Hail the King - Chapter 857

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Chapter 857

Chapter 857: What Fist Technique Is This? (Part One)

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Strong bows and crossbows shot out arrows, and these arrows dashed forward, trying to cut off and stop this light beam .


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The warrior energy flames suddenly expanded, and that Moon-Class Elite shattered the arrows that could penetrate iron shields and armor in mid-air, making the arrows look like paper . Then, residual energy continued to move down, striking the ground with great power . As screams sounded, the soldiers were knocked down in groups, and it was unclear if they died or fainted .

This Moon-Class Elite was one of the guardians of the Imperial Senate .

“Hahaha! In the defense battle of St . Petersburg earlier, the Moon-Class Elites of the Royal Family all died or were severely injured . Right now, only our Imperial Senate is guarded by Moon-Class Elites . Hahaha! Arshavin, Dominguez, I want to see how you two merciless b*stards could stop my Moon-Class Elites with ordinary soldiers!”

The President of the Imperial Senate’s proud laughter sounded from the pavilion in the fortress .

“Tonight, I will turn the entire St . Petersburg into a living hell! I will reduce the Capital City of the Andrew Family into history and turn it into a laughingstock! Whoever protects the King of Chambord shall be killed! Including the Royal Family! Just wait and watch all the low-class residents of this city cry in pain and bleed to death! Hahaha!”

As the President of the Imperial Senate continued to laugh viciously, that dash of light moved fast like a flash of lightning and was about to be out of the attack range of all soldiers .

Magic arrows were shot out continuously, but they couldn’t threaten this Moon-Class Elite .

[Red Beard] Granello who was supervising this siege in his silver armor saw this from afar, and he was enraged immediately . “Damn it! This Imperial Senate has had ill-intent since long ago! Zenit was in mortal danger during the defense battle of St . Petersburg, but they didn’t even send out their Moon-Class Elites whom we didn’t even know about! They tried to reserve their strength! They have been planning this for a long time! Humph! Such tumors of Zenit should have been removed already!”

In just a few seconds, this Moon-Class Guardian of the Imperial Senate was about to escape .

At that moment, a golden sword energy flashed through the sky like an impressive dragon .


This sword energy penetrated the Moon-Class Guardian of the Imperial Senate, and he was detonated . His body exploded, and his flesh and internal organs fell down the sky like blood rain .

Standing on the pavilion, the President of the Imperial Senate was shocked, and his smile froze on his face .

“What is that?” That golden sword energy shocked him to his core, and he immediately cooled down as if someone poured a bucket of ice water on him .

He wasn’t sure when, but two figures appeared in the sky, only a little more than 300 meters away from him . One of them was tall, and the other one was short .

The tall man was handsome and muscular, and he stood straight with his hair fluttering in the wind . He was high-spirited, yet his aura was steady . In his golden armor, he looked like a demonic sun god, perfect and eye-piercing, making others feel inferior .

He was Golden Sun Knight Chris Sutton, one of the former Executive Knights of the Imperial Knight Palace who had been cultivating in seclusion on the Martial Saint Mountain .

Beside him was a little boy who looked cute yet majestic . He was wearing light armor, and his aura wasn’t weak . He was also looking down at the battle that was taking place .

“Criminal! You are inferior to animals! You are a despicable loser! How dare you insult my master?” the boy shouted with an angry expression .

Chapter 857: What Fist Technique Is This? (Part Two)

Even though he looked little, his voice was majestic, booming, and resonated on the entire battlefield, and the soldiers on both sides felt their ears buzzing .

Everyone was stunned, and they gasped subconsciously .

This boy looked immature, but it seemed like his strength was impressive . His voice was loud, and it made others feel a sense of fear .

“Ah! It is Luffy His Highness! He is the disciple of Mr . Martial Saint!” An officer of the Imperial Patrol recognized the boy in the sky, and he shouted in pleasant surprise .

Instantly, the soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] and the Imperial Patrol cheered immediately, and the sound waves traveled far and wide .

“Mr . Sutton is invincible!”

“Golden Sun Knight! Golden Sun Knight!”

“Luffy His Highness is battling alongside us! Brothers, attack! Kill these b*stards who dare to insult Mr . Martial Saint!”

“Kill them! Uphold the honor of Zenit! Martial Saint Alexander is with us!”

The cheers were as loud as thunder, and the morale of the soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] and the Imperial Patrol skyrocketed .

After the defense battle of St . Petersburg, Chris Sutton became one of the idols of the Zenit soldiers for his bravery and battle-hunger . As a warrior who was praised by Imperial Martial Saint Alexander and a hero who battled enemies alongside the King of Chambord, his arrival excited the soldiers .

Although Luffy was still young, he was [One Sword] ‘s son and the Imperial Martial Saint’s disciple . His appearance symbolized the arrival of Imperial Martial Saint Alexander, and it was a great honor for the soldiers .

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As a result, the soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] and the Imperial Patrol charged at the Imperial Senate fearlessly, and the defense walls looked shaky and were on the verge of collapse .

“Let me do it!”

As he shouted, Luffy jumped down from the sky .

He wasn’t a Moon-Class Elite yet, and he was only able to stay in the sky with the help of the Golden Sun Knight .

Therefore, his sudden jump from hundreds of meters in the air shocked everyone .

Boom! The dust on the ground flew up, and chipped stones dashed in all directions; it seemed like a 10,000-kilogram rock was dropped from the high sky . All the soldiers close to spot that Luffy landed moved back subconsciously .

“Even if he is made from metal, his body should be cracked, right?”

“Could it be that Luffy’s head is in a mess since he is so angry about the President of the Imperial Senate insulting his master?”

Just as people were thinking to themselves, whooshing noises sounded, and two giant fists flew out of the cloud of dust like snakes and smashed onto the iron gate of the fortress like two cannonballs .


The giant fists shattered the thick and firm iron gates easily as loud noises sounded .

It seemed like Luffy’s fists were made from precious metal, and they were indestructible .

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Both people inside and outside the fortress gaped with shocked expressions on their faces; they felt like they saw a monster .

The power of Luffy’s fists was only a small part of the reason why they were stunned .

Right now, Luffy stood still in the big crater that he created from the fall after punching out, and no injury could be seen on him; it seemed like the person who fell from the sky wasn’t him . The toughness of his body was beyond ordinary combat weapons .

The main reason why people were stunned was his arms . Like a pair of elastic strings, his arms could extend and shrink freely . Right now, his arms were stretched and more than 20 meters long, much longer than ordinary people, and his fists smashed the thick iron gate .

While people were still in shock, Luffy giggled heartily as his arms moved around and changed length, and he punched out many times, striking the defense walls .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The firm stone walls collapsed like a sand sculpture in a tornado, soon disappearing in the wind .

“This… What fist technique is this?” Everyone had a hard time believing what they saw . Even Golden Sun Knight Chris Sutton was surprised, and his lips twitched as he stood in the sky .

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