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Published at 22nd of August 2018 11:12:34 AM

Chapter 37

CHAPTER 37 - Hell from Heaven

A blue sky without a cloud in sight extended above Ruri’s head . There is a lot of faeries gathered in Ruri’s presence, making the weather in the Kingdoms capital calm .

Besides, Kotarou and Rin, the strongest wind and water faeries, brought good winds for moving sailing boats, calm seas and weather, it was all respected by the port town which was greatly influenced by the weather .

Thanks to the Cherished One, the popularity of the Kingdom was rising .

Such fine weather in the Capital, it was perfect for a date .
In the morning, the nervous Ruri was standing in front of the mirror being surveyed by Euclase, she was wearing a dark blue dress with floral patterns, a popular choice for the women in the Kingdom, she was in the midst of her final check .
On Ruri’s neck, the heart scale necklace she got from Jade is shining .

Ruri is ready, and she goes to Jade's office before leaving .

“What do you think, how do I look from a man’s perspective?” - Ruri

"Oh, you are cute, it looks good on you . ” - Jade

At that moment, Ruri didn’t notice that Jade had a dangerous look in his eyes for a moment, and she was pleased to be praised .
Behind her was Euclase and Klaus who where just about to say something .

"Well, I’m off!” - Ruri

In the office Ruri left behind, Euclase says,

"Your Majesty, what does this mean?” - Euclase

"What's up?” - Jade

"On Ruri’s neck . That is a dragon heart .
I haven’t been in love yet, but to give such an important thing .
Moreover, Ruri does not seem to know the meaning of being given that . ” - Euclase

“It has enough power to make any man avoid her,” - Jade

Whether that is the reason or not, Euclase and Klaus wear an expression that can not say anything .
Normally it is not something you give for that reason . The heart scale can only be obtained once in your lifetime .

If Ruri falls in love with another man, Euclase’s anxiety won’t stop .
That said, anyone Ruri wants to date would be a good person who is surely not looking for the world, but he still thinks its a pity that Ruri got all dolled up and left happily .

Although she was given a dragon scale, Euclase prays in his mind that his luck won’t run out and she will not come to like another man .


The cafeteria where Ruri and Jet had met was in a neighbouring town of the capital, but this time they where meeting in the Kingdom’s capital for a date .

The Dragon Kingdom’s Capital was also a trading point for the other countries, a variety of foreign goods where sold, and Ruri, who had never looked around the capital slowly, was ever to look around and spend the money she had worked for at the cafe, even if she had a date to get to .

Incidentally, both Rin and Kotarou have been left back at the castle .

When Ruri arrived at the meeting place, Jet was already there waiting .
She had intended to arrive earlier than scheduled, but it seems that they where both looking forward to today and where both in a hurry .
When Jet notices Ruri, he waves his hand with a fresh smile that looks good in the early summer's wind .

(Yeah, he's a refreshing young man after all) - Ruri

Ruri makes sure that she isn’t seeing things, then she approaches with a smile .

“Hello . You look different from usual, you look cute . ” - Jet

"Thank you” - Ruri

"Well, let's go somewhere . . . … . " - Jet

Although Ruri was shy, she smiled, but then Jet noticed something, and his eyes opened wide and his words gradually trailed off .

"What's wrong?” - Ruri

Suddenly wondering why he stopped speaking, Jet’s face distorted .
He closed his eyes as if suppressing something, and he opened his eyes again after a while, with a sad expression .

"You didn’t have to bother showing me such things, I would have given up properly if you had told me ………" - Jet

“eh?" - Ruri

Ruri is confused because she doesn’t understand what Jet is saying .

"Because I wasn’t refused, I was wondering if I had a chance .
That's why I was looking forward to today . Nevertheless……… .
I wanted you to declare it clearly if there was an opponent . ” - Jet

"Where are you going!?” - Ruri

Jet who was suppressing something, ran away with a sad expression .
Ruri’s stretched out hand stood out against the sky .

"Eh, . . . . . . . . . Eh?” - Ruri

Ruri was left alone on the spot and could only be stunned by the sudden incident .

(What happened! What happened, wait wait, calm down! Take a deep breath for the time being) - Ruri

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Sighhhh, she takes a deep breath, but the confusion doesn’t go away .
It was a jet that invited me to this date . Then he himself said something she didn’t understand and then ran away and left her alone .

(Eh, I was dumped . . . . . . . . . ? Why!?) - Ruri

Without knowing the reason, Ruri wanders around the kingdom without purpose .
It felt miserable to go home so soon, she said she was going out and she left so happy .  

(When I return, I’ll talk to Euclase .
All right! Let’s forget about that and explore the tourist capital!!) - Ruri

If it was Euclase he might tell her what she didn’t understand . Then she can fix it for the next time .
It is because of this change in reasoning that Ruri is thought to be bold .

No, only the atmosphere and location where acknowledgeable, she didn’t know Jet well at all, and he was already talking like there was no chance .

She decides to go look around the shops in the capital .
While she was walking in the royal city enjoying shopping and eating food at a stall, she bought some gifts for Rin, Kotarou who she has been indebted to recently, she also bought a gift for Chelsea, then she came to a bridge .

In the middle of the bridge there was a person Ruri recognised .

“Ewan?" - Ruri

Ewan was looking at the water passing under the bridge with a somewhat strange expression .
A worrying dark thought passes through her mind .

“Don’t do it!” - Ruri

She ran to Ewan with a cry and clung to Ewan's body so that he wouldn’t have a chance .
Ewan who was suddenly tackled from behind shouted "Whoa!" and was pushed forward by the impact, only avoiding falling by clinging onto the railing .

Ewan glared at the nuisance intruder calmly with a thumping heart .

