Guild Wars - Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: 62

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When Vano saw Draco return, his eyes lit up. Now that this fellow's business with his mother was over, he could try to seduce him again. Just thinking about being pressed under Draco got his knees wobbling with excitement.

He skipped up to Draco with a sly smile, a feat which managed to make the hardy Draco feel trepidation. It sounded a bit exaggerated, but the problem was that Vano 100% looked like a reasonably attractive female, not a male.

If it weren't for the Divine Eyes of Caelo, Draco would've believed that Vano was a female cross-dressing as a male due to societal pressure or personal preference but…

The fellow had a donger!

Not a really large one, but still it was there!

"My Lord Drake, allow me to lead you to a suitable…'resting' place." Vano offered with a gleam in his eye. The way he stated the 'resting' told Draco that if he had his way, Draco would get no rest.

"Good. I was also told that your sister would attend to me." Draco reminded. It was best that there was an actual female presence around him to prevent this guy from trying anything funny.

Vano froze when Draco said that, but returned to normal instantly. Inwardly, he was grumbling and complaining. Mum, why must you make things difficult for me? You said you loved me no matter what, right? Why are you playing these games with me then?!

Vano sighed and decided to delay no longer. "Please follow me, Lord Drake."

They left the quiet abode of the Queenmother and re-entered the lively gypsy village, with music continually playing and a few males as well as females dancing freely and without a care.

Draco was surprised. One would expect a race who had their people kidnapped semi-frequently to be a lot more muted and morose but these gypsies seemed a lot less depressed and a lot more vibrant.

Vano noticed Draco's strange look and decided to explain. "You are surprised that we are happy despite the oppression we face? It's actually reasonable. The people who have been kidnapped aren't going to be killed or mistreated. They will be fed and cleaned well, free to do what they want in their free time. They only need to be available when the Green Orcs decide to vent their lust."

Draco listened but felt it was bullshit. In fact, many of us in the crowd did as well. Just because one was being treated well didn't change the fact that they had been taken against their will and were imprisoned, no matter how lax the confinement was.

But Draco of all people understood that majority of the NPCs in Boundless didn't think like real world humans. They had their own cultures, with their own perception of what was good and bad as well as what was right and wrong.

(Authors note: It'll be explained later, but for the purposes of philosophy in this novel, Right and Wrong are different from Good and Bad.)

To impose his thinking onto them would be wrong. After all, whatever he thought was truly valid might be actually invalid in the eyes of someone else and what someone else felt was invalid might be valid to him. He remained silent and didn't comment.

Vano noticed this, but didn't talk much. Draco seemed to be the less obnoxious type who thought how he viewed the world was the right way and that any other way was bad, requiring reprimand.

There was no need to push the matter further then.

Soon, they reached a small pavilion which had a different design from the rest. This was one blue in color and had no motifs or banners, seemingly plain and simple. Clearly, it was a place that guests were made to stay.

Vano entered it with Draco and took him around. "Inside this tent is a bed, a desk with a chair, a chest for belongings and the rest is space for whatever you want to put there."

The other pavilions were about the size of a two story house, but this one was about the size of a studio apartment. It was roomy enough and the lighting wasn't bad, but it was certainly bare.

Gypsies were a nomadic tribe after all, so possessing many items was seen as idiotic by them. Naturally, for the purposes of this quest, they had been staying in the Four Point Valley for a while for a reason that hadn't been shared yet.

It was extremely clear to Draco that this quest wasn't as simple as he thought, and these races weren't as helpless and useless as he had expected.

"May I come in?" A gentle voice asked outside the pavilion.

Draco guessed that it was the sister of Vano and didn't even bother to look back. "Sure."

The flap was pulled open, admitting her into the pavilion. Draco, who had been checking out the sparse tent with a frown, turned around to see what this girl was about.

When he saw her, he was astounded.

It wasn't just because she was much more beautiful than any other female NPC he had seen so far, even Zaine, but because she was a carbon copy of her mother Vadoma. She looked just like the younger version of Vadoma he had seen in a haze.

Her hair was like her mother's, long and silky but it was tied into a long pony tail with a metallic band. It was also blueish-green in color and was extremely plentiful.

Her eyes were limpid pools of purple and her eyelashes were much more pronounced than the average girl. Her face was round and extremely sweet, mixing with her mature outlook and body to create a beautiful sight that would make any fellow's heart thump.

Her lips weren't thin, but were slightly thick as well as deep red and one couldn't take their eyes off them, gulping as they imagined what they would taste like.

