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Published at 29th of January 2020 09:29:23 PM

Chapter 44.1

Translator: Lady Black



Highly Unedited Version

After eating, the three left the restaurant . Ruri, Yuan and Joshua promised to come back again .

It only takes a few minutes from the Royal Palace, so you could walk back .

It would take an hour or so before they arrived at the Palace when they found Finn there, who was supposed to be at Jade-sama’s side at the moment .

Yuan couldn’t help but form a smile on his face .

If there’s something to compare him with, he was like a dog wagging its tail welcoming his owner .


“What is it Finn-san? Did you hear something Joshua?”

“Nope, did something happened?”

With a bad feeling, she walk till in front of Finn .

“Yuan, did you do your job well?”

“Of course! As long as I am here, no one suspicious could come near Ruri . ”

“Then I am satisfied . ”

Yuan looked so happy being praise by the gentle Finn .

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Initially, Yuan was at odd with Ruri, making Finn worry .

Yuan is his treasured younger brother as well as a good subordinate .

But personal and work are seperate, so they were thinking about sending him to a faraway place . Such rumors reached the King and his aides .

That worry was nothing, Jade was even jealous of their closeness, felt complicate between relief and jealousy .

“Then, why are you doing here, nii-san?”

“Ah, Ruri’s escort . ”

Ruri was puzzled .

As they were guards, Joshua and Yuan was there . If you’re one of my guards, you should’ve followed me from behind .

“After buying a house, Ruri wanted to take off her wig and tour around the palace . Another thing, spirits don’t mind following . ”

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“If that happened, a huge commotion would occur . ”

Even a house as small as Chelsea’s would be great .  

You can imagine how much trouble it would occur if she goes around the palace .

“That’s why I came with a bodyguard . There’s a lot of bodyguards around the capital so you can rest assured . ”

“If you would go that far, though i would like for you to come back in the castle immediately…”

It was awkward to walk with a lot of people for your own sake .

No matter how much you call ‘Cherished One’ . Ruri was an ordinary person from another world .

She wasn’t used to being protected, guarded .

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“No . I want to tour Ruri around the palace . ”

“Why is it?”

“For the sake of the Dragon Kingdom . The Beast Kingdom and the Spirit Kingdom’s Cherished One often walk around . But the Cherished One of the Dragon Kingdom was rarely seen . We will be looked down upon for not having the ability to protect it . And besides, I don’t think there’s only a few who knew about the Cherished One so I want you to shut up for me . ”

“Isn’t that the nobles of the Empire? Their pride was a high as the sky . It died among the four kingdoms because it didn’t have a cherished one . They’re grumbling about their lack of ability to protect their own . ”

Joshua sometimes talked about the nobles of the Empire and his opinion .

That seemed to be right as Finn’s face darkened .

“Fuuunn~ . Ma, it’s alright though . ”

Ruri didn’t understand much about politics but I can’t be helped .

“Then, let’s find a good house before touring around the capital . ”

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