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Published at 21st of January 2020 09:46:48 PM

Chapter 43.1

Translator: Lady Black

Editor: Aqua

Proofreader: EndlessSkyRain

In the royal office of the Dragon kingdom’s castle, Ruri and Jade were arguing .

“It’s no good . ” — Jade

“Eehh?! Why?!” — Ruri

“No . It’s not possible . ”

“Even just for a little bit?”

“What would you do if something happens?”

“For that situation, aren’t Joshua and Yuan coming to guard me?”

The problem was, Ruri has to go to the capital to buy a house .

The problem wasn’t about buying a house, but Ruri said she would drop by the restaurant she used to work at . And when Jade heard of it, he went against it .

Fearing he will suddenly quit, Euclaise reported it .

As soon as he quits, Euclaise will also quit his job . Ruri felt sorry for him as he has it hard doing this job .

But this restaurant was also the favorite place of the dog that likes Ruri .

Therefore, Jade saw this as a big problem .

On the other hand, Ruri wanted to apologize to her date before when she brought the heart of the dragon .

For when they met, they would no longer have any relationship with each other .

But Jade saw this guy as his love rival .

Right now, Ruri was experiencing the jealousy of a dragon .

“There’s only one place to go, the Royal Capital . ” — Jade

As it was decided, Jade went back to work without looking back, Ruri began to speak .

“Mu…” — Ruri

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Looking at the stubborn Jade, Ruri began to execute her last resort .

Ruri gets the bracelet from her space and put it on .

As Ruri became a cat, she jumps onto Jade’s lap and with moist eyes, she looks up to Jade .

“Ack…” — Jade

At the sight of a frightened Jade, Ruri couldn’t help but giggle .

“Nyan~” — Ruri

She utters a sad cry of the cat, seemingly like she was suffering, O . NE . GA . I . and she slips onto Jade’s neck while snuggling .

As Jade likes fluffy and cute stuff, his heart began to waver . The cat Ruri looked so cute as she stares at him with her moist eyes .

[Please~ Jade-sama . ] — Ruri


Joshua and Yuan accompanied Ruri out of the office happily .

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Jade stared at Finn and Klaus who were there .

So then, Jade reflected on how lacking his self-control was to cute things and began to feel a headache .

“Just remember to bring Joshua and Yuan with you and you can do whatever you want afterwards . ” — Jade

As Finn and Klause know the hardship of a dragon’s jealousy, they could sympathize with Jade . While the solo-act of Ruri brought admiration into the eyes of Euclaise .

“I am a dragon too, so I could understand what it feels but Ruri isn’t a dragon . She’s just a human . It doesn’t feel right to push your feelings as a dragon, do you get it?” — Euclaise

“That’s why I’m trying to make Ruri understand my feelings as dragon . ” — Jade

“Even if that’s the case, remember that Ruri is not a dragon, she’s a human . Ruri is a Cherished One . If she really wanted, she could use the power of the spirits to run away from you . ”

Euclaise didn’t think that Ruri could easily change her mind .

He didn’t want to admit it but Euclaise was the Prime Minister of the Dragon kingdom .

He needs to think about the worst possible outcome that might happen .

People with little amount of magic could feel the strength of the dragon, but the strong felt nothing and it was the same the other way around .

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But at the same time, they also differ to the dragons, one could say the other was cheating .

Therefore, dragons couldn’t help but be jealous .

At worst, he will kill his partner . Thinking back, it wasn’t uncommon to commit suicide afterwards .

If a powerful dragon found out about it…

For Ruri’s sake, he would have to put some restraint .

Even though the feeling of the dragon was at ease, as he realized this possibility, Jade was in trance .

“And Ruri wasn’t a person of this world . Also, considering the property inside Ruri’s space, she could live her life without someone’s protection . For now, Ruri has to stay in the Capital . If she feels too constrained, she might run away, back to Chelsea’s Forest . ”  — Euclaise

“That’s bad . Let’s do that, then . ” — Jade

Even though the plan was decided, will Jade be able to restrain himself? Then they looked suspiciously at him .



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