Her neck was thin and her torso was short. She had a respectable C-cup chest that looked almost like a D-cup from the way it stood up so firmly. She wore only a blended, semi-transparent, cotton bra pad that covered her nipples and areola, but left the rest free.

Her stomach wasn't just flat but contained the outline for a six-pack, which made her look fit and healthy. Her waist was narrow as well, making her seem thin.

However her hips just burst out from there, as if her sides had been filled with helium. She had the second widest hips he'd ever seen, right after the Wood Elf girls. Unfortunately, her ass wasn't as expressive as the Wood Elf girls, but it was suitably thick and perky enough.

After all, the Wood Elf females had evolved in such a way that their wide hips and beautifully thick bums were for a mixture of childrearing and hunting. This girl looked like she was born with these hips just for bellydancing.

Draco could imagine her dance would be a killer. With such a body shape, he would be lucky if he could still look at another girl after seeing her dance once.

She wore black harem pants that began at her thighs and went down to her feet. Covering her crotch area was a pair of snow-white, thick panties that outlined her special area in drool inducing ways.

She was also barefooted.

(Author's note: She sorta looks like Shantae.)

Her clear and pure eyes looked right into Draco's and for a second, his 'seeing' automatically activated on its own. He looked into her train of thought and was surprised to find that she had extremely clean and kind thoughts.

She looked at Draco and blushed. Just because she was pure, didn't mean she was a piece of wood. She found Draco superbly attractive, but chastised herself. How could she be thinking about their guest in such a manner?

In fact, it was the pure hearted girls who found it extremely easy to fall in love because their train of thought was not convoluted with other things like material wants, prejudices and imposed preferences.

It was usually when these pure girls were disappointed again and again by the bad apples that they'd harden up and became much more difficult to move unless one fit a much more specific criteria.

"My name is Roma. I am the daughter of the Queenmother and the elder sister of Vano. I shall be your caretaker during your stay in our little hamlet." Roma introduced herself with a gentle smile that warmed the heart.

Her voice was a bit deeper and her accent was slightly Caribbean in tone.

Draco smiled back, but Vano didn't. He seemed unhappy that his date for tonight was so moved by his sister, his own flesh and blood! He couldn't help it though, his preferred strike zone were guys like Draco who were devilishly handsome but weren't into him… yet.

What Vano took the most pleasure was corrupting straight fellows until they could only think of pressing themselves onto him and making him their plaything.

However, his sister always got in the way with her heavenly looks! Granted, none of the other guys had been able to move his sister as well, so he didn't have to face such odds.

But this current fellow, who was his life's goal and his soulmate - which was what Vano thought of Draco - had managed to capture his sister's attention in a way he didn't like!

He felt threatened!

"Sister, to be honest, I myself could be enough for Lord Draco's needs. There's no need to bother yourself with such matters." Vano supplicated with an ingratiating smile.

However, Roma smiled at her little brother lovingly and rubbed his head. "Mother asked me to do it, Vano. I must obey her orders."

Vano sighed. His sister was far too loyal to his mother and he was the same to an extent. He couldn't blame her for her lack of flexibility, but it still pained him deep down.

But then his eyes gleamed with ferociousness. If I can't be pounded tonight, then I shall lay the foundation for me to be ravaged another day! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

With his resolve strengthened, Vano smiled calmly and bowed. "If that's the case, then I'll be taking my leave, sister and Lord Drake. Please summon me if you need anything."

Draco, who had been sweating all this while, finally breathed a sigh of relief when the fellow left. He felt like he had soaked in a bath of liquid as his armor felt uncomfortable.

"How can I be of service, Lord Drake?" Roma asked with a gentle curtsy.

"Where do you people bathe?"

Roma was surprised by this question, and her face flushed a little. "We have a public bath and sauna that everyone shares together."

Draco's eyebrows rose. Did that mean he had to bath among all those hot gypsy girls? They weren't as visually perfect as the Wood Elf girls - to Draco only of course - but that was still enough to test any fellow. Especially him who had tasted the sweetness of orgies recently.

Seeing his expression, Roma bit her lips before making a decision.

"But if you don't like it… I could show you my personal bathing area…" Her voice became lower and lower as she spoke, to the point where her words cut off abruptly.

Draco didn't make it even more awkward for her by reacting strongly, instead he gave her a grateful look and a gentle smile. "I thank Beauty Roma for her kindness. You really are a lovely woman."

Roma's face became even redder, but her expression was less shamefully embarrassed and more pleasantly bashful. She was extremely happy that she had made this choice and her feelings for Draco deepened when she saw how thoughtful he was.

