Hail the King - Chapter 557

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Chapter 557
Chapter 557: Time to Go

An hour later, most of the masters in the area got what they wanted after Fei acted as the moderator and switched up the items .

In the beginning, they were resentful toward Fei for ruining their business . But now, they were all happy since most of them got what they wanted . They thanked Fei and left the Mythical Palace happily .

Of course, some of them were going to kill each other for the treasures after they get out of this place, but that was out of Fei’s control .

One thing for sure was that the King of Chambord was going to be known in the circle of masters starting now!
Perhaps not for long, even normal people would know that a handsome young king who was invincible and tactical was creating his own legend in the northern region of Azeroth .

Soon, only Fei, Hazel Bank, and the other seven elderly warriors were left on the altar .
“You guys can come with me . The core region is closed, and the rest of the 34 regions will be closing soon . It is time to go . Eh, it is not too safe on the way back . Since we are all going back to Dual-Flags City, I can protect you guys on the way . ”

Fei waved his hand, and [The Throne of Chaos] floated one meter above the ground and dashed toward the level 33 region .
“Ah, thank you…… . Your Majesty!” the seven elderly warriors all thanked him . They were worried that some greedy and vicious masters might ambush them, and they were all thrilled after hearing what Fei said .

On the way back, there were some masters who hid in the structures beside the streets .

There were more than a dozen people hidden around with murderous spirits on them .
However, these guys were disappointed when they saw Fei beside the seven elderly warriors . They knew that they couldn’t handle the king, so none of them were stupid enough to show themselves .

Therefore, Fei and his crew quickly left through the [Mythical Gate] and returned to the underground ocean . In less than ten minutes, they returned to Dual-Flags City by traveling through the water wells .

The sun never seemed so lovely in these seven elderly warriors’ eyes, and even the chilly wind wasn’t that bad anymore .
“Ah! We came out of there alive!” the seven of them sighed .

If they didn’t encounter Fei, their savior, they might not even get the chance to enter that small world .

They were all old and on the verge of death . Before coming here, they already accepted the fact that they might die in another place far away from their families .

They traveled for more than tens of thousands of kilometers to come here to try out their luck, and Fei’s generosity turned their lives around, giving them a second opportunity .

“In order to show our gratitude, please allow us to give half of our collections to you!” the most senior warrior among the seven elderly warriors bowed at Fei and said emotionally .

“Yeah, Your Majesty! Please accept our goodwill; this is the only way that we could come up with to show our gratitude . ”

“That is right . We are far from you in terms of talent and strength, but our families are still somewhat influential in the region . If Your Majesty needs anything, our Jassuo Family will try our best to help out!”
The elderly warriors all took out half of their collections from their storages spaces, and they also took out their families’ badges to give to Fei as tokens and keepsakes .

Fei didn’t refuse .

After some consideration, he took a few precious herbs and rare metals . Since the king had [The Throne of Chaos], he could come and go from the core region of the Mythical Palace and get anything he wanted .

Then, he took the badges as they might be helpful in the future .

After some discussion, the seven elderly warriors decided to stay in Dual-Flags City for now .
After they settled down, they would send back messengers to their families and wait for their family forces to come and guard them back .

Since they had treasures on them, their way home wouldn’t be peaceful . They might be robbed, and Fei couldn’t protect them along the way .

Fei and Hazel Bank didn’t return to the new palace after saying farewell to the seven elderly warriors; instead, they slowly walked on the road beside the water wells .

Both of them were powerful and had control over some fundamental natural laws, and the people walking by them couldn’t hear their voices and didn’t pay any attention to them .

“Your Majesty, do you have something that you want to tell me?” Hazel Bank asked after they walked together for a while .
He knew that the king wanted to talk to him about something .

Fei nodded .

