Guild Wars - Chapter 96

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:18:04 PM

Chapter 96: 96
Draco found himself complying to Aisha's suggestion as he lay down on his back, the soft grass tickling and caressing his skin . Draco saw Aisha raise her left leg and place it to the right of his waist, while she placed her right leg to the left of his waist .

As she stood over him, Draco could see her clean shaven and attractive vagina . As a Dryad, it was almost a given that her vulva would assume the shape of a flower with closed petals . If one did not know any better, one would think that she was a virgin .

Draco watched Aisha as she lowered her entrance onto the tip of his dick slowly, her face displaying exactly how much she was looking forward to having Draco's member in her .

The moment Draco's tip began to push into her, he saw the flower bloom and felt like he had stuffed his penis into a blob of warm and soft jelly .

Aisha gasped when Draco pushed inside, raising her head up to the sky as she let out a loud moan . She felt her whole body tremble and shake as she experienced the magnificence of the cock that was penetrating her .

She, unlike the other Dryads, could tell that there was more to this dick than its size . There was an aura… a certain energy… that it emitted constantly that seemed to stir up her womanly senses in the right way .

After all, the three Inheritances of the Lucifer Lineage had the attribute of sexual prowess, especially the Dark Angel Inheritance . It wouldn't be surprising if Draco was passively emitting some force field or aura that subtly enhanced sexual pleasure for females .

Aisha wanted more of this . Just this one taste was far from enough for her .

She began to raise her hips and drop them, relishing the feeling as she controlled the pace at which Draco's member parted her folds . With the slapping of skin as an ambient tune and the arousing sound of a wet vagina being penetrated, it formed a musical cacophony that added to their enjoyment .

Draco would rate Aisha right up there, next to Zaine, in terms of the sheer carnal pleasure her canal could create for a penis . But then again that was a matter of course .

After all, Aisha was a member of the Nymph family, who were masters of the carnal . She possessed the 'living vagina' trait that Zaine did as well, and even Roma had that but to a much lower extent .

It was like her vagina instinctively knew which way to squeeze and caress his member to bring out the highest possible pleasure in every thrust, sending the male to orgasm after less than a 30 thrusts, assuming they had firm will .

Most wouldn't even last 10 such movements .

Draco felt like lightning was coursing through his body as his skin began to tingle all over . The intensity of the pleasure Aisha was bringing him was more than any of the other Dryads .

If it wasn't for his will that was honed after 8 in-game years of hatred in his past life, he would have long shot out his load . Added to this was his Inheritances that significantly boosted his control over his sexual prowess to an extent, allowing him to stretch further .

Aisha bounced on him consistently, constantly allowing his dick to rub on her warm and fleshy walls as well as lightly press onto her cervix . In truth, this was more pleasurable for Aisha than it was for Draco, thanks to his Nymph Lord passive skill and whatever supernatural effect his Bloodline created .

She found herself losing her control as she continued riding Draco, her large and perky breasts bouncing freely in the wind .

Draco saw this was moved . He raised his upper body from the earth and grabbed both of Aisha's large breasts as she continued moving up and down in his dick, which was throbbing strongly now .

Aisha moaned as he kneaded them firmly and powerfully . His hands pulled and rounded on the body of her breasts, like a baker who was kneading bread dough .

He pulled on her nipples, which were rather small for the size of her breasts, and placed them into his mouth .

As Draco began sucking on them, he noticed that some strange liquid kept flowing into his mouth . It wasn't milk, but something that was sugary and sweet, tasting like a multifruita juice blend .

He rather enjoyed this taste, so he sucked on her nipples a little harder, even biting them ever so slightly, all in order to coax more out .

Aisha grabbed the back of Draco's head as he did and felt her mind begin to crumble . Her vagina had already released far too much juice which had coated both their genitals, making their intercourse soppy and full of strange sounds that really enlivened the imagination .

Aisha was slowly losing her grip as Draco devoured her Nature's Nectar as well as his dick pressing on her cervix . It was twice the pleasure Draco was receiving, so it was no surprise when she trembled and cried out as she released her golden shower of mercy .

She threw her head back and her tongue stuck out a little, as she began to pant like a dog .

Draco was also near his breaking point, and since Aisha was almost wasted by his prowess, he realized he would have to take charge from here .

He took her off him and placed her on the ground, with her hands and knees pressed to the earth . As Aisha panted, she released that she had ended up in a very embarrassing position with her ass, and everything hidden there, displayed to whoever was behind her .

Of course, that was not a problem for her, but she noticed that something began pressing on the entrance of her canal and her mind chilled .

She had just managed to regain her wits after a thrilling orgasm, and now, he was about to pound her from behind…

Would she really retain her sanity?

Just before Draco pushed into her again for the final round, a stray thought passed through her mind .

