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Published at 25th of July 2018 09:35:05 AM

Chapter 34

CHAPTER 34 - Gossip

Aida was born in a small village in the country next to Dragon Kingdom .
A life of self-sufficiency without luxury . Although she is old enough to live independently, her destiny is set caring for a large number of siblings and helping the house .

Aida had an odd hair colour .
Aida's mother was a woman from a different village, and she did not seem to mind that her own and her daughter’s hair colour was different, but in this village their hair was seen as strange, and the villagers stayed distant .
Perhaps if the colour of her eyes was not the same blue as her father, Aida’s mother would have been suspected of infidelity .

Aida wanted to throw away her unclean village, and get a stylish life in the Dragon Kingdom . That was Aida's dream .

One day, Aida was taken to work with her father, who had found a job for her, and she went to the Dragon Kingdom .
(What kind of job?) was the question she was asking herself, (would she be working in the Dragon Kingdom?) these thoughts were flying  through her head as she gazed upon the bustling city .

Aida was amazed at the castles standing on the Rocky Mountain, the King's Landing could be seen from anywhere in the city . The tension rises when she sees a dragon flying towards the castle which is located high in the sky .

Nearly at their destination, a view of the harbour slowly comes into sight . Her father restlessly looks around for someone . When a number of ships arrive at the port, Aida’s father finds the person he was looking for in the crowds and rushes towards him and shook his hand with a big smile .

Before Aida’s father who had lowers his head, was a well-dressed middle-aged gentleman .
Ada began to feel suspicious towards this man, she didn’t think that he was an acquaintance of her father .

How did her father who was living in a small village find a job in Dragon Kingdom?
If he had such a network of connections, we should have left the village long time ago .

Ada began to feel uneasy, and the gentleman looked at Aida like he was licking her from her head to her toes, and Aida becomes uncomfortable .

"Hmm, it is certainly a rare colour . It will be good . ” - Gentleman

Saying that, the gentleman points with his chin to the man who was stood behind him, the servant goes out and returns presenting a drawstring pouch to her father .
Aida saw the weight and heard the sound when the servant put it in her father's hand, and when her father looked inside for confirmation, Aida saw that it was money . It was a considerable amount of money for their poor household .

After Aida’s father received the drawstring bag, he murmured a "sorry" so quietly that she could only just hear him, and he left without looking at Aida .
It was only long after that day that she realised that her father had apologised due to guilt .

Currently Aida was wondering why her father had apologised, and heading towards the gentleman’s ship all the while becoming more anxious . It was not until she was on the ship that she was told that she wasn’t there for a job, but that she had been sold as a slave .

How long has it been since she boarded the ship? In the meantime, Aida could only be pessimistic about her life and continued to cry .

When she got off the ship, she was moved into a carriage, and was taken to their base, at the base she was forced into a room .

It was not only Aida who was being sold, but there was a few other girls of the same age in the room with her being confined .

If you do what they say, they wont be rough . She was getting better meals than she had living in the village .
She guesses it's so they can sell her for a high price .

Although Aida thought she should try to run away, a girl who was the same age as her had already tried to escape and failed, and Aida saw her punished severely in front of her, so now she was so scared that she didn’t even think about escaping .

It seems that the girl was punished in front of the others to prevent them thinking of escaping .

Surely she will be sold to someone, and she will have to live her life as a slave .
Such despair came to an end sooner than expected .

Outside the room was starting to become noisy . Suddenly the girls in the room started causing a commotion .
Aida thought that the day when they would be sold had finally come, but what came to their room was not a slave merchant, but a soldier of the Dragon Kingdom .

The slaves released from there by the soldiers of Dragon Kingdom were divided into those who had places to return to and those who did not .
Those who where brought against their will, such as kidnapping, wanted to go home and their wish was granted, but those who were sold by their parents like Aida refused to return, and those people where taken back to the Dragon Kingdom .

On their way to the Kingdom, Aida took a walk and passed by the room the soldiers where staying in, and she stopped unexpectedly when she heard the story the soldiers where telling inside .

The soldiers were drunk, and with the doors of the inn being thin because it was not a luxury inn, the voice of a drunken soldier could be heard easily .

“…… . So is that Aida woman the one his Majesty is looking for?” - Soldier 1

“Does his Majesty finally have a favourite woman?
I thought that it was odd that he was spending a lot of time stopping human trafficking, but it would be natural if the Dragon Queen was kidnapped . ” - Soldier 2

“There would be no excuse ………" - Soldier 1

Aida who heard that much left the place in haste while keeping her footsteps silent .
If Aida had listened for a little longer then, her actions after this might have been different .

Immediately after Aida left, Joshua who was in the same room drops a fist on each of the drunkards .

"Hey you guys, don’t tell stories that aren’t true . My father will be angry if that gets misunderstood by someone . ” - Joshua

"What isn’t true? We are looking for the Dragon Princess” - Solider

"It is absolutely impossible” - Joshua

“Why?" - Soldier

“I heard her story, but on the day his Majesty met with the woman we are looking for, that girl was already on the ship .
Also what his Majesty is looking for is platinum coloured hair, that girl has gold hair instead of platinum . It is not the same person . ” - Joshua

"What a waste of time!

