Guild Wars - Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: 59

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Draco and Qiong Qi had entered the territory of the gypsies for a while now. Unlike before, where they were rudely assaulted before being introduced to the abodes of these races, the gypsies were nowhere to be found.

What a joke!

The gypsies weren't a combat capable race. Their strengths lay in the mystic arts as well as meta-philosophy. Even though compatibility mystic arts should make them stronger than most, they were limited by their surroundings.

Mystic arts were meant to be practiced by ugly old witches in the depths of the swamps! They required all sorts of negative emotions as well as vile ingredients to display its full power!

How could a race of dark-skinned men and women, who were described as pretty, practice such arts with ease?! Not to mention that they lived in such a lush and beautiful glade!

That was why they had been the most frequent prey of the Green Orcs. Many gypsies, both male and female, had been captured over and over again to the point where they had turtled themselves up.

So Draco and Qiong Qi had to quite literally walk up to the well-made palisade walls of the gypsy village and knock on the gate. They could easily barge in but… to what end?

The Shameless Duo waited patiently, a feat that would have us who knew them feel fear and trepidation.

These two monsters being so quiet and still… just what did they have planned for these poor gypsies?? Had they not suffered enough over the years?

Soon enough, someone came to inspect the visitors. Upon seeing it was a human and a lion, the guards were startled initially, but calmed down. They had even sharper minds than the Wood Elves as well as the Green Orcs.

They knew about the parasite outbreak and the fact that Lord Dorian would probably send someone to deal with it. The Four Point Valley was his territory after all, and he couldn't see it become infested for nothing.

So this human was the one he sent? He didn't look like much, but they discovered that they couldn't see any of his details. Naturally, one needed to be either at Richmond's Rank or have an extremely high State of Being to be able to see through the Herald's Cloak. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Realizing that, the guards began to feel trepidation. Only those at the extremely high Ranks could hide their information from others, similar to how Draco needed to be Richmond's herald in order to see Richmond's details.

"Good day, My Lord. Might we know your name and purpose?" The Guard Captain, an effeminate man, asked with a smile.

"Name's Drake. No last name. I'm here to cull the parasitic vermin and to do that, I need the help of the indigent races of the Four Point Valley." Draco replied with an emotionless expression.

He gave off the air of cold arrogance, a trait which the gypsies found normal, if not a bit disappointing.

"Ah, so it was my Lord Drake. Please come in and see our Queenmother. My name is Vano and I am the Guard Captain of our humble village." Vano introduced himself while gesturing for the gates to be opened.

Draco folded his hands behind his back, walking in with an imperial manner. His gait was long and his eyes were trained to right in front of him, giving others the view that nothing was worth his attention.

Vano jumped down from the platform attached the the stockade, landing with unparalleled flair. He rose to his feet, since he crouched when he fell, and ran his hand through his hair with a smile.

If one were a lady, their heart would thump. That was, of course, assuming that Vano looked like Draco or Happy Scholar. However, with the fellow's current looks, one might confuse him for a girl.

He was of average height, just a little shorter than Draco. His skin was slightly darker than brown chocolate and his eyes were deep pools of brownish-black. His hair was a simple black in color and was cut short, in a silky manner.

His face was round and very effeminate. His skin was unblemished and his extremities were fresh and clean. His body was curvy in such a way that one might think he was a woman until he was undressed.

He wore a semi-tight set of leather armor, with straps for throwing knives and darts. Around his waist was a belt that had slots for potions and other quick use tools that were too large to fit into his straps.

Unlike Riveting Night or Cobra, who looked like assassins, this fellow looked like a rogue. That was only in terms of class though.

Draco's evaluation for Vano would be three words only.

It's a trap!

Just how much content had the AI been exposed to?!

Draco dared not even look straight at the fellow, or his orientation would be tested this day. With Cobra, it was different. He was 100% male and one could easily tell, but the way he dressed highlighted parts of his body that one did not want to see.

However Vano both looked like and sounded like a tomboyish girl. There was no hidden suspense over his gender, Draco had already seen into his mind.

When Vano came closer to Draco though, he was able to look at him properly. Vano's face reddened and his breathing became rough. What a handsome guy! By the Gods, he was so attractive!

When Draco saw Vano's train of thoughts, he outwardly didn't show any change, but inwardly he wanted to run!


'Brother Qiong, let's not play with these fellows anymore! If I don't escape right now, Eva wouldn't have to worry about me creating a huge harem of babes anymore, but rather whether or not women were still within my strike zone!'

Qiong Qi saw Draco's signal and hesitated. He may not have the Divine Eyes of Caelo, but he was a bonafide World Boss! How could he not read into the situation?

