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Published at 20th of April 2019 04:05:09 PM

Chapter 479
Mu Lan was relaxed as she was humming the song . "Why aren't you singing as well? It's a popular song . "

The bodyguards: "…"

'I should at least try to distract them, or they will find out that brother Feng's car is following us . ' Mu Lan thought, She glanced at the bodyguard in the passenger seat, "Hey you, what's your name?"

The bodyguard robotically glanced at Mu Lan before saying, "Ma'am, we are not known by our names but numbers . I'm called 08 . "

"Oh, so where are you from?" Mu Lan asked . She saw from the corner of her eyes that Mu Feng's car was still far behind . 'This car is going fast . At this rate, if brother Feng speed up, they will be alerted . '

"I was born in Milan . " 08 answered . He gritted his teeth . 'Shut up stupid woman!' Too bad that he could say out loud .

"So you are Italian . You were born in a beautiful country . " Mu Lan said . 'What am I saying?' She felt so embarrassed since she couldn't find a topic to talk to them and speaking nonesense . "Where is the other one from?"

"Ma'am, I'm from Germany . " The other bodyguard who was driving replied . 'What is she asking all of a sudden?' He thought .

"Aren't we going too fast? Why don't you slow a bit? The police might catch us for it . " She wanted to scare them by talking about the police .

Sure enough . The car slowed down . Mu Lan noticed that the cars behind them started to pass them . Mu Feng's car was closer than before .

'Why do I have the sports car as well? It should have been a normal car . ' She thought .

Mu Lan's car already left the main road and took a sub road . It was a narrow road . There was hardly any cars passing them .

'Now this will be a problem . ' Mu Lan bit her lower lip . 'They will notice brother Feng's car . . . '

She couldn't finish her thought . Mu Feng's car suddenly passed them . Just when Mu Feng was in the straight angle, he was pointing out his revolver, waited for the right moment and when the time came, he shot the bodyguard who was in the passenger seat .

Bull's eye!

The window was open . As a result, the bullet hit accurately .

The bullet hit in the middle of the bodyguards forehead . The result was instant death .

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Mu Feng stopped his car right in front of Mu Lan's car .

The bodyguard who was driving became nervous by the sudden attack . He stopped the car immediately as he saw a car in front of him . Because of the hard break, Mu Lan hit her head as she fell form the seat . . She felt irritated by the pain .

Before the bodyguard could snatch his revolver from the dashboard, Mu Lan attacked him from behind . She kicked him thrice with her boot and screamed, "Die! Die! Die!"

Though, the sturdy bodyguard didn't die, he was knocked off by the three strong kicks .

Mu Feng got out of the car and vigilantly came closer . He checked the unconscious bodyguard's pulse and sighed in relief . "It's good that he is alive, we will be able to interrogate him about certain things . " He didn't mention the details . He put handcuffs on the bodyguard's hands and then dragged him out of the car .

Mu Lan got out of the car . Her body was shivering in excitement .

"Now that was a kick . " Mu Feng commented .

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"Three kicks . " Mu Lan pointed out his mistake and proudly boosted her skills .

"You are bleeding . " Mu Feng took out his handkerchief and gently wiped out the blood from her forehead . He looked at the wound and said, "It's not a deep cut . You don't need stiches . Only medicine is enough . I'll take you to the hospital . " He was really scared from the moment he found out that Mu Lan was gone .

"I understand . You had a rough night too . " Mu Lan glanced at his torn shirt . She was curious when he noticed that he wasn't injured . She put her hand on his chest . "Wow! Is it steel or something?"

Mu Feng replied, "It is a bullet proof vest, made by my researchers . Do you like it?"

"Of course . " She looked at the unconscious bodyguard . "Are we taking him with us?"

"Wait for a little while . I think brother and his team will catch us soon . They will look into the surveillance cameras on the road and will track us . " Mu Feng scratched his head . "Sis, did you just scream 'Die! Die! Die!' while kicking him?"

"… . . Is there any problem?" She felt slightly embarrassed .

Mu Feng controlled his laughter . "I never saw something so childish before . "

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"I got hurt because of him . So I cursed him and it gave me more strength to almost kill him . This is why the kicked were so effective . " Mu Lan gave her opinion . 'I shouldn't have agreed that I did it . '

"Cough! Cough! Sis, don't kick me in the future please . I'm your docile brother . Eh?" Mu Feng pretended to be weak .

'Docile? Who is? Did he take the wrong medicine?' Mu Lan was speechless .

As the brother-in-law and sister-in-law were having funny argument, several cars came and stooped beside their cars .

Mu Lan looked at the cars wearily, but relaxed soon when she heard Mu Feng saying, "Big brother's team . " Just then, she also saw Mu Liang's car .

Mu Liang saw that Mu Lan was in one piece, he felt like a huge stone was lifted from his chest . He got out of the car and strode towards her .

He carefully examined her and found no injuries . However, he didn't miss a slight trace of blood on the side of her right ear . He carefully looked at the wound as he moved some strands of her hair away . "You were bleeding . " He stated in a chilling tone .

'Thank goodness that big brother didn't see the blood, or I would be dead . ' Mu Feng gulped down a mouthful saliva .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!