Hail the King - Chapter 718

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Chapter 718

Just as Chris Sutton expected, what he hoped for happened next .

“Hahaha! Pigs are pigs after all! I was just about to prepare the butcher knife and let you live longer, but you want to die sooner, is that it? Since this is the case, I will grant your wish!” That same arrogant and barbaric laughter traveled through the bladestorm and overpowered the cheering of the Leonians .

Then, a lightning-like figure dashed out of the bladestorm and flew upward despite all the wind-elemental energy blades that were crashing down at him . All those energy blades couldn’t get near him at all!

Fei instantly appeared in front of that Moon-Class Elite of Leon, and he reached out, grabbing the former by the neck as if he were trying to stop a noisy rooster from crying!

“You… how did you do this?” Feeling the death sensation, this Moon-Class Elite of Leon seemed to have noticed something . His eyes opened wide as he couldn’t believe what he saw, and he asked, “This is impossible… You aren’t a Moon-Class Elite! Who… who are you?”

“You don’t deserve to know . ” Fei’s answer was the same .

Crack! He lightly turned his hand and broke his opponent’s neck as if he were cracking a piece of useless wood .


The last Moon-Class Elite of Leon who was sent out to conquer St . Petersburg lost his life, and he fell to the ground powerlessly .

Like a slaughtered pig that fell off the cutting board, the corpse of this master landed on the ground and sent some dust into the air . That was about it .

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Everyone on the battlefield was stunned by what they saw, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers who were fighting suddenly all fell silent . It was a bizarre scene .

The soldiers of Leon who were cheering a moment ago stopped . Even though the excitement could still be seen on their faces, their mouths were wide open, and no sound was coming out of them . They were already used to masters of Leon destroying the masters of Zenit for more than 30 hours, so this sudden event knocked them off their expectations, and they couldn’t believe their eyes .

The soldiers of Zenit were already feeling desperate, and they all jumped up and cheered when they saw this . They felt like their hearts were about to jump out of their chests, and some of them shouted and knocked their armors with their weapons to make noises .

Some of them laughed, some of them cried, and some of them kneeled and prayed for those who died under the energies of the Moon-Class Elites of Leon .

“Hahaha! Are you all considered the masters of the level 6 Leon Empire? You are too weak! This is too disappointing!” Fei dashed over above the defense wall of St . Petersburg . With his back facing the main gate of the city, he looked at the hundreds of thousands of soldiers of Leon and laughed, “Leonians, who else dare to come out and fight me?”

His voice was thunderous as if a god was speaking, and it resonated in the sky, entering everyone’s ears .

“It is him . This guy… King Alexander of Chambord . He is here?”

Crown Prince Arshavin who was on the defense wall finally recognized this powerful master . On top of being surprised, anger and hatred also appeared in his mind . However, all those emotions were quickly replaced by something else; that heavy pressure on his mind instantly disappeared at this moment, and he felt relieved .

Clearly, as [Zenit’s God of War], even Arshavin subconsciously believed that Chambord was invincible .

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“With this overbearing guy here at St . Petersburg, the Capital that was in a dangerous situation suddenly is now impervious,” Arshavin thought to himself, “I just hope that this guy doesn’t mess around and break the military law…”

However, he soon realized that even if the King of Chambord broke all the rules in the book, he couldn’t do anything . Even if he wanted to act tough, he was too powerless . Gradually, the soldiers of Zenit also recognized who Fei was .

“It is the King of Chambord! I know now! He is King Alexander of Chambord!”

“I recognize him! He came to the Capital a while ago, and he made a mess here! He is a terrifying master!”

“It is him! I didn’t expect him to come here! This fierce and powerful man is here to protect the Capital? Didn’t the nobles say that he is a despicable traitor? So why did he come here? It is completely different from what the nobles said!”

“Why are you even asking? Which one of the nobles is a good egg? The fact that the nobles are trying to defame him means that he is a good person!”

“Yeah! When the other three empires assassinated our Martial Saint, it was the King of Chambord who risked his life and captured those bad people . Think about it! How can the person who Martial Saint Krasic relied on be a traitor?”

“Huh? I never thought about it that way!”

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“Hahaha! I don’t care about other things! I know that the King of Chambord had killed two Moon-Class Elites of the Leon Empire and defended St . Petersburg! Just this alone makes him the hero of Zenit!”

Fei’s identity quickly spread around the ordinary soldiers and caused a small uproar . Even those soldiers who misunderstood Fei due to the nobles’ propaganda were cheering for him . All of them knew that the King of Chambord was very powerful . With such a master standing out, their safety was much more guaranteed .

“King of Chambord! Invincible! Invincible! Invincible!”

“Power! Power! Hahaha, how else dare to battle with our King of Chambord?”

“Dumb Leonians, are you stupefied now? Hahaha, the King of Chambord is now here! You damn invaders should go back home to your mama!”

The commanders of Zenit didn’t even need to give any orders, and the ordinary soldiers already started to chant Fei’s name . Their morale was back up, and they laughed as they provoked the Leonians who were here to conquer their empire .

The atmosphere of this battle was quickly flipped .

Outside of the defense wall, the hundreds of thousands of soldiers of Leon who were very close to St . Petersburg all turned around subconsciously at this moment, trying to look at where their head commander was and see if masters of Leon dared to battle with the King of Chambord .

“Humph! A reckless clown! You won by luck for once, and you think that you are invincible now? You are definitely a member of this low-level empire! Hahaha! Let me avenge my peers and send you to hell!”

Suddenly, a crisp and loud voice sounded from far away; it was coming from where all the commanders of Leon were at .

Then, a muscular figure dashed into the sky like a flash of lightning .

This man had thick, sharp eyebrows that were almost connected, and his long blond hair was tied up by a black hairband . His face was in the square-shape, and he looked haughty . As the wind blew by, his black robe fluttered, making him look very cool .

This person stayed in the sky and pointed down at Fei . With a mocking expression on his face, he said, “I will give a poor soul like you two choices . You can commit suicide, or I will torture you to death!”

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