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Hacking Eden - Chapter 7

Published at 7th of January 2019 04:50:14 PM

Chapter 7

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as I searched rhe village for elusive quests I was suddenly reminded about the rabbit skin and meat in my bag . I decided to ask the nice tailor woman who fixed my bumflap from before .

I walked into her familiar stump, It was littered with bits of fabric in various shades and textures, and I could hear her in the back humming a song to herself as she stitched together pieces of some kind of fabric . I watched as her gnarled fingers moved with surprisingly nimbleness, learning my lesson from the Smith I cleared my throat to get her attention .

she turned her head toward me and smiled at me warmly and asked

"hello young man how are you doing today? I hope those pesky rabbits didnt tear more holes in your clothes . " as she spoke her fingers never stopped moving from their work which was pretty impressive to see I have to admit .

"no my clothes are fine this time, I learned my lesson last time" I smiled as I was reminded of the embarrassing scene earlier today when I had my trousers fixed .

"Actually I was wondering if you needed any rabbit skins? I managed to get one earlier and thought you could use them in your work . "

"yes I could always use the skins . The soft fur makes great lining for coats and they are easy enough to work with to . may I see it?"

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I pulled out the skin and passed it to her for inspection .

"hmmm" she said pensively "it's a little roughed up with a RIP down one side and a hole in the chest so it could be better, but it's not like its unsalvageable . " after a brief pause she then added

"I can give you two copper coins for four skins of this quality, if you can bring be any flawless skins I can pay you two copper for two skin" .

"Thank you very much ma'am I'll be sure to come back then when I collect alot more . "

" ma'am? please just call me Gisel, after all it's nice having a handsome young man such as yourself visit so often, although it is a pity you didnt tear your trousers again I rather enjoyed the show earlier . " she laughed in a way that I wasnt sure if she was just kidding, or was actually telling the truth .

not wanting to stay longer than necessary with her roving eyes glued to me I bid her farewell, and went off into the woods, because it was just declared Rabbit Season!

I picked up a stick as I walked and swung it toward every Bush I came across and poked it into every hollow that I thought would hide my quarry . I was finally awarded with a shriek and a fuzzy comet flying toward my head . how ever having fought 3 of them earlier I was some what accustomed to how they fought .

I side stepped the strike the last possible second and with the pommel of my dagger I swung with all my might and clobbered the rabbit in mid air .

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I was amazed that I actually hit the rabbit . not to mention that I over half of its dropped in one blow . I watched as it fell to the ground with a dull thud, and saw that over half its HP bar was gone and a star with a small count down timer for three seconds appeared .

The rabbit stood up on wobbly legs and staggered around for a second . Not wanting to let this opportunity slip by I quickly scrambled to the rabbit and struck it one more time with the pommel of my dagger just below the horn .

With the reward of 15 exp i confirmed the rabbit was dead, and began the skinning process . With a steady Hand I took my dagger, and followed the dotted line that the interface helpfully super imposed over the rabbits corpse . in a few minutes I was left with three items .

x1 flawless rabbit skin

x1 rabbit meat (uncooked)

x1 rabbit Horn

the first two items i was familiar with, so i clicked on the rabbit horn and was given an explination on what it was .

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Rabbit Horn- a material used in blacksmithing or can be sold for a few coins

I figured I would bring it to Lensa when I get back and see what I can get for it I loaded up my items and got to work hunting more wabbits . . . . I mean rabbits .

after hunting another 15 rabbits in mostly the same style as the first, my backpack was weighed down with 16 rabbit skins with 6 of them being flawless, I also had enough rabbit meat to stock a restaurant and 6 rabbit horns too .

with my bag loaded with loot I make my way back to the village to sell off my goods, but on the road back I heard a scream from what sounded like a little girl I made my way to where I think I heard the scream and saw a black wolf stalking toward a terrified little elven girl who was backed up with her back to a large boulder, she was clutching some kind of flower in her hand and following the large wolf's movements with teary eyes calling for help every so often .

Wanting to help the girl I made my way to the wolf's back and rushed toward the wolf with my daggers in hand hoping to land a surprise attack with the pommel like I've done with the rabbits so often today but the world just clamped down on my outstretched wrist in a flash and shook its head swinging me through the air and sending me sailing toward the boulder where the terrified girl was .

I got up with my head spinning and vision doubled, I could hear the girl wimper next to me ask .

"hey mister are you ok"

"yea I'm ok" I lied as I shook my head hoping to restore my vision, and it worked with limited effect "what's your name girl?"

"I'm Rebeka"

"ok Rebeka look I am going to distract the wolf, and I want you to run as fast as you can to the village dont look back no matter what you hear just run as fast you can ok . "

"I cant move mister in too scared"

" you have to do this for me ok rebeka you go back and get help from the village and come back ok, you have a very important job do you think you can do that"

" ok I'll try mister but you cant die ok!"

"dont worry about me I'm pretty fast and hard to kill just go on the count of 3 ok"

" ok I got it mister on three"

"1 2 3 go!"

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