Guild Wars - Chapter 67

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:18:37 PM

Chapter 67: 67

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When the crowd heard his name, everyone stilled for a few seconds before the storm erupted.

"WAHAHA!! That is a God-tier name!"

"Brother Rambunctious is too fierce!!"

"Big Brother Buttlover, this Little Sis would like you to inspect my bum!"

"Fuck off to a corner girl, your bum looks like a washboard."

"How dare you?! This robe hides my charming form!"

"Hmph, I am unconvinced. After this orientation, I would like to inspect it myself because I think you are lying."

"You!! What are you trying to insinuate?!"

"What, you don't dare?"

"What wouldn't I dare to do?! Hmph!"

The reception Rambunctious received was extremely vocal. He was a core member, a person who was above them all but below only a few. Yet his name was the craziest of all, making them feel a closeness with him.

Besides, he was a Battle Bard, which was a variation of the Bard class. Lord knew that everyone loved bards.

Rambunctious Buttlover was unmoved though. His eyes swept through the crowds loosely, and he seemed like surveyor inspecting his property for a hidden gold mine.

Since he was behind Riveting Night, Sublime Notion and the Five Generals he included them in his sweep.

What was he looking for?

Big butts! Beautiful butts! Perky butts!

Rambunctious Buttlover rambunctiously loved butts.

When he checked the 108 guild members, he saw a wide variety of butts from the ladies, but none really stood out. Majority of them were mostly visually pretty and had more expressive chests.

Their bums weren't bad, but didn't fit his supreme taste!

His eyes moved to Riveting Night's bum, but he realized it was also very normal. Maybe a bit more round and with nice proportions than most, but far too small.

Rambunctious quickly shifted his eyes away, feeling a strange aura emitting from Riveting Night when his evil eyes surveyed her bum. It felt like he was staring at a sleeping snake, and to continue looking would be to wake it up to strike.

His eyes landed on Sublime Notion's bum and he shook his head. This cute loli was the diametrical opposite of the Wood Elves who had no tits and all ass. She had all tits and no ass!

No ass, no class! No ass, no pass! No ass…sigh alas…

Rambunctious Buttlover's eyes moved from Sublime Notion to the Five Generals and his eyes skipped over the three dudes, landing on Cobra's. When they did, his face paled as he realized he was trapped.

The fellow was a dude, but that bum!!!

Put it on a girl, and she just might fit his criteria!

Rambunctious struggled for a while until a ferocious expression appeared on his face. He bit the inside of his mouth and spat blood in order to escape the trap.

When he moved to Rina, who didn't even bother to hide her figure in anyway, Rambunctious froze. The fellow looked like his soul had fled from his body in that moment, as he took in the heavenly sight that was Rina's fat bum.

Of course, Rina couldn't compare to Maria or the Wood Elf girls, but she was extremely close to Zaine. Her bum was thick and round, although her hips weren't too wide.

She had the shape of a mature and sexy woman, the kind that set fire to every young man's heart. A lot of the other dudes also had eyes on the beauty that was Rina, and she loved it.

Maroon Rina on a deserted island with no food and she'd be able to survive just on lustful glances from men. Even advances were okay with her, to a certain limit.

Sometimes, one couldn't help but wonder who was the true succubus between Rina and Zaine…

Rambunctious came out of his daze with a solemn expression. His eyes were incomparably focused and his aura became stoic as well as heroic. Those fellows who were laughing suddenly went quiet when they felt this.

Even Riveting Night, who was exasperated by Rambunctious' unchanging nature over two timelines, had let him go after 'inspecting' her because Rambunctious was one of Draco's true best friends when he was in Darkrow.

Even when the Evil Duo fought for years after that, Rambunctious and Sublime were the only two who could walk into both guilds freely and be treated with respect.

Rambunctious was also one of the few who was a firm believer in her, despite everyone calling her a whore, giving Riveting Night an extremely good impression of him.