Qiong Qi was unwilling to give up on the kind of benefits that could come with bullying these fellows, but he was worried about his brother Draco. Still, it was just one effeminate guy right, why was it such a big deal?

However, Qiong Qi pictured himself in such a situation where an effeminate and attractive male lion was giving him dangerous glances…

He took in a deep breath.


If it were him and Draco refused to save him, how would he feel? Qiong Qi felt ashamed by his hesitation. How could he be thinking about benefits at such a crucial time in his brother's life?

Often times, the problems of others didn't seem so serious until we ourselves faced them or imagined ourselves in such a spot. Qiong Qi learned that just at this moment.

Suddenly, Qiong Qi began to sweat as he clutched his belly. He whined and cried out in agony, not as strongly as when he was previously acting, but loud enough to make one feel concern.

Draco's expression changed but he noticed a glint in Qiong Qi's eye that told him today's play was different and that he should stay away. Draco understood the message, but was curious as to what Qiong Qi had in mind.

He couldn't read into it for obvious reasons. Qiong Qi was a World Boss with a suitably high State of Being. To think Draco could read his mind while at Rank 1 showed only NAIVETY and IGNORANCE.

Draco could not move but he could speak.

"Brother Qiong! What's wrong?!"

His voice sounded panicked and helpless, as if a child lost at sea. The spectating gypsies could only look on in sympathy and concern. What was going on here?

"B-Brother Draco…I-I'm fine. I just need to rest a bit… AIIEEEEE!!"

Qiong Qi tried to move a little and felt right back down while squealing in pain. The spectating gypsy guards could take it no longer, rushing up to Qiong Qi to see how they could help.

Vano used that moment to angle himself towards his target, Draco! He would move into console the fellow while his men assisted the lion. He would seduce Draco and worm his way onto his good side. When he managed to do that… hehe.

Vano couldn't help but lick his lips. It had been too long since his heart throbbed like this. He want to lure the Drake fellow into his bedroom and be pounded to oblivion!

How could Draco not see all this? He began to sweat profusely and moved away from Vano in a way that made it seem like he was approaching Qiong Qi, but he actually wasn't.

'Brother Qiong, please hurry up! I might not be your same Brother Draco in a few moments!'

Qiong Qi however, was satisfied because everything was going as planned! When he saw the various guards getting closer, his eyes gleamed with evil and he grinned maliciously inwardly.

Bait, set!

Victims, lured!

Trap, activate!

When the guards were finally with range of Qiong Qi, he channeled all his power into his stomach. In there, he concocted the most vile gas one could ever smell and released it!


A strange sound was heard that would normally send one rolling to the floor in laughter, but the guards couldn't find it in themselves to laugh right now.

They were surrounded by a thick green miasmic cloud that infiltrated their noses as they breathed. What was worse was that they had been active, meaning that their inhalations were deep and long.

Some had even used their mouths to breathe, and they had inhaled a good portion of the green cloud.

They immediately came to halt as their faces rapidly changed expression wise. Their complexions shifted between different colors of the rainbow so fast that one would think they had swallowed a Christmas light.

Their faces eventually halted at green and looking ready to explode.





They fell down and rolled on the ground while screaming and crying for help. They clutched their throats and tried to cough out the vile gas while breathing in fresh air.

It would have worked, had Qiong Qi not released a second and more potent burst.

When one was drowning and came up to the surface, they would take in a deep breath to fill their lungs in with air. These poor guards had made that same mistake, so they took in Qiong Qi's fresh rancid fart with even deeper inhalations.

They began screaming and crying like dying pigs, making the people in the houses nearby come out to see what was happening. Were they under attack? Did they need to flee or fight?

However, when they say their defenders rolling on the ground while looking green, they were stunned. These were our noble guards right? They were being attacked and not fooling around… right?

Draco looked on with sympathy while Vano's expression changed. His heart went cold. Had he not fallen into lust and chased after Draco, he would be rolling on the floor as well!

When he thought of that, he looked towards Draco and his eyes narrowed sharply. It was through following this fellow that he lucked out!

That meant that even the Gods were saying that tonight, Draco was destined to be on top of him!


Draco's heart sunk. Instead of being afraid, the fellow was doubly motivated to ride him! Fuck!

However, a sound soon reverberated around the gypsy village that entered everyone's mind, regardless of whether they were deaf or of good hearing.

"Please invite the guest to my abode."

It was a simple and aged female voice that resonated with wisdom and the vicissitudes of life. One couldn't help but feel like a headstrong young pup that knew nothing about life in front of such a voice.

Draco and Qiong Qi became serious immediately and stopped their act. Even Vano suppressed his lust and became much more solemn. The crowd immediately dispersed and the guards took up a proper formation.

"Please follow me, Lord Drake. Our Queenmother calls for you." Vano said with a gentle tone.

