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Published at 21st of January 2020 09:47:23 PM

Chapter 43.3

Translator: Lady Black



Highly Unedited Version

Yuan calmly told the shocking story .

After a moment of silence, though Ruri didn’t know what kind of vegetable was it, she stabbed it with her fork .

“Hee, it was hard then . ”

“So casual ah!”

Though she didn’t feel too emotional . She thought that Yuan’s burden in his heart has been removed .

“Can’t you exert more sympathy or comfort?”

“But, it’s not really sad, right? What are you going to say to someone like that?”

After Ruri said that, Yuan was taken aback .

After listening to that, Joshua couldn’t help but laugh .

“Ahaha, you’re so interesting Ruri . Anyone who heard of it would at least say some sympathetic words and stay silent . ”

“Because it has a different feeling to when Finn was telling his story . It was like he was telling a story of another person’s story . ”

Then, Yuan patted her head .

“It can’t help you know . It’s too late when I learned about the incident . Together with my brother, we live in our relative’s house and that was my oldest memory . They just told me that when I was a bit older so I wouldn’t be sad . I can’t believe some story of someone I don’t remember . Hee, so I felt lighter when told it . Just in case I felt depressed or sad, my brother stayed beside me for a while… That’s why its hard to feel something about it . ”

Hearing that story from someone, she wanted to express some condolence but, as Yuan doesn’t feel sad himself, he also didn’t know how to respond to the person comforting him . Which seemed like something that already happened before .  

That’s why Ruri didn’t express some condolence or comfort to him when he told the story .

Therefore, Yuan had a good impression of Ruri but, when Yuan was telling his story, Joshua continued eating .

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“This really . ”

“Yes, it’s a sign . So, let’s try this one . ”

“O~ It’s delicious!”

Ignoring what story Yuan told, Ruri and Joshua continued to eat while Yuan’s veins are popping out .

“Io, Listen!”

“Hai hai, I’m listening . In other words, you like Finn more than your parents right?”

“That’s not true! No, you’re mistaken!! What I just want to say was that it is my duty to uphold the customs of the Dragons before it was my turn to face that custom . Humans could find another human but dragons are not the same . If weren’t ready for it, you would cause problems in both side . ”

“I know what you want to say, Yuan . But you can’t immediately understand something that was just told you right now . ”


“Even if I am prepared for the dragon’s jealousy, that doesn’t last forever . Because, I’m not a dragon . I’m a human being . But now, I like Jade-sama and want to be with him . Nobody knows what the future holds for me… So, there’s nothing we could do if we think about it right now . I’ll think about it when it happens . ”

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Yuan just sighed while saying, “… You’re too optimistic . ”

“We can’t do anything if we worry about something we don’t know . ”

“I also agree with Ruri!”

Joshua cheerfully raised his hands .

“You’re much more serious than I expected eh, Yuan?”

“It’s much better than too much carefree . ”

“You’re too carefree! How much flattery did you say to Klause-dono? You should be a bit more serious . ”

“I want to, I’m also working properly . Can you think about how many countries I’ve traveled through? Since my job was to go far away, do you know how many times I’ve tried to escape?”

“That’s why I’m saying that you have a problem with your attitude to your job!”

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It seems like the argument would last forever .

Since the two have opposite personalities, it would be impossible to understand each other .  

Though the restaurant looked like deserted, it still have a few customers .  

Since the daughter of the lady owner was in a hurry to mediate, Ruri got no choice to make them stop .

“Hai hai, since our visit was over, we need to hurry up and find a house . Yuan, hurry up and eat . ”

“Why am I the only one being scolded?!”

Ruri had to snap out the angry unreasonable fool .

“Because you’re the only one who’s causing a scene . ”

“Right right, go, faster . ”


Like a child, Yuan glared at the other . Until now, did he think that he would get angry here? He held back his anger and grabbed something to eat

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