Hacking Eden - Chapter 9

Published at 7th of January 2019 04:50:11 PM

Chapter 9

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when I returned to the village the old woodworking man was waiting at the village gate with an anxious expression on his face, the girl rebeka ran ahead yelling "grandpa we made it back!"

"old man your the village chief?" I asked flabbergasted

"yes is there a problem with that? and my name isnt old man, its Nasir or if you prefer chief"

"but I had no idea, if your the chief why are you a woodworker? shouldnt you be doing chief stuff and running the village or something?"

"young man running this small village isnt all that hard so I'm left with alot of down time . and when you get to be my age you need to have hobbies . "

"that makes sense I guess"

"my hobbies aside, I must thank you for saving my granddaughter, she most surely would have been seriously hurt or worse if it went for you . her and that silly bird owe you their lives . "

"silly bird? what silly bird"

Rebeka chimed in "that's my friend I was telling you about, he is my owl friend Kye he was poisoned when he was out hunting a few days ago and he would have died if I didnt get him that flower . speaking of Kye i should go and make sure he is feeling better . "

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"your telling me I almost died so you can save a bird? I dont know whether to laugh or cry"

"he isnt just any bird, Kye is my best friend, and he is very smart . I'm sure he will be very thankful to you for helping us . "

"I'm sure he will" I said half believingly

Nasir coughed and said " in the mean time though i believe some kind of reward is in order, let's see that particular wolf has been harassing villagers for a while now and had a bounty of 3 silver on its head, so you can collect that . also as a special thank you I'll craft you something . "

"that would be amazing chief thank you so much!" mentally I was already spending the 3 silver coins . I had a long list of things I needed and first and foremost was new armor .

"it's the least we can do young man, now I'm sure your busy, I'll come find you once I'm done with your gift . " Nasir reached out his hand and placed 3 silver coins in mine, then he hobbled off to his workshop to begin crafting my mystery item .

With nothing to do I decided to off load all of the loot I got from my hunt today, and see about armor, so I went to visit Gisel .

when I arrived she was busy with a customer, so I loitered around the racks that had her newly made wares, and contemplated how best to spend my new massive fortune .

after she was done Gisel shuffled toward me and after giving my torn jacket a once over she asked

"I see that you need me to fix your clothes again young man . "

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"yes I'll have to trouble you, also I have some fur to sell you if your still buying, and a request if possible . "

"Well that's a long list of things to do, so let's start with the skins first I'll pay you according to what I had said earlier . "

with that I passed her the rabbit skins and and after she inspected them she gave me 11 copper coins .

"now if you'll give me your clothes I'll patch them up for you in a jiffy . " as she said this I could feel that same old wandering eye look at me with what I suspect to be excitement .

"before that i was wondering if you make any kind of armor?"

"yes I can make leather armor, but it takes a bit of time depending on what you want, but besides the rabbit skins you gave me, which wont make good armor at all, trust me I've tried, I dont have any leather at the moment . "

i pulled out the wolf pelt and asked " can you make any thing out of this?"

she took the wolf pelt from my hands and after a moment she said "this is black

iron wolf skin how did you get this?"

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"I got it after I killed one in the forest not long ago, will it work?"

"yes it will do nicely I can make you a nice piece with this, and since you provided the skin and the fact that your my favorite customer, *wink *wink I'll give you a discount . it should cost you about 200 copper or 2 silver coins . "

I begrudgingly gave Gisel the 2 silver coins and another 3 copper to fix the tests in my jacket . then she took the pelt and she shooed me off with orders to return in 3 days .

next I headed to the blacksmith, where I had a bone to pick with a certain someone .

I heard the familiar ringing, and saw Lensa hammering away on a piece of iron .

"you had me steal from the village chief?" I asked in an aggrieved tone .

she stopped swinging the hammer at my question and after placing the iron in the forge to return it to its origional white hot color she turned to me and said .

"you mean the old man? so what if he is the chief he shouldnt be so stingy selling me his scrap wood, I mean it's basically garbage to him . anyway it's not like you were caught or anything . "

"still you could of told me who I was stealing from what if I was caught?"

"but you weren't . " she said in an annoyed voice " now did you come to whine and moan, or do you need something cause I'm a little busy . "

"yea I was wanting to ask can you possibly do anything with these?"

I pulled out the rabbit horns and wolf's teeth and gave them to lensa, she curiously came from behind her anvil and took the teeth and horns .

she thought for a moment and then went to a table near her work station and began to draw something .

I waited for a few minutes but still Lensa was furiously drawing .

I heard a door shut and her father the blacksmith came into the forge . he looked at lensa's furious drawing and then at me waiting he chuckled and said to me

"you may as well come back in a few days lad . when she gets like this she can be a few days before she snaps out of it . I will say though, when she gets like this she always does her best work . "

I nodded my head and turned around .

I looked at the game clock and saw that I had been playing for 6 hours . I decided to log out and have some dinner .

when I logged out and took off my helmet I saw there were 4 people standing in my living room 3 quite large muscular men wearing dark suits . and a very attractive woman wearing a white suit .

Noticing my movements the woman spoke " I see your finally awake, that's good we have some things to discuss . "