Guild Wars - Chapter 95

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:18:05 PM

Chapter 95: 95
Around the roots of the Chaim, one could see a strange and bizarre sight. All around were naked female Dryads with plus-sized, perky breasts and nice, shapely butts spread around haphazardly.

They were sprawled in the grass with different positions, some with their faces in the earth while their butts stuck up, some with their arms and legs splayed around and some looking no different from ragdolls.

However, they all shared a few similarities and it wasn't just their similar hair style and facial features, but also the fact that they had their eyes almost rolled back into their heads as their tongues lolled out.

They looked like they had passed out with euphoria and no longer had the mental acuity to rise again.

On their bodies were some whitish substances that had bits of black in it. This substance did cover their forms, but most of it came pouring our of their vaginas like a slow waterfall.

Some of the girls had it come from both their mouths and their canals, and these ones looked like their souls had been stolen away.

They all twitched like people who had been shocked with electricity or tazed, their bodies jerking about erratically. It was extremely clear, that either the process that got them filled up or the liquid that was poured into them, was too potent.

Once one got over these sights, there was a period where they would sniff absurd scents coming from the bodies of these Dryads. Their pheromones were on full release, leaving one's nose filled with the scent of springtime happiness and luring any male here like a moth to a lamp.

However, if one was able to clear their minds, they would discover that there were some sounds occurring nearby, but a bit far.

As one walked over the various bodies of the Dryads, which were twitching and leaking cum, one would discover that there were about 4 of them left, surrounding around a central form, partaking in acts that would make one blush.

The four girls all had the biggest butts of the lot, enough that one could grab it with their hands and not grasp even half of it. Some had smaller chests though, but still enough that one could play with it easily.

Though, it was the male in the center who really caught the eye. His face was visual perfection, the precise depiction of a beautiful male angel with the aura of the most handsome devil. Anyone who was into males would find their heartstrings tugged by him.

Their lust would rise and their faces would redden, regardless of which type of males fit their special criteria.

He was currently on top of a Dryad girl with pale skin, his toned and naked body looking like it was cut from a slab of the finest jade. If one had seen the old him, they would never understand how a skinny fellow became so ripped and well-built.

His face was locked into an expression of viciousness as he pounded the Dryad beneath him, who was crying out for help. She had seen the other girls being sent into unconsciousness and felt her lust peak as she couldn't wait for the same to happen to her.

However, being on the receiving end, she now understood why they all screamed for help.

The dick that was penetrating her canal was too big and too potent!

She was a Dryad, the race of female Wood Nymphs that were synonymous with sexual pleasure and beauty. She had tasted various dicks in her life and enjoyed each one of them, but none of them had sent her into the clutches of madness like this one.

Draco was piercing into this current Dryad in the prone bone position, his hips smashing into her butt as his dick bashed her insides like a jackhammer digging the earth.

The slapping of skin echoed out as Draco's thighs connected with her fat, soft and fleshy butt, creating what looked like waves on the sea as her skin bounced about.

The Dryad clutched the grass around her for dear life as she received Draco's rage and passion. Her moans and cries soon became senseless and incoherent as her eyes began to roll back into her head.

She laughed like an idiot as her insides were continually re-arranged by a foreign intruder that was tyrannical in its actions.

Eventually, she just lay there, moaning, laughing and crying out in pleasure like a mentally retarded person, her sense of reason long gone. All she could feel was the walls of her vagina being forcefully pushed aside by something so far larger than what should be allowed in there.

As such, when she was penetrated to the max and Draco's tip was pressed onto her cervix, she could only shriek like a banshee and thrash about as a hot burst of liquid entered her womb.

The cum poured into her like small shots from a water gun, sloshing about in her womb.

For her, it felt far too hot and heavy! This semen was far different from anything she ever had sent into her!

It was like mercury, so hot and thick! It also tyrannically stimulated her vagina with its potent life force and energy, carrying with it limitless power that the child would inherit.

That was why the others twitched so strongly even though they were out cold. The powerful semen was like placing a powerful vibrator right inside their wombs, giving them the occasional jolt as it sloshed about.

Draco rose from this Dryad, who now lay there like a piece of wood, his cum leaking out of her slowly.

He turned to the three remaining Dryads, which happened to be two of the youngest looking ones and Aisha.

The three of them standing together, with their vaginas dripping and their faces red, created a kind of visually stimulating sight that words could not do justice to describe.

Yet Draco just stood languidly and he placed his right arm on his waist, resting as his erect member stood ramrod straight like a spear in war.

His calm and relaxed demeanor was even more attractive to these Dryads and they felt their grip on reality about slip as they became light headed due to the sheer influx of hormones.

Draco was secretly startled by his own clarity of mind though.

No matter how many Dryads he had fucked, he never felt physically or mentally exhausted. He never felt the sensations of sex diminish as he had more and more of it.