'Ah, so this is why all my Dryads were sent into a state of silliness . . . I don't blame them . '

Draco plunged into her like this, making Aisha screech out like a pig being slaughtered . He pushed all the way into her, pressing onto her cervix and even pushing into her womb a little .

Aisha begin to tremble and thrash about at this, as her innards felt like they were forcefully being pushed aside by an invading force .

Draco did not care for her response though, he pulled his hips back to the point where his penis almost exited her canal, then pushing right back into her at the maximal degree, before repeating this over and over again .

With how wet and tight Aisha was, this was a mixture of extreme ease and some difficulty, but Draco overcame all as he pounded her like a boxer did his punching bag .

Paff! Paff! Paff!

That was the sound of Draco's thighs smacking into the soft, fleshy and thick ass of Aisha, who now had her face pressed to the earth with her eyes unfocused and her tongue lolling out as she moaned insensibly .

Her arms were barely able to muster strength to push her up, much less slow down Draco's powerful barrage into her canal .

All she could feel was that huge rod pushing into her, hitting the limit and going a little further before doing this repeatedly . It was a type of extreme pleasure that went beyond what nature intended sex to feel like, hence the exaggerated response from Aisha .

Draco grabbed Aisha's fat bum in his hands, which was like grasping onto a slightly firm batter . As he kneaded her ass cheeks, it felt like playing with that thing children loved, playdough, or even like soft clay .

Aisha loved the feeling of Draco playing with the flesh of her bum like this, but did not understand why . It might be a more instinctual thing from the female perspective probably .

Draco too loved playing with her ass like this, mostly due to his fetish and some parts due to a similar instinct in males .

It enhanced his sexual pleasure to extreme degrees, allowing him to feel like he couldn't hold on further with each subsequent thrust . He began to make some sounds as he pounded further into her, his willpower weakening noticeably as he did .

Draco could have lasted longer had Aisha not shuddered all over and released a golden shower - again - as she cried out, making her canal tighten around Draco's member strongly .

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With one final thrust, Draco grunted as he pressed the tip of his dick onto her cervix and pushed it a little further in, allowing his urethral opening to lie within her womb .

Like that, he burst out all his built up semen, which filled Aisha up almost instantly .

Every shot saw Aisha scream and tremble like a leaf being blown in the wind, as a hot and heavy fluid ravaged her insides with its tyrannical strength . It forcefully stimulated her womb and captured her eggs under its banner, making them its own playthings .

Her eyes rolled back into her head as she lost consciousness due to extreme pleasure, but not before she shot out one last golden shower . She leaked with her own cum and Draco's as well, as she fell to the earth like a meatsack, her sexy form sprawled about like a ragdoll .

Draco got up from her body and cricked his neck . He went over to a nearby river and washed himself off nicely and relaxedly, enjoying the afterglow of sex with almost a hundred Nymphs, which - digital code or not - would have even the ancient Greek Gods blanch .

Draco left the water and allowed his armor to re-emerge from his pale skin, its black and smooth form covering every party of his body . His cape billowed out behind him heroically, especially if you considered what he just achieved .

He walked up to the Chaim and pressed his hand to it, closing his eyes as he focused on the world within it . Just like before, he felt his mind being pulled along his arms as it entered the tree .

In there, he saw the familiar super mini small world which was in its infancy, with only nature energy coursing within . Even the Worldly Energy had the flavor of nature, instead of the myriad elements .

A form coalesced from the nature energy, showing a light green energy lifeform that displayed an appearance that was of the perfect female shape, not unlike that of Aisha, but had no facial features except two dark green eyes that seemed to glow .

Draco smiled as he saw the form of Flora, the Progenitor of Nature . She was as magnificent as always, making him really feel like he was thrust into a fantastical world .

"I have completed the task you gave me, Madam Flora . "

"That you have, Hybrid Draco . I am thoroughly pleased with your work and would of course, reward you handsomely for what you have done . "

Flora waved her hands and two items appeared before her, one which was a small brown seed and another which was a pulsating heart that looked like a combination of vines and roots .

The heart was immediately sent into his body before he could do anything, but he didn't complain . Naturally, something that the Progenitor of Nature - who was also incredibly pleased with him at this time - would give him wouldn't harm him in anyway .

「Congratulations on completing: Hidden Quest (Dryads)


Epic Rank seed - Etz Chaim

Epic Rank Fusion Item - Heart of the Woods」

「Etz Chaim Seedling – Consumable

Rank: Epic (100% effectiveness)

Effect: Allows one to grow a sprout of the World Tree within them, opening the foundation of an internal super mini small world . 」

「Heart of the Woods – Fusion item

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Rank: Epic


Passive 1 – Nature's Resonance: All attributes are boosted by 30% when in a forested area . Health regeneration is allowed during combat, and is boosted by 100% .

