Guild Wars - Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: 51

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Draco and Qiong Qi walked along the wide footpaths of the Savannah area, bantering as they went. Suddenly, a rain of arrows fell onto the heads of the duo, coming from the tallgrass on each side of the path way.

Since the grass was almost at the height of a human, anyone or anything could easily hide within it.

Qiong Qi screamed with fear and cowered under the attacks. All the arrows that struck him rebounded off his thick hide, doing not even -1 of damage to him.Yet,he howled and screamed like a pig being slaughtered.


Draco however, had his Control activated passively, so anything that entered a range of 300 meters of him could easily be detected by his Void of Perfection. The arrows were ineffective and would struggle to reach him as they were.

This wasn't limited to the arrows, but any projectile. This was one of the reasons why Draco could ignore Chloe pointing a gun at him back then.

Draco's response to the rain of arrows was to raise his hand and channel his Body of Godliness' redirection of force. When he did, he flicked out.

Draco repeated this action so rapidly that the eyes could not follow his movement. The fellow stood in one spot and just flicked out so casually. Yet, the result of his actions were the steel-tipped arrows being redirected in the direction each of them was fired.

Draco crossed his arms as cries of pain erupted from the tall grass, telling him that is assailants were numerous and very, very injured.

There was a long spell of silence before a few Wood Elves came crawling out of the tall grass, some holding onto each other as they bled. One could even see arrows lodged in torsos and limbs.

Draco's eyes passed over the Wood Elves casually, but his eyes widened and his breathing became rough.

In the group, there was one male and the rest were females. The male had short brown hair which was styled into a roll, stunning Draco. His face was angular and handsome, much like Draco. His eyes were an ambient green, reflecting his closeness to nature.

He wore an open, long-sleeved leather jacket with a dark green cotton t-shirt underneath. His shorts were as brown as his leather jacket, much like his hair color.

His shoes were essentially just gladiator sandals. All in all, this guy needed to see a fashion policeman and turn himself in for arrest.

However, the females…

They also hand angular faces, making them attractive in a fierce sort of way instead of a cutesy or jade-like beauty sort of way. They were toned and muscular without looking androgynous.

The Male Elf was also a lean and muscular, not a single piece of flab anywhere on his body. The females also had short brown hair, which they left natural. They had darker green eyes that displayed their inner ferocity, giving them a dangerous vibe.

Their chests were bound with a light green cotton wrap, exposing their toned abs to the world. They wore no jackets like the male. The female Wood Elves had short skirts that only covered up to their hips for ease of movement, exposing their underwear if one was looking at the right angle.

The skin tone of the Wood Elves ranged from an extremely light tan, where they were almost pale, to a heavy tan, where they looked dark-skinned.

However, what had Draco breathing a little heavily when he saw the Wood Elf females was their proportions. Because they had evolved into the role of hunting, their genetic evolution had eliminated traits that weren't conducive to athletic activities and prioritized those that did.

This meant that they had extremely small chests, the biggest being a B-cup. However the trade off was that they had extremely wide hips and scarily perky peaches that could barely fit within their skirts.

Even Zaine, who Draco thought had the biggest bum he'd encountered so far, could only kneel down in defeat before these women.

To most guys, this uneven spread might not move them much, but to an ass man like Draco, it was like being starved for weeks and being presented with extravagant food.

He wasn't a slave to his desires, but he wasn't a piece of wood. If he saw something that attracted him, he'd react to it.

However, that didn't mean he would suddenly pounce on them. He had even resisted Zaine, much less these low charisma Wood Elves. His reaction to the females wasn't even displayed in the real world, just his own inner world.

The Wood Elves glared at Draco hatefully at first, but their expressions changed when they saw he was a human. They weren't like those foolish Orcs who attacked anything on two legs hoping that they could capture and rape it.

For a human to be present in the non-human inhabited Four Point Valley, it meant one thing…he was here on behalf of the Duke!

Immediately, the male in the group stepped forth and spoke sonorously. "Dear sir, we apologize for our rude greeting. Due to the recent abductions of our people by the Green Orcs, we've become much more defensive of our territory. If we have offended you in anyway, we humbly apologize and plead that you punish us and us alone."

Immediately, all the Wood Elves, even those who were injured, went onto their knees and watched Draco with determination in their features. Whatever he did to them was okay, as long as their people didn't suffer for it.

Draco and Qiong Qi shared a look. These fellows… why in so much of a rush to get on your knees? Has anyone said that we were going to slaughter your race? Who has that much time and energy?

'Besides, I'm here thinking of how I can get into the hearts of all your thick booty females, why would I want to kill you all?' Draco thought. 'But then again, this leaves an opening, Heh heh…'

Draco smirked inwardly and signaled to Qiong Qi. The handsome Lion saw the signal and his eyes gleamed with nefarious intent.