What a joke!

Draco had been tutored personally on how to bring women the best pleasure during sex by Maria, but the one who taught him how to maneuver the heart of a woman was his big sis, Sublime Notion!

That was even assuming that he couldn't see her train of thought. With the Divine Eyes of Caelo, Draco was the ultimate playboy who would be able to say and do the things any woman wanted in a perfect way.

Of course, he wasn't a casanova and he wasn't interested in morphing his personality just because he wanted to move someone. If they didn't like his natural self, then he would have to wear a mask around them 24/7 which was tiring!

Roma led Draco to a clearing amidst some trees in a small and closely knit forest area. The trees were so close to each other than they might as well be touching.

There was only one pathway into this clearing and the thick canopies allowed little sunlight into the clearing. It was bright enough that one could see what they were doing within the place but dark enough that one could not see into the clearing from outside.

Anyone who was in this glade would be hidden from the outside world.

When Draco saw all this, his face remained gentle but inwardly, his expression became strange. This place… seemed pretty perfect if one had nefarious activities in mind.

Of course, Roma was pure but she wasn't a naive child. She could understand such implications, although the reason she chose this place was because her mother had told her to remain pure until her soţ came for her.

In the culture of these gypsies, a soţ was the destined soulmate of the incumbent Queenmother, who would father her children which were always one boy and one girl.

The soţ was usually a non-gypsy member who would pass through and not stay with the group. As it stood, Roma only knew of her father's name, but not where he was.

Her mother had told her that her soţ was the person she felt most comfortable with and a strange resonance would form between them. Roma wasn't sure if she felt such a resonance just yet, but she definitely felt something new.

Draco looked at her askance and began removing his armor slowly. Roma's face changed and she wanted to turn around but…

She couldn't!

It was like being tricked by clickbait and being unable to stop reading/watching the content even though you wanted to. You told yourself that just a bit more and you'd leave the page, but those lines repeated in your head until the subject matter was over.

Roma was stuck in such a situation.

She watched Draco strip himself from fully armored to half naked with a difficult expression and erratic breathing. Draco looked heroic with his armor on, but he looked much more enticing when half naked.

His chest was bare and he only wore a pair or underwear which didn't do much to hide his bulge. Roma was being treated to a sight that she had never seen before.

Draco smiled at her reassuringly and entered the pool, which was surprisingly cool but not cold. The depth was only up to his shoulders, so he was able to rest his arms on the bank with his back to the wall of the pool.

Roma trembled where she stood, struggling with herself. She was a good girl who had yet to do anything bad or even sexual, even though she knew the theory of it. She wasn't completely oblivious to it.

Like any virgin, she often fantasized about sex, but only with the right person. It was normal though. Before we all lost our first time, we always pictured that it would be a romantic scene with our soulmate…

Whether or not that always stayed true, the fact was that Roma had that mindset. She had been able to resist her hormones so far because very few fellows managed to move her so strongly.

Of course, some guys did, but not in the way Draco did. It was like a young rabbit being enticed by a fox, or a ladybug being lured by the spider. She knew that once she crossed this chasm, there would be no return or redemption.

She knew that, so why was she walking towards the pool? Why were her hands removing her harem pants, leaving only her silk bra and white panties on?

Why had she entered the pool with an alluring and flushed face, her eyes unable to leave that of Draco's?

Why was she still approaching the fellow, even though he had such an evil and enticing smile on his face?

It was a scene that would have a bystander feel complex emotions. They were quite literally watching the untainted soul being tricked by the devil, falling into his trap and becoming his prey.

Roma stopped when she was in front of Draco and she finally managed to break eye contact. When she did, she screamed at herself inwardly.

'What am I doing?! Do I lack self-control to the point where I'd willingly put myself in such a compromising situation so easily?!'

'I-I barely know him… but mother said our soţ would be a passersby… and if I missed this chance I might doom our lineage.'

'I feel a scary pull towards him that I cannot resist but… how can I be sure?!'

'What if I'm wrong… what if he's intentionally doing it?'

When Roma thought that, she raised her head and looked at Draco, who was watching her with a slight smirk.

When she saw his pulsing red eyes that looked like portals into the land of euphoria, she had to bite the inside of her mouth to come out of her dazed state.

(Authors note: an effect of the Divine Eyes of Caelo which changed his eye color)

'It's useless! I can't resist, ah! I can't leave and I can't go forward!'

'Someone… anyone… please save me from myself…'