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Hail the King - Chapter 287

Published at 22nd of January 2020 09:17:58 AM

Chapter 287

Chapter 287: Emperor Yassin

More than twenty thousand people had been waiting for about half an hour, and the emperor was nowhere to be seen .

However, both Arshavin and Dominguez who were the two candidates for the throne had appeared on the eight floor of the stage . They were both in golden armors, and their black capes fluttered in the wind . They looked down at all of the people as if they were gods, and the white bulls had been moved to the top floor of the stage……

Everyone was waiting .

Fei was bored on the back of [Black Tornado] and glanced at other kingdoms .

Out of the 244 affiliated kingdoms now Zenit had, there were six levels . Like a pyramid, there were ten level 1 affiliated kingdoms, twenty level 2 affiliated kingdoms, thirty level 3 affiliated kingdom, forty level 4 affiliated kingdoms, sixty level 5 affiliated kingdoms, and eighty-four level 6 affiliated kingdoms .

Most of the kingdoms were weak, and the positions and number of soldiers in each of the kingdoms’ formations were different .

Some of the kingdoms had more than two hundred soldiers, and these soldiers had great armors and equipment . There were also the kingdoms that had less than a hundred people who had only leather armors . There were also the kingdoms where there were less than fifty people including the grooms and servants, and these soldiers weren’t all equipped with proper metal weapons; some of them used simple bows and arrows and wooden spears . These kingdoms were even worse off than where Chambord was . Some of these kings couldn’t even afford a complete set of metal armor, and they were wearing clothes made from furs like savages . However, these people were muscular, and their wilderness and viciously couldn’t be ignored .

Comparatively, Chambord’s setup was no different from the ten level 1 affiliated kingdoms; high-quality items, level 4 Roaring Flame Beasts……

When Fei was observing others, others were observing Chambord as well .

Some of the stares were filled with envy, jealousy, flatter, hatred, hostility, intimacy, fear, etc…… Every emotion could be found .

As Fei got really impatient, several dashes of light appeared in the sky . A god-like presence appeared and moved towards the central field .

Everyone was excited and looked in the direction . There were four royal mages who were burning their magic energies to floating in the air, and there was a huge sun-like bright object behind them . They all flew towards the stage .

Fei took another look and realized that the sun-like object was actually a mountain-like Dragon-shaped Beast . With its wings open, it flew in the air like a bird . But as it roared infrequently, sound waves would come out of its mouth and destroy the clouds .

Half-Dragon Beast!

It was actually a Half-Dragon Beast!

It was a beast that was rumored to have the bloodline of dragons, and this species was definitely the king of the sky; they were the perfect invincible sky mount .

Fei was shocked!

The scene he was witnessing was unreal .

In the movies in his previous life, in the books in the royal library at Chambord, in the stories of traveling poets, Fei had heard and seen the legends of the dragons . But when a mountain-like dragon beast appeared right in front of you, that shock would take a while to settle in .

This wasn’t related to strength; only the visual and body size of the dragon beast was enough to destroy someone’s optical nerves . It was like an ant seeing an elephant for the first time .

There was a huge mysterious golden throne on the back of this dragon beast, and the beast was flying really smoothly . With the help of the royal mages, it slowly and steadily stabilized itself beside the ninth-floor of the stage .

As the dragon beast flew by, the entire field was filled with fear and respect . Some of the war horses were so scared that they collapsed onto the ground as white foam floated out of their mouths .

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Then, the dragon beast turned around softly .

Like a feather, the throne lightly fell onto the ninth-floor of the stage .

Boom! At the same time, the four royal mages slowly landed on the seventh-floor of the stage as the vast ocean-like sea of magic elements stayed with them . They were just one floor below the two princes .

The four mages each stood in one direction, and they glanced around the crowd down on the field carefully . They tightly held the white magic wands in their hands as they emitted a terrifying amount of magic elements into the magic arrays that were engraved into the stage . After a light buzz, a layer of invisible sphere appeared and tightly protected the stage .

Looking from afar, Fei was able to clearly see the six golden stars on the chest of these mages; Fei’s eyes were great .

This represented six-star mage .

All four of the royal mages were six-star mages .

Fei curled his lips .

An empire was an empire . Fei didn’t expect to see four six-star mages today .

But after thinking back to the six-star magic arrays around the battlefield in Moro Mountains, the appearance of the four six-star mages was no longer shocking . After all, there were probably a lot of high-level mages serving the royal family of Zenit .

Actually, Fei suspected that there were more hidden powers of Zenit than what was being shown on the surface . He believed that there must be more terrifying masters who were still hiding in the tightly guarded royal palace .

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Soon, Fei’s eyes went back to the golden throne that was on the ninth floor of the stage .

After paying closer attention to the throne, Fei realized that it was made from an unknown material that was probably also very precious . The image of a flying half-dragon beast was vividly engraved onto the throne, and it looked very similar to the dragon beast that was circling above the stage . The head of the dragon was very majestic, and its neck was long and slender . Under the sharp horns, the huge mouth revealed multiple lines of teeth as the fire was being spurted out of it . There was a layer of thin yet rough scales on its body, and it was carrying a huge throne on its back that was about two meters tall .

Everyone knew that there was only one person who was qualified to sit on the throne .

Emperor Yassin .

After reading the notes that were written by Yassin when he was young, Fei was very curious about this legendary emperor . He really wanted to see this talented man closer .

But at this moment, streams of red energy came off of the throne, and it blocked everything like a cloud of fire . No one was able to see through this red energy, including Fei who was now a mid-tier seven-star warrior and tried to focus through the energy .


Fei was really confused as he frowned .

According to the notes in Chambord’s Library, Emperor Yassin would arrive on time in all of the previous competitions, and he never hid his appearance . This handsome and up straight emperor would stand on the stage and inspect all of the elite soldiers who would follow his command .

Also, according to the notes in Chambord’s Library, Emperor Yassin was really heroic and charismatic . Just looking from afar, one would feel like listening to him and following his orders .

But why would the emperor try to hide his face this time?

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Could it be that the emperor was really on the edge of death? He didn’t want his subjects to see him in such a weak form?

Although Fei was quite far away from the stage, he could still sense the power level of everyone on that stage .

Under the seventh floor, there were more than twenty guards whose power level ranged from three-star to five-star . On the seventh floor, there were the four royal mages; their power sensations were as bright as a fire in a dark night . On the eighth floor, Elder Prince Arshavin’s six-star warrior energy could also be clearly sensed . He had a light military murderous intent in his energy that made him appear more ferocious than the royal mages . Beside him, the second prince Dominguez was wearing a magic armor that increased his strength, and he could barely keep his strength on the four-star level . Although he lacked strength compared with Arshavin, the god gave him a beautiful face . Even if he was standing in a dark night, his handsome face would lit up the surroundings like a star . Perfect figure, luxurious armor, handsome face…… Even though he was weaker than Arshavin, he easily attracted a ton of attention .

Fei was able to sense these people’s strength .

However, he couldn’t sense the strength of that figure who was on the throne and in the field of red energy . It felt like there was something that was blocking Fei’s sensory in that region .

“Moo……” The three white bulls released proud and comfortable mooing sounds .

These bulls were being treated like kings and fed properly by the royal family . There were many servants who washed them daily, the bulls slept on the softest blankets and drank the purest water . For their whole lives, they had been waiting for this day; their hearts would be used to predict what was going to happen to the empire in the next three years . However, since the bulls got used to the luxurious lifestyles, they didn’t know about the ending of their lives . They laid on the ninth-floor of the stage and looked down at more than twenty thousand soldiers like the ruler of the empire; they weren’t scared at all .

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