In fact, every time he plunged himself into a new Dryad, it was as if he was having sex for the first time in months, assuming he hadn't even touched himself during that time.

The pleasure was exactly how it was described, amazing and impossible to resist as a human with a human mind.

However, Draco was no longer 'human' like before, when he was with Zaine and the Wood Elf girls. He was more of a true Human, which made him adopt certain traits that were seemingly supernatural and impossible to normal humans.

It was his bloodline.

In the Lucifer Linage, there were three bloodline Inheritances. The Serpent God, the Horned Demon and the Dark Angel.

All of these encapsulated different attributes of their progenitor, Lucifer. His lineage expanded around these traits and had adopted a very devilish and demonic way of life with their chaos-inducing personalities.

However, one trait that the Serpent God, Horned Demon and Dark Angel Inheritances simultaneously possessed was sexual prowess.

The Serpent God didn't truly possess this trait, but Draconic beings were known to be extremely prolific, although birth rates were low. But make no mistake, Dragons, when not lazing about, were seriously having sexual intercourse.

It wasn't always with other Dragons, but could be lesser species, which was why so many Dragon variation monsters and beasts existed, though they were much weaker.

The Horned Demon was… it was even less convoluted and extremely self-explanatory. The Horned Demon was known to be the King of the Nine Circles of Hell, which were Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud.

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Not to mention that it was always depicted that the Horned Demon was the king of capturing females of the human race and forcing himself on top of them to birth more evil spawn. Noble paladins and heroes would then vanquish this evil demon and rescue the damsels.

The Dark Angel Inheritance was also prolific because most Dark Angels were cast from heaven for committing one of God's greatest taboos, which was to have sexual relations with human females. They were then cast down from heaven and accepted into hell by the King of Dark Angels himself.

Though, it was more to do with the mental and psychic abilities that such an Inheritance gave, providing Draco with a means to prevent the intense sensations from overwhelming his mind.

Draco walked over to the three remaining Dryads and grabbed one of the younger ones who had darker skin. He placed her on the ground in a missionary position and plunged his throbbing cock into her wet and sopping vagina viciously.

He seemed to bathe in pleasure as she cried out in a mixture of euphoria and agony. His blood and body seemed to loosen up, based on the fact that he was dominating a female beneath him like this, granting him more power.

For the Dryad, it felt great to be penetrated so deeply by such a huge member, but not so great when it was done so suddenly and in one go.

However, Draco did not stop to let her get used to this troublesome intruder in her body. He began to pull back and plunge his dick into her canal, smashing her hips as Draco brought his to connect to hers.

She could only grab onto Draco's back and try to remain stable as everything she knew was turned upside down and her insides were sent on a trip all around her body.

She moaned, cried out and even panted like a dog, the sensations of sex with a monster like Draco slowly overwhelming her. She felt her mind begin to slip as the pleasure reached horrifying levels, levels she was not supposed to feel.

This Dryad girl, even as her mind and rationality slipped away, realized that after today, she would never enjoy sex again if it wasn't with Draco.

As such, when Draco filled her up with his cum, she simply become like the others and lost her grip on reality, entering a state of semi-consciousness.

Draco grabbed the one other Dryad girl remaining and observed this one for a while. She was extremely short, to the point where she might not even be 5 feet tall.

No matter what, she definitely looked more of a loli than Sublime Notion or Warm Spring, and her cheeks were pinachable too.

Her well developed breasts and extremely fat ass gave her a certain appeal that was bizarre though. A short girl who was extremely thick up top as well as below was an extremely rare sight.

Draco lifted her up and turned her around so that he could see her ass as he destroyed her.

The Dryad girl realized that she was in for an unforgettable experience as Draco carried her so easily, his strength scaring her. She had no time to complain, as Draco placed the head of his dick to the entrance of her canal.

Once she felt that monstrous cock pressing up to her tight lips, the Dryad girl felt extreme fear and excitement roil through her as her stomach mimicked the feeling of butterflies fluttering within.

She craved the experience and feared it too, especially since Draco's large dick was much bigger than the entrance to her canal. As it pushed in, she felt her mind begin to tremble as a bit of pain assailed her.

Draco plunged his dick all the way in, but was startled when he felt a thin barrier being torn down by his member's advance.

It couldn't be that this particular Dryad girl was a virgin right? Wouldn't that be a bit too lucky?

The Dryad girl felt her hymen being ripped apart and her canal filled with a huge dick. Her mind shut down for an instant and came back as she thrashed about and screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

For Nymphs, having their hymen torn was still somewhat pleasurable. Truly, this race was born for sex.

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Draco paused for a bit as he felt the virgin blood of the Dryad girl enter his member without him doing anything. It had nothing to do with his bloodline, but rather a game related element that he knew from his past life.

