Hail the King - Chapter 157

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Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Forging [Remain of Demons]

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“Cough, cough, cough, wait a second, I have a minor thing to remind you too . From what I know, these bones are extremely hard . ” As Fei said, he switched to the Barbarian Mode and summoned the Purple and Green Dual Swords . He chopped at a bone to show what he was saying . This strike could have easily killed a three star warrior, but it didn’t even like a white mark on the bone . “See, how could we forge them into items? Or, how could we grind them into bone powder?”

An “Are you dumb” expression appeared on Priestess Akara’s face; she was just in an excited mood . She said without even turning back her head: “You could forge these “Remain of Demons” if you use regular tools and methods . However, Mister Fei, did you forget? You had beaten the Fallen Paladin Griswald and retrieved Charsi’s magical hammer . This hammer had divine power and could be used to forge these bones!”

Charsi’s hammer?

Fei was very excited . If this was the case, then it would be awesome! He could mine and use all of this mountain of bones .

After he thought that, he could no longer wait . He directly used the miraculous skill 【Summon】and summoned the female blacksmith Charsi who was forging weapons with the blacksmiths from Chambord in the [Castle of Heros] to this mysterious space .

“Wow, what is this place?” Charsi’s red hair was tied into a pony tail . After she quickly looked around, her eyes locked onto the mountain of bones not too far away . Shock and intimacy appeared in her passionate eyes as she said, “This is strange, why do I feel like I’m very familiar with those things? What are those things? Bones?”

Fei laughed as he took out a bone of an unknown creature; it was about a meter long and twenty centimeters wide . He placed it on a flat stone and waved at Charsi: “Come, come, come, try out your hammer; Let’s see if it could break this bone . ”


After a strike, the bone chips flew at all directions . Fei’s eyes almost popped out of his eye frames .

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It was unbelievable! This simple strike had smashed the bone that Fei couldn’t even leave a mark on into pieces…… This was magical! Charsi’s hammer seemed like the perfect counter for these “Remain of Demons”!

After proving the effect of this magical hammer, then the rest came easy .

Fei structured his words and carefully told everything he knew about the Mythical Ruins to Akara and old man Cain . What made Fei feel awkward was that after a short surprise, they left what Fei deemed important and mysterious aside and started to flood Charsi with the information on the value and the effect of these “Remain of Demons” . It almost seemed like that they even wanted Charsi to immediately forge this mountain of bones into numerous power magic items . Of course, before that, they nagged at Charsi so she would grind some bone powder off these “Remain of Demons” using her magical hammer so they could do more research and hypothesizing .

During this process, Charsi also slowly got used to using her magical hammer to forge these bones . Forging bones was quite different than forging iron and metals . If you go a little bit too hard, the bone would immediately break into pieces, and not form into the shape that you have in your mind . After seeing Charsi smashing hundreds of bones into pieces one strike after another, the Priestess and the “Obscene” old man felt like their hearts were breaking into pieces as well . It was fortunate that there was still a mountain of bones left; otherwise, they would definitely try to kick Charsi’s ass!

After half an hour, a beautiful bone sword was forged out .

Fei weighted it in his hand; it was very light, and the blade was very fat and thick . The sword was about a meter long and about five fingers wide . It looked like it was good for chopping, but Fei felt like it couldn’t deal much damage . But after Fei light struck the sword down on the rock, a deep, three centenmeter mark was left on the rock that was very hard and firm . Fei was so surprised that his mouth opened wide subconsciously . From his initial impression, he felt like only a seven star or eight star warrior could leave a mark on these rocks…… The sharpness of this sward was beyond Fei’s imagination .

“Haha, I will keep this sword for now . ” The King didn’t blush at all when he said that . He grabbed the first bone sword that was forged from “Remain of Demons” and put it beside his waist . None of the three people objected; after all, Fei was the Supreme Leader of the【Rogue Encampment】 and had the right to use the best items .

After that, Charsi started to forge more items out of the bones, and the Priestess and “Obscene” old man started to walk around the mountain of bones and started to observe it more carefully; they wanted to find more information about it . If they could find the reason as to how it was formed, it would be even better .

The three people from Diablo World took all the jobs, and Fei who was the one that found this place now had nothing to do .

