Hacking Eden - Chapter 5

Published at 7th of January 2019 04:50:25 PM

Chapter 5

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taking a stroll out of the village gate I began my search, but for some reason every stick I came across was either too short, or not thick enough . But after searching for about 30 minutes I finally found a branch that fit the parameters of the quest . However not having a better option i carried it, which was a good thing considering what happened next .

as i was searching through some brush, I happened to come across two white rabbits in "the act" . I was starting to back back up slowly, hoping that they wouldnt notice me, but it seems that lady luck just wasnt on my side today . what I could only assume to be the male rabbit Hopped off its mate and turned around to square off against the intruder, and i was amazed to find that the white rabbit had blood red eyes and a small 6 inch horn protruding from the top of its head .

with a leap the rabbit attempted impale me with its horn . as startled as I was I attempted to dodge the attack but with my lack of coordination the only thing I ended up doing was to fall on my back side, but luckily I did manage to narrowly avoid the rabbits attack . scrambling back to my feet, I squared off against the rabbit again . just as I planted my feet that's when I felt excruciating pain from my shoulder, I had forgotten that there were two rabbits! luckily the rabbits were relatively week and I only took 10 damage, bstill the pain almost made me pass out .

The two rabbits circled around me, and I had to concentrate to keep the two of them to my left and right . I gripped my stick, which was the only weapon I had, with white knuckles, holding it like a baseball bat I was waiting for the rabbits to pounce again .

Soon the rabbit to my left leaped at me, It was flying toward my chest like a fuzzy white comet with its sharp spiraled horn leading its charge . I swung at it with my stick and was rewarded on two fronts . I had delt the flying rabbit 15 points of damage, but I received another 10 points of damage from the other rabbit that had slipped into my blind spot .

as I looked at the rabbit I had struck I noticed about 1/3 of its HP bar was gone with ment that I would need to hit each rabbit at least 3 times and hopefully not get hit in the process, describing it is simple enough but to me it seemed like a daunting task, however the fear of pain was a marvelous motivator .

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after a few more rounds of whack a rabbit I had finally finished off the two rabbits and was awarded with 15 experience a piece meaning that if I can complete this quest I will level up which was a relished thought for my self . how ever after the battle my trusty "weapon" was looking pretty banged up . although it's to be expected when you bang a stick against a sharp horn a few times, not to mention the state of my new leather out fit I had 7 pretty jagged holes ripped in my jacket and even my trousers where a rabbit impaled my rear . how ever when all is said and done I am still alive . and feeling very proud of my achievement I attempted to take a picture and as I stood there, rather heroically too if I do say so myself, I stabbed my weapon into the ground and with a crisp snap my quest completion went from 1/25 to 0/25 .

I felt a cold breeze blow through my newly made bum flap as I stared dumb founded at the two halves of my reason . with an tear in my eye, I threw the once quest item on the ground and waited for my health to recover .

With my health recovery set at 10 hp a minute, I sat on the ground drawing circles with my once trusty weapon for 7 minutes . when my health was at full, I got up and proceeded to head back to the village to repair my clothes and get a weapon that hopefully wont break as easily .

as I headed back to the city i kept a wary eye out for any branches that would fill the quest, I miraculously found 3 before I made it back to the village .

My first stop was to the tailor, where a kind elderly woman repaired my my torn jacket, and to my embarrassment my trousers, for 3 copper coins leaving my coin purse with only 7 copper coins left . I then headed to a blackSmith to see if I could get any kind of weapon . when I arrived I heard the rhythmic beating of hammer on Metal and saw a muscled elf wailing away on a glowing piece of metal . I stood there mesmerized by the process watching the Smith strike the metal as it turned from white hot to cherry red . when the metal got to this point the Smith put the metal back into the flame and turned around to me and asked .

"is there anything I can help you with? or did you plan to stand there and stare at me all day"

Embarrassed I ask "are there any weapons I can but for 7 copper coins or less if possible?"

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"well for that price you want be able to afford a custom piece, you would need at the very least 3 silver for that . hmmm for 7 copper I could possibly sell you some daggers that my apprentice made, but you will have to talk that over with them when they get back from their errand, which should be pretty soon .

I sat in a wooden chair and waited for the apprentice to return . As the rhythmic ringing sounded again a beautiful elven woman appeared in the door way holding a sack of charcoal .

"I'm back Dad and I got the charcoal that old miser tried to sell it to me for 10 copper but i sweet talked him down to 7 . "

"good job Lensa, oh you have a customer by the way, he is sitting over there . "

Lensa followed the direction of his nod and saw me sitting there looking akward trying hard not to stare .

with a gleam in her eye she walked over and introduced herself .

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"hello I am Lensa Farbell apprentice Blacksmith . may I know what your looking to purchase?"

" well I'm not too sure, I am just trying to find any weapon for 7 copper or less . "

with a venomous glare she turned to the Smith and said "Dad you said I had a customer not a begger . "

"Lensa your only an apprentice and next to no one has even heard of you so you cant really pick and choose when it comes to customers and who knows perhaps this young lad will be able to help you out and spread your name if you sell him a few daggers for Cheap" .

*cough cough* "um you know I'm standing right here? look if it's not enough money I can help around the shop, or do anything you need . "

With a mischievous smile Lensa says "ok I'll sell you a set of daggers, but you will need to do something for me in return"

sensing something wasnt right I ask "ok what is it you need me to do?"

"well judging from your clothes your a thief right?"

"I mean I guess so, I've only just started though"

"that's ok just think of it as gaining experience, I want you to go to the old wood workers house and take some of his precious wood and bring it here that way I can get all the wood I need for the forge, around 20 pieces should be enough . "

With a ding a new quest screen popped up

Quest: Stealing wood for lensa

Steal 20 pieces of wood from the old woodworker and deliver them to Lensa 0/20