Rambunctious was just that type of friend whose bullshit would make you roll your eyes, but not having him around felt like something was missing.

Case in point…

Rambunctious walked forward and dropped to his knees before Rina, an act which startled everyone. What was he doing…?

Wait, he wasn't really planning to…?!

Rina panicked as she thought about this.

Rambunctious was handsome in a way, but he couldn't make her panties wet like how Draco could. At this point, Rina wasn't even playing anymore, she found it hard to stop thinking about the Handsome Boss all the time.

However, she was too scared of the Lady Boss. Rina was sharper than the other Generals and could tell that the Lady Boss was obsessed with the Boss. If she dared to seduce the Handsome Boss, she might be stabbed to death!

Rambunctious had light green hair that was cut short, ending just at the nape of his neck. He wore a light red archer hat with a white feather sticking out of it. His face was a mix of angular and oval, making him handsome in a less sharp and breathtaking way like Draco.

His eyes were a light brown and his skin was creamy. His attire was essentially a mixture of open leather armor and some cloth armor at the joints. He had a belt with a flute and a harmonica within. On his back was a lute that was strapped on.

His armor was black in color, giving him an attractive vibe altogether. It was why that lass in the crowd was willing to play with him a little.

"My Lady, might I know your name?" Rambunctious asked solemnly.

"Erm, Lusty Wench." Rina said with a raised eyebrow. The fellow could just use his basic identification skill to see her name.

"What a lovely name! Truly befitting such a wondrous woman of your stature!" Rambunctious eyes lit up.

Rina's eyes narrowed as a bevy of thoughts flashed through her mind. It seemed as if the fellow was hell bent on licking her boots no matter what!

His words though, were heavenly on the ears and her face flushed from their potency.

Lord, I know I'm a woman who enjoys validation a lot, but this is too much! I feel like this one line has filled me up for a year!

But wait, I want more! In order to get more, I must play with this fellow until his mouth can only speak praises of me!

Rina's eyes flashed with resolve and a bit of malicious intent, which was missed by everyone except Kiran and Riveting Night. Riveting Night felt sick amusement and Kiran just didn't care.

It seemed as if Rambunctious was destined for a hard life!

"Hehe, Brother Rambunctious truly has a lovely mouth. This Big Sis is aware that my bum can break mountains and shatter heavens." Rina spoke with a playful tone and a mocking expression.

"The question is, do you have the strength and divine right to handle This Queen's bum?"

Rambunctious' expression changed multiple times as these words hit him like a train. His will and love for peach was being tested today! Could he truly handle this woman?

Rambunctious wasn't sure. Rina's bum was excellent, a straight S-grade bum. If it were the Wood Elf girls, he would rate them as having SSS-grade bums.

For the current Rambunctious, such existences were too far away. Even the stoic Draco lost all will to resist in front of these ladies with heavenly bums, much less Rambunctious.

Rina alone was a huge mountain he would have to climb! But climb it he will!

His eyes flashed with seriousness as he stood up and spoke with a firm expression, his words reverberating in the room with fierceness and determination!

"I can! I will! I do!"

"For all the unconquered asses, I cannot fail. For all the conquered asses, I must remain strong!"

"Everything I do, is for ass! Ass is the path! It is the way forward!"

His words resonated with the crowd and everyone felt the weight of his conviction as well as his beliefs. Despite how bizarre it sounded, one could not help but feel something moving about it.

"This is a true man! He sticks with his beliefs even when faced with daunting adversity!"

"Sigh, I wish I could trade my D-cup for a perkier bum. That way, Brother Rambunctious could become stronger."

"Girl, your willingness to sacrifice that for Brother Rambunctious makes you a Queen in your own right. Keep it up!

"Teehee, thank you~"

Riveting Night just facepalmed.

"Follow me. We're going to the nearest hundred man dungeon."

Her voice became heavy, and the people arrayed in the room couldn't help but become serious.

"It is time to test you all properly."