Hail the King - Chapter 742

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Chapter 742

Although Fei invited them to come and sit down in the pavilion, the [Cold Blood Nine Eagles] didn’t dare to be so casual in front of the Imperial Martial Saint and their idol . They all nodded after hearing Fei’s words, but they didn’t sit down after they walked in . Instead, they all stood behind Modric respectfully .
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Fei didn’t force them .

Since the inception of the [Letter Office], Modric and Zolasc were in charge of everything, and Fei didn’t get his hands into the management of the organization . It was clear that Modric had his own ways of managing people . The [Cold Blood Nine Eagles] were famous in the underground world, and their strengths were far more powerful than Modric’s, but they were very respectful toward Modric . Therefore, Fei didn’t want to do anything to break Modric’s prestige in their minds accidentally .

Looking at this blond young man in front of him, Fei felt like he could still vaguely sense within him the thin young man who risked his life to steal a piece of bread for his starving friend in the mine pit of Blackstone . This young man who got out of the mine pit had accompanied Chambord and grown with it, and he had witnessed how Chambord went from a little level 6 affiliated kingdom to a supreme force in the Empire as well as the king’s legendary and shocking uprise .

Fei was in a great mood .

The two chatted for a while, and Modric told Fei a lot of stories about him and Zolasc managing the [Letter Office], and he also gave Fei a detailed report on the [Letter Office]’s size, coverage, and intelligence networks .

Right now, the [Letter Office] had grown out of the territories of Zenit . Under the powerful backing from Chambord both in terms of finance and supply of masters, it had intelligence workers in all the big empires within 500,000 kilometers of Zenit . In fact, some of the intelligence workers were executing missions in the empires outside of this zone .

In this year, the [Letter Office] had recruited a lot of people, and some of them were Moon-Class Elites . Also, it had grown some talents . For example, the two Moon-Class Elites who were in their sixties in the [Cold Blood Nine Eagles] recently advanced after they completed a big mission and were rewarded with the godly herbs that Fei obtained from the Core Region in the Mythical Palace .

What was worth mentioning was that the [Letter Office] wasn’t just working on building the intelligence networks; it also helped Chambord establish many hidden commerce routes . Even though these routes weren’t that big yet, the perfect-tier magic gems that Fei created from the Horadric Cube didn’t need to be traded using the Holy Church or the Soros’ Merchant Group . The [Letter Office] was able to execute this task, and all the wealth was passed back to the Chambord Kingdom .

At the same time, all kinds of advanced messaging devices and small teleportation arrays were created by the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory, and they were put into use . Therefore, the [Letter Office] was more technologically advanced than its competitors, and it had the fastest, most accurate, and most reliable networks .

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Without exaggeration, 60% of Chambord’s strength lay within the [Letter Office] .

In fact, even Fei didn’t know exactly how terrifying the [Letter Office] would be if it exerted its full force, but he was sure that it wouldn’t be hard to overthrow a level 1 empire like Zenit . Of course, it was contingent on Emperor Yassin being close to death, just like how he was acting right now .

Currently, the [Letter Office] was clearly divided into two divisions .

Modric whose nickname was [Young Man] was in charge of everything happening inside the Zenit Empire, and Zolasc whose nickname was [Old Man] was in charge of everything outside the Empire . This was why [Old Man] Zolasc couldn’t come here to meet with Fei on Martial Saint Mountain today; he was hundreds of thousands of kilometers away .

“These are the important intelligence reports that Uncle Zolasc sent back using the small teleportation stations . Please have a look…” Modric took out a few thick stacks of paper from his storage ring, and he put them on the table in order .

“Eh . ” Fei nodded and started reading from the first stack .

Gradually, Fei’s expression turned serious . The Zenit Empire was to the north of the Continent, so the news that it got about the Continent were outdated . Not a lot of people knew that the Chaos Era already arrived about half a year ago .

The prophecies from the sages in the past were being realized .

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It had been thousands of years since the Mythical Era, and the ignorant humans were going to release the devils who were sealed up . The darkness would envelop the Azeroth Continent, and the humans would fall into chaos and disorder . The terrifying and bloody wars were about to occur, and the dangerous enemies who once disappeared were going to show themselves again on the Continent . At the same time, the gods were going to reappear, and demons were going to arrive . The war between gods and demons was going to restart, and it would determine the fate of the Continent!

No one knew if this represented destruction or rebirth .

These intelligence reports clearly recorded the information that Zolasc spent a lot of time and effort on collecting, and they were about the activities of the giant empires far outside the territory of Zenit that were able to dictate the fate of the Continent .

Half a year ago, large scale wars suddenly broke out on this relatively peaceful continent . Eastern Region, Western Region, Northern Region, and Southern Region of the Continent all fell into chaos at the same time .

-Eastern Region of the Continent-

The four giant empires in the region: Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea ended the peace treaty which lasted more than 100 years, and they declared war on each other . Also, more than 20 smaller empires on each side were pulled into the mess . The entire Eastern Region was turned into a hell . Blood formed many rivers, and many people were killed .

-Western Region of the Continent-

The two biggest empires in the Region, the level 9 Madrid Empire and the level 9 Barcelona Empire, also waged war against each other after more than 100 years of peace, destroying the power dynamic in the region . Then, the lower-leveled empires such as Valencia, Sevilla, and Malaga Empire took sides and started fighting as well . The Western Region wasn’t better than the Eastern Region . There was no way back for the two level 9 empires . Cities were destroyed, people were massacred, and corpses were everywhere…

-Southern Region of the Continent-

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This region wasn’t much better . The only level 9 empire, Bayern, in the region was challenged by the lower-leveled empires such as Ormond, Leverkusen, Bremen, and Stuttgart . The alliance of the level 8 and level 7 empires challenged the dominating Bayern Empire, trying to overthrow it and put an end to its control of the region . Amongst the empires in the alliance, the Ormond Empire even reached out to the Northern Region, allying with the Leon Empire . This went to show that the wars were about to cover the entire continent .

-Northern Region of the Continent-

In comparison, the Northern Region that the Zenit Empire was in was relatively more peaceful, but wars were going on . The most dominating force in the area, the Leon Empire, suddenly changed . Perhaps its Emperor Blanco went mad, or other forces instigated it, the Leon Empire suddenly wanted to unite the Northern Region . The Ten-Empire United Troops attacking Zenit was only the beginning of the chaos .

On the entire continent, only the Central Region where the headquarters of the Holy Church was at was still peaceful on the surface .

Although the Holy Church had the plan of uniting the Continent and creating a huge empire where religion and imperialism become one, it was far from being realized .

Since the headquarters of the Holy Church was on the Waulu Mountain which was located on the Sicilia Island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it acted as a deterrent to the giant empires around it, forcing the ambitious emperors to hold back their ambitions .

Even though this was the case, the two level 9 empires in the Central Region, Inter Milan and AC Milan, were already preparing everything, and the Juventus Empire which was a member of the [Holy Alliance] started their aggressive uprise after falling for more than 100 years .

Although wars hadn’t been waged at the Central Region, the atmosphere was intense, and the forces were intertwined and complicated . It wasn’t that much better off .

East, South, West, North, Central . The darkness was enveloping all five regions on the Continent .

The entire Continent was filled with death, blood, bones, and killing .

It was heard that even the undead mages who had disappeared and the influential people with malicious intents were active on the Continent, trying to go after their own interests by inflicting wars .

As if Pandora’s Box were opened, many disasters were happening on the Continent that had been relatively peaceful for thousands of years .

Darkness started to envelop the land .

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