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Published at 12th of March 2016 08:52:12 PM

Chapter 57
Chapter 057 – Serious Fight Club

『Slave Market Brutus』First floor is surrounded by four walls . The slaves are put in an iron cage, lined up in a row alongside the wall . In the middle, each of them are also lined up in two columns . In the cages where the slaves were, there was a number on it, and in order to advertise each of them (the slaves), the merchant sat in front of the merchandise .

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On the second floor, the receptionist tells you the (TL: cage) number of the type of the slaves you wish for, and the customers go to the cage of that number . Naturally, there’s no problem to look around for in the other cages besides the one that was directed .

Wall, floor, and roof are made out of stone; with light created by magic, the inside was thoroughly illuminated . Windows that are about 30-centimeters-wide, with wooden slatted shutters that open and close, were all open . Led by guards wearing armor, we who have descended from the second floor were being gazed at curiously by the slaves inside their cages .

It’s as spacious as three gyms connected together side by side . In the middle, in order to create a space (for the customer) to take a break, rest chairs were placed there . If those chairs were put away by the guards, then a space for competition would be created instantly .

For the match, the shackles on Xiah’s hands and feets were taken off by the guards . She moved 2-3 times to loosen up her muscles .

I also left the gun belt below my hands and shoes that I was wearing to Meiya who was standing near me .

“You didn’t really have to imitate me and take your shoes off . If you want to, how about as a handicap, you can use that magic device-ish thing?” “Nah . It would be troublesome if you complain when I win afterward . Or you’re letting me use it so you can make an excuse later ?”

Xiah made a face full of displeasure .

“Fu~n, I pray that your ability is more than that insolent mouth of yours . ”

She glared at me with a sharp gaze . I returned an indomitable glare .

“Lute-sama, please don’t over do it . ” “I understand . Meiya, it is too dangerous, so please leave here . “

She nodded her head and went some distance away .

A guard acting as a referee stood before us .  

“Again, to confirm the terms: no magic, no weapon, no blinding (as in damaging the eyes), no kickingon the balls (the crotch), and the opponent who faints or loses the will to fight will lose . Furthermore, if we deem this match to be too dangerous, we will stop it . Are there any questions (problems)?” “No problem . ” “Neither do I . ”

With our mutual consent, the guard took some distance and gave us instructions . Distanced about 10 meters, the guard with a volume loud enough to be heard even outside gave us the signal, “START!”

Xiah and — I immediately took our stances .

I set up both my hands close to my chin . She also took a similar posture .

“Lute-sama, please do your best!”

While listening to Meiya’s encouragement,  I confronted Xiah .

She tiptoed around me clockwise with a tempo .

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With a sharp step, she released a left-jab kind of punch . Flustered while backing away, barrages of attacks persistently followed me . I drove her away with a jab . Unfortunately, it was dodged with a duck; conversely, a right punch sunk into my body .  


The damage received wasn’t much, because I stepped back, but my movement was stopped . She continued with a left middle kick . I reflexively guarded my side — but she flexibly changed the trajectory and the kick hit my cheek .

It can’t be a Brazilian kick!?

“… . !?” “WOOOoooooooOOOooOOw!!!”

I couldn’t bear it and my hand touched the floor as I fell . Excited from the fact that an attack went through, the slaves and guards exclaimed to the point of ear-hurting .

“Lu, Lute-sama! To say Lute-sama is someone like the world’s national treasure is not an exaggeration! To do something such as kicking, the god will not accept such blasphemy!”

“Fu~n, only this much . Seems like you are nothing but that impudent mouth of yours . ”

Xiah ignored Meiya’s screams, while gazing down at the guard who fell with cold eyes . I grinded my teeth and got up, and lunged a right-upper that she magnificently dodged backwards .   Once again, a distance was created .

‘I am not underestimating her because she is a woman… . . but her attacks are very precise . I feel like I will be defeated if I let my guard down . ’

If I were to be defeated then maybe I can’t even ask why she knows the name ‘Tanaka Kouji’ . My fighting spirit reignited .

Xiah observed me closely . The martial art that she used is not something orthodox in this world .

She took a rhythm with the tips of the toes and steadily dealt damage . If I attacked, she would retreat without doing anything reckless . Completely hit and back away–a polished hand-to-hand combat technique .

However, compared to Master and Gigi-san, the punch was weak . There’s no impact . Having gone through Master’s  frightening experience first-handedly, this level was not scary at all!

That time, it was my turn to attack!


I attacked with a straight left jab! But she stepped back and dodged it .

Furthermore she circled me clockwise with light steps . Ignoring it, I continued to jab at her . Xiah was barely dodging while she measured the timing .  

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I purposely attacked with a right straight with an exaggerated motion . Matching to that timing, Xiah aimed for a counter . Just like I predicted! We both dodged at the same time .

Distance became zero . I immediately locked both of my hands at Xiah’s neck! The posture is known as Muay Thai’s neck-wrestler .


She lost her tempo because of confusion from first time seeing this move . Seizing that chance, I attacked her side with my right knee .


A painful breath leaked out near my ear . Without loosening the grip, I released a second one! In the same place, I attacked with my right knee .

While grasping painfully, Xiah thrusted me away with both of her hands . Once again, another distance was created between us .