Active 1 – Nature's Call: Activating this skill allows the user to summon an army of Ents, Dryads and Shamblers that are of the same Rank as the user for 1 hour . Cooldown: 7 days .

Further abilities can only be unlocked by attaining a higher class tier . 」

Draco could only breathe slowly as he calmed down his excitement . He had been truly unhappy by the fact that he was being asked to turn into a cum dispenser for the Dryads, no matter how sexy they were .

However, he had consoled himself that if the rewards were like those he got from the Wood Elves and the Gypsies, it would all be worth it .

It turned that out that it was even slightly better than what he expected, especially the Etz Chaim seedling . This was an item that could only be chanced upon and not actively discovered .

Draco had possessed something similar in his past life and so did Eva, but they hadn't gotten it so early . They had only acquired it near the ending of their war, which was why Draco was so certain that the companies and all those hidden powers would fall at his feet .

He and Eva had not gotten the time to develop on their unique acquisitions, but now he did in this new life .

Draco was extremely satisfied . He placed the seedling into his inventory as he gazed at Madam Flora again . He bowed with gratefulness and respect .

"Thank you, Madam Flora . "

"No, thank you, Hybrid Draco . I would argue that your biological seeds are just about as valuable or even more precious than the items I gave you . If I had my true body here, I would directly make you into a lesser god at the least . "

Flora's words stunned Draco, but he understood immediately . His Lucifer Lineage bloodline and his Ultima Sunt half-race bloodline was like presenting tonnes of anti-matter and jadeite to the real world .

The value of these two on their own was inestimable, but together, it formed an unholy combination that mere money could not buy .

Draco had not put much stock on this because he knew that all of the beings in this Unique Quest would disappear when he was done, leaving no chance of his seeds growing into anything .

This was why he could wantonly 'impregnate' whoever he wanted, because being in a Unique Quest was like having a 100% effective contraceptive . There was no chance of failure .

To those within this quest, who thought life would go on as always, it was a priceless gift which could grow into something more .

Both sides felt like they had gotten the better deal deep down and that was essentially the definition of a perfect transaction .

Draco exited the internal world of the Chaim without any further talk . He opened his eyes and removed his hand from the bark of this extremely tall tree, his thoughts calming down as new plans and amendments to old ones forming .

He shook his head and began leaving the forest . As he did, he noticed that the sprawled forms of the various Dryads were still scattered around, their holes still dripping slightly and their eyes rolled back into their heads .

Draco smiled as he gently walked over their bodies and left the clearing of the Chaim, meeting his comrades at the outskirts of the Forest of the Dryads .

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Roma looked extremely frustrated at first but instantly became ecstatic when she saw Draco . Qiong Qi was essentially napping happily, his dreams full of endless fish, milk and lioness babes that could make any lion lose his mind .

Draco kissed Roma on the forehead lightly, which she enjoyed greatly .

Then he stepped back, made running start, and then kicked Qiong Qi in the stomach with all his strength .


However, the damage indicator came up as -1 .

Qiong Qi though, jumped up to his feet and screamed like a cat being whipped .


Draco and Roma shared a look before they burst out laughing . Roma's was like a gentle sound that made one feel pleased by the fact that they could make her laugh .

Draco's was in a tone that made any female feel enraptured, mostly due to his bloodline's effects .

When Qiong Qi settled and realized that there was no one around but his two pals, he felt extremely embarrassed . However, he was born with skin that was too thick to be penetrated so easily .

As such, he laughed happily and patted Draco on the shoulder .

"Haha, I thank Brother Draco for waking me up so softly . I was just ecstatic to see you again, so I cried out my family's motto out of joy . "

Draco and Roma choked on their laughter as they were stunned .

This god damn Lion, how could his skin be so thick? Was he not born with the ability to feel shame and embarrassment?

"Where to now, Draco?" Roma asked curiously .

"Let's head over to the Green Orc Encampment . Once I'm done with them, we can directly leave the Four Point Valley . "

Draco spoke this with a gleam in his eye . After he was done with the Green Orcs, he could finally finish this Unique Quest and regroup with Eva .

He might've had various amounts of fun during this Unique Quest, but he was looking forward to reuniting with her and sharing their first time in the real world .

Unfortunately, due to certain reasons, neither of them had ways to contact each other in the real world just yet . So, he would need to show her his released bloodline and devise a way in which they could prepare for their future child to be born .

"Let's go . "

With that command, Draco directly blinked the Party of Three away as he couldn't be bothered to waste any more time by indolently walking around . Now that King was gone, the parasitic monsters should've disappeared as well .

Though, when he appeared in the encampment of the Green Orcs, Draco was shocked out of his mind .