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Hacking Eden - Chapter 8

Published at 7th of January 2019 04:50:12 PM

Chapter 8

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i circled around the wolf as Rebeka made a break for it . I checked out its info and I swore under my breath

Level 4 black iron wolf

HP ??

I looked at my health and about 20% of it was gone after my whirlwind ride so I definately had to be careful and unfortunately I dropped the dagger i was holding so I was down to only one, and my arm was killing me too boot all in all it wasnt looking very promising .

I was lucky that I got a level up earlier from rabbit season, but even though I dumped my stats into strength which will up my damage, I still dont know if I can beat this thing the best I can hope for is to stall it and wait for the village to send some help .

I knew I wouldnt last long with out my second dagger so I made a gamble . I lunged toward the wolf with my dagger in my right hand, I saw my second dagger laying about half way between me and a wolf, so I decided to make a mad dash toward it, in Hope's of getting to it before the wolf has a chance to get me .

I ran like my life depended on it which in all rights it did . I felt the adrenaline course through my veins and I could feel my heart pounding in my ears . I was afraid sure but there was plenty of time to be scared if I make it out of this .

i had to keep a calm and cool head or else I would lose it and possibly die . so i decided to treated it as a hacking session of sorts . i just needed avoid the attacks and let my fingers do the walking .

No sooner had I went for the knife, the wolf went for my head . I did a baseball slide toward my knife belly first, (which is a bad idea if you dont know how to do it right in case your wondering), I snatched it with my left hand and rolled to the side just in time for the wolf to eat a giant helping of gravel . I rolled a few feet away and clambered to my feet as the wolf spat out its newest meal .

it glared at me and snarled in anger . and I knew then that there wasnt going to be a peaceful "sorry about that let's just forget the whole thing", it was either going to be him or me .

"well so much for dreaming" I thought to myself

I held my daggers one in reverse grip and one in forward grip as I've seen done in an old ninja anime . I didnt have much to go on, so what can I say go with what you know .

I bent my knees and waited for the wolf to strike again . we circled each other in a tango of death and when my back was to the boulder the wolf charged at me again . I ducked down but was hit by the wolf's claw . it left a long slash from my hip to my shoulder and with that my HP was at less than half . the wolf however slammed head first into the boulder and it was stunned for 5 seconds according to the timer so I went to town on it . woth my daggers i was able to whittle away about a third of its HP before it recovered its senses and I backed off .

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it whirled around and ran at me in a zig zag and rammed into my side knocking the wind out of me and making me fall to the ground . The wolf jumped on me and made to bite at my throat, I held it back with my right forearm and tried to push it off with my feet . I could smell its putrid breath on my face and feel its drool pool around my head . it had a look of triumph in its yellow eyes as if it knew that this was the end game and it was already guaranteed to have a better meal than the gravel from earlier . it snapped and clawed at me trampling on my chest and I watched as my HP dropped like a stone . with my free hand I was stabbing at what ever was in reach and I just hoped that its HP was falling faster than mine . this went on until I saw, from the corner from my eye, Three archers appear being led by my point sized hero Rebeka!! they all took aim and fired at the wolf hastening its death and in a few volleys it was killed I laid under the wolf unable to breath or move and I recieved another prompt from the system

You have killed a black iron wolf and received 400 Exp

and in a flash of light I was healed of all my wounds and raised to level 4 .

Level +1

recieved 2 free skill points

the archers pulled me out from the wolf and a crying rebeka jumped on me and buried her head in my chest and said

" I-I- I DDidnt think we would make it time" *sniff *sniff "I'm so glad your alive!!"

I smiled at her and patted her head and said soothingly "I told you I'm hard to kill thanks for saving me and bringing the calvary Rebeka . "

I then looked at the three elven archers and said

" thank you so much for saving me, any longer and I would of been a goner . "

"hello young elf my name is tholmir and it is you we must thank . you risked your life to save the chieftains daughter, and because of that she is alive and well . "

I look wide eyed at the sobbing girl clutching my jacket and ask "your the chiefs Daughter?"

"yes, and because of you I was able to get the flower that can cure my friend Akira of the wild mandrake poison . "

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" I'm just glad your friend is going to be ok then . " I smiled and began to stand up to which Rebeka said

"you must be terribly hurt dont move I can heal you . " and before i could say anything she began to inspect the bloody holes on my clothes and said in shock

"how is it you dont have a single wound on you?!"

" um I'm a fast healer dont worry about me I'm fine really . "

with one last thoughtful look she let me up and I asked tholmir "do you mind if I process the wolf"

"the wolf was already at deaths door when we arrived do the kill is yours"

so with out further ado i kicked the wolf's corpse over, more for spite than necessity I mean being bitten by a wolf hurts like you couldn't imagine I'll need to report this pain level thing to the blackmailer Eden bit I digress, so I began the skinning process . and with a practiced hand I followed the dotted lines on the wolf's corpse and not long after I was awarded with 4 items

x1 black iron wolf pelt (common)

x1 black iron wolf eye

x2 black iron wolf fang

your hunting and gathering skill has become level 2 you receive 1 free stat point

i Packed up the items in my bag and as we all walked back to the village I pulled up my stats

Name: RedSparrow    

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Level: 4          600 Exp till next level

Race: Elf

Class: Thief       HP: 140    Mp: 50

strength: 7

Dexterity: 6

intelligence: 5

Charisma: 4

WillPower: 4

Luck: 3

Free stat points: 3


Lensa's twin daggers

X6 rabbit pelts (flawless)

X10 rabbit pelts (common)

X20 rabbit meat

X3 rabbit horn

x1 black iron wolf pelt (common)

x1 black iron wolf eye

x2 black iron wolf fang

Ring of telepathy .                

Spider walk boots .              

Feather amulet

Dagger fragment

Edens ring (Bound)

Mysterious stone

Currency: 0

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