"What are you doing? What if I fell?!” - Ewan

Looking at the desperate expression on Ewan 's face, Ruri realises that she has misunderstood greatly and lets go in a panic .  

"Er, oh, sorry .
Ewan, I thought you where going to jump ………" - Ruri

Ewan gazes at Ruri with a suspicious face .

"Why do you know my name . Are you from the castle?” - Ewan

After Ewans words, Ruri realises that Ewan only knows her cat form and he has never seen her human form .

“It’s the first time I’ve met you in this figure . I’m Ruri . ” - Ruri

Ewan grimaces, turns his back to Ruri, and runs away like a rabbit .

"Ah, hey . . . …" - Ruri

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After experiencing the second man running from her that day, Ruri’s anger starts gradually rising .
Ruri clutches her fist and ran after the escaping Ewan .

“Why are you running away!!” - Ruri

“Why are you chasing me!?"
I decided not to come into contact with you anymore! Don’t follow!” - Ewan

During the abstention period, he had first felt frustrated toward Ruri, but then he began to regret the trouble he had caused for his brother Finn, and he vowed in his heart to not approach Ruri .

However, Ruri did not care about such a thing, and it only took her a little while to capture Ewan after using magic .

"I caught you . ” - Ruri

"Hey, don’t come close!” - Ewan

Ewan retreats with a fearful frowning face as if he had met a ghost, while Ruri laughs with a Ufufufu .

"Whatever, you shouldn’t complain to someone who saved you from jumping off the bridge . ” - Ruri

"I wasn’t going to jump! Leave me alone .
I don’t have anything to do with you . ” - Ewan

Yes, you do, so Ruri completely ignored what he said .

“Hmmm . Then, why were you in such a place with a melancholy face like you where about to throw yourself off?” - Ruri

"Listen to me talk!” - Ewan

"Yeah yeah, then I’ll ask you to move to a place where you can speak slowly” - Ruri

"No, that's not what I meant . ” - Ewan

Ruri used wind magic and rolled Ewan on the palm of a huge invisible wind hand, manipulating Ewan's body by force to a nearby shop .

Ewan had no skill for faerie magic and was never able to compete with the Cherished One so he gave up quickly .

"So, what happened?” - Ruri

"As I said many times, it does not matter to you .
Why are you even talking to me? I did something to you and was charged, so you’d usually be angry . But you seem to ignore everything . ” - Ewan

"Do you have consciousness?” - Ruri

Ewan words stuck in his throat and he averted his eyes .
He was aware of what he did to Ruri .
It was a huge hit . With that being the case, Ruri couldn’t stop, and her words flowed out one after another .

"Well, why are you so hostile towards me?
You wouldn't have said that if you had no reason . Finn's not the only reason, right?
I think I have a right to know why you said all that . ” - Ruri

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Ruri doesn’t hear anything from Ewan for a while after her rant, but he has a sad expression on his face for a moment .
After seeing that expression, Ruri can’t help but be anxious, forgetting her anger .  

After glimpsing at Ruri’s face, like a scolded child glancing at their mother, Ewan opened his mouth with a painful expression .

" . . . . . . . . . Do you know that I am half human, half dragon?” - Ewan

“Yeah" - Ruri

"My mother was a human being,  and because of that I could not see the faeries . All the other children could see them .
I was bullied severely because of that .
I knew you where human and that's why I wanted to pull you away from my brother . I didn't want my brother to have a child like me .
When I said all those bad things at that time, I didn’t trust you .
Once someone from the dragon tribe chooses a person to become their companion, they won’t look at another . So I wanted to stop it before that happened . And now I can properly say that I’m sorry . ” - Ewan

“Hmm . But why you take action after finding out that I was human? What about before that?” - Ruri

" . . . . . . . . . It was just a tantrum .
I couldn’t see the faeries .
Even after calling over and over and listening carefully, no matter how long I waited, they did not show up in front of me .
And then a cat that is said to be a Cherished One appears and is loved by the faeries .
You got what I wanted without any effort . It was unforgivable . ” - Ewan

Ewan hesitates before continuing talking whilst standing awkwardly .

“Moreover, the time I could spend with Finn was reduced when he became a guardian of the Cherished cat, because he had to escort you on your strolls around the castle grounds ………" - Ewan

It seemed to be about Finn . . . . . . .
Ruri’s eyes are amazed .

“My older brother has protected me for a long time .
He treated me like a true brother, encouraged me who could not use faerie magic, became a shield against the malice around me, and he taught me how to fight in a way other than using faerie magic .
My older brother is my benefactor, yet ……… . .   Even so, I caused trouble for him . . . . . . What a bad brother I am!” - Ewan

His voice raised, and Ewan fell down onto the table and burst into tears, Ruri is shocked and looks around to find the surrounding guests staring towards them .

Ruri hurriedly puts up an invisible barrier around them and blocks their voices from being heard .

"I have no qualifications to be Finn’s brother! In addition to that, we don’t look alike whatsoever . . . . When I thought of that, I escaped from the castle and always unexpectedly ended up on that bridge . UhhUhh” - Ewan

(Jade, it seems that the punishment was worse than I expected . . . . . . …) - Ruri

Ruri thought whilst she comforted Ewan by patting his shoulder .

After hearing Ewan’s story, she realised she didn’t dislike Ewan .

She could understand why .
Although she feels that she is biased towards someone, she feels like she can do anything for that person .

Ruri was certainly protected by the spirits from the beginning without any effort, as Ewan said . She couln’t understand Ewan's suffering .
She has to apologise properly, and let the past flow away, she thought .

For the time being, she comforted Ewan who was in front of her eyes, and Ruri’s thoughts where in motion .

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