“There is one thing that I need to discuss with you……” Fei told Hazel Bank about his encounter with the Black-Cloth Shrine and Batistuta . In the end, he said, “Right Deacon Batistuta invited me to join their shrine, and he is still waiting for my response in the city . I want to hear your opinion before I make any decision . ”

“I’m sure you already made the decision, right?” the Undead Mage smiled and said meaningfully .

Fei didn’t try to hide it, so he said, “You are right; I already have some basic ideas . However, yours and Arthur’s opinions are important to me as well . After all, we met first before the Black-Cloth Shrine, and there needs to be an order……”

“I already promised Your Majesty that Arthur and I would follow your directions unconditionally,” Hazel Bank said firmly as he looked at the blue sky, “Putting everything else aside, I also think that joining the Black-Cloth Shrine is a good option for Your Majesty, Angela Her Highness, and Chambord…… If Your Majesty wants to start implementing that plan you told me about in the Death Ancient City, starting within the Holy Church might not be a bad idea . ”

“So, you actually don’t mind me joining the Black-Cloth Shrine?” Fei was quite surprised by Hazel Bank’s response . “To be honest, I thought your hatred toward the Holy Church would make you sensitive about this topic . ”

“Hehehe, I’m more than 400 years old, and I have been through a lot . I can overlook the matters on the surface and see the underlying principles,” Hazel Bank paused before continuing, “Actually, I’m more interested in Your Majesty’s way of thinking . If I don’t know your age, I would think that you have lived for many years as well . Many of your ideas can only be understood by people who have lived through life . ”
Fei smiled and didn’t say anything .

Hazel Bank’s instinct was genuinely accurate .
Fei had once lived on Earth, and his value system and belief system were formed there . Therefore, he was quite different from the people in this world, and saying that he had lived for many years wasn’t an overstatement .

After getting the yes from the Undead Mage, Fei had no other worries . He exhaled deeply and felt a lot more at ease .
They separated afterward .

Hazel Bank wanted to wander around the city alone and feel the lives of ordinary people; also, he wanted to find the Undead Bone Dragon who had been drunk for many days now .

Fei, on the other hand, went to the watchtower on the west gate .

“Huh? The enemies of Jax are retreating?” Before Fei could grab a set, Ribry rushed over to give him the newest report .

“That’s right! We had noticed strange behaviors of the soldiers of Jax three days ago, and our scouts had been monitoring them . This morning, they reported that the troops of Jax had secretly retreated before midnight last night, and they left an empty campsite!” Ribry told Fei as he handed over an official report .
Ribry was quite surprised by the retreat of the enemies .

At this moment, the good news from Spartax Battle Zone and Eindhoven Battle Zone weren’t delivered to Jax Battle Zone yet, so the generals didn’t know why .

“Eh, looks like this war is finally over . ” Fei thought as he lightly knocked the table with his finger rhythmically .

As Zenit’s God of War, Arshavin, shone on the battlefield, he conquered the Spartax Empire, the nemesis of Zenit . Then, without its Emperor Kromkamp, the Eindhoven Empire was almost conquered with only its Capital still resisting . The wars between Zenit and the other three level 1 empires, Spartax, Eindhoven, and Jax, were about to be over . Zenit, the ferocious white bear, had complete control of the battle zones in the south and southwest .

The Jax Empire probably received news from the other battle zones, and they decided to back off after some calculations .

It was clear that with the strong return of Emperor Yassin who was rumored to be dying and the dominating power Zenit showcased in the other two battle zones, the Zenit Empire could potentially become a level 2 or even a level 3 empire!

However, how long could this all last?
Would there be another more vicious battle after this temporary victory?

Would the most powerful empire in the region, the Leon Empire, allow Zenit to exist and grow despite the threats?

Fei suddenly laughed and shook his head .

“I’m overthinking this . I will just leave these issues to the royal family and Emperor Yassin . What I need to do now is to bring the soldiers and warriors of Chambord back home . We have left our home for so long, and it is time to see the Chambord Castle after the renovation and reconstruction!”

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