「Congratulations on acquiring: Virgin Blood of a Dryad


Nymph Lord passive skill」

「Nymph Lord – Passive skill

Rank: Rare

Effects: All members of the Nymph race are subtly charmed by you and are more likely to submit.」

This Rare passive skill was highly sought after by most men in his previous life, because who didn't want a Harem of loyal Nymphs surrounding them?

One thing about Nymphs was that they possessed no sense of propriety. If you had sex with her and tried to make her stick to you only, you were a nothing more than a clown. Marrying a nymph was no different from having a clothier make you special a green hat.

Even if you captured them as slaves, the moment another man made advances, they would cave in and allow him to inseminate them.

Yet people still flocked to Nymphs because they provided pleasure that real life sex could not create. It was a sensation that was amazing and addictive, yet knowing that it wasn't solely yours was very a bitter pill to swallow.

Draco smirked and began to pound the Dryad girl beneath him, whose body was jerking about. It was extremely alluring to see such a thick and long thing penetrate her canal from Draco's point of view, adding to the stimulation of the whole act.

From Aisha's point of view, she could see this poor Dryad girl losing her mind as a dick that was larger than anything she could handle easily penetrated her so wickedly.

One could even see the shape of Draco's dick as it pushed about the abdomen of the Dryad girl with impunity, her belly stretching out as the rod re-arranged her guts into the shape it wanted.

The Dryad girl's eyes rolled back into her head as the pleasure overwhelmed her, but she didn't laugh like idiot. She just remained semi-conscious as the pleasure peaked even further.

Before Draco could even fill her up, she released a golden shower and passed out, saving her from the tyrannical sensation of being inseminated by Draco.

He placed her body down and observed this Dryad whose virginity gave him an ability many had sought after in his past life.

Then he turned to the only remaining Dryad here.


The Queen of the Dryads was much more mature than any of the others. The others looked like young girls who were fresh out of high school and had that youthful taste to them.

The one Draco had just inseminated even looked like she was a bit younger than that, though they were all within the age limit Draco had imposed.

Aisha was similar to Maria with her huge breasts and extremely fat buttocks that looked like two huge watermelons smashed together.

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(Author's Note: Aisha looks like Celestine Lucross from Kuroinu. Here's an image (NSFW)

As she stood there in her naked glory, with her breasts heaving up and down, as well as her tightly closed legs which rubbed each other as she tried to minimize her arousal, it created a sight which made Draco's lust peak.

"Come here."

Even without the effect of his Dark Angel Bloodline, just the Nymph Lord passive skill was enough to make Aisha obey with a face that was alluring and enchanting as her lust was displayed so obviously on it.

"Yes, Lord Draco."

Aisha walked up to Draco and gazed into his eyes, showing her extreme desire. Draco found this to be quite potent, even with his own willpower.

The problem was that Aisha was too damn sexy. No woman should be allowed to have a body like this and walk around with a face like that. It would ruin relationships since everyone, whether male or female, would bow at her feet.

And yet, she stood before Draco, her vagina dripping from her desire for him and her breath misty from gazing upon his form.

How could he not be moved?

"On your knees. Use your lovely breasts to worship my member. Afterward, I might decide to impregnate you too."

Draco did not know why, but he suddenly wanted to dominate Aisha much more fiercely than he did for the other Dryads. As such, he made this command, which surprisingly, Aisha followed immediately.


She knelt down on the gentle and soft grass, her huge breasts bouncing as she moved. When she settled, she grabbed both of her lovely mounds and captured Draco's dick between them.

Draco, who had been smirking all this while, had his expression freeze as he felt the sensation of being between Aisha's breasts.

Aisha immediately began to move her breasts up and down with her hands, not needing any lubrication to galvanize the movement. Her soft and supple breasts were more than enough to get Draco feeling weak to the knees with their shape and malleability.

As she brought her massive chest up and down his cock, Draco felt like his dick was being rubbed by two warm and silky blankets. It was an extremely pleasurable feeling that made him moan a little, though he regretted it instantly.

It was like Aisha had been given some drugs the moment she heard his moan, as her tempo and ferocity increased suddenly.

Draco felt his body begin to shake as she kneaded her breasts over his dick, her large tits managing to swallow it up as it rubbed all over his member.

Draco panted heavily as he felt his willpower being chipped away. The sensation of Aisha's breasts on his dick like this was too good. He felt his dick begin to throb as a hot and heavy fluid climbed up his shaft.

Aisha, as if sensing his incoming orgasm, increased her tempo sharply and brought the tip of Draco's dick into her mouth as she sucked on it.

The moment she did, Draco burst out with all his might, sending waves of cum into the mouth of Aisha.

For that matter, the Dryad Queen simply swallowed it all and licked her lips with an expression of enjoyment.

"Please lie down, Lord Draco. Allow me to please you."