However, the damage on the abdomen seemed serious; breathing roughly, Xiah supported herself with her knee .


The guards and the slaves bursted out with cheers .

This time, the position reversed where I was looking down at her instead .

“Whether I’m just an insolent mouth or not, you understand now, right?” “You, you, baaastard!”

With a painful expression, Xiah tried to stand up . However, the flame inside her eyes has not burned out yet . I as well .

“Here I go!” “Yeah! Come at me, Xiah!”

We both shouted out a cry of war and charged at each other from the front .

Both of our war cries and the slaves, including the guards cheers, merged together . Our voices probably reverberated all the way outside . Overcoming the man- and woman-gender distinction, Xiah and I exchanged blows .

The outcome was――double knockout . The conclusion of the match was a draw .


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

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Xiah and I shaked hands at my house, where we were isolated from people . On the table in front of me, there were cold drinks on top . She drank it in one breath, then vigorously put the cup back on the table .

“At first, I thought you were a weak guy, but you have guts . Truly, it was a good fight . ” “You too, Xiah’s fist is really effective . Especially when that left kick hit my face; it was so dangerous . ” “No, no, I should say the same . When we glued to each other and your right knee hit my abdomen, I thought by ribs were broken . ”

And so, Xiah praises me about the battle . Apparently, she’s the type that doesn’t hold grudges, as there was no ill feeling after the battle .  

The match was double knockout — and ended in a draw, however we were able to safely buy Xiah . We went home after creating tons of bruises and injuries .

The wounds were healed by Snow’s magic . Thanks to that, no matter where you’d look, there was not even a single scratch .

As fellows that had traded blows, a strange feeling of solidarity was born . Xiah lowered her head deeply as she sat still on the sofa .

“Well then, again, please take care of me, master . While I’m still inexperienced, I will work hard to become useful for you . ” “Stop calling me “master . ” Sure, I bought you and I’m your master on paper . But aren’t we comrades who had punched each other with all our might? Call me by my name: Lute . ” “No, even if you say that … well then from now on, I’ll call you young master . ” “Well if you say so . Take care of me too . ” “It’s my pleasure, young master!”

Connected by the friendship of fellows who have fought each other, which is not comprehensible to Snow and Chrisse, we shook hands again .

Done with the sportsmanlike conduct, I ask her some questions .

How did she know about me? How does she know the name Tanaka Kouji ?

That’s it, 2 points .

Xiah talked without the coldness she displayed like when she was at [Brutus Slave Market] .

“It’s related to a secret I’ve been hiding . That’s why, young master and madams; please don’t tell anyone . ”

She said so beforehand .

“You may not believe me but … since I was small, I have had this Oracle-like power that let me hear God’s divine message . ”

But it seems that since this power was only one-sided, God couldn’t hear her wish .

Due to that oracle, she knew my name, and if she says Tanaka Kouji, then she would be bought by a fitting master — by me for sure, or so she was told . It seems the duel with me was just to confirm whether or not I really was a fitting master for her .

It’s an unbelievable story for us … . but it’s a fact that Xiah has been bought by me as a slave . Xiah too was finally being all smiles with joy, because her earnest petition was fulfilled . I thought for sure that she had some kind of connection to Tanaka but …

I still had an uncomfortable feeling . But Xiah is not a bad person . I could tell precisely because we traded fists . Also, because we’ve made the master-servant contract, she couldn’t betray me and put me at a disadvantage . So was this discomfort just my imagination?

Not minding my tinge of discomfort, she happily bowed her head with a smile .

“I am truly happy to be able to meet a suitable master, thanks to this power . I’ll be in your care from now on . ” “Me too, I’ll be counting on you . ”

We stopped the chat then and decided that Xiah would live with us in the house from now on . Her room will be in the first-floor guest room .

I spent the day buying Xiah’s clothes, underwear, and accessories .


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


The next day at the Meiya residence . I had her watch the shooting of the [S&W M10], [AK-47] and [M700P] at the shooting range by the workshop . Because from that day forward, I wanted to have her use them too .

Snow, Chrisse and I each respectively fired the [S&W M10], [M700P] and [AK-47] .

Xiah slowly released her hands that had been holding down her pointed ears, she had a surprised look in her face .

“To even be able to make something like this… I see, the Magic Stone Princess didn’t call you her master for nothing . ” “I’m going to have you use these too from now on . ” “It is indeed a wonderful magic tool, but I don’t know if I can use it well…”

She said in a reluctant tone .

“Xiah, when you were an adventurer, what kind of weapons did you use?” “I used knives and twin swords . So I don’t handle ranged weapons too well . ” “Ugh, twin swords, huh…”

One of the fake adventurers who tricked me and sold me off as a slave had twin swords . Uuuuh… . my trauma .

“W-, well, if it’s you, Xiah, you’ll be able to handle it with a little practice . Besides, I don’t mind equipping you with a knife just in case . We’ll go to a weapons store later and buy something you like . ” “Thank you very much, young master . ”

If it came to it, I could even make her a knife myself . There was also the option of having her use one of the special-purpose knives the Russian army uses . Let’s try things out when we would have had time afterwards .

I considered researching knives alongside making the tools and accessories . There also were several other things I wanted to make . Also, as for Snow and Xiah’s AK-47s, I decided that making them would be practice for Meiya as well .



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