"En. Lead the way." Draco said with a nod.

They walked through the gypsy village, crossing through marketplaces and grassy streets to reach a secluded area. The gypsy style of occupation was similar to nomads and circus members, with huge pavilion-like tents that were white in color and had a strange blue banner attached to them.

On the banner was a symbol of a person meditating while planets rotated around him. Draco had to admit, it invoked a strange feeling when he looked at it.

There were parked wagons as well as a few kiosks here and there, making the area possess a slight Middle-Eastern and African ambience.

The gypsy people though, we the true eye candies. The men wore bandannas that bound their short and thin dreadlocks. These bandannas also contained the symbol of the meditating man, coming in a variety of colors.

Their faces weren't angular, but rather were slightly rounder and more gentle. Some had smooth skin while others had coarse skin, but they all shared similar tattoos on their necks and upper bodies.

It was the symbol of gear that looked like it was in the midst of turning.

They wore short sleeved cotton vests that exposed their abs and torso, as well as satin harem pants that were slim, yet not tight. A silk sash was what connected these two articles together, wrapped around their waists with the end tipping down the side.

They were barefooted though, which was bizarre to see.

The women were much more appealing to the eye though, as they all had long waist length hair that was either tied into a long ponytail or left naturally. They had faces that were oval and displayed the pinnacle of Mid-Eastern and African beauty that one could find.

They were unlike the Wood Elves who had their slider tipped more into their bottom than their top. Gypsy females had impressively large busts, thin waists and thick hips, their bodies like a coca cola bottle.

They wore a sports-bra like top that displayed unhealthy amounts of cleavage as well as their toned and flat stomachs to the world, barely managing to restrain their supple breasts from spilling out.

Some females wore sarong skirts of different colors, which displayed a good amount of their butt as well as their panties since it was open on one side and almost see through.

The others wore long harem pants that were split open at the sides and were even more see through than the skirts. One could pretty much see their ass and their panties with no difficulty.

And lord were their bums great, but not as heavenly as the Wood Elf girls.

They were also barefooted.

To Draco, they looked less like philosophers and more like dark-skinned belly dancers, which actually was what gypsies were in the real world. Still… couldn't the AI add some flair to it? Wasn't this just copy paste?

Draco and Qiong Qi were led to a tent with a less flamboyant design, looking as aged and weathered as the voice from before. One would look at it and shake their head, this had to be scrapped.

Upon entry, they were met with the sight of a circular table that was laid with a blue cloth. On it was a crystal ball that gleamed with a murky blue light.

On the other side of the table was an aged, dark skinned woman that looked like she had seen a lot of stuff in her time. She wasn't plump, rather maintaining something like a womanly figure.

However, she couldn't escape the curse of sagging tissue. She had wrinkles on her face, but her slightly droopy skin showed the image of a woman who was a world shattering beauty in her prime.

Her long white hair added a flair to her age, since it was left as it was instead of being tied to a bun. Her eyes were pale though, meaning that she was blind.

She wore a long robe with expressive decorations that told of her cultural heritage over the millennia. When she heard Draco and Qiong Qi enter, she smiled kindly and gestured to the seat opposite herself.

Draco and Qiong Qi shared a look before seating themselves, Draco on the chair and Qiong Qi on his hind legs. The guards, as well as Vano, took their leave the moment they did, without even a word from the old lady.

"Good day, Lord Draco and Master Qiong. My name is Vadoma. I am the Queenmother of the gypsies of the Four Point Valley."

Her voice was even more impactful when it was heard directly. Draco felt like a petulant child in front of his knowing and caring mother, who was chastising him gently. That feeling of shame from being immature and unreasonable struck him in waves.

With a frown, he activated his Void of Perfection and squashed this feeling. Qiong Qi just picked his nose, looking like all the fancy auras in the world meant shite to him.

Seeing that her aura had no effect on these two, she didn't seem disappointed, but rather smiled even more vibrantly. Draco had this strange dissociative feeling that he was looking as the old Vadoma and a younger Vadoma, who was a heart stopping beauty, when she smiled.

"It is my pleasure to be in your presences. I assume you are here to address the issue of the parasites in the Four Point Valley?" Vadoma asked slowly.

Draco snapped out of the illusion and frowned unhappily. Why was he so distracted this time? His mind was a bastion that even real word psychics - if they even existed - should be unable to break.

"That's right. What does Madam Vadoma know about it?" Draco asked with a sharp gleam in his eye.

Vadoma just chittered gently and looked at Draco as if she could actually see him.

"Not much truly. But one phrase comes to mind whenever I meditate on the issue."

Her eyes became sharp as well and her gentle demeanor was drowned by her solemnity.

"A Thousand Mortals Cry In Peril, Birth Of The Ultimate Lifeform."