Hail the King - Chapter 855

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Chapter 855

Chapter 855: The Night of Bleeding (Part One)

-Imperial Patrol-

This was a dominant force in St . Petersburg, and it was only slightly inferior compared to the Imperial Military Headquarters . The buildings here were majestic, and they looked like a dense forest .

The soldiers of the Imperial Patrol usually only wore light armor and casual uniforms, but they were all changed into thick armor now, and with weapons drawn . Close to 70% of the force which was in charge of keeping St . Petersburg safe were here . The soldiers all looked serious, and the atmosphere was intense .

In the grand hall deep inside the main building, there was [Demonic Woman] Paris who was no longer in a long dress but white leather armor . Her long blonde hair looked like a golden waterfall, and a vibrant and fresh rose that had dew on it was on her ear, making she look more stunning than ever .

Right now, her slender hands held a double-handed sword, and her beautiful face looked murderous . Her appearance that was valiant and gorgeous was quite shocking .

[Red Beard] Granello who was silent and had cold light in his eyes was in a strange state; it looked like he couldn’t wait to do something, and it was rare for him . Standing behind Paris, he was fully armed . Right now, the mask on his strangely-shaped silver helmet was lifted, and the chilliness and gloominess that were usually seen on his face were gone . Instead, he looked brave and heroic .

These two important figures who were like the left arm and right arm to Second Prince Dominguez both appeared in the headquarters of Imperial Patrol, and their expressions were serious, showing that something big was about to take place .

Standing beside them, there was a figure who was enveloped by a black cloak . He was silent, and he was mysterious .

Suddenly, a murderous soldier quickly walked into the hall and reported that all the Imperial Patrol was ready .

“The time is here . Let’s move according to the previous plan . ” Paris walked out of the hall in the lead as she dragged the double-handed sword .

“Are the people of [Iron Blood Legion] trustworthy?” Granello asked and tried to remind Paris .

“They are trustworthy this time . ” The Demonic Woman walked out of the hall without even turning back .

Hearing her words, Granello took a deep breath and looked at the black-cloaked man beside him . He wanted to say something but held back his tongue . Then, a determined light flashed in his eyes, and he pulled down the silver mask and closed the helmet . Like a silver-armored battle god, he walked out of the hall while his metal armor created a series of metal-grinding noises .

That mysterious man in the black cloak followed Granello quietly like a shadow .

In less than ten minutes, close to 10,000 fully-armed elite soldiers of Imperial Patrol moved out of the buildings in the area, and they divided into four to five groups, and they moved toward different directions in St . Petersburg like a black flood that flowed into different streams .

-Year 10,342 of the Continental Human Era and Year 85 of the Imperial Calendar, Capital St . Petersburg started to bleed in the night of June 9th–

The night of bleeding .

Various historians, traveling poets, and academics of the later generation had different views and comments about this [Night of Bleeding], but they agreed on one thing – This night signified the beginning of the powerful military dictatorship of Zenit that lasted a long time .

[TL  Note: the military dictatorship doesn’t mean the same since all the empires on Azeroth were all already dictatorships to various degrees . ]

Thank to this high-degree of military dictatorship, this little empire in the Northern Region of Zenit was able to last until the end of the Chaos Era where all kinds of war were happening on the continent .

The history books that were written by the royal historians documented and described the event well .

Chapter 855: The Night of Bleeding (Part Two)

“This was a night filled with impossibilities and executions . The two princes who were fighting for the throne viciously, Arshavin and Dominguez, joined forces and coordinated with each other for the only time in their lives . Together, they raised the slaughter knife toward the corrupt nobles who had enjoyed honors and privileges in the past . On the other hand, the nobles who were conspiring with each other weren’t aware of the situation at all . The forces under the control of the two princes instantly destroyed all forces that were uncertain about Zenit and tried to surrender to enemies, including the noble families who had sworn loyalty to the two princes . In this night of bleeding, many ancient noble families were turned to ashes . Without a doubt, this night was the biggest operation that Zenit had toward the execution of corrupt nobles . This was also a ruthless and cruel purification . If the Zenit Empire wanted to survive in this Chaos Era, severing the rotten and corroded tumors was necessary . The two intelligent princes reached an agreement on this issue, and that was the foundation to their cooperation . ”

Some of the historians and academics thought about this event even deeper .

“Ever since the sharp rise of the King of Chambord, the practice of mass execution of corrupt nobles began to spread . It is hard to say that the King of Chambord didn’t have a part in the [Night of Bleeding] . After more than 100 years of growth, Zenit had turned from an affiliated kingdom to an empire, and its ancient body started to get old and decay; it was in urgent need of a drastic and cleansing transformation .

The incident of the King of Chambord being accused of betraying humans was the catalyst for this purification . Of course, Emperor Yassin’s silence also gave indirect permission for this operation to some degree .

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For the last while, people couldn’t understand the attitude that the genius Emperor Yassin had toward the princes . They also couldn’t figure out why this wise ruler was so tolerant toward the King of Chambord who was unpredictable . All these secrets were only revealed toward the end of the Chaos Era .

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The Imperial Senate was a powerful force that couldn’t be ignored, and many noble forces were controlling it .

When the empire was just established, the Imperial Senate was created to pull in and comfort the nobles and various local forces . When Emperor Yassin was in his prime, this organization was a poor decorative piece in the political sphere . It was for many old nobles to spend the last moment of their lives here .

However, as Emperor Yassin’s strength suddenly dropped from his prime, and he started to let go of control over a lot of things due to his illness, the Imperial Senate began to have the power that it wasn’t intended to have! The nobles started to divide up the power and privilege of the Royal Family and the Imperial Military Headquarters, and it began to have significant influence over the critical decisions of Zenit . It was like the second powerhouse right after the Royal Family .

In the decision regarding the treatment of King Alexander of Chambord, the Imperial Senate had been trying to push the narrative . The nobles who didn’t want their interests to be harmed wanted to keep everything the same, and they didn’t want a total outbreak of wars . In order not to get in the full-on conflict with an aggressive figure like D’Alessandro, the nobles didn’t hesitate to trade away the interests of Zenit .

Yesterday, the Imperial Senate invited the envoys of the 22 empires into the meeting .

The arrogant and greedy nobles continued to challenge the majesty of the Royal Family, and it brought them deadly trouble .

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When the news of merciless executions happening in the Imperial Military Headquarters and the homes of various nobles reached the Imperial Senate, the residences of the main members as well as the main structures of the Imperial Senate were all surrounded by the soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] or the Imperial Patrol who had a lot of blood on them .

Shouts resonated in the sky, and the terrified and panicking nobles who were in their fancy clothes all became ghosts under the blades of soldiers .

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