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Published at 31st of August 2019 04:00:12 AM

Chapter 169

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"Me? Well, I would just find a way to get powerful then . " Walter said as he closed the door behind them, "I mean, if I have all the knowledge in the world, it shouldn't be that hard, right?"

"Exactly . " Draco said as he nodded, "But what if the only way the person could get power was by using someone?"

"If that's the only way then the result will depend on how crazy the other person is . . . " Walter slowed his voice down as he stared at the person in front of him .

"You went there didn't you?" The person was none other than Arya who seemed to be just casually standing there waiting for them .

"Deal with your lovers' quarrel . " Draco said as he patted the nervous Walter, as he began walking away from them, "I'll be in the room then . "

"You're taking a wrong approach to this situation, Draco . " Arya said as Draco passed by her, "I told you, you can't win this fight alone . "

"Then give me a reason not to go and kill a guy in a wheelchair right now?" Draco stopped and stared directly into Arya's eyes . "This man threatened to harm my family, my friends, so give me one reason not to find him right away and end it . "

"Because you're weak!" Arya said not backing off from Draco's gaze, "And with the way you're going, you'll not only kill yourself but Walter as well . "

There was a deafening silence in the place, with Draco and Arya just staring at one another . Seeing the weirdness between the two of them, Walter started awkwardly laughing .

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"Hey, let's leave this here . " Walter said as he pushed Draco a little, "'I will show you around the school . I mean its good to know the place better before we do something, right?"

Draco didn't say much as he walked along with Walter not saying anything back .

"Calm down!" Walter whispered to Arya as he took Draco along with him .

"You can leave . I'm fine . " Draco said after he calmed down a little, "You should be with her . I mean clearly, she has more issues than me . "

"Things are really complicated, Draco . " Walter sighed, "But trust me, she isn't that bad as she comes out to be . Something must be wrong . "

"Like what?" Draco sneered, "And I know I am not the only one here . She already has problems with Krum, doesn't she?"

"The Krum situation is a bit different . " Walter said trying to explain, "You know how our school was the house of Grindelwald for a while, right?"

Draco nodded as he got interested in what Walter had to say .

"Grindelwald being the lunatic he was, has left several deathly hollow signs all over the school . " Walter continued, "You do know about the deathly hollows, don't you?"

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"I do . "

"Yeah, so Arya got suddenly interested in finding some information about these deathly hollows but was found out by Krum along the way . " Walter said, "I don't know much but from what I've heard, Krum had lost one of his family members to Grindelwald like many others, so he started bothering Arya about it and the whole fight broke out . "

"What does she have anything to do with the hallows?" Draco asked confused .

"I don't know . " Walter shrugged his shoulders, "Along the many years that I've known her, I stopped asking these questions a long time ago because I know she wouldn't do something if it didn't have any purpose in it . "

"No matter how much you trust her, it's really not a good idea to show such blind faith in her . " Draco said, "Things are really messy here in this world . "

Walter just smiled and didn't continue on about the topic, "This is the only library in the school . "

Walter pointed at the huge door in front of him, there were two guards on each side of the door standing there with full attention .

"Can we go in?"

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"I knew you would be interested in it . " Walter said, "Let's go . "

Both of them walked near the door and it opened itself as soon as the got near it . The library was normal like the one they had in Hogwarts but it seemed to have a bit fewer books .

"I think you will like it here . " Walter said as he showed Draco around the place in a low whisper even though the place was empty, "There is nothing here such as a restricted section, so every book is out there for you to grab, even the ones about dark arts . But it's not a good thing to obsess about them openly as people will certainly look at you weird . "

"Isn't that just contradicting?" Draco said as he picked out a simple spellbook, "I mean, don't you guys have a dark arts class?"

"Yeah but with the history of this place and with Voldemort and everything, things really are complicated . " Walter said, "It's not that there's any rule against it but the students themselves have developed some unwritten rules for it and with your fame, it's really not a good idea to have weird rumors spread about you . "

"Sigh! There really is a lot of problems in the wizarding world . " Draco said sighing, "By the way, why is no one here . I don't even see the librarian . "

"Most students take the book of their liking and leave with it, so there are not many people who stick around reading it here . " Walter said, "As for the librarian, there are only guards here . All the books are enchanted with a returning spell so after a month no matter where the book is hidden it's going to return back to the library so we really don't have a need for them . "

"So what's the deal with these guards, by the way?" Draco asked .

"They don't really interfere much with how the school works . They just have certain duties assigned to them and they just follow it . " Walter said as he looked strangely at Draco, "Why do I get the feeling that you've something bad planned in your mind?"

"Not really . " Draco innocently said, "Do you know how many guards there are in total and how powerful each one of them is?"

"They are certainly powerful enough to be an Auror, at least . " Walter said, "As for how many of them are here, as far as I know, it's less than 30 . "

"You don't seem certain about it . "

"There are rumors that there are more but honestly I haven't really seen them so I can't be exactly sure . " Walter said, "And I suggest you stay away from them, they have this rule to not bother any student in general unless they are ordered by Igor himself and the rule goes both ways . "

Draco nodded keeping things in mind . Draco was not sure he could trust anyone here in Durmstrang especially the older ones . With Ryan's character in mind, it wasn't far fetched of him to use any resources he could gather, so being at least aware of the surrounding potential enemies was the least he could do right now .

Draco and Walter walked around the library looking at the books . Most of the books in there were something that Draco had already read before in both Malfoy Manor and Black house, so he wasn't really that impressed by it . After collecting a couple of books that he found interesting they got out of the library .

"So how long is your suspension for?"

"Till the bet is over . "

"Really?" Draco said frowning, "I can talk to Igor if you want, I am sure he will be more than willing to owe me a favor . "

"Don't bother with my vacation . " Walter said, "It's hard finding that around here . "

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