cooldown: 1 day .  

「Wand of Eternal Frost – Wand 

Rank: Legendary 


Passive 1 – Eternal Frost: All ice-based magic, skills, techniques, and whatnot channeled through this weapon gain the 'Eternal' trait, becoming unblockable and cannot be liquefied by anyone but the caster .  

Passive 2 – Eternal Defense: The user's auto-attack magic is modified to a defensive skill . Each defensive barrier spawned through this modified auto-attack has 10,000 HP and 90% damage resistance .  

Active 1 – Field of Ice: Send out a wave of ice that traps all enemies over an Area Zone . Cooldown: 1 day .  

Now with their weapons at Legendary, their attacks gained the Eternal trait . This was seemingly useless, but it only made the dangerous duo much more broken individually and even worse since they always fought together .  

The lovely twins held hands as Jada raised her Wand of Eternal Fire and cast her auto-attack out . She now had 100 attacks in a second that were unblockable and ignored magic defense, dealing a fixed amount of 1,000 per attack .  

So if all were to land on a single enemy, Jada could deal 100,000 damage per second basically . This put her slightly behind the likes of Deployed Soldier and some other core members in terms of damage, but it was the absolute lack of cost and sustainability that made Jada better than them .  

These 100 attacks did not use mana, only her guidance . One could see it as Jada holding an assault rifle and she had unlimited mags . She could fire 100 bullets per second and had to reload the next second before she could fire again .  

So it was no loss to her, but the weakness she faced was accuracy . Controlling so many bullets with such a high recoil would be hard, not to mention that the enemy might be swift or nimble . Unless they were a slow hunkering mass, it was hard to land all the attacks .  

Jada faced this problem with the Rank 2 void monsters here . Her barrage of small fireballs crashed into the mass of them, creating a scary and moving visual . However, apart from the first 70 shots that hit random void monsters unprepared, the rest dodged away .  

However, that was why Jada had Jade with her, as the cyan-haired cutie raised her Wand of Eternal Frost with a neutral expression .