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But since no more items in this mysterious space was able to make him interested, Fei used 【Summon】and got a few female rogues who were pretty strong to guard the space . He then talked with the Priestess and used a 【Town Portal Scroll】to engrave a simple magic array on the ground so the people from Diablo World could go back to Diablo World anytime . He then started to proceed forward and started the next phase of exploration .

This space was really big . After Fei walked forward for about half an hour, he would only see very vague and dark lights reflecting off of the mountain of bones when he turned around; Akara and Cain were nowhere to be seen . As if all the lights were consumed by the darkness, the fire that Akara lit up was not visible as well .

Fei summoned Ravens and White Wolves to guard around him; left, right, front, back, and above .

After some thinking and hesitation, he summoned the female mercenary Elena .

When Elena’s beautiful figure walked out of the teleport portal, Fei felt like his eyes were on something very bright . As if after what happened in the stone room before had made Elena more beautiful and attractive . Fei smelled a light fragrance; it was very familiar, and it made Fei recall what happened in the stone room . When Fei was wondering, he suddenly felt like the dark space was lit up .

“Mister Fei!” Elena light walked up to him as she said quietly while looking down .

Fei smiled; at that moment, all the awkwardness and nervousness disappeared . He grabbed onto the female mercenary’s soft hand naturally; his hand immediately felt a smooth and cold sensation . He walked with Elena in parallel as he said: “Elena, call me Alexander from now on; don’t call me Mister Fei anymore . ”

Elena felt like there were two fires burning on her cheeks as she felt the warmth and heat coming off of Fei’s hand . “Alexander……” She said softly .

For a while, none of them spoke . The atmosphere was very calm yet sweet, and they didn’t even feel the passage of time .

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After not sure how long, the white wolf that was walking at the front cried . Fei quickly sped as he pulled Elena with him; the corridor was finally coming to an end . An abyss appeared 100 meters away from them . The abyss was about 100 meters wide and so deep that Fei couldn’t even see the bottom . He threw a rock into this abyss and didn’t hear any sound of rock hitting the bottom of the abyss after more than ten minutes .

“This…… is way too deep!” Both Fei and Elena gasped .

After feeling the cold air and sensation coming from the abyss, they put a pause on their plan of going down the abyss to find out more about it . The abyss was very cold, and it would get colder as it got deeper . Even with Elena and Fei’s strength and power, they could freeze into an ice statue without a chance of survival .

After some thinking, Fei looked at the wall that was directly opposite to him .

Maybe they were connected at a deeper level; Elena almost immediately knew what Fei was thinking . She pulled her bow as she loaded on an arrow . Whoosh! A fire arrow was shot across the abyss . The fire on the arrow immediately lit up the darkness, and everything across the abyss was visible to Fei and Elena .

The stone wall on the other side of the abyss was very flat and semi-smooth like a mirror, and it was so big that Fei couldn’t even see where it met the ceiling of the space .

What shocked Fei and Elena was that this stone wall wasn’t perfectly smooth; after a closer look, there were numerous black holes on the wall, making it look a beehive . It made Fei feel like they were numerous beasts hiding in the dark with their mouths open and just waiting for their prey to come . The atmosphere was dark, gloomy, and chilling .

“Let me go first!” Elena said .

Fei immediately pull back her arm as he said while shaking his head: “Wait a second, I have a better method…… Let’s take a better look of the wall first!” After he said that, he commanded the big raven that was flying over his head to fly towards the stone wall on the other side of the abyss . At the same time, he switched to the view of the raven . There were tens of thousands of holes and caves on the wall . After circling around the wall for a while, the raven chose a cave and dived into it .

What surprised Fei a bit was that after entering the cave, what he, a . k . a . the raven saw first was a corridor that was similar to the one he walked on to get here; it wasn’t bumpy or crude at all . It was clearly created and fixed by people and not formed naturally .

After the raven flew around in the cave and not finding anything dangerous, it flew into several other caves under the command from Fei . It was almost the same; all these caves were artificial . At this point, Fei could make the educated guess that the tens of thousands of caves were all dug and made by humans or other creatures .

“Who were these people? And why would they create so many caves on this wall?”

To get the answer to this question, Fei had to go into the caves and corridors on the other side and explore them in detail .

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