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I thought we had finished our job and came to celebrate . ” - Soldier

More alcohol was drunk, soothing the complaining colleagues who where dissatisfied, after being scolded it seems that none of the untruthful information was told .

Aida who missed Joshua's words had misunderstood massively .

"I am a Dragon Princess . . . … . " - Aida

If you become the Dragon Queen, you could live luxuriously in a way that Aida could not even imagine .
Aida who grew up in a poor village is the queen of a great country called the Dragon Kingdom . She could not move for a while, trembling delight .

She didn’t understand something . Even though Aida has never met a Dragon let alone the Dragon King, why was the Dragon King looking for her?
But like a donkey with a carrot hanging in front of its face, Aida forgot such a natural question, putting it to the back of her brain .

While making such a huge misunderstanding, Aida continued on to the kingdom .
Aida's expectation was that she was going to meet the Dragon King once they arrived .
The first person she met in the castle was the head Chamberlain, and the people who where to be servants got up, and everyone was guided to a large room used by several people and given the same servant work .

Why, why . . . . . . . Aida could not understand why she was being treated like a servant when she was the Dragon Princess .

"Ah, Uh, how can I see the Dragon King?” - Aida

Aida, who wanted to meet the King somehow, asked her colleague for advice, but the colleague who heard her stared for a moment and laughed as if she was amazed .

"The servants like us can not see his majesty . What are you saying, child?” - Colleague

"In the first place, his Majesty lives in the first sector, we can only enter sector five at most .
Only old servants who are trusted can go to different sectors because they are less likely to be rude . ” - Colleague

Aida was shocked at the answer .
If she could not see the Dragon King, she will remain a servant forever . Aida becomes sad wondering why his Majesty has not picked her up, even though she was chosen as his Dragon Princess .
Even if she told people that she was chosen as the Dragon Princess, her colleagues just laugh it off . Aida could not ask anyone for help .

Is there any way? Aida was thinking about a way while doing the work of a servant, she overhears her colleagues talking about the “Dragon Princess”, and she enters the circle of conversation .

"Yeah, at last, the Dragon Princess has been decided!” 

Aida's heart jumps .

"Well, what kind of person is it?”

Another woman colleague asked .

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“It's the Cherished One who was in the recent rumours” 

One woman brags, but because Aida was the same type of servant as everyone else here, she could not even approach the victory celebration, so they heard everything from others .

“Kya, that person is perfect as Majesty's Princess”

"It is true that she is about the same age as Aida .
Even the colour of their hair and eyes is similar . I heard that her hair is a platinum colour and her eyes are blue tinged with violet . ”

“I want to see her at least once, she sounds beautiful!”

After Aida heard them, she understood everything .

(The Majesty surely made a mistake thinking I was her . If I meet you and explain you will understand that you’ve got the wrong girl) - Aida

Aida must hurry and meet his Majesty .

As such, Aida has come to the 6th district pushing a trolly carrying meals .
Originally it is not a newcomer like Aida but a veteran servant’s job, but unfortunately today all the old servants are tied up, and the job came to Aida who was nearby .

Go to the designated rooms, leave a meal and exit .
She delivers the first meals and goes to the last room .

"I have a meal” - Aida

"Oh, go in . . . . wait a moment, it's time for a shift change, please show your face to the next guard . ” - Soldier

The guards in front of the room checked the contents of what Aida was pushing and gave permission to enter .
A new soldier arrived .

"No abnormalities, a servant brought her meal . ” - Soldier

"I got it . Please go in . ” - New soldier

This time Aida pushes the trolly through the door .
Aida hears the soldiers speaking behind her .

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"Has his Majesty come?” - New soldier

"No, not yet, perhaps he will come during your shift,” - Soldier

(His Majesty is coming here ………?) - Aida

Joy rises up slowly . However, Aida recalled that she had to leave as soon as she left the meal .

Aida who was lost in thought as to how she could manage to meet the King is pulled back to reality with the shout of "Ruri-chan!?"

Aida was surprised, and she raised her face to look up .
The person who had spoke stops moving for a moment when she sees Aida’s face .

"It's not Ruri-chan ………" - Asahi

It was a woman named Asahi who was in the room . Aida came up with an idea after she briefly listened to Asahi’s circumstances, knowing that she had been confined here for days .

“Then why don’t we swap places?” - Aida

Asahi did not understand .

Aida and Asahi are very similar in stature and age . The servants uniform had a special hat, so you could not see the hair colour if you put it inside .

The servant is examined in more detail when entering, but the soldiers can be easily deceived if she passes quickly when leaving .

Aida exchanges clothes with Asahi and gives her the trolly .

"When you get out, do not speak to anyone, just keep your head low . I don’t think the guard will remember what I look like because he only glimpsed at me, but keep your head down anyway . ” - Aida

"Thank you!” - Asahi

Then, Asahi who was taught the way out, escaped from the room where she had been confined .

Aida, who stayed, confirmed that Asahi had left the room safely and laughed loudly .

"Heh heh heh, at last ………" - Aida

She could see his Majesty at last .
Aida waited quietly .

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