These innocent and honorable fellows shall be played with by us!

Draco walked up to the kneeling Wood Elves and pulled them up to their feet. They were surprised and ecstatic deep down, because that meant that the fellow was planning to be lenient on them.

And why not? After all, they didn't have any evil intentions. They had made a genuine mistake this time which they swore never to repeat again inwardly.

But was life so pleasant and easy?

"Do not smile at me like that, I haven't forgiven your behavior. I only just wanted you all on your feet because I don't like people kneeling before me without my permission."

Draco's cold words were like a cold slap to their faces. All notions that the fellow was a kind and noble soul were crushed and ground into chaff. They realized that they had offended an unreasonable one this time and they needed to resolve this fast. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"What does My Lord want us to do then?" The Male Elf asked with a worried expression.

Draco pretended to ponder for a bit, but his thoughts were interrupted by Qiong Qi, who was howling in pain. The handsome Lion was shivering on the ground while his cries were filled with utmost agony.

Draco's expression changed as he rushed to Qiong Qi's side and grabbed his large head in his hands.


His heartrending cry made the spectating Elves feel tears come to their eyes. They were moved by the feelings that were being emitted from these two, but failed to notice the evil glints in their eyes.

Qiong Qi raised a paw and felt around him. His eyes looked glazed and clearly showed that he had lost his sight. His wisp of life looked like it was about to be extinguished in the very next second.

"B-Brother Draco… remember my old injury from fighting those hordes of monsters by your side years ago? I-I think they've been re-opened by the attacks we received."

Qiong Qi's voice was so thin and weak that one would feel their heart clench in fear.

"Impossible! Those wounds shouldn't have re-opened unless you were forced to dodge a rain of attacks… wait…"

Draco's worried expression morphed into suspicious one as his words reached here. It was as if he had finally gotten a whiff of the scent he as after. At this point, the members of the Wood Elf party felt their hearts go cold.

After all, they could perform such simple logic. If the cause of the Duke's Vassal's current predicament was due to overexertion, there was only one action that occurred recently that could be the cause!

It was them!

When their thoughts reached here, Draco got up slowly and turned to face them. His dramatic actions further buttressed the sheer depth of the shit the Wood Elves were in.

His eyes were bloodshot and menacing as he gazed at them quietly, not rushing to accuse them. It was much worse for the recipients like this. If he had started shouting and accusing them, they could find ways to appease the Duke's Vassal.

But he was just standing there… menacingly!

"Do you people understand what you have done? If my friend dies here, it wouldn't be enough to take your lives. Your whole race within and even outside this valley would be purged in order to carry my friend's soul to the afterlife."

It was uncomfortably hot with the sun blaring down on the people arrayed here, yet the temperature kept dropping with every word from Draco's mouth till they were exhaling mist.

"My…My Lord. Is there a way to help your friend? Like the method that was used to previously treat his injuries?" The Male Elf, who seemed to be the spokesperson, asked with a shaky voice.

Draco and Qiong Qi were still in their roles, but inwardly they were ecstatic. Draco was just thinking about how he'd get to that point, but the fellow already brought them there with one question.

Truly, scamming the naive was rewarding!

Draco paused here and seemed to ponder. He was quiet for so long that the Wood Elves thought that he had gone to sleep. He only spoke again when a few minutes had passed.

"There is a way…"

When the Elves heard this, they were ecstatic.

"… but it's very costly."

This dampened down their spirits, but they firmed their expressions and determined gleams beamed out of their eyes.

"We will do anything to save your friend, My Lord!" They all shouted with those extremely pleasant voices of theirs.

To both Draco and Qiong, these evil bastards, not even the singing of heavenly angels could be as sweet as hearing this.

Draco folded his arms behind him and gazed at them solemnly, as if doubting their resolve. In response, they displayed such unshakable determination that Draco felt that it was enough to work with.

"Her, her, her and her. Send these girls to my lodging tonight in order to take care of me. I need to be in tiptop shape when I perform the healing ceremony tomorrow."

Draco pointed at four of the Wood Elf females with the slimmest waists, yet extremely perky bums with solemnity.

The chosen females were startled at first, but then began to blush. They didn't seem averse to it at all, rather they were looking forward to what Draco insinuated!


To do that, we would have to filter through the memories Draco pilfered from their minds about the situation of the Wood Elves in the Four Point Valley.

The ratio of Elf male to Elf female was 1:100!!!

My God!

For every 100 girls, there was one guy!

And all the girls were big booty beauties! What a paradise, right?


Elves had the most complex DNA of all the races. Even those species that couldn't reproduce had less complex sequences than the Elven family. It was why they lived long lives, yet had so few numbers.

Pure breed Elf to Pure Breed Elf had a conception rate of 1%. It means that after every creampie, you only had a 1% chance to get the female Wood Elf pregnant if you were a male Elf.

So the simple solution was to interbreed with other races right?


Most of the races of the world were so different from one another that conception was extremely unlikely. For example, the Green Orcs had yet to impregnate any gypsy, dryad or Elf they had captured ever.

It wasn't limited to the circumstances in the Unique Quest but the world of Boundless in general.

Update 5 only allowed players to impregnate other players and NPCs, but didn't alleviate the problems these NPCs faced with reproduction.

But for every rule, there was always one exception.

The almighty Human Race was the exception here.

Humans could fuck anything or be fucked by anything and give birth to half breed easily. If you asked any NPC non-human who their favorite sexual partner was, they'd shout 'HUMANS!'.

So, to these Elves who had longed to continue their line, a rendezvous with Draco wasn't a bad idea. Humans hardly came around and when they did, they were mostly sucked dry by the Dryads.

That was why Draco made sure to visit them last. He knew that the Dryads were worse than the female Orcs when it came to males, so he would have to make sure everything was set before he entered that battlefield.

The Male Elf was a bit dissatisfied, but what could he say? He had tried it with many different Wood Elf females, but he had yet to conceive one child. If this human could give them a few babies, they could use their HearthTree to eliminate the human DNA from the child after birth.

"Not a problem, My Lord….?"

"Drake. No last name."

"Right, Lord Drake. If you'd allow us to move Lord…?"

Qiong Qi coughed up a wad of blood and spoke weakly. "Q-Qiong…Q…I….*caf* caf*…"

"Right… Lord Qiong, we'd be able to see to your needs."

Draco waved his hands. "Qiong'er will be fine to walk on his own. But you must make sure to capture the finest lioness in the Savannah for him to begin his healing tonight."

The Elves looked to each other with confusion and doubt. They could understand Draco using the situation to get some benefits, but why the half-dead lion too?

"Um… Lord Drake. Didn't this all begin due to a heavy exertion? Wouldn't it be… unwise to put Lord Qiong in such a situation?" The Male Elf asked with uncertainty.

"There's a difference between moving to save your life and moving to plant a batch of seeds. The former would cause pain, but the latter…"

Draco didn't finish his words but it didn't lessen the doubt. The Elves weren't idiots, they were seemingly unaware that Qiong Qi was lying, but they knew Draco asking for girls to help him for a 'ceremony' was just bullshit. They only agreed because of their situation.

Still, fulfilling this order would cost them almost nothing so…

"It shall be done."

Qiong Qi himself was shedding tears inwardly. If one could enter his inner world, he would be sniveling and crying so hard that one couldn't hear anything else.

Brother Draco!! I, Qiong Qi, swear to stick with your for eternity! You are my golden sun! My shining light! My path to success!

Qiong Qi had never been so moved in his life! This wordless collaboration had gone ten times better than what he'd envisioned! He felt like he was connected with Draco on a fundamental level, and this was the reason he was crying.

When Qiong Qi saw that Draco had achieved their malicious goals, he leapt up to his feet and wore a nonchalant expression. He began to pick his nose idly, looking like all the proceedings so far were so boring that he might just die from them.

This action stunned the Wood Elves and they began to suspect.

Qiong Qi, seeing this, realized he had been too happy. His mind whirred with resolutions as he quickly acted the best one out.

"*CAF* *CAF* *CAF*!!!!" He spat out thick and heavy wads of blood and pulled his finger out of his nose.

With a pained voice, he said; "I was feeling too stifled by this clotted blood from my injury. Luckily, by stimulating my nasal passages, I was able to force it out!"


Draco was so stunned that he almost broke character. My Lord, this Lion had no dignity whatsoever. Who did you expect to believe this dogshit?

"Ah, so that was it! My Lord Qiong, do you feel much better?" The Male Elf asked with a relieved expression, which was mirrored by the females around him.

Double Fuck!

Draco was stunned to see that these fellows actually bought this crap!

"Hahaha, no need to worry. Let us get a move on. I won't be able to keep myself alive much longer like this." Qiong Qi laughed with a gentle expression.

The party began to move through the Savannah, heading towards where Draco ascertained their settlement to be. On the way, Qiong Qi seemed to be absolutely fine and whenever the Elves turned to gaze at him, he would conjure up some fluid to spit out dramatically.

Draco noticed the Elves flashed some hand signals as they went. Since he obviously couldn't understand it, he read their minds.

'You guys, they are probably lying.'

'We know, it was obvious from the onset.'

'We were just playing along.'

'I'm just happy he asked for sex with us. Our numbers are lower this year compared to the last, and the orcs are getting wilder.'


Draco's expression was weird. Why… Why did it seem like these fierce and serious elven women were much more